Someone Finally Did It! Man Sues TSA for Making Him Miss His Flight

TSAGroperBy Melissa Dykes

It’s about time.

A Twin Cities man has sued the TSA and the Twin Cities airport
operator for $506.85, the cost of missing his flight and having to buy a
ticket for another flight due to a long security delay, the kind that
have been hitting major airports all across the country lately.

Via Star Tribune:

In the lawsuit filed in federal court last week, Hooman
Nikizad said his wait of more than 90 minutes on March 19 before he
passed through security screening by the federal Transportation Security
Administration (TSA) made him miss his afternoon flight to Los Angeles.

“I had to buy a ticket with another airline to be able to make my
destination and meet my obligations,” Nikizad said in his claim, which
noted the TSA had limited staff on duty at the time and “only one body
scanner for the regular security line [in operation].”

Nikizad, a resident surgeon with the University of Minnesota, said in
his suit that the TSA and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International
Airport “have done a very poor job of getting passengers through

Some airports have seen delays as long as three hours just to get
people through TSA. Airports have begun providing entertainment for
pissed off travelers, and airlines are handing out cots in the
ever-more-likely event people miss their flights and wind up having to
sleep in the airport.

This is surely only the first of many lawsuits to come. Can you
imagine if lawsuits like this one started popping up everywhere as
citizens across America starting fight back against this airport

How long until the TSA would be finished? After all, if people can’t
even make it onto their flights to begin with because TSA takes too
long, then there won’t be much left to “secure” will there.

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Shootout With Hillary Clinton Spy In Moscow

Top  Russian  Commanders  Fired  After  FSB  Shootout  With  Hillary  Clinton  Spy  In  Moscow

An intriguing Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Commander of the Baltic Fleet, Viktor Kravchuk, and the Fleet’s Chief of Staff, Sergey Popov, were both dismissed from their posts after they were found to have violated numerous Federation national security regulations after documents relating to their mission were found in the possession of a Hillary Clinton spy who was shot and wounded by FSB counterintelligence agents a little over a fortnight ago. [Note: Some words and phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words and/or phrases having no exact counterpart.] 

According to this report, FSB counterintelligence agents operating in the Kaliningrad Oblast last month “detected/discovered” a serious anomaly relating to a passport used by private computer contractor working at the Baltic Fleet’s main base of operations located in Baltiysk.

This private computer contractor was employed by the Moscow based international computer company ABBYY whose contract with the Ministry of Defense (MoD) was for the converting of paper documents into searchable electronic files for former Baltic Fleet retired service personal.

Upon the FSB discovery of the anomalies relating to this computer contractor, all ABBYY workers in Baltiysk were flown back to Moscow on 5 June as part of a “ruse/disguise” operation and put under surveillance  but, on the morning of 6 June, the suspected contractor drove from his Moscow apartment and when he was two blocks from the US Embassy, in the Arbat District, he abandoned his vehicle in the roadway and was surrounded by 5 American private security contractors.  

As this computer contractor and his surrounding guards neared the US Embassy, FSB security officers attempted to detain him when one of the American private security contractors attempted to “withdrawal/ take loose” a concealed weapon causing one FSB agent to fire his weapon.

In the “melee/uproar” that then occurred, it was discovered that the computer contractor had been wounded by the FSB and, after confiscating his “backpack/man purse,” he was allowed to be brought into the US Embassy.

Within an hour of this “melee/uproar” occurring, the US Embassy notified the Foreign Ministry that one of their diplomats was gravely ill and requested his immediate repatriation to the United States—a request that was granted. 

Coinciding with today’s FSB release of their report about this stunning 6 June incident, it should be noted the Obama regimes press mouthpiece, the Washington Post, released the “official” US version of it by stating only that an American diplomat had been attacked” by an FSB guard and was “flown out for medical treatment, and has yet to return”.

Though under Federation law, the FSB is not allowed to publically release the name of this spy (as he has neither been charged nor convicted of any crime)  FSB analysts in this report say, it has been determined that he was employed by a US private mercenary company called Triple Canopy LLC that has been described as being “Obama’s private Blackwater” in reference to the notorious Blackwater mercenaries charged with, and suspected of, many war crimes

Triple Canopy LLC was shockingly given by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton virtually free reign to operate in US Embassies around the world, including Moscow and has, in fact, become her private international spying agency and even when this past years Panama Papers leak showed this mercenary companies multi-billion dollar secret dealings, the US State Department said, in essence, they didn’t care.

Tying this Triple Canopy LLC spy directly to Hillary Clinton was “childlike easy” due to his having in his “electronic records” not only her former direct and private illegal email address, but also her present one, too. 

To what information Hillary Clinton’s spy obtained from “his/their” Baltic Fleet “operation/deception” has been placed with the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) but was of such “concern/rage” by the Obama regime that, stunningly, this past weekend President Obama ordered his Justice Minister, Loretta Lynch, to meet privately with Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, to “discuss” the matter.  

This report concludes by noting that the dismissals of both Commander Viktor Kravchuk and Chief of Staff Sergey Popov, unlike their American counterparts, is due to the fact that even if they didn’t know what was going on in their command, they should have—and in Russia, at least, someone always has to be held accountable.
June 30 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Obama is Being Sued!!



President Barack Obama’s administration is the most dishonest in history, and they were especially corrupt during the dangerous Iran deal.

State Department officials later admitted in media interviews that it was acceptable to lie to the media, for the sake of diplomacy.

Shockingly, when comments have been made about it, they was deleted from the official record as if it never existed! Now, a lawsuit has been filed to get to the truth!
It’s about time:

A telling exchange between Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki and Fox News reporter James Rosen during a December 2013 press briefing further proved the administration’s willingness to stretch the truth as a means of securing the Iran negotiations. When Rosen asked Psaki whether it was okay to lie to protect secret negotiations with Iran, Psaki suggested it is acceptable in the name of diplomacy.

Somehow, the video that captured that exchange disappeared. When asked to explain, the White House blamed it on a “glitch.”

Last month, the American Center for Law & Justice filed Freedom of Information Act requests to determine which White House officials gave the order to edit the exchange between Psaki and Rosen.

The deadline to reply has expired, so the ACLJ is filing a lawsuit.

“Our legal team is prepared to litigate this case in order to enforce the rule of law and shed light on this shameful cover-up,” said ACLJ President Jay Sekulow.

via Townhall

The hostile regime of Iran is being handed billions of dollars, thanks to American taxpayers. And yet the world is more unsafe than ever.

The dangerous Iran deal must be exposed, and now the Obama Administration is being held accountable for their lies.

British SAS attack ISIS in Burkas!

Here’s an ISIS story that will make your day! This is one time you will actually appreciate how useful the burka can be!

British special forces troops donned the full-length Islamic dress to
sneak undetected through the ISIS’ de facto capital Raqqa and take down
their terrorist commander, news reports.

The eight-man SAS squad also eliminated several jihadi fighters after
lifting up their burkas and opening fire on the stunned militants, who
had no time to hide from the hail of bullets.

The men posed as ISIS chiefs wives by covering themselves from
head-to-toe in the traditional black burkas and managed to make their
way to the group’s headquarters. Underneath the burkas the troopers had
grenades, machine guns and enough ammo to rain hell upon the terrorist
scumbags. Priceless!

After making their way through the town they located the house of a
senior terrorist chief and relayed the location and coordinates to a US
Air Force AWAC mission control aircraft circling thousands of feet

The American spy plane then passed the information onto a US Reaper
drone, which seconds later fired a Hellfire missile into the building,
vaporizing the ISIS commander and several of his henchmen, The Express

When jihadi militants heard the explosion they rushed onto the
streets and discovered the burka-clad troopers, who took down several
Jihads during a fierce gun battle as they fought their way to safety.

“The SAS team were moving back to their vehicles after the missile
had struck when the town went into lockdown,” a source revealed. “Gunmen
were on the streets stopping everyone, lining people up against the
walls and threatening to kill anyone who had helped the ‘spies’.”

“Just as the British soldiers were getting back into a minivan
several gunmen ordered them to stop,” the source said. “The troopers
ignored the warnings and were about to drive off when the Jihads opened

 “The SAS jumped out of the vehicle, lifted up their burkas and
opened fire. It must have been a massive shock to the gunmen,” recalled
the source. “One was killed instantly and two others ran off. The
firefight gave the SAS just enough time to break contact with the Isis
gunmen and escape.”

A good friend, on the ground reported that shortly after the daring
raid, rumors started swirling around town that the “infidels” had sent
women to do their fighting rather than men, the source said. However, as
we know now, it was actually eight brave soldiers with far better
training and much better equipment, and the result was that they struck a
“severe blow” to ISIS/Daesh in the area.

 It definitely takes a brave man to walk straight into the pits of
hell like these soldiers did, especially knowing the consequences if
they were caught. But it’s awesome they used Islam’s own rituals to
infiltrate the group, then wreak havoc.

Suspicious Vehicle At Aberdeen Proving Ground

Army: Suspicious  vehicle  cleared  at  Aberdeen  Proving Ground

The Associated Press 12:53 p.m. EDT June 29, 2016

June 29 2016


Officials at the Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland say security forces have cleared a suspicious vehicle that was trying to gain access to the installation.

Spokeswoman Heather Roelker said by telephone Wednesday that the installation returned to normal operations around 12: 15 p.m., about three hours after the situation began to unfold at the Maryland Avenue Gate on Route 715. 

She did not have any details about what prompted the response.

There were no injuries and Roelker says the installation was not on lock down. People were asked to use another gate.

Aerial images from local television stations showed police vehicles by the gate and a tent set up on the shoulder.


Authorities Investigate Suspicious Vehicle At Aberdeen Proving Ground

June 29, 2016 1:00 AM

Emergency personnel have cleared the security gate at the Aberdeen Proving Ground after a suspicious vehicle prompted an investigation.    

A spokesperson with  APG tells WJZ a suspicious vehicle attempted to gain entry on Wednesday morning.

“Since safety and security of the workforce and residents is paramount, all are being advised to avoid the area until the incident is resolved. 

Entry and exit is restricted to the Harford Blvd,” said APG in a statement.

Officials say a Military Working Dog alerted the staff for a potential explosive device around 9:00 a.m.

The area was deemed safe after further investigation.

The vehicle has since been cleared and APG returned to normal operations around 1:00 p.m.


I just spoke to my daughter who told me that one of her co-worker’s husband is a security guard at Aberdeen Proving Ground here in Maryland.  

Today it was reported by local news that a suspicious vehicle parked near the base was being investigated. 

The road to the base was closed for a while. 

No one was allowed near the scene.  

The security guard told his wife that bomb sniffing dogs from the Harford County, Maryland Sheriff’s department were on the scene and found something that was then disarmed.  

The local media has been “mum” concerning the dogs and what they found. The media simply reported that all is now well.  

This is very frightening to me, as we live only about 8 miles from Aberdeen Proving Ground.  Many of our neighbor’s and townsfolk work there. 

We are in a very dangerous situation in this country. Anything could happen at any time.  It is clear that there is a mortal enemy at work – one that we are continuing to downplay and outright ignore.  Lives are at stake. 

Please – everyone, pray before venturing out this holiday weekend, and from now on.  

May Lord Jesus have mercy on all who are His. 


Puerto Rico bill clears Senate procedural vote, looks likely to pass before default

Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta 



18 U.S. Code Section 241 – Conspiracy against rights
18 U.S. Code Section 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law
18 U.S. Code Section    4  – Misprision of Felony
18 U.S. Code Section 371 – Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States as well as – RICO STATUTES VIOLATIONS >>>> AMONG OTHERS ” Section 201; a,b,c,
LINKED: White House ” Notice of Default Confirmation ” clearly affirms
sufficient monetary funds to REBUILD THE Commonwealth of Puerto Rico –
Subject: Puerto Rico bill clears Senate procedural vote, looks likely to pass before default …. LINK AT BOTTOM OF THIS MEMORANDUM ….

A fix for Puerto Rico’s $73 billion debt crisis cleared a key procedural hurdle Wednesday
— all but guaranteeing it will become law — as the Senate voted to
limit further debate and move toward a final vote on the bill.
cloture vote was 68 to 32. Though some lawmakers may switch their votes
when the Senate considers final passage of the bill, the vote suggests
that the measure will clear the chamber and reach President Barack
Obama’s desk before Friday, when the island faces a default on $2 billion in debt payments.
Though he described the legislation as “obviously” imperfect,
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “This is the best and
possibly the only action we can take to help Puerto Rico.”
Minority Leader Harry Reid also saw major flaws in the bill but called
the legislation, “a step in the right direction,” while criticizing
McConnell for blocking efforts to amend the measure.
Proponents of the bill, including the White House and Treasury
Department, became particularly concerned earlier this week that
Democrats might withhold support for the legislation over provisions
they object to. These include a potentially lowered minimum wage, an
exemption from the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule, and the
creation of a federal oversight board with broad powers.
At the invitation of Senate Finance Committee ranking member Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Treasury Secretary Jack Lew made a last-minute pitch yesterday to Democrats on that committee to rally support for the bill.
In an echo-though not a repeat-of a filibuster over gun control
led by Democrats earlier this week, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) held the
Senate floor for over four hours to voice his objections to the bill,
whose oversight board he has called “neocolonial.” Sens. Bernie Sanders
(I-Vt.) and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) joined Menendez last night for the
lengthy protest on what had otherwise been a fairly quiet evening on the
upper chamber’s floor

As drafted?
– PROMESA exacts a price that is far too high for relief that is far
too uncertain,” Menendez said of the bill during cloture debate Wednesday morning.



EU-style “North American Union” would kill U.S. national sovereignty  – EXACTLY THE PLAN OF THE NWO – 10 WORLD REGIONS

In response to Brexit, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is calling for a EU-style “North American Union.” 

Nieto is attending a North American leaders summit in Ottawa on Wednesday to push the years-long, globalist proposal that would combine the U.S., Mexico and Canada into a regional entity at the expense of U.S. national sovereignty, which starts with joint energy agreements.

“The purpose of this visit is to renew our bilateral relationship, to give it new life, to find ways to advance the prosperity and competitiveness of North America,” Nieto said, with emphasis added on North America.

He’s not the first Mexican president to push the NAU; Vicente Fox also pushed the globalist plan, but he was so vocal about it, the Bush administration finally told him to keep quiet to avoid negative press.

“I proposed a ‘NAFTA Plus’ plan to President Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to move us toward a single continental economic union, modeled on the European example,” he wrote in his autobiography Revolution of Hope. “… At summits I took every opportunity to advocate clearly for free-market policies; showing what sound economics could do to fund social justice; arguing for globalism, NAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas.”

(And the European Union is currently in process of rebellion from the people and breaking up because the people have had ENOUGH of the ‘leaders’ FORCING them in to NWO arrangements that are HURTFUL and further ENSLAVING them instead of helpful – and now the NWO thugs want to do this to North American as well)

And during Fox’s presidency in 2005, the globalist Council on Foreign Relations met with the Mexican government to discuss the implementation of the NAU.

 EndGame HQ full length version

“We are asking the ‘leaders’ of the United States, Mexico and Canada to be bold and adopt a vision of the future that is bigger than and beyond the immediate problems of the present,” CFR member and former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister John P. Manley wrote. “They could be the architects of a new community of North America, not mere custodians of the status quo.”

However, the NAU proposal would “increase labor mobility” between the U.S. and Mexico, which would effectively grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, and a “North American regulatory plan” with a “unified approach” to all three countries, which would effectively END U.S. national sovereignty.

Additionally, the NAU would strengthen controversial trade deals such as NAFTA which has only exacerbated illegal immigration by fueling mass unemployment in Mexico.

“There are no jobs [in Mexico] and NAFTA forced the price of corn so low that it’s not economically possible to plant a crop anymore,” Rufino Domínguez, the former coordinator of the Binational Front of Indigenous Organizations, revealed. “We come to the U.S. to work because we can’t get a price for our product at home. There’s no alternative.”

Sin maiz, no hay pais: without corn, there is no country, as the Mexican saying goes.

NAFTA disrupted Mexico’s corn production so badly that 75,000 Iowa farmers were able to grow twice as much corn as 3,000,000 Mexican producers – and at half the cost because the U.S. maintained its corn subsidies under NAFTA.  That resulted in the mass migration of Mexican farm workers flowing into America.

“The big wave in illegal immigration from Mexico began in the 1980s, but it picked up strongly after NAFTA – that wasn’t unexpected,” NPR’s Tim Robbins reported, a rare admission from an establishment outlet.

Donald Trump has spoken out against NAFTA and EU-style bureaucracies, which explains why Nieto and other globalist Mexican officials have spoken out against the GOP nominee.

Also why the GOP and DEM are outraged that Trump has good positive answers – which the majority of Americans approve of – to the US problems, which these globalists purposely created to bring in the NWO agenda and the demise of the united States.