Fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse

BREAKING: “Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Clinton votes found in Ohio warehouse


Borax — The Inexpensive Detox, Arthritis, Osteoporosis And Mycoplasma Cure


Posted By: LilliHart
Date: Friday, 30-Sep-2016 12:51:00

Absolutely nothing is more disheartening and frustrating than to be doing everything you believe to be right, and spending hours a day teaching others about real food and nutrition, while suffering in silence with unexplained joint pain and trying to hide an ever incapacitating limp!

And then at a Weston A. Price conference on nutrition, Sally Fallon casually dropped a ‘precious jewel’ that has given me the promise of a whole new day! A day? (a lifetime?) without the pain, stiffness and inflammation that have become my albatross. I would like to share it with you, because I know that too many people are suffering just like me.

BORON is a mineral that is simply an activator. It helps to activate or cause many other functions to happen within the body. Boron is one of the main minerals used in the bone building process. Boron initiates estrogen by helping convert vitamin D into an active state. The estrogen then improves absorption of calcium. Boron also helps metabolism to take place within the bone. With this metabolism properly functioning, osteoporosis is not a major factor to a person’s health. Once osteoporosis sets in, Boron can play a major role in helping the body to replace lost calcium.

Boron also assists in preventing arthritis and tooth decay. Boron is one of the minerals necessary for building and repairing joint cartilage. Boron is essential in maintaining the correct levels of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the body. Boron helps to regulate hormones, especially estrogen and testosterone. Boron also helps maintain brain function and memory capabilities.

Boron deficiency can cause cell walls to become very weak and fragile, rendering the cells incapable of properly transferring nutrients into them. The body depends on Boron for performing most of its functions. With its interactions with calcium and other minerals…

…Boron is a very important part of a long chain that intertwines all the minerals necessary for individual cell growth and health!

Boron is essential for ALL life in plants as well as animals. Boron is essential for the integrity and function of cell walls and the way signals are transmitted across cellular membranes.

When ingested it reacts with hydrochloric acid in the stomach to form Boric acid, ingested Boron compounds are rapidly and nearly completely excreted with the urine.

Chemical fertilizers inhibit the uptake of Boron from the soil. An organic apple grown in rich soil may have 20 mg Boron, but if grown with fertilizer it may have only 1 mg of Boron. The average intake of Boron in developed countries is only 1-2 mg of Boron per day.

This creates health problems due to Boron deficiency which is now very common, but very few of us know about it. MORE:

Investigation launched after dead people are registered to vote in Harrisonburg

Voter Fraud Investigation
WHSV – Harrisonburg, VA
Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2016 10:30 pm

officials and the FBI are investigating allegations of voter
registration fraud after officials say almost 20 voter applications were
turned in under the names of dead people.

Registrar Debbie Logan said Thursday that investigators have found from
18 to 20 potentially fraudulent registrations. The Rockingham County
Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office confirmed Thursday that an
investigation is underway, but offered no additional details on the

The applications were turned in
by a voter registration group called HarrisonburgVOTES, officials said.
The group’s representatives could not be reached for comment Thursday.
No charges have been filed.

The Breeze, the student newspaper of James Madison University, reported that the applications were submitted by a student
working for the group. The problem came to light when an employee in
the registrar’s office noticed a new registration had come in from
Richard Claybrook Sr., the late father of a well-known local judge.

“When they used a distinguished
resident of Harrisonburg’s name and address, it came to the attention of
an employee who has worked in the city for many years,” Logan said.

“We were pretty disgusted that
they would use his name,” Richard Claybrook Jr. said of his father, who
died in 2014. “He was a retired educator and had served in World War II.
He was always a law-abiding citizen.”

Logan said applications using a
deceased person’s real name and address but a false social security
number would not be flagged in the voter system.

The fraudulent voters are still
technically registered as the investigation continues, Logan said, but
if her office receives an absentee ballot from one of the dead voters,
it would react appropriately. Logan said she expects the State Board of
Elections and her local electoral board will allow her to cancel the
registrations before the Nov. 8 election.

Republican lawmakers held a news
conference call Thursday to call attention to the investigation, which
they said proves voter fraud is real and validates their push for strong
voter ID laws.

“Often times we hear our Democrat
colleagues suggest that voter fraud doesn’t exist in Virginia or is a
myth,” said House Speaker William H. Howell, R-Stafford. “Well it does
indisputably exist.”

“If it hadn’t been for the
vigilance of a citizen, this fraud effort may never have been uncovered
until it was too late,” said Del. Mark L. Cole, R-Spotsylvania, who
chairs the House Privileges and Elections Committee.

Others weren’t convinced that the case represents a close brush with election fraud.

Del. Marcus B. Simon, D-Fairfax,
said it’s “very disingenuous” to suggest the applications were part of a
large-scale fraud, because votes would have to be cast either in person
by elderly impostors or through absentee ballots sent to real home

“There’s no way any reasonable
person could conclude that this was part of an effort to actually cast
votes for people that aren’t able to cast votes,” Simon said.


Deutsche Bank concerns just went to ’11’ 

as Bloomberg reports a number of funds that clear derivatives trades with Deutsche Bank AG have withdrawn some excess cash and positions held at the lender, a sign of counterparties’ mounting concerns about doing business with Europe’s largest investment bank.

Credit default swaps are at a all time high for DB
Clients review their exposure to counterparties to avoid situations like the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and MF Global’s 2011 bankruptcy when hedge funds had billions of dollars of assets frozen until the resolution of lengthy legal proceedings.
As expected, Deutsche Bank stock in NY is sliding.

Read more from Tyler Durden himself

For more information

>Deutsche Bank COLLAPSES Tomorrow Friday 9-30-2016 Expected to wipe out banking system worldwide<

>The Ghost of Lehman Brothers Haunts Deutsche Bank

>Wall Street’s ‘fear gauge’ jumps the most in 3 weeks on Deutsche Bank worry

>Deutsche Bank crisis threatens to roil global markets


>Early reports of a full on bank run on DB

>DB collapse makes 2008 look like childs play, could be worse than 1929 for global markets.

URGENT: History Has Been Made, The Future is Ours…

URGENT: History Has Been Made, The Future is Ours…

Received via email at 1:42 AM EDT for immediate publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Mark it down, on this day the USA, Inc/Federal Reserve Bank’s fiat United States Dollar (USD) finally died, and the Republic’s new United States Note (USN) was born.

The gold-backed Chinese Yuan/Renminbi was born internationally (technically October 1 in Asia at noon EDT).

And the European Banking Cabal public surrendered the global financial system.

No celebrations. No parades. No recognition. But WW3 officially now has ended.

God is Great!

On this day, starting at 5:00am EDT in the Line Islands somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, humanity has legally, morally and monetarily been set free for a 1,000 years of light.

Heaven is earth once again!

All praise and glory to Akua!


An Appeal to the Global Community

An Appeal to the Global Community :  A Memorandum on the Continuity of Genocidal Crimes in Canada – (audio file attached) – for global distribution (please post and broadcast)


A Memorandum on the Continuity of Genocidal Crimes in Canada –
An Appeal to the Global Community

Issued by the Central Directorate of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) on September 30, 2016

 1.    A master plan by the Canadian government and Catholic and Protestant churches to exterminate indigenous nations has been in operation across Canada since November 25,  1910. (Exhibit 1) This plan was authorized and has been maintained by the Crown of England and its Privy Council Office, the Vatican, and the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, along with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), local police, the judiciary and private corporations.

 2.    This plan consisted of a state and church funded program of systemic inter-generational genocide based initially within the so-called Indian residential school system, established by a federal law on July 1, 1920. (Exhibit 2) Over a century, that system killed more than half of the children incarcerated within it, or more than 65,000 children. ( It also served as the launching pad for a general campaign of “ethnic cleansing” aimed primarily at the “non-assimilated”, predominantly western aboriginal tribes; a campaign that continues to the present day. This genocide has accounted for the massive de-population of more than 95% of the original west coast native nations: a total killing of somewhere around one million people.

 3.    Besides such a general de-population, the specific purpose of this genocidal campaign was the extermination of the traditional indigenous kinship network and the matriarchal clan mother system of authority that ensured indigenous control of lands and resources. The target of this extermination was the native family system and specifically, traditional women and their children. That traditional system was in fact effectively destroyed by the Indian residential schools between 1910 and 1996, when the last such “school” closed.

 4.    Despite the phasing out of Indian residential schools after 1970, this genocidal plan has intensified and diversified, and has been operated by different branches of the Canadian government, including the family welfare and family court system and by means of the state-funded aboriginal band councils. The “chiefs” of these councils have played a key role in eradicating any lingering indigenous authority and control over traditional lands and resources, and destroying their own people. They are doing so at the behest and in the payment of the Canadian government and domestic companies as well as multinational corporations from America, Japan and China.

 5.    The expulsion of all remaining traditional native tribes from their west coast lands assumed greater urgency as the twentieth century closed and the global demand for hydro-electricity, timber, minerals and other British Columbia (B.C.) resources intensified. Consequently, the past quarter century has witnessed an escalation of violence against Indians in Canada and a return to the violent methods of the early colonial period. By the 1990’s, large numbers of aboriginal families in northern B.C. began disappearing at the hands of unofficial death squads manned by off duty RCMP officers and local policemen, as well as third party contractors hired by the federal government, its aboriginal front men and different corporations. (Exhibit 3)

 6.    By 1995, when our own independent campaign to expose residential school crimes began making headlines in the Canadian media, stories of these disappearances of native families were also proliferating. Together, these exposures provoked a public misinformation campaign by the RCMP designed to fog and conceal the extent and the nature of the disappearances. This misinformation was only partly successful, and prompted the government of Canada to take firmer measures to erase any public awareness of the ongoing genocide of native families. It did so by means of a secret government Cabinet Directive dated April 3, 1998. (Exhibit 4)

 7.    This Directive by the Liberal government of Jean Chretien consisted of an official plan of state terror that was aimed at aboriginal activists and residential school survivors and their supporters, including our own campaign led by our ITCCS North American Field Secretary Kevin Annett. The Chretien terror plan authorized the use of “black ops” methods of illegal monitoring, disruption and violence against these targeted groups, including – to quote the Directive – the “elimination” of individuals who held knowledge or evidence of genocidal acts by Canadian church and state employees. This cabinet Directive is apparently still in operation. It has caused the death of at least two dozen aboriginal activists who have been assassinated by police and RCMP operatives since 1998, including members of our own network. (Exhibit 5)

 8.    The cabinet Directive in question was issued for implementation by the federal government to “E” Division of the RCMP in Vancouver in the first week of June, 1998, just before the first independent Tribunal into Indian residential school crimes was convened by our movement and a United Nations affiliate, IHRAAM, on June 12. In fact, the disruption of the IHRAAM Tribunal was the first goal of this state terror campaign, according to statements made by RCMP “E” Division Inspector Peter Montague who led the local campaign. This disruption became especially active after the Tribunal gave a public airing to the first reports of organized murder and child trafficking among northern B.C. tribes. (Exhibit 6)

 9.    It is important to note that this Chretien “state terror” Directive of April 3, 1998 was aimed at anyone who threatened to expose the historic and ongoing genocide of native people. Between 2006 and 2012, seven key eyewitnesses and prominent indigenous members of our ITCCS network in Vancouver and Winnipeg were killed at the hands of this Directive: Harriett Nahanee, Johnny “Bingo” Dawson, Ricky Lavallee, Harry Wilson, William Combes, Edna Phillips and Chief Louis Daniels. In the process of its state terror campaign, the Chretien Directive disrupted and marginalized much of our work and the movement to prosecute church and state for residential school crimes. But for many years it also concealed the slaughter and disappearance of aboriginal families across B.C. For example, after the June, 1998 IHRAAM Tribunal had been attacked and neutralized by RCMP operatives, the same agents – under the direction of RCMP Inspector Peter Montague – engaged in a similar destruction of the growing effort to identify the missing native people across B.C. and in Vancouver’s downtown east side.
  10.    This state-level attack on a genuine missing peoples’ inquiry was prompted by the fact that by this point, in early 1999, startling new evidence began to surface that ties the identity of some of the present-day killers of native people with men who worked in the Indian residential school system. In fact, our work has shown that the present senior leadership of the Anglican, Catholic and United Church of Canada is either directly implicated in residential school-era crimes or is actively protecting those who are; and that these same predators are still engaged in the systemic rape, trafficking and killing of children. It is therefore clear that a continuity of crime exists that spans decades and links the church-instigated residential school atrocities with the rape, torture and disappearance of present day natives, especially women and children. In short, the crime has never stopped, and is being protected by the same unholy alliance of church, police and government, which no doubt explains that trio’s unrelenting hostility and sabotage towards our campaign.

 11.    Our continuing investigations reveal that many of the men who tortured and killed children in the Indian residential schools and who are still preying on aboriginal women and children are also members or affiliates of the elite Vancouver Club at 915 West Hastings street. Their odious ranks include three Supreme Court judges, a battery of lawyers, church officials and corporate officers, a former Prime Minister and senior members of the RCMP and the Canadian military. Virtually all of these individuals are practicing members of the Anglican or United Church, and two Catholic Bishops are included in their number. Many of these men have also been identified by a former Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) operative as participants in the murderous “Piggy’s Palace” torture and snuff-film ring, including two politicians who now serve in the Canadian Senate: Larry Campbell and Patrick Brazeau. (Exhibit 7) 
 12.    The general purpose and effect of the Chretien state terror Directive has been to protect these men and camouflage their links to the residential school era and present day corporate power brokers. But what cannot be concealed is the clear and direct connection between the highest levels of governmental, police, corporate, church and judicial power in Canada and these deliberate genocidal crimes.

 13.    By 2007, once these connections had been firmly proven by our campaign and by the growing testimonies of many aboriginal eyewitnesses, the Conservative government of Stephen Harper relied on the still-operative Chretien Plan to stop these disclosures and place a final “spin and containment” on the whole issue of Genocide in Canada. It did so through its own controlled, in-house inquiry: an elaborate public deception known as the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC). The TRC was modeled on a standard black-ops misdirection campaign to bury evidence, silence witnesses, discredit truth tellers and exonerate the guilty. With the active compliance of the world media, the United Nations and every level of judicial and political power in Canada, the TRC buried the truth and the evidence of the residential schools genocide with remarkable success. (Exhibit 8) It did so in order to mask the continuance of that crime among especially west coast native nations, and accordingly was followed closely by a second cover-up effort by the present Liberal government of Canada known as the “National Missing Women Inquiry”.

 14.    It is clear that this latest stage -managed “Inquiry” is a further enactment of the Chretien Plan to eliminate all witnesses and evidence to Canada’s “Final Solution” of its indigenous population that began in 1910. The so-called “Missing Women Inquiry” is operating through the very police agencies, including the RCMP, that are responsible for the killing of targeted native women and their families. Like the TRC, it is undercutting and halting genuine efforts to reveal genocidal crimes and who is responsible for them, and is eliminating eyewitnesses who dispute the official accounts of the disappearances. It is doing so to ensure that the final destruction of indigenous peoples and their land base will proceed smoothly and with maximum profit to the corporate and state interests behind and profiting from that destruction. 
15.    For instance, a key fact being buried by the government and police “inquiry” is that the west coast disappearances are the result of specific racial and political targeting and are not random killings. This point was established by our investigations as early as the spring of 2003. (Exhibit 9) That is, the vast majority of missing aboriginal women are from matrilineal clan mother-led families that traditionally controlled the resources and land bases of the different Indian nations. In short, their killing was tantamount to deliberate political assassinations aimed at destroying the remaining traditional leaders of west coast tribes whose resistance stands in the way of resource-hungry corporations. In that sense, these latest murders are simply the continuation of Canada’s long tradition of overt extermination when it comes to indigenous people.
 16.    These crimes have an even darker aspect, involving Satanic ritualism that our work first documented as early as 1998 in the course of our inquiry into the Indian residential school system. The so-called “Ninth Circle”, a Catholic sacrificial cult formed in the seventeenth century by the Jesuits and still in operation under the directives of the highest level of the Vatican, functioned in the Canadian Indian residential schools from their inception. (Exhibit 10) The routine trafficking, torture and murder of children was practiced in the Anglican and United Church Indian schools as well as the Catholic ones, and has implicated senior members of the government and the British royal family as well as the churches. (Exhibit 11) The same Ninth Circle network continues to kill with impunity in  church circles today and in west coast native communities situated on lands heavily endowed with valuable resources: a fact well established by our research and eyewitnesses. It is clear that the same forces behind the theft of aboriginal land and wealth are ritually killing and trafficking native children today as part of a general genocidal agenda.

 17.    Behind its mask of beneficence, as epitomized by its new, spin doctoring Prime Minister Trudeau, Canada is a closed and repressive society that is actively exterminating the remaining “non-assimilated” indigenous people within its borders. It is doing so according to its foundational genocidal program of 1910 and the 1998 Chretien black ops Directive, and with the active collusion and in the interest of Chinese and American resource corporations. As a state-led campaign, this culmination of the Canadian genocide has judicial sanction. This is evident in not only the refusal of any “Crown” court to try or convict any person or agency for genocidal acts, but by the active prosecution by the same courts of anyone who exposes these crimes. In short, there is no avenue for relief or justice by victims of this genocide within Canada, its courts or in the agencies of the United Nations, which have turned their back on the reality of this ongoing crime by Christian Canada. (Exhibit 12)

 18.    Accordingly, these facts indicate that it no falls on the global community to stand upon international law and bring political and economic sanctions against Canada, the Crown of England, the Vatican and their church and corporate associates for their ongoing crimes against humanity. Canada and these powers are rogue bodies whose actions threaten not only the innocent but the sovereignty and peace of all nations. This threat is evident in the continued standing policy known as “Crimen Sollicitationas” within the Roman Catholic Church, that subverts child protection laws and the authority of sovereign governments by requiring that every Catholic in the world protect in-house child abusers and conceal child abuse and trafficking from the police. The Anglican / Church of England is governed by the same subversive policy. (Exhibit 13) Since its enactment in 1929, this church law and practice has encouraged and caused the systematic murder of children in Canada and around the world to continue unchecked and in open violation of the sovereignty of nation states and their laws. As long as such institutionalized criminality against children is allowed to legally operate, no country can claim to be protecting its own citizens.

 19.    The Canadian Holocaust of indigenous people and children must be stopped, as must the depredations of the murderous Ninth Circle and other child sacrificial cults that operate under state and church sanction. There is a clear moral and legal obligation of sovereign nations to restrain and punish proven criminal regimes like Canada, the British Crown and the Vatican. We therefore call upon and expect nations to do so, using their full police, military and legal machinery. We are especially directing this call to President Vladimir Putin, his government and the people of Russia, and all countries outside the influence of the western bloc. 
20. Specifically, our ITCCS Directorate is asking these governments to do the following:  

    – Commence comprehensive economic and political sanctions against Canada, England and the Vatican as convicted genocidal regimes, including by seeking their formal censure and expulsion from the General Assembly of the United Nations, and imposing a trade and tourism embargo on these states

    – Dispatch Peace Keeping forces to Canada to protect aboriginal eyewitnesses, targeted families and ITCCS activists who are confronting these crimes, and to perform the arrest of convicted war criminals in Canada

    – Dispatch professionally trained forensic teams to assist us in the uncovering and examining of crime scenes and mass graves at the site of former Indian residential schools

    – Assist in arresting and prosecuting those responsible for these ongoing crimes in international courts of law

 21.    In the weeks ahead, our delegation will be bringing this appeal and our evidence to many governments and to the people, educators, jurists and media of the world. Those of us who have revealed and confronted these crimes within Canada have been assaulted, harassed, imprisoned and censored by every level of government, the police, and the courts, and have been prevented from operating freely within our own country. We are therefore bringing this truth beyond Canada’s borders for the sake of the army of innocents who have died and who will die if justice is not done. Here we stand, we can do no other.

Issued September 30, 2016 by the ITCCS Central Directorate with the endorsement of elders of the Anishinabe, Mohawk, Cree, Metis and Squamish indigenous nations across Canada

​ITCCS Central Directorate, Brussels

Kevin Annett was re-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015.
Messages for him can be left at 386-323-5774 (USA). 

Kevin’s latest books – “Unrelenting: Between Sodom and Zion“, “Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada“, and “Truth Tellers’ Shield: A Manual for Whistle Blowers” – can be accessed and ordered at these sites:

This book is also posted online at .

Truth Tellers’ Shield:
LISTEN to Kevin’s weekly blog program “Radio Free Kanata” every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern time at .

See the evidence of Genocide in Canada at and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at
Kevin’s award winning documentary film Unrepentant can be viewed at . See also:

The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at: – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada  (Part One) – 1 hr. 46 mins. – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada  (Part Two) – 1 hr. 47 mins. – Final Court Verdict and Sentencing – 8 mins. 30 secs. – Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses – 10 mins. – Irene Favel, Eyewitness to the incineration of a newborn baby by a priest at Muscowegan Catholic Indian school, Saskatchewan, 1944 – Other key testimonies from our Court case against genocide in Canada

The first excavation at a mass grave residential school site: Mohawk school, 2011

See also an insightful personal interview “Who is Kevin Annett?” (2013) at:
and eyewitness to the crimes: Dr. Jennifer Wade at:
An army of principles will penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot. For such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing. – Thomas Paine, Common Sense

The ITCCS office in Brussels is the coordinating center for the Tribunal.

The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at: – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada  (Part One) – 1 hr. 46 mins. – Common Law Court Proceedings – Genocide in Canada  (Part Two) – 1 hr. 47 mins. – Final Court Verdict and Sentencing – 8 mins. 30 secs. – Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses – 10 mins.

An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at: 

Open Letter to FBI Director James B. Comey

An Open Letter to FBI Director James B. Comey 

Please!  Don’t ever speak for all the reasonable prosecutors in America!

Dear Director Comey,

You have reiterated throughout your defense of your failure to not recommend indictment of Secretary Clinton for Emailgate that “no reasonable prosecutor would proceed with filing criminal charges”.

It is the studied opinion of we prosecutors that there is no question that the facts of the criminal investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Emailgate warrant an aggressive prosecution for crimes committed under the relevant federal statutes.

In fact, the evidence is quite overwhelming that crimes were committed by Ms. Clinton and her staff which violated the very laws and statues that you have repeatedly referenced.

Have we made ourselves clear.

As FBI Director, it appears that you have profoundly violated your oath of office; you have broken department rules and regulations, you have betrayed you own agents and staff; and you have betrayed the American people.

You, Mr. Director, need to resign post haste.  You have single-handedly destroyed the rule of law throughout the United States of America.

By allowing Ms. Clinton to escape a totally justified prosecution, you have sent a message to every criminal in the nation that they can simply assert their lack of intent for any crime they have committed.

What is most concerning is that the federal statutes that you reference do not even mention the type of criminal intent that you base your professional opinion on.

Everything that Ms. Clinton did, and did not do, in the conduct of Emailgate not only pointed to extremely deliberate intent, the outright negligence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation under your leadership has also demonstrated the intent to cover up naked criminal activity perpetrated at the highest levels of the U.S. State Department.

This great likelihood, Director Comey, is the only plausible explanation for your continued negligence in this matter and apparent collusion with the parties under investigation.

Very sincerely,

Patriot Prosecutors of America 


_9011770652081574052yui_3_16_0_ym19_1_1475196602995_17956″ dir=”ltr”>General Note: A
considerable number of people have asked to see these key excerpts from
this important Aquarius group evidentiary document since I discovered
it two years ago, particularly its assertion that spiritual disciplines
can negate microwave mind control that can be broadcast through “smart”
meters, cellphone towers and other impositional technologies.  So here
it is, with hopefully helpful highlighting and contextual comments.
“Aquarius Group Operations Briefing” both coordinates with and
corroborates “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, the “NASA War Plan”, “The
Iron Mountain Report” and the after-dinner speech given by Dr. Richard
Day, then-President of Planned Parenthood, at an event sponsored by that
organization in
May 1969. – REC
Note: Page 1-Advantages of Microwave-Based Mass Mind Control
radio wave and microwave pulse mind warfare has great advantages, in
that a desired subject or population has no knowledge of the procedure
being implemented.
Note: Page 2-Negative Setup Synergy of Ubiquitous Biochemical Agents
and pharmaceutical saturation has been achieved over the past twenty
years of implementation with this purpose in mind,
and is achieved through purposeful covert introduction into population areas. (aerial
geoengineering, nuclear/chemical industrial environmental pollution,
undisclosed chemical/organic waste disposal, bioweapons — REC)
some areas, this is achieved by deliberate overt introduction through
exposure or consumption on behalf of the population base in everyday
usage of public water supplies, airborne pollutants, and chemical agents
in a wide variety of foodstuffs…
(fluoridation, bioweaponized vaccinations, GMOs, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fracking, oil spills, chemical additives/leaching materials etc. This
passage confirms what many of us have suspected: none of this is done
by accident or by bureaucratic incompentence, but by criminal intent
– REC)
Note: Page 49-Microwave Mass Mind Control to Create Societal Division/Violence
It is the plan of Aquarius Group Operations and the Circle of Seven CEOs
to implement these various forms of mind control to augment a basic
intolerance of each other under whatever guise is necessary. This will
eventually lead to internal unrest, and an occupation by United Nations
forces, who will be under orders to keep the peace of the host country.
Aquarius Group Operations, as part of a current agenda, has been very successful under projects REACH and BELFRY in programming and “cueing” selected individuals who have, in turn, carried out program procedures and opened fire on other civilians in public areas all across the United States.
is a part of Aquarius Operations to bring this about in more of
repetitive pattern over a period of many years…Especially targeted are
large urban areas where street gangs are prevalent. In the overall
scenario of senseless and unprovoked killings increasing as time passes,
the Aquarious Operation feels they will be able to condition the public
to welcome the confiscation of firearms…curfews…mandatory bar code
IDs…and general areas of martial law.
is felt among many that the erosion of constitutional rights will be
readily accepted by the majority, in return for government promises of
elimination of gang killings, mass killings by lone gunmen and
termination of (illegal) drug trafficking in all areas.
Note: Page
47-Successful Use of Brain Entrainment Frequencies to Control
Populations/How Mindful Use of Organic Psychotropic Substances and
Meditative Practices Can Counter This
Another current RHIC technology in use can achieve manipulation of an individual or large masses of a populace. Without a primary (frequency) being established, general manipulation and control is obtained, though not as quickly or completely successully…This
method achieves the desired outcome through radio waves in the 800 MHz
band, where the vital human brain frequency resonation is located.
These waves directly affect the subject(s) in the desired way through slow and persistent exposure.
Special Intelligence Operations personnel should acquaint themselves
with PROJECT HIGH TONE and PROJECT XENO. Personnel in OM level special
Projects Operations are already aware of the human frequency operations
and testing procedures that proved to be a great success on large
population base capacities in Los Angeles, California in April 1992.
(This is referring to the deadly Los Angeles riot that occurred after several of those police officers involved in Rodney King’s brutal videotaped beating were all acquitted after being charged with felonious assault. This was the beta test for the mind-control-based police-related carnage we see happening right now in cities throughout the America. REC)
frequency wave modulation can be utilized to the maximum benefits in a
population, or among selected individuals when required.
The benefits to the CIA, NSA, Aquarius Group Operations and Aqua Tech Operatives are obvious. Through
the ignorance of the general population of the world, the cellular wave
frequency communications facilities may be erected and utilized by the
intelligence community
to sedate, excite or initiate a variety of physical effects and ills to implement population control — or elimination at the time it is deemed necessary. (They are here directly divulging criminal intent to commit genocide using urbanized electromagnetic/scalar weapons. – REC)
With a general ignorance through arrogance of most of the general population in the US, the erection of large cellular towers being carried out under HIGH TONE AND XENO are largely going completely unnoticed…
who have access to or regularly use marijuana or opiates on a regular
basis…represent a problem in control and manipulation. This is due to
the reaction and stimulus in the human brain that occurs with the use of
these substances.
federal agencies’ attempts to eradicate this problem with their War on
Drugs is having some success in supply rates of marijuana and opiates.
It is interesting that the so-called drug wars have had little effect on
the supply of cocaine and methamphetamines, as these can only enhance
the effects of the (mind) manipulation, instead of decreasing it as
opiates will. However, complete control of the distribution of all
undesirable drugs for use by the general population bases cannot
currently be completely eradicated.
Chemical control bases (toxic body burdens – REC) will
be present in 95% of the population…Those individuals who may not be
(otherwise) affected by frequency control due to their usage of certain
drugs will most likely negate their immunity with (the toxic body
burden) they have built up over the years in their everyday use and
exposure to those agents on the Chemical and Biological Control Base
Individuals who have implemented proper meditation methods and training are (far) more difficult to (target).



AUSTRIAN OPERATIONS _ COLD WAR [ USSR vs USA ] New Republic Financial Group

Ambassador Lee E Wanta 


AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc.
Office of the Chairman / Chief Executive Officer
Ambassador Lee Emil Wanta
S.D.R. Diplomatic Passport No. 04362, 12535
4001 North 9 th Street, Suite No. 227
Arlington, Virginia, USA  22203-1954
Commonwealth of Virginia

White House INTEL Files Received and Acknowledged –