Obama : Flurry of ‘midnight’ actions

Obama’s  agencies  push  flurry  of  ‘midnight’  actions

But  in  Congress,  Republicans  are  warning  them  to 
stop  and  are  preparing  to  repeal  those  regulations  en  masse.

11/27/16 07:23 AM EST

Federal agencies are rushing out a final volley of executive actions in
the last two months of Barack Obama’s presidency, despite warnings from
Republicans in Congress and the reality that Donald Trump will have the
power to erase much of their handiwork after Jan. 20.

Regulations on commodities speculation, air pollution from the oil
industry, doctors’ Medicare drug payments and high-skilled immigrant
workers are among the rules moving through the pipeline as Obama’s
administration grasps at one last chance to cement his legacy. So are
regulations tightening states’ oversight of online colleges and
protecting funding for Planned Parenthood.

Also moving ahead are negotiations on an investment treaty with China
and decisions by the Education Department on whether to offer debt
relief to students at defunct for-profit colleges. The Department of
Transportation may also go ahead with a ban on cellphone calls on
commercial flights and a rule requiring that most freight trains have at
least two crew members on duty.

Some agencies are pulling back, fearful that Trump and the GOP-led
Congress will use a seldom-invoked legislative tool to permanently wipe
out their 11th-hour regulations. For example, the Interior Department
has failed to release a long-awaited rule to protect streams from coal
mining pollution — and indications are it might never issue it.

But other agencies have signaled full steam ahead despite the threat
of Republicans consigning their work to oblivion, in a dynamic that will
be crucial to deciding how much of Obama’s legacy survives the
ascendant Trump era.

“As I’ve mentioned to you before, we’re running — not walking —
through the finish line of President Obama’s presidency,” Environmental
Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy wrote agency employees the
day after the Nov. 8 election. “Thank you for taking that run with me.
I’m looking forward to all the progress that still lies ahead.”

As many as 98 final regulations under review at the White House as of
Nov. 15 could be implemented before Trump takes office. Seventeen
regulations awaiting final approval are considered “economically
significant,” with an estimated economic impact of at least $100 million
a year.

Miffed congressional leaders are warning the agencies to halt their
work on so-called midnight regulations, specifically objecting to
Obama’s call earlier this year for “audacious executive action.” In a letter to agency heads on Nov. 15, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy
(R-Calif.) and every House committee chairman cautioned them “against
finalizing pending rules or regulations in the Administration’s last

“Should you ignore this counsel, please be aware that we will work
with our colleagues to ensure that Congress scrutinizes your actions —
and, if appropriate, overturns them.”

Trump has promised to wipe out as much of Obama’s regulatory agenda
as he can, saying he will cancel “all illegal and overreaching executive
orders” and eliminate “every wasteful and unnecessary regulation which
kills jobs.”

One powerful weapon at Republicans’ disposal is the Congressional
Review Act, a 1996 law that essentially allows lawmakers and the
president to impose a death penalty on regulations they oppose. Come
January, Congress can use the law to repeal any rule that an agency
finished after this past May 30, using simple-majority votes — and
afterward, agencies will be forbidden to enact any regulation that is
“substantially the same.”

Republicans are seeking to make that tool even more powerful by
pushing legislation allowing Congress to repeal bunches of regulations
en masse instead of one at a time. Some GOP lawmakers are compiling
lists of 100 regulations they’d like to kill in the first 100 days,
POLITICO reported
last week — lists that would include already-completed rules as well as
those Obama’s agencies are completing in their year-end sprint.

Other rules may fall victim to court challenges, such as the Obama
administration overtime regulation — set to take effect Dec. 1 — that a
judge in Texas blocked on Tuesday. And Trump’s administration may decide not to defend them.

Despite those threats, agencies are pushing ahead.

In one effort that seems especially doomed, health officials are
scrambling to finish rules designed to further entrench Obamacare, even
as Republicans plot to repeal the entire program. Just two days after
voters swept Trump into power, the administration proposed rules for the
2018 version of the state insurance marketplaces.

The Department of Health and Human Services is also expected to
follow through on controversial changes to the way doctors and hospitals
are paid for administering drugs under Medicare Part B, an effort that
both Republicans and Democrats have criticized. It’s also pushing an
overhaul of the way it pays doctors who treat Medicare patients, moving
toward a system that better evaluates the quality of care they provide —
although these changes have bipartisan support and could end up

Separately, HHS may still move to complete a rule
it proposed in September to stop states from defunding Planned
Parenthood, even though axing the nonprofit’s funding will only gain
momentum with the GOP takeover.

Also likely on the Republican hit list is an Obama administration
effort to ease the flow of high-skilled immigrant workers into the U.S.

A final rule
designed to help employers to sponsor and retain these workers would
limit the grounds under which a visa petition can be revoked and would
establish a one-time, 60-day grace period for certain high-skilled
immigrants who change jobs. Under the regulation, immigrants with
certain employment visas who lose their jobs would not have an approved
green card petition automatically revoked. The provision applies to visa
holders who are unable to obtain a green card due to immigrant visa

The rule is due to take effect Jan. 17.

The change “would allow these high-skilled workers to more readily
pursue new employment,” the measure reads. But it would hurt American
workers, argued David North, a fellow at the anti-immigration Center for
Immigration Studies. “There are no benefits for any resident workers
who have been shouldered aside by the H-1B workers in these regs,” he
said in a statement.

Also in the agencies’ year-end action plans:


Immediately after the election, EPA took preliminary steps toward
regulating methane releases from oil and natural gas production — even
though Trump’s win means that the overall effort to rein in the potent
greenhouse gas is most likely doomed. In addition, the Fish and Wildlife
Service released the final version
of updated rules governing almost 1,700 oil and gas wells inside
national wildlife refuges, and the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land
Management released a major rule on leases for wind and solar projects
on federal land.

Interior also released a final rule to limit fracking-related methane
pollution on public lands a week after the election, prompting oil
industry groups to file a lawsuit within minutes. And by Dec. 1, EPA
faces a court-ordered deadline to propose a rule requiring companies
that mine for minerals like gold and silver to demonstrate they can
afford to clean up any pollution they cause. EPA is also awaiting White
House approval for a rule governing emergency preparedness at chemical
plants, in response to incidents such as a deadly 2013 fertilizer plant
explosion in West, Texas.

Less likely to emerge by year-end is a long-in-the-works Interior
Department effort to update the so-called stream protection rule, a 1983
coal mining regulation designed to prevent water pollution from coal
mining. Though the administration appears to be on the cusp of finishing
the update, fierce opposition from Trump and GOP leaders means it would
be a certain target for a Congressional Review Act repeal.

Whether Congress repeals the rule, or Interior never releases it,
coal magnate and Trump backer Robert Murray said he’s confident the
regulation will not survive.

“It’s gone,” he told POLITICO. “Hillary’s gone. It’s gone. Obama, the
greatest destroyer in America, will soon be gone. There was never any
need for this rule. It was an attempt to close underground coal mining.
There is no environmental benefit from that rule. Never was.”


The Education Department is finishing a long-awaited rule
that would effectively force state regulators to step up their
oversight of colleges that operate online courses in their states, even
if they aren’t physically located there. But the regulation, which
Republicans and many for-profit schools have criticized, won’t take
effect until July 2018, which gives Trump’s administration plenty of
time to delay or repeal it.

The department also still has to resolve an appeal by a college
accreditor whose recognition was terminated by the feds amid concerns
that it was approving too many dishonest for-profit schools. And the
administration is rushing to fully implement one of its signature
higher-education policy achievements: a rule that aims to cut off
federal funding to college programs whose students end up with high loan
debt relative to their income.

In addition, the Education Department is sorting through a backlog of
tens of thousands of debt relief claims from students at ITT Tech and
Corinthian Colleges, two troubled for-profit colleges that folded in
recent years as the administration cracked down on allegations of fraud.
The department previously said it expects to resolve the more than
82,000 pending claims by this spring — but given the Republican
opposition to the administration’s debt-relief efforts, the department
will face pressure to speed up the pace.

The department still has to finish a number of rules under the K-12
education law that passed last year, which shifted much power from the
federal government back to states and school districts. Two of the most
controversial regulations include a rule holding schools and school
districts accountable for student learning and progress, and a rule that
aims to ensure poor and minority students get their fair share of state
and local education funding.

Financial regulations

After years of debate, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission is
striving to complete a rule on so-called position limits, a regulation
that would place curbs on commodities trading by some investors to
discourage speculation. But both Democratic and Republican former
commissioners questioned whether the rule would survive after Trump
names a new chairman to replace Timothy Massad, whose term ends in

Meanwhile, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is under pressure
from the Credit Union National Association and other groups to freeze
its rule making for now, including a controversial proposal to curb
payday lending and another to limit the use of mandatory arbitration
clauses that prevent consumers from taking companies to court. Both
rules won’t be finished until at least next year.

Workplace safety

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is expected to
issue its final rule before the end of the year to decrease occupational
exposure limits for beryllium, a light metal used in the aerospace and
electronics industries that poses risks for lung cancer when inhaled.
The agency is also expected to finish a proposed rule to streamline
standards for fall protection and working surfaces.


The Obama administration is likely to take action before year’s end
on rules and guidance that would ease the adoption of “connected”
technologies, which allow cars to communicate with each other and with
features such as traffic lights. The rules are also crucial to the
eventual widespread adoption of self-driving cars.

Also on deck for possible movement in the next two months is a
proposed rule prohibiting cellphone calls on commercial flights — a ban
widely popular with the flying public, but one on which Trump’s position
is unknown.

Other candidates for quick action may include a Federal Railroad
Administration mandate for two-person crews on most trains — a move
unions have cheered amid freight railroad opposition — and a revised
regulation to forbid the transport of lithium ion batteries as cargo on
passenger planes.


Trump’s fierce denunciations of “stupid” trade deals would bode ill
for any 11th-hour agreements to ease international commerce. But that’s
not deterring the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, which has
been pushing to wrap up a bilateral investment treaty with China before
leaving office.

The agreement could open China’s market to more U.S. investment by
easing a number of restrictions while reassuring Beijing that its
companies won’t face discrimination in the United States.

“Those conversations are ongoing,” Trade Representative Michael
Froman recently told POLITICO. “I think it’s important that it be a
high-standard agreement that really reforms and opens up the Chinese
economy and creates real disciplines to address the kind of problems our
companies have had in that market. Again, we’ve made progress, but
we’re not there yet.”

If a deal is reached, it would require ratification by two-thirds of
the Senate, and it appears unlikely that Trump would be inclined to push
for a quick vote. However, supporters hope he could warm to the
initiative later in his administration.

As to other trade negotiations, only one has a realistic shot at
being concluded this year: an environmental agreement that aims to
eliminate tariffs on about 300 “green” goods. Working alongside 17 other
members of the World Trade Organization, including China and the
European Union, the U.S. trade office hopes to finish the negotiations
at a concluding ministers’ meeting set for Dec. 3-4 in Geneva.

Assuming the talks wrap up as planned, the question becomes whether
the Obama administration could implement the environmental deal itself
as an executive agreement, or whether Congress would have to vote on it.
House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady
(R-Texas) said it will depend on whether the final agreement changes
U.S. law. If it does, the deal would have to be submitted to Congress.

Andrew Restuccia, Michael Stratford, Caitlin Emma, Patrick
Temple-West, Lauren Gardner, Doug Palmer, Adam Cancryn, Cogan Schneier
and Ted Hesson contributed to this report.


Common Law Rebuttal to Obama regarding Syria

Republished in case you missed this the first time.  A reminder of one of the aggressions of the Obama administration against the people of our nation and against the sovereign nation
of Syria ….

OBAMA!!! You were denied permission to invade Syria! 

You are denied
permission to establish a no fly zone! 

You are denied any jurisdiction
to have any influence with Syria!

Read and remember! Signed: We THE People 


Common Law Rebuttal
 public notice of
the remarks on Syria on
September 10, 2013
Remarks by the President in Address to the
Nation on Syria
Common Law Rebuttal
To CEO Obama, the
Crown, the Vatican, and the United Nations:
We THE People as
the  de jure body politic established and according to the UNITED STATES
CORPORATION’S own rules that a de jure assembly has superior lawfull standing
to a de facto assembly, We THE People being of the de jure assembly do hereby
formally rebut the UNITED STATES CORPORATION’s public notice of intended attack
on the sovereign nation of Syria and are noticing you the de facto United
States government also known as the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and all of your
agents that we do not accept you proposal nor are we going to enter into
contract with you on this endeavor by being silent. 
We THE People are
telling you with a resounding NO this proposed action is not
acceptable and it will not be carried out. Just a reminder to all of you who
work in, for or with the UNITED STATES CORPORATION; none of you de facto
actors, agents and contractors have immunity from prosecution as of Apostolic
Letter by the Pope and the Declaration of Contempt of the Constitution for the
United States of America is now lawfull legislation. 
You have been
noticed by We THE People of the United States of America.
Notice to agent is
notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent.


Comments to
specific statements made by CEO Obama
To CEO Obama on
your UNITED STATES Corporation’s public notice to the people=Fictional
Characters=14th Amendment in the De Facto=UNITED STATES
Corporation’s charter=mission statement=unlawfull=Constitution of the
United States of America for their Consent to act unlawfully: 
To the reader,
please note, CEO Obama portrays the UNITED STATES as a government where it is a
corporation.  With this said, CEO Obama requires consent from another
Sovereign Nation in order to attack a Sovereign Nation like Syria.  In his
speech he referenced both United States and United States of America. 
There is a significant difference between these two.  United States is the
reference to the UNITED STATES CORPORATION which is located on the 6.8 square
miles known as the District of Columbia.  United States is not a Sovereign
nation.  It being a private corporation is mere paperwork.  Now, the
United States of America is referring to the Sovereign Nation of We THE People
on the land of America.
Remember, We
THE People who are the Lawfull Civilian Authority over the U.S. Military as the
interim Constitutional Republic form of government operating under the United
States Constitution 1789, Bill of Rights 1791 with the original 13th Amendment
that prohibits persons who have accepted entitlements from foreign governments
from holding public office is the true Sovereign Nation and lawfull form of
Thank you CEO Obama
for recognizing the true De Jure Constitutional Republic form of
The question now is what the United States of America=reference to Union of States
men and women=De Jure Constitutional Government asking CONSENT to their
contract to move forward on attacking Syria
 and the
international community, is prepared to do about it.
People’s Response:
We are not consenting to contract with you or give you our consent to move
forward to attack Syria.  The international community is working with all
parties to satisfy the issue at hand by lawfull international peacefull
And that is why, after careful deliberation, I determined
that it is in the national security interests=
profits of the United States=Corporation to respond to the
Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons through a targeted military

People’s Response: You want to place another
Central Bank in a country which does not have one; you want to loot the people
of Syria of their precious antiquities and natural resources including
the natural gas
pipeline; you want to place more debt on the backs of the middle class whom you
state you want to eliminate; so there are two classes, YOURs and everyone
else’s = poor.

That’s my judgment as Commander-in-Chief=CEO. But I’m also the
CEO of the world’s oldest
constitutional democracy.
People’s Response:
We THE People understand your statement however you fail to tell the rest of
the story: 1) You claim to support a constitutional democracy but fail to
mention in your claim the point that the Congress who was seated setting up the
Act of 1871 was illegally seated in that session; 2) The Constitution you speak
about is not the organic Constitution for the United States of America circa
1789 but the Charter or Mission statement for the UNITED STATES Corporation that
requires the full reading into your unlawfull congress every 20 years to renew
your Charter. The Charter is the Corporate Mission statement entered into and
introduced as the Virginia Plan and was word-crafted to emulate the
Constitution; 3) Your democracy would be the sheep’s clothing over the wolf in
this matter since the CEO of UNITED STATES Corporation or if you want President
of the Constitution of the United States is in reality a Dictatorship or
commonly referred to as an Oligarchy; 4) Your false presentation of three
branches of government is so funny since the purpose of your Legislative body
is to be the Board of Directors; your Executive branch is the seat of the
Dictator while the Department of Justice reports directly to the President=CEO
and the Crown=the city of London which=the Rothschild banking cartel . So, Mr.
Obama, this is not a democracy as you would have us believe but an Oligarchy.
This Oligarchy is packaged in a private corporation charter for profit. These
fraudulent acts of non-disclosure of all the facts and tricking minors into
adhesion contracts such as the birth certificate, social security number and
drivers licenses has ensnared most of the population of the land into
“voluntary” slavery to your territory of Washington District of Columbia.
First, many of you have asked, won’t this put us on a
slippery slope to another war? One man wrote to me that we are “still
recovering from our involvement in Iraq.” A veteran put it more bluntly: “This
nation is sick and tired of war.”
answer is simple: I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria. I will
not pursue an open-ended action like Iraq or Afghanistan. I will not pursue a
prolonged air campaign like Libya or Kosovo. This would be a targeted strike to
achieve a clear objective: deterring the use of chemical weapons, and degrading
Assad’s capabilities.
People’s Response:
Mr. Obama, We THE People of the United States of America do not consent with
your plan  to use drone warfare or any other type of warfare and we do not
accept your contract.  Furthermore, your administration is known to We THE
People of the United States of America and the International community at large
to be the most prolific liars in the history of World. 
Obama Statement: And our ally, Israel, can
defend itself with overwhelming force, as well as the unshakeable support of
the United States of America=
Union States men and women.
People’s Response:
Once again CEO Obama, We THE People do not give our Consent to attack Syria or
support Israel attacking Syria.
My fellow Americans, for nearly seven decades, the United
= UNITED STATES Corporation has been the anchor of
global security.
People’s Response:
CEO Obama, you tend not to tell the whole story. Did you forget that in the
1940‘s Bretton Woods Agreements Act and the Pan American Treaty, fraudulently
and unlawfully turned the United States De Jure Department over to the United
Nations to be used as the global peace keepers=war machine for the Vatican and
the Crown. 
Indeed, I’d ask every member of Congress = US Corporation Board of
, and those of you watching at home tonight, to view those videos of
the attack, and then ask: What kind of world will we live in if the United
States of America =
asking the Union States men and women to give
 sees a dictator brazenly violate
international law with poison gas, and we choose to look the other way?
People’s Response:
Where is your evidence CEO Obama of Mr. Assad’s knowledge and participation in
this event? What Videos? Videos can be falsified, edited and/or complete
fabrications. Why do you continue to promote false flag events?  An email
from a U.S. Intelligence Officer got out on the internet that was sent to his
wife showing his comments about the video. He indicated that these were actors
and not one person was injured.  There is no evidence that Mr. Assad used
chemical weapons on his own people. There are however, more indications that
the chemical weapons were used by the rebel forces if any was used at
The Real United
States of America will not consent to acts of aggression against another
country based on such flimsy evidence and hearsay. 
Interesting statement by you:
you. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America…
People’s Response: This is strange and is
not congruent with the demonstrated character that has been in the public since
you have been in office.
 – – – – End of Document – – – –

Obama WAS Going To Castro’s Funeral until ……..

Obama Was Going To Castro’s Funeral – Trump Told Him This…

Reports from a White House aide confirm that Obama was planning on making the flight to Cuba to attend the state funeral for Fidel Castro, one of the worst monsters of the 20th century. After praising Castro and his regime in a statement denounced by harsh critics like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, Obama submitted flight plans at Joint Base Andrews to take Air Force One to Guantanamo Bay.

It seems nothing was going to stop the traitor-in-chief from finishing his legacy of hating America and embarrassing us on a global scale. Until he got a call from President-Elect Trump, that is. 

Dr. Ben Carson, one of Trump’s closest advisors, was in the room when the call was placed to Obama that halted the trip. Carson told The Associated Press:

Donald had really done his homework on this and found an old executive order written by Kennedy that forbids US officials from traveling to state funerals of dictators who denounce this great country. Castro held onto his hatred for America until the day he died and now he can rot in hell with it. Donald told Obama that if he went to the funeral he’d be in violation and would be locked up come January 21st. If he rescinded the order he’d be telling Americans he thought it was OK to send dignitaries to the funerals of terrorists.

Looks like Mr. Trump isn’t so “unqualified” after all, huh barry? He just stopped you dead in your tracks from making a mockery of the American government…again. What were you planning on doing, anyway? Maybe you figured you’d show up and beg little Raul Castro for forgiveness for how horribly the US treated his murdering, power hungry monster of a brother for 50 years?

More proof that President Trump’s reign can’t come soon enough.


PIZZAGATE: A Complex and Convoluted Conspiracy at the Highest Echelons of the U.S. Federal Government is Exposed

PIZZAGATE Blows Wide Open,
The Democratic Party Will Dissolve
After The Obama Administration Collapses

State of the Nation

Whether you are new to PIZZAGATE or a
seasoned Pedogate investigative journalist, the following exposé is as
radioactive and highly classified as they come from the Alt Media.

Truly, the following video dedicated to revelations about PIZZAGATE offers
a unique and penetrating insight into the “Scandal of the Millennium”.  
Every viewer will find the deep back story behind PIZZAGATE both riveting and government-shattering; for it is single thread that runs through all the other scandals.

VIDEOPIZZAGATE: The Most Important Video Exposé on the Internet Today

Everything you thought you knew about Benghazigate and Emailgate, Servergate and Weinergate
must now be viewed through the lens of the preceding video.  Those who
fail to avail themselves to this critical analysis will only be able to
go so far in their respective investigations.  The highly recommended
video is also included in the following exposé.

PIZZAGATE: The Whole Wicked Conspiracy Is Exposed

For those researchers who are not able to view the video, a partial
transcript is provided below which includes some of the most crucial
information and urgent disclosures. Viewers of the video should also
read this transcript since the written word will make a deeper
impression.   This info is that essential in piecing together the very
deep and broad conspiratorial plot.

PIZZAGATE: The Most Important VIDEO Transcript to Date

All of the XXXgates are profoundly connected

The reader ought to be aware that, just as Benghazigate broke open Emailgate, and Emailgate broke open Servergate, PIZZAGATE will break open much greater scandals to include the ISISgate, perhaps the biggest of them all—EVER!

Even 9/11gate will be busted wide open after the American people have
been duly informed by the mainstream media (MSM) about the undisclosed
facts which have been deliberately kept from them.  It’s entirely true
that the MSM is deeply involved in each of these scandals by way of
multiple cover-ups.  In fact, every one of the major MSM news outlets
has played an integral role in the greatest cover-up in American
history—9/11. Their obvious role in covering up the US
government-coordinated false flag attacks on September 11th, 2001 has
already been investigated and exposed.

9/11 VERDICT: Mainstream Media Guilty Of The Biggest Coverup In US History

PIZZAGATE is the trigger

Many have repeatedly asked: Why have none of these scandals seen hundreds of arrests, prosecutions and incarcerations following their discovery?

That’s a very good question which is well beyond the scope of this
short SOS post. However, suffice it to say that all of the unprosecuted
scandals have been waiting for just the right time and trigger event for
their deserved exposure in the courts.  Now that PIZZAGATE
has literally exploded on the global Internet, where thousands of
researchers and investigators have taken up the challenge to reveal the
ugly truths, the trigger has been pulled.

Incidentally, this is exactly why the MSM has gone ballistic, as well
as on their own witch hunt.  While the Alt Media has been busy
ferreting out real witches like Marina Abramovic … Hillary R. Clinton …
Debbie Wasserman Schultz … Nancy Pelosi … and now Jill Stein, the MSM
has been trying to terminate this very real investigative witch hunt.

It’s extremely important to grasp the reality unfolding here.  The
MSM is at total war with the Alt Media.  The MSM does nothing but
disseminate falsehood and spew propaganda.  While they lie about
everything 24/7, they then point their accusatory fingers at the
alternative news sites and call our content “fake news”.  The MSM has
been ordered to do this by the Committee of 300, or else the entire Global Control Matrix
will be in grave danger of collapse.  The Alt Media must be destroyed
by the MSM, if TPTB via the MSM are to continue their stanglehold on the
worldwide daily news cycle.

PIZZAGATE Will Be Used To Take Down The Alt Media…Unless We Are Vigilant

Hopefully, the average American sees this deceptive charade for what
it is—a last-ditch effort by TPTB to hide the sheer malevolence of PIZZAGATE, the scandal that will bring the whole house crashing down.  Yes, PIZZAGATE
will provide the lit fuse that will unveil all the other criminal
conspiracies, from JFK to RFK and MLK, from the OK City Bombing to 9/11,
from the Federal Reserve International Crime Syndicate to the IRS


Yes, PIZZAGATE is very, VERY big.  TPTB
knows it. We know it.  They know we know it…just like we know they know
it.  Consequently, for TPTB, the game is over. PIZZAGATE cannot be swept under the rug like all the rest have been over decades. And there are very good reasons why this is so.  Those reasons will be discussed in a follow-up article.

In the meantime, if you find that PIZZAGATE
does resonate, please get busy and disseminate. From this point
forward, it’s a race against time.  The sooner the Alt Media saturates
the Internet with hard PIZZAGATE evidence, the sooner the perps can be taken off the streets.

State of the Nation
November 29, 2016

Recommended Reading

PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons, the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government

Huge Breakthrough in D.C. Pedophilia Ring

Two Crocks in One Week

By Anna Von Reitz

Crock Number One: 
alternative news sites are filled to overflowing with news about a new “US
currency” being released.  The gullibility of some parties and
especially some of those who are eagerly spreading information (along with
disinformation and every rumor imaginable) never ceases to amaze me.
understand and grasp the fact that the words “United States of America” are not
protected property.  They are not copyrighted and not
patented.  As a result there are now over 350 different entities
calling themselves some version of “United States” or “United States of
America”.  They are a mish-mash of patriotic organizations and
fraud schemes.
The one
responsible for this latest bit of nonsense is calling itself “The United States
of America” (as opposed to “the United States of America”, etc.) and is run out
of Costa Rica by Frank O’Collins and Keith Livingway.  If you look
at the tag line on this announcement you will see that it is issued by “Reign of
Heaven”— a cultish organization based on the historical and religious
researches of Frank O’Collins.
Back in
the 1980’s Keith Livingway discovered that something was wrong and caught onto
the ending of the bankruptcy of “the United States of America, Inc.” and
basically, he went to the bankruptcy sale and bought the office of “Postmaster
General” via a claim on abandonment.  This is the same as buying a
brand name, like “Twinkies”.
Like many others, Keith made the mistake of thinking the
governmental services corporation was the actual government and he has clung
ever since to his belief that he “captured” the lawful office of United States
Post Master (Ben Franklin’s office) via his action.  A quick glance
at the actual title dispenses with this claim.  Keith claims to be
the Postmaster General— this is a corporate office that never existed prior to
the Civil War.  In other words, it is another deceptively similarly
named corporate office and never represented any actual office in any sovereign
government and certainly not the Office of the Post Master entrusted to act as
the Trustee of our country’s land jurisdiction—which is the office Keith
claims to hold by these dubious means.
Note the
difference: Postmaster General versus United States Post Master.
It is not possible to “buy” an actual sovereign government or any
office of a sovereign government.  You can buy a brand name, a
title, a trademark, a copyright, a business name, or any other corporate fiction
asset you please, and abuse them as you will, but when what is true comes, what
is false must pass away.
It is the same way with all these entities claiming to be the
“United States Treasury” and “US Treasury Department” or in this case, “office
of the US Treasury”—- all similar names deceits and hokum. We haven’t had an
actual Treasury in this country since 1924.  To the extent that any
such organization exists today, it is known as the International Monetary
children, this means that when you get mail addressed from “US Treasury
Department” or “Department of the Treasury” or any such nonsense, you are being
scammed by international bill collection agencies acting under color of law and
semantic deceit.  There is no such entity associated with our
lawful government and not even any such agency associated with the governmental
services corporations that have been active here since the 1930’s.
Remember this and remember it well and remember it always: the
government of this country is fully vested in its people, not in any
therefore, our lawful government is also not vested in any office created by any
corporation, including “President”, “office of the President”, “Office of the
President”, “President of the United States”,  “President of the
United States of America”, “PRESIDENT” and so on and on.
The currency being announced by this foreign (we presume Costa
Rican) corporation calling itself “The United States of America” is just more
fiat drivel — “legal tender” being launched on the basis of false claims
against property that does not belong to “The United States of America” but
instead belongs entirely to the people of this country and to their lawful
states and their lawful association of states known as the “united States of
America” and later, “Confederate States of America”. 
Let’s be perfectly clear about this— we are not being
“represented” by any incorporated entity merely  calling itself
“The United States of America” or “United States” or anything of the
sort.  We are presenting ourselves and our organized government in
proper person now, without any pretense of such “representation”. 
When you
are present to conduct your own business, you have no need for an agent or
So all
these organizations running around committing all this fraud “in our names” and
claiming to “represent” us—-don’t.  Likewise all their claims to
have the authority to issue currency in our names or to have title or control of
our resources so as to hypothecate debt against us, our labor, our land or
anything else— is pure hokum that we disallow.
nations — all fifty of them – founded on the precepts and propositions of
freedom, not “liberty”, are still here, still perfectly competent and enabled to
function without the hired help.  We are also enabled to designate
the service provider(s) and Successors to Contract —- which we have done
pending the assembly of a lawfully empowered and constituted Continental
Congress of the states.
For all
those worldwide who need to know it, new Sovereign Letters Patent were issued
last year, along with a new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty, which provides for
the Native American Nations to hold the federal side of the constitutional
contract until such time as a national educational campaign and plebiscite can
be conducted and a properly composed Continental Congress
where things actually stand and who we really are—- people and states
belonging to and operated by the people of this country, not a bunch of
unidentified service organizations and foreign commercial corporations running
around claiming to “represent” us.
Number Two
To my utter, complete amazement, Ms. Karen Hudes has outdone
herself in her efforts to misconstrue, mischaracterize, and discredit me—- in
the face of literally reams of contradictory evidence and just plain
facts.  This week I find out (via Karen Hudes) that I have been
acting in collusion with General Joseph F. Dunford and the so-called New
Republic and that I have been trying to steal the gold on deposit with Ms.
Hudes’ so-called “Global Debt Facility” to assist the same. 
reminds me of the day that I finally deciphered the IRS Masterfile of “ANNA
MARIA RIEZINGER” and found out that “I”  had been running a rum
distillery in Barbados, without ever having stepped foot on the island.
“news” about me — or rather, my pen name, Anna von Reitz— colluding with
General Dunford and the New Republic organization is even a bit more stunning,
in that I have led the charge in exposing the “New Republic” as a French
Rothschild organization and anyone reading the articles about this on my website
can see that from Day One, I have called this organization “Le Neu Republique”
and thoroughly rebuffed its attempts to associate itself with our lawful Old
I have
clearly understood that The New Republic is just another governmental services
organization backed by foreign investors, asserting a bid to be the Successor to
Contract to provide the nineteen enumerated services stipulated by the original
equity contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America.
We have
in fact repeatedly and in public told Mr. Rothschild—- thanks, but no
thanks.  Any services received are purely on a month to month basis
pending action by a lawfully seated Constitutional Congress empowered to sort
out this mess. No assumption of contract has been granted.
For this,
the people of this country owe me and those associated with me a debt of
gratitude, for by making this point clear to the United Nations and other
political and judicial organizations worldwide, we have also make it clear that
the people of our fifty nation states are alive and well and making the effort
to conduct our own business—-and that we have not just accepted The New
Republic or any other such organization as a Successor to Contract.
If the
“New Republic” or “The United States of America” referenced above or any of
these other wannabe organizations –were able to pull off an unopposed bid to act
as Successor to Contract, we would all be promptly subjugated to the “service”
of those organizations and whatever “service” they wanted to provide, however
they wanted to provide it, and at whatever cost.
It would
be like escaping the Wicked Witch of the West just to land in the clutches of
the Wicked Witch of the East—-jumping from the frying pan onto the hot griddle
prepared for us.
It is
largely thanks to me and those who stand with me, that that maneuver has been
short-circuited internationally—- read that—-not only have I not colluded
with Le Neu Republique, I have prevented it from seizing upon the constitutional
contract and presuming upon it and assuming it without action by a properly
formed and empowered Continental Congress.
understand the importance of this public service by myself and our team, you
must understand the commercial operation of implied contracts versus actual
contracts— when you go into a restaurant, order a meal, and eat it— you have
established an implied contract to pay for the food and for the service of
preparing, delivering, and cleaning up after the meal.
It is the
same with government services corporations.  When you accept police
services, social services, military defense services, etc., you establish an
implied contract and obligation to pay for those services.  If you
leave this implied contract open-ended, which is what happened with the UNITED
STATES (INC.) as a result of non-disclosure, the servicing organization is free
to assume whatever it wishes about the contract.
leaves you, the recipient of these “services”, at the mercy of the servicer.
To use
the restaurant analogy again— imagine that you walk into a restaurant and
order a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich.  Your expectation is,
or should be, obvious—- but instead, for self-serving reasons, the restaurant
owner interprets your order very differently.  He goes out and has
a goldsmith create a BLT made out of solid gold, and has it delivered to your
table via a parade of two hundred hired and costumed waitresses—- and presents
you with the bill for all this.  When you object to this absurdity,
he calls the police (also hired by him as part of the contract) and complains
that you ordered this service and now refuse to pay for it.  The
police arrest you, beat you up, throw you in jail and then charge you for this
“service” also.
That is what has been going on in this country since 1946, and
what my actions and the actions of our team have forestalled from happening
to Ms. Hudes and her endless disinformation twaddle, the evidence on my website
and my published correspondence with the United Nations and the International
Court of Claims and the Office of the Prosecutor at the Hague and Jacob
Rothschild tell a very different and unequivocal tale.
defined and limited the implied contract, which was necessary, and we accepted
the services of Le Neu Republique on that strictly limited and temporary basis
until a properly seated and fully informed Continental Congress can be convened
to settle these issues.
That was
also necessary: our military services contract had to be funded or we would all
now be speaking other languages than English.
General Dunford for finding the funding.  Thank Mr. Rothschild for
taking a gamble— which he graciously lost.  And thank us — me
and my team — for sorting out the laundry and properly limiting the implied
As for Ms. Hudes and her claim that either I or General Dunford
are trying to “steal” anything, she is a complete and utter liar. 
What has been done is a clean and honest claim to receive back property
belonging to the people of this country. 
Ms. Hudes
and her employers at the World Bank and the International Bank of Reconstruction
and Development know that a good chunk of the gold on deposit at the Global Debt
Facility — approximately $387 billion — was illegally confiscated from the
American people.  They also know that they obtained that gold by
making a false claim of abandonment.
don’t really care about the gold anymore, as much as the second part— the
false claim of abandonment by the rightful heirs— us, the people of this
don’t want to be charged with fraud and have their organizations liquidated for
So all
these attempts Ms. Hudes has made to give away our gold to Third Parties and all
her attempts to negotiate a settlement granting immunity to her employers for
this obvious wrong-doing come down to the same thing—-crooks trying to wash
their hands.
review the facts one more time:
illegally confiscated privately held American gold under the false pretense that
it was being collected from government employees and Puerto Ricans and Samoans
and others that legitimately live under federal territorial jurisdiction, when
in fact it was being robbed from the American people—- people that FDR and his
organization were under contract and oath to protect.
confiscated gold was used to secure the ongoing operational expenses of the
United States of America, Inc. during bankruptcy reorganization. 
When the bankruptcy finally settled in 1999, the gold was released, but
conveniently, nobody told us.
the World Bank and IBRD, two of the Secondary Creditors—came forward and made
the specious claim that the gold had been abandoned by unknown donors and
unknown heirs.
The fact
that they actually knew who the gold belonged to and knew that we weren’t told
about the settlement or even the bankruptcy was studiously avoided. That is how
the World Bank and IBRD came to be in possession of $387 billion worth of gold
that belonged to our grandparents and parents and which by all the laws of
inheritance now belongs to us.
When they
realized that we knew the facts and that we were on their tail to reclaim our
assets, they created the “Global Debt Facility” as a dropbox—– the equivalent
of a dumpster, where they could transfer all the assets that they had illegally
acquired, thus separating themselves from direct association with the crimes and
deliberate acts of fraud that resulted in their acquisition of the gold in the
first place.
Do you
all see how this works?
Bank and IBRD were caught with their paws all over stolen gold assets, so they
created the Global Debt Facility that Ms. Hudes represents.  They
dumped the stolen gold from America and other illegal acquisitions from around
the world into the Global Debt Facility—–and left it to Ms. Hudes to explain
where it all came from.
reminds me of the t-shirt that says, “Remember— if we get caught, you’re deaf
and I don’t speak English.”
The World
Bank/IBRD are attempting to shrug and say, “What gold?  Oh, that
gold?  We don’t have it anymore.  We “donated” it to
the Global Debt Facility in a grand philanthropic gesture as a gift to the
people of the world.”
And then
Ms. Hudes says, “Yes, the Global Debt Facility has been gifted with all this
gold for the good of humanity.”
And in
this way they attempt— unsuccessfully—to avoid the entire issue of where the
gold came from, how World Bank/IBRD acquired it, and who it actually belongs to.
It is all
nothing but a giant hand-washing and money laundering scheme by guilty
parties— guilty banks that knew better and just thought they could get away
with it, without the American people waking up and noticing.
We noticed. 
If General Dunford made a claim to receive back the gold from the
Global Debt Facility in “the name of” the American People, he would be
well-within his duty and his rights.  The Lieber Code placed
responsibility for our money (and gold is actual money) squarely on the
shoulders of the U.S. Army.  Not the President.  Not
the Congress. 
And the Lieber Code, like the Reconstruction Acts leftover from
the Civil War —is still in effect. 
That means that with respect to federal obligations owed to the
American people, General Dunford is in fact “the” man responsible for going
around the world collecting back our assets for us and neither Ms. Hudes nor the
World Bank Board of Governors nor anyone else has any cause to object or
complain, so long as he is doing his duty.
If he
were to receive back our gold and use it for any improper purpose or fail to
return it and the benefit of it to the American people it belongs to, he would
be subject to hanging—which he knows.
Given that, I will put my faith in General Dunford being highly
motivated to do the right thing and in Karen Hudes making specious claims and
excuses for her continuing failure to fork over our property to the man properly
appointed to receive it in our behalf.
simple transfer of the assets back to the people it belongs to, is not
acceptable to Ms. Hudes unless the transaction also guarantees that she and her
bosses will have immunity from prosecution—–and that is something that
General Dunford is not able to guarantee.  He is a Fiduciary
Deputy, not a Settlement Agent.
Ms. Hudes
and her bosses have been casting around for someone to forgive them and
guarantee their immunity from prosecution under international law in the name of
the American people—- someone they can cut a deal with, but who?
Who told
General Dunford to get off his duff and go collect our assets?
We did.
If Ms.
Hudes would use all her logic circuits, she should arrange the transfer of
assets via General Dunford to the American States and Nations Bank and thereby
acquit herself and her employers of the duty owed. Simply give back what is
legitimately owed to the American people, plus reasonable interest accrued, and
let us, the American people, worry about what to do with it.
received back our assets plus fair interest we have nothing to complain about
and no interest in perpetuating any nastiness or violence.  We know
what went on.  We won’t trust the World Bank or IBRD any farther
than we could throw a full grown ox, but so long as our assets are returned
there is no point in prosecuting people for the sins of their
On that point, Ms. Hudes and I have always agreed, so it is a
continuing mystery to me why she has thus far failed to raise a flag of truce
and talk to me.  The American States and Nations Bank is in
position to act as a Settlement Agent and to do what General Dunford
Once our
assets are returned, they will be available to sort out this mess and get
America back on track.  Everyone will have their free choice of
political status.  The land jurisdiction government will be
restored.  A Continental Congress will be properly seated as a Body
Politic of Fiduciary Deputies elected to represent the living people and actual
states.  The Civil War will end.  General Dunford can
get back to being a soldier.  I can get back to being a
Great-Grandma.  And the Board of Governors of the World Bank can
sleep at night without fear of prison terms.
It’s all
simple enough so long as people know their history, know who they are, know the
capacity they are acting in, and do their part.  General Dunford is
attempting to do his.  And I have certainly attempted to do
mine.  Now, if only Ms. Hudes would stop running her mouth
willy-nilly long enough to take in the facts, we could finally settle this much
of The Mess and get America moving under its own steam again.

Te Deum.  
See this article and over 400 others on Anna’s website here:www.annavonreitz.com

About the fraud of the New Continental Dollar by Freewill

I have been asked several times recently about the New Continental Dollar that has been showing up on the net. Here is an article that was brought to my attention today. Apparently others are seeing it as a fraud also.


Comment by David Wilcock on Ben Fulford’s 11-28-16 report

Posted on 2016/11/28 by kauilapele
short comment by David on Ben’s latest. Part of Ben’s full report
refers to new US type currency, linked here. Over the last few years,
I’ve seen a number of “the new republic currency is out” type articles,
and have yet to see any of those new bills around. We shall see.

US currency we were directed to is very clearly and obviously a
complete fraud. The website is bare-bones, has almost no content on it
whatsoever, and is an example of taking an additional word and adding it
on to the front of another credible URL, in this case for the USPS.
“We should be aware that there is awesome counterfeiting being done, so this may be deliberately planted disinformation to stop the real money from being interfered with.
“Lots of great and inspiring data here other than this one very obvious problematic issue.”

Comment by dwilcock on November 29, 2016 @ 2:24 am
much to report this week until my article comes out, other than to say
that the US currency we were directed to is very clearly and obviously a
complete fraud.
The website is bare-bones, has almost no content on
it whatsoever, and is an example of taking an additional word and adding
it on to the front of another credible URL, in this case for the USPS.
appearance of the alleged money lacks sophistication, including
straight lines and Arial font, and appears little more than a Photoshop
effort that took one individual a few days to complete.
We should be
aware that there is awesome counterfeiting being done, so this may be
deliberately planted disinformation to stop the real money from being
interfered with.
Lots of great and inspiring data here other than
this one very obvious problematic issue. I am finally moving into a
position where I can sit down and bang out a mega-article on everything
going on without significant problems requiring my attention first.
David Wilcock

Thanks to KP at: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com


I find it very interesting that the money is actually
from Keith Edward Livingway and the General Post Office. I know as I was
at one time involved with that group. Their website with the Continental Dollar here: http://nationalgreatregistry.generalpostoffice.international/index.php?title=Office_of_the_Treasury_for_The_United_States_of_America#The_legal_tender_of_the_Government_of_The_United_States_of_America

Article 1 section 10 of the US Constitution shows that nothing but gold and silver may be coined by the states as a lawful tender. 

An interesting sidenote.. With using a search I found many manipulations of this coinage act changed in various publications on the net. The U.S. Corporation is attempting to hide the original text.

Does anyone know what that means? That means national level printed paper is not allowed by law. This is a law the people put forward through their states within the original organic contract for the purpose of not allowing a central bank.
 Those paper Continental Dollar notes are no different than Federal Reserve Notes and can have manipulated value the same. They are a product of a central bank. Our money must be coined by the states in equal weights and measures as described in the Constitution. If the people want the money of the republic, the answer is simple. The people must have their DeJure states coin it! CORPORATION STATE OF ______  uses the internal corporation central bank notes whick are not the people’s money. For the people to coin money involves the DeJure county and state assemblies of the people to accomplish this task. 
Anything outside of this is a fraud against the people. Period!


SPLC moves to kill debate on ‘refugee’ resettlement

image: http://www.wnd.com/files/2015/11/Syrian-refugees-UNHCR-photo8.jpg
Syrian refugees (Photo: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Syrian refugees (Photo: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

It doesn’t take much to get one’s self branded a racist in Michigan these days.

Donald Trump pulled off an upset win in the state that has gone
Democrat in the previous two presidential elections, but that hasn’t
stopped the entrenched establishment from demonizing those who hold
Trump-like views on immigration.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is teaming up with local Detroit
media to paint a Maryland-based journalist as an anti-Muslim “extremist”
and “Islamophobe” simply because he has produced fact-based research on
the U.S. government’s refugee resettlement program.

James Simpson has been invited to speak at the annual Business
Roundtable Breakfast in Oakland County, one of several counties in
Michigan that have been pummeled with refugees from the Middle East over
the last eight years of the Obama administration.

jihad” is underway. Get Leo Hohmann’s brand new book, “Stealth
Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad,”
for an in-depth look at the plan of radical Muslims to fundamentally
transform the population of the United States.

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who won re-election in a
landslide on Nov. 8, has been a vocal critic of the refugee program,
threatening to sue the administration for violating the Refugee Act of
1980. Under Obama, the feds have distributed thousands of refugees into
Oakland County without advance notice to Patterson and other local
government officials. Once the federal month that follows the refugees
runs out, Oakland County taxpayers are left holding the bag for the
education and welfare of the refugees.

But the SPLC’s attack stance has now frightened away one of the Roundtable event’s main sponsors, the Fifth Third Bank.

SPLC is the same organization that tried to label former GOP
presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson an “extremist” only to remove the
post from its website and apologize after an intense nationwide backlash
in 2015. The SPLC website still includes a negative “file
on Carson maintaining he has said things that “most people would
conclude are extreme,” citing as the main example Dr. Carson’s belief
that marriage is between a man and a woman.

But the newest source of the media-made controversy in Michigan is
Simpson, author of the 2015 book “The Red-Green Axis: Refugees,
Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.”

Simpson has been invited by Patterson to speak at the annual economic
forum on Dec. 1. Simpson is a research fellow at Frank Gaffney’s Center
for Security Policy in Washington, D.C. The SPLC was used as the source
of the negative stories about Simpson that appeared in the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit Metro Times.

Simpson’s book, published by Center for Security Policy, exposes both
secular and church groups working as paid government resettlement
contractors and provides data on the costs of the resettlement program.
Oakland County, along with Wayne and Macomb counties, has been on the
receiving end more than 7,000 Muslim refugees from Syria, Yemen, Iraq,
Iran, Bosnia and elsewhere over the past 20 years. The Islamization has
been so intense that many local opponents have started referring to
Dearborn as “Dearbornistan” and Hamtramck as “Shariahville.”

Patterson issued the following statement to WND:

“Mr. Simpson was invited to speak at the Oakland County
Business Roundtable precisely because he is provocative. It’s not about
whether one agrees with him, but it’s about stimulating meaningful
conversation on a timely and important topic in our country. It would be
rather Orwellian to exclude him. After all, this is still the United
States of America where the First Amendment protects even the most
contentious speech.”

Pamela Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America
and president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, said that if
Simpson had authored a leftist propaganda book the Fifth Third Bank
would have had no problem with it.

“James Simpson is author of ‘The Red-Green Axis: Refugees,
Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.’ That’s why the bank
withdrew its sponsorship,” Geller told WND. “If a hard-left speaker had
been invited, the bank would have had no problem. But those who speak
the truth on the right are increasingly ostracized, demonized, and
marginalized. The bank is justifiably afraid that leftist thugs will
target it for protests, boycotts, etc. But it should stand up to these
fascists instead of caving in to them.”

‘Doubling down’ against free speech

And it’s not just in Michigan where this is happening. Anyone armed
with facts that refute the talking points of the government and its
resettlement contractors is immediately branded a racist, said Ann
Corcoran, who blogs for the website Refugee Resettlement Watch.

“They’re going after the only county executive who’s willing to take a
stand, and he’s right next door to the other county executive in Macomb
County who’s all in for more refugees,” Corcoran said. “Even with the
new president-elect they are bearing down, doubling down, in their
effort to crack down on free speech.”

Simpson said he will appear on Detroit radio host Frank Beckman’s show
Monday at 9:45 a.m. to discuss the attacks against him in the local
media. Beckmann typically hosts listener call-in comments after his

Simpson has often called the refugee resettlement program a scam that
hides under the guise of humanitarian goodness when in actuality it’s
about making money and changing political demographics in favor of
Democrats and socialists. When someone dares challenge their talking
points, the resettlement advocates often respond with Saul Alinsky
tactics of dehumanizing their opponent, rather than engage them in a
civil debate, he said.

image: http://www.wnd.com/files/2016/11/james-simpson.png
Author/speaker James Simpson

Author/speaker James Simpson

“What we’re dealing with are faux, self-righteous indignation and
really they [at Fifth Third Bank] don’t have the guts to stand up to
these people who use vicious tactics, and we need to be stronger than
that now,” Simpson told WND.

He said the left’s “guerrilla warfare” against Trump, the election
and anyone associated with this nation’s rejection of their agenda,
continues unabated.

“Of course, Ann Corcoran, the Center for Security Policy and I are
all irredeemable deplorables for our stance against open borders and the
Islamization of America,” he said.

‘Psychological terror’ tactics

Simpson said the time for political correctness has passed.

“The election was a referendum on these sanctimonious, dishonest,
fraudulent attacks. It’s a form of psychological terror not only to
intimidate us, but to make it radioactive and intimidate others who
might be following in our example and wish to speak out,” he said. “They
want to destroy anybody they don’t’ agree with.”

Simpson said a virtual cottage industry has grown up in America that feeds off of destroying people’s reputations.

“It’s a franchise, that’s all it is,” he said. “It’s a franchise of
people who don’t know how to do anything productive or that is of any
value to anyone so instead they use political manipulation and
psychological terrorism against those of us who they don’t agree with.”

Simpson said the Detroit Metro Times article, which called him an “extremist Islamophobe,” was particularly vicious.

“The election was a referendum on that kind of baseless ad hominem
attack, and they were essentially proving the point for me,” he said.

Obama DOJ threatens communities that oppose mosques

Sterling Heights is one of the cities in the sights of the federal
government’s effort to transform Southeastern Michigan into a model of
multicultural “diversity,” where all cultures are seen as equal, and
some perhaps more equal than others.

Like the reporting you see here? Sign up for free news alerts from WND.com, America’s independent news network.

Muslim expansion is spilling over into Sterling Heights from nearby
Detroit, Troy and Hamtramck, which last year became the first U.S. city
to elect a Muslim-majority city council. Seeing what happened in
Hamtramck, with calls to prayer blasted over loudspeakers and
storefronts changed from Polish markets to a mixture of halal and
spirit-less restaurants, the people of Sterling Heights pressured their
planning commission to deny a major mosque project in the middle of a
residential area. The commission voted 9-0 in September 2015 to deny the
project citing traffic, parking and other zoning issues but the Obama
Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation and the
Council on American-Islamic Relations has sued the city claiming the
Islamic group’s rights were violated.

Another mosque and Islamic school proposed in Pittsfield Township
near Ann Arbor, Michigan, faced the same legal onslaught – a lawsuit by
CAIR and the Obama DOJ – and settled out of court last month for $1.7
million. The imam of the Ann Arbor mosque is a known radical who was
investigated for ties to the 9/11 terrorists but that didn’t stop Obama
from rushing to defend his “civil rights.”

As Geller has often stated, civil rights to the Obama administration
include the right to preach hate and violence against Jews and
Christians, even as the administration seeks to crack down on speech
critical of Islam.

It’s against this backdrop that Oakland County’s Patterson is fighting back.

Dick Manasseri, spokesman for Secure Michigan, said his group has
submitted a letter to the Free Press’s op-ed page based on the First
Amendment rights of all Michiganders to speak out.

“It’s just as a statement in support of freedom of speech, even
though we do have Shariahvilles in Michigan we don’t live under the
Shariah in Michigan, we have a right to express ourselves, and James
Simpson is just presenting information,” Manasseri told WND.

“This is standard protocol for them, they do it all the time, and
they’re given credence by the mainstream media, which is pretty low,”
said Manasseri. “We’ve experienced this before.”

In January after the jihadist attacks on Paris, one Michigan state
senator, Morris Hood II, said Manasseri and anyone who supported Gov.
Rich Snyder’s call for a halt on Syrian refugees were “racist.”

“We went to Lansing and presented six minutes of data on refugees, no
commentary, just data, and the refugee industry was represented by
CAIR, the Catholic Church, the Jewish and Lutheran Church. And the
Democratic leader called the senator proposing the resolution and by
reference anyone who supported it a racist because we questioned the
fact that they couldn’t be vetted,” he said. “This is the way it works
in Michigan. This goes on all the time, this type of intimidation by the
refugee industry in cahoots with the left.”

Manasseri said Oakland County has been getting about 500 refugees a month, with about 200 of those coming from Syria.

“And we at Secure Michigan would love to see an injunction from the
courts, given that we are likely to see a policy change from the Trump
administration, and we have the refugee industry bearing down on people
who present information. Simpson has done his homework, he has
researched the costs, the national security issues, and the secrecy of
the program.”

He said the Oakland County health director has never been notified
ahead of time of how many refugees are coming into the county.

“That’s major, so people are not following the law,” he said. “So the
position of the county is clear, legal immigration, legal refuges, no
problem. It’s in the Refugee Act of 1980 that the federal government
must consult the local county and ORR has placed hundreds in this county
without that consultation having taken place.”

jihad” is underway. Get Leo Hohmann’s brand new book, “Stealth
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He said Secure Michigan would be happy if the law was followed and
the county would get advance notice of who is coming, how they’ve been
vetted, and the state of their health conditions.

“There have been no meetings to this effect. Going from June to now
there have been two quarterly meetings and the county still does not
have any knowledge of refugees being placed in the county,” he said. And
what an outrage, they invited a national expert on the issue, I would
say that’s leadership rather than the slurs being used.

“The meeting is Dec. 1, in a major hotel, and as far as we know the
only official group to drop out is the Fifth Third Bank,” said 

He said the Detroit Free Press, one of the newspapers running a
negative piece against Simpson citing the opinion of the SPLC that he is
an “extremist,” has refused to publish his letter to the editor
presenting an opposing perspective.

“We’re just trying to get people focused on the issues” he said. “Why
would the Free Press print an article and then not publish op-eds on
the issue? It would seem on an issue as hot as this when we have a new
president who has voiced concerns about this, that it would be something
that would sit in an inbox for three or four days.”

Bill Mullan, spokesperson for Patterson, said Oakland County is a
“global community” that welcomes international business and is home to
more than 1,050 foreign-owned companies from 39 countries in Asia,
Europe, the Middle East and South America.

“We celebrate legal immigrants. We even open our doors to refugees
from anywhere in the world as long as they have been properly vetted and
screened for homeland security and public health concerns,” Mullan

He added that Patterson understand the scope of the Syrian refugee crisis.

“We support refugee resettlement that complies with the Refugee Act of 1980.

“But Federal law mandates that the U.S. Office of Refugee
Resettlement “must consult and coordinate refugee resettlement with
state and local governments,” he added. “The ORR has already placed
hundreds of refugees in Oakland County without that consultation and
coordination taking place. Why is that a concern? The Islamic State has
said it is seeding these waves of refugees with its own agents and
terrorists. Plus, there have been a number of cases of refugees arriving
with communicable diseases, with at least one in Oakland County.

“The Oakland County Executive bears the responsibility of protecting
the safety, security, and health of all residents. Please join us in
supporting refugee resettlement that complies with the Refugee Act of