Open rebellion at the FBI

Breaking!  Hillary  email  scandal:  Open  Rebellion  at  the  FBI

 by Jon Rappoport
8:03PM ET, October 29, 2016
Sources: NBC News, Gateway Pundit

NBC is claiming it took the FBI until today to obtain a warrant to search the thousands of emails in the Weiner sexting case, in order to see whether they also impacted the Hillary scandal. The Dept. of Justice and Obama are fuming over FBI Director Comey’s announcement that he is reopening the Hillary case.

As I indicated yesterday, Comey has been feeling big-time pressure from his own agents. Some had sent him letters of resignation, others flat-out refused to talk to him—all because he’d let Hillary off the hook the first time around. 

There was open rebellion at the Bureau. That is no small thing. When the highest law-enforcement agency in the country is riddled with conflict, when work-a-day agents are suddenly siding with the Truth, against their own boss, the whole show is threatening to fall apart. If it did, who knows what else would fall out of the hopper?  

The FBI is famous for slanted investigations, cooked evidence, grossly incompetent lab work, and secret infiltration of groups protesting against the government.

If a few current agents dared violate their non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, and suddenly went public about the first phony Hillary investigation (and who knows what else), the Bureau would blow up. And along with it, the Dept. of Justice would be nakedly exposed as well.

One disclosure leads to another. A few defecting agents lead to more defecting agents.

These possibilities, as much as anything else, pushed Director Comey over the edge, and he grabbed the opportunity the Weiner case afforded, and reopened the Hillary case.

Re the Hillary campaign, the Dept. of Justice, and Obama, the FBI has gone rogue. Its honest agents have staged their own kind of coup.

Stay tuned

ALERT! Texas National Patriot needs help!


From: Bruce 
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2016 2:21 PM
Subject: Susy Cammack REALLY Needs OUR Help
The situation has not improved for Susy Cammack.  In fact, it has gotten much worse and may represent a serious threat to her welfare and possibly her life.  
Susy was sentenced to serve one year in the Kerr County jail by the Kerr County Court.  The nine counts against her that “justify” this penalty include two traffic violations (operating a vehicle without insurance and, expired registration of the vehicle), failure to yield to finger-printing, failure to yield to having a photograph taken and other nefarious trumped-up charges.  One may be violation of parole; however, Susy was never lawfully placed on parole and there is no documentation having her signature to validate parole.  When arrested and booked into the Kerr County Jail on Oct. 7, 2016 there were three charges against her, all for Violation of Parole/Simulating a Legal Process.  
After being assaulted by four deputies and the jail supervisor, Susy was denied any medical services for 10 days following the assault.  This is a clear violation by the Kerr County Jail.  They are currently throwing her food in onto the floor of her cell, rendering the food unfit for consumption.  This is a clear violation by the Kerr County Jail.  
If they are successful in keeping Susy in jail for one year, they will likely be successful in expropriating her property.  Will they also be successful in taking her son, Nick?  
Susy is fighting for what is lawfully right.  She is harming no one.  She needs our help!
What is being done to provide assistance to Susy?  Here is a listing of activities we are pursuing to support Susy:
  1. Paul Robert A. is providing lawful advice, preparing documentation for submission to courts and relocating to Susy’s home to provide oversight and maintain the household and protect Susy’s son and the live-in caretaker.  He has submitted a Writ of Habeas Corpus to the Texas Supreme Court (Austin) that was summarily dismissed by the Court.
  2. Evidence of the jail’s assault on Susy on 10/07/2016 was presented to the Texas Ranger assigned to Brazoria County.  He referred it to the Texas Ranger assigned to Kerr County.  The response from Kerr County Texas Ranger “Checked with the jail and the record of Susy’s incarceration is on file at the jail.  He cannot do anything further since it is recorded at the jail.” If we want to pursue this further we should go to the Kerr County Court to request the record or submit a complaint to The Texas Commission on Jail Standards.
  3. Bruce B. contacted the Texas Commission on Jail Standards and was advised that they only have purview of civil operation of the jail.  The assault on Susy is criminal and outside their purview.  A complaint was filed on-line about the jail’s refusal of medical service and throwing Susy’s food on the floor.  He was assured they would investigate the complaints and report back to him.
  4. We have scheduled a meeting with the FBI in Bryan to present the evidence of Susy’s assault at the hands of the Kerr County Sheriff’s Department.  We will meet with them later this week.
  5. After initially being refused consideration to address Susy’s case, we received a follow-up phone call from a legal foundation that has asked that we fill out their application form to see if we qualify for this very successful legal foundation’s support for Susy.  Steve B. is working to complete the required  documentation.  It will require input from several folks that have been very close to Susy’s case.
  6. It was also recommended that we contact another legal foundation that has been very successful in fighting and winning similar cases throughout the USA.  They have an office in Texas.  Bob W. is preparing the necessary application for their assistance. 
It has been very frustrating dealing with law enforcement and the courts.  It does not appear that they are there to serve the people.  It looks like they are there to protect the ‘establishment government’ and their ‘elitist’ supporters.  We must continue to exhaust all of our domestic remedy.  
We are appealing to all Texians and all people of Texas that want liberty and a lawful justice system.  Please contribute something to the Susy Cammack Fund. Contribute what you can.  Everything helps! (As American National, Susy is ‘one of us’. Please! Please consider contributing whatever you can. Many of us are fully aware of legal costs for gas for trips to meet with Suzy and to the courts, supplies, filing, etc. Please help with the funds to represent her.)
Bill Satterlee has agreed to serve as administrator of this fund.  From the contributions made to the fund, the administrator shall reimburse legitimate expenses for maintaining Susy’s household during incarceration, for maintaining Susy’s jail “subsistence” account, for RT’s legal team travel expenses and document issuance expenses.  The administrator is also authorized to advance funds to those individuals that lack the funds to pay their legitimate expenses.  
Send your contribution by money transfer for cash pick up at Walmart. 
Either online:
go to any Walmart store Customer Service desk and tell them you want to arrange for a cash pick up for:
                William Satterlee  (exactly as shown)
                united states
Be sure to Email the confirmation number to  so he will ​be able to ​pick it up at Walmart.
You may also email your pledge for a contribution to and follow up with bringing your pledged contribution to the November 12, 2016  Joint Congress Session at the Cannery Kitchen in Brenham, Texas.
A ‘Texian’ or not, please consider helping Suzy. She has children and needs to be able to see to their good care or the CPS and State will take them away from her.  Thank you!
Olive Oyl

A Comment to Genocide of the Hawaiian People


A  Comment  to  Genocide  of  the  Hawaiian  People

10/30/2016 08:28:00 PM  Citizen Rights, Law, US Government, USA  
Source: Operation Disclosure | Submitted Anonymously

In June/July 2014, there were 15 fifteen public hearings conducted by the Dept of Interior in Hawaii re: its offer to establish government to government relationship and whether Native Hawaiians wanted to take up the US government offer. 

The testimony of our people demonstrated that over 90% of all those that testified were in opposition. Despite the overwhelming opposition, the Department of the Interior went against such testimony and instead announced the US Department of the Interior move forward anyway, by drafting a Rule announced on 9/23 that takes effect on 10/23 this year, which provides a path for Native Hawaiians to become a fake Indian tribe.  

In short, the US government wants Native Hawaiians to relinquish their rights as national citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom nation and replace our independent status to become like the Native American tribes (to an inferior status) and to relegate our authority and submit to the authority under the jurisdiction of the US government instead. 

Moving from a position of strength to being relegated to a position of weakness makes no sense. We need to begin an educational campaign to tell the truth to Native Hawaiians and others that the Kingdom of Hawaii continues to exist under international law and under US law as well, and justify why it is important to restore the Hawaiian Kingdom nation.


Jon Vought issues warning to America

Jon Voight issues warning to America


Actor Jon Vought Exposes
Hillary Clinton and George Soros

Angelina Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, has issued a scathing video 
exposing George Soros and Hillary Clinton

Angelina Jolie’s Father Exposes George Soros & Hillary Clinton


Jon Voight issues warning to America

By: Jacky Murphy  |@NeonNettle
29th October 2016 @ 10.41am

Angelina Jolie’s father, Jon Voight, has issued a scathing video exposing George Soros and Hillary Clinton. Voit, who is 77, declared: ‘May God protect the real truth and may Donald Trump win this presidency. 

He will save our America, and he will certainly make it great again.’ Soros also accompanied the man during an inventory of the estate left behind by Jewish aristocrat Mor Kornfeld. Speaking on a 60-minute episode, Soros said he had no sense of guilt.

The Daily Mail reports: Voight has repeatedly supported Trump throughout the election cycle despite the business tycoon’s unprovoked attacks on his daughter Angelina Jolie’s looks.

Voight went on to say: ‘Freedom of religion will be attacked…and Hillary will try to stop all conservative voices on TV and radio.

‘Our highest courts will become socialist, and she will restrict what America was founded on – our freedom to become a small business owner and pursue our own personal dreams.’

The Midnight Cowboy star also took shots at fellow actor Robert De Niro, who called Trump a ‘fool’, ‘bozo’, ‘pig’ and ‘con’ in a political testimony video for a non-partisan group called #VoteYourFuture.

De Niro said he wanted to punch the business tycoon in the face, to which Voight responded: ‘Robert De Niro is a millionaire…and has absolutely no tolerance for anyone with a different opinion, forgetting that this is what our country is founded on – freedom of choice.’

Voight also accused Soros of ‘turn[ing] hundreds of Jewish people over to the Nazis to be exterminated during World War II,’ an idea perpetuated by conservative commentator Glenn Beck.

While Voight made no reference to Trump’s comments about women in his latest video, he came out to defend the business tycoon days earlier.

‘I am so ashamed of my fellow actor Bobby DeNiro’s rant against Donald Trump…’

‘Donald Trump’s words were not as damaging as Robert DeNiro’s ugly rant. Trump’s words did not hurt anyone.’ Voight tweeted in response to the Republican candidate’s comments that he could sexually harass women without consequence.

‘I don’t know of too many men who haven’t expressed some sort of similar sexual terms toward women, especially in their younger years,’ Voight added.

Trump has since been accused of sexual harassment by six women in the days following the 2005 hot mic recording’s emergence.

The presidential candidate has spoken out against Voight’s daughter over the last decade, saying in 2006: ‘[Angelina Jolie has] been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby, OK, with the other side. And, I just don’t even find her attractive.’

In 2007, Trump said: ‘Angelina Jolie is sort of amazing because everyone thinks she’s like this great beauty.

‘I really understand beauty. And I will tell you, she’s not—I do own Miss Universe. I do own Miss USA. I mean, I own a lot of different things. I do understand beauty, and she’s not.’

White House Preparing for Clintons – ARE YOU SERIOUS?

CARTOON: White House Preparing for Clintons

The entire world laughs at Americans as, watching in utter amazement, they cannot understand WHY we continue to ALLOW the Clintons to represent our nation and to continue to commit TREASON and all manner of criminal activity WITHOUT arrest, prosecution and their receiving their ‘final reward’.

Are we REALLY THAT stupid?  Or THAT lazy?  Or are we so  compromised at this point that we simply don’t notice and no longer care, and we have accepted that we aren’t going to do anything about the dilemna of this nation?

Truckload of manure dumped outside Democratic field office

Truckload  of  manure  dumped  outside  Democratic  field   office  in  Ohio

October 30, 2016 
6:31 pm
A load of manure was dumped outside a Democratic Party field office in southern Ohio on Saturday.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bethe Goldenfield — the DNC chairperson for Warren County, Ohio — called the police around 7:45 a.m. Saturday alerting them of the manure. 

Once sheriff deputies arrived to the scene, Goldenfield, along with other party officials, reviewed security footage with the deputies.

“What reasonable person thinks this is OK????” Goldenfield wrote in a local Facebook group. “I won’t be responding to anyone who thinks this is acceptable behavior. It is ILLEGAL!” “So hopefully the perps will be held accountable for their actions,” she added.

More from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The same thing happened in 2012, Goldenfield noted. The suburban Cincinnati county is overwhelmingly Republican. Mitt Romney got 69 percent of the vote four years ago. It’s been almost 40 years since a Democrat was elected to countywide office.

The Warren County Sheriff’s office had no additional information. Goldenfield said the party hired a contractor to remove the pile.

This isn’t the first time vandalism to a political field office has made headlines in recent weeks. Two weeks ago, a Republican office in central North Carolina was firebombed.

You Want to Be Free? By-Pass Temptation to Vote




Anna Von Reitz

October 31 2016


I have explained this until I am blue in the face.

If you are an average, every day American State National, you can’t vote in
any of these elections.

Why?  Because all the elections on offer are foreign elections. 

They are private corporate elections, despite appearing to be public

And as of 1868, the rats responsible made it illegal for you to vote in
their elections.

The Municipality of Washington DC is run as an independent international
city state and functions as an plenary oligarchy run by the member of Congress. 
All municipal US CITIZENS (YOU if you claim to be a ‘citizen’ and file your IRS taxes) are slaves to the ‘government’.  They can vote.

The District of Columbia is run as a democracy, part of the United States
of America (Minor)—- a “union” of “American states” formed by the District of
Columbia calling itself the State of New Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia
and all the “State of State” franchises, like the “State of Florida” associated
with this foreign government.  All “United States Citizens” are British
Subjects.  They can vote. 

But these are not your elections.

You are responsible for being self-governing, so if you want to elect
people to public office, you have to fill the vacated public offices yourselves
by holding your own elections locally, statewide, and nationally.

The entire sideshow in Washington, DC, has nothing to do with you, and
even if you could lawfully vote in their elections, your vote wouldn’t count. 
Their votes don’t count, either.  It just makes them feel better that they get
to do a Straw Poll and say who they like better.

Whoever their new “President” is, he or she has already been elected by the
Electoral College.  There is absolutely no reason to go to the polls November 8.

And there are very good reasons to stay away.

1. If you want to live as a free man or woman, that is, as an American
State National, why would you agree to give up that status and function as a
United States Citizens (or worse, “citizen of the United States”) for the sake
of participating in a Straw Poll?

2. Knowing now that their 14th Amendment makes it illegal for you to vote
in their elections, why would you break the law and insist on doing so? 

3. Continuing to vote in their private corporate and foreign elections
distracts you from the urgent necessity of filling your own vacated public
offices and wastes your time and money.

4. Participating in their elections makes you responsible for them and
their behavior, because even though your choices were pink horse hunks and blue
horse hunks, you actually voted “for” one or the other, and you become complicit in
what these animals do or fail to do.

5. In order for their rotten “democracy” to have a lawful mandate, they
need 51% of the population of eligible voters to vote and they never get close
to that.  So let them sit there and spin without a mandate and call them on it
every step and every time they try to enforce anything.

No point in giving private corporate interests your car keys when you know
from experience that they specialize in driving into ditches and crashes.