Putin exposes the U.S.A.!!! ALL Americans need to see this!

Putin Exposes the U.S.A.

2 thoughts on “Putin exposes the U.S.A.!!! ALL Americans need to see this!”

  1. On Nov 15 Sneaky Pieces of Shit in Congress Pass Syria No-Fly Zone Bill; Setting up war with Russia!

    "Last July, hook-nose Eliot Engel (D-NY) introduced a bill ordering the President to report on what is needed to establish a "No-Fly Zone" inside Syria. On November 15, sneaky pieces of shit in Congress, pulled a fast-one and voted the Bill under suspended rules.

    Naturally, our good-for-nothing mass-media (i.e ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN FOX, the AP, UPI et al.) kept completely quiet about it despite this Bill being direct threat of war with Russia!"


    1. Anon 2:24 AM – Thank you for this information. Will be posting. We need to completely remove ALL the traitorous scumbags in Wash DC and replace with TRUE PATRIOTS / Constitutionalists. A thorough house cleaning is long overdue. It is NOW TIME!

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