Because most Americans have been or continue to be unaware of the CAFR funds, this letter is being provided to update and to educate.  We have been deceived, lied to, stolen from and abused long enough.   Americans are waking up, becoming aware and informed, and thus better equipped to take our country back.  



by Walter Burien – CAFR1

Here is a tip for you per population control that I learned the hard way over and over again.

Government on all levels will go far out of their way to monitor every one. They specifically want to keep a handle on their opposition. Let’s call government on all levels the ‘Fox’.

For the Fox to control all opposition, the Fox will covertly start operations (the names I made up) such as: “Taxpayers for Fair Government”, “The News Site that publishes everything government does not want you to know”, “National Militia for the Abolishment of Government”, “Destroy government corruption, and restore people’s rights”, “Legal Fund for the indictment of corrupt judges”, “Town of X Breakfast Club to Restore Taxpayer/Property owner/Citizens Rights.”

The Fox now can watch and draw in most of their opposition to identify them.  Here their strategy is to see what is coming out that may be a threat to the Fox, this all being done so the Fox can stay 5-steps ahead of their opposition for corrective action to be taken by the Fox.

Additionally, it allows the Fox to school all in a direction or with so called damning information or actions that in reality are fictional having no impact on the Fox what-so-ever but expels the energy and resources of the individual participants.

Tens of millions of people are sucked into these types of intentionally laid out Fox Flypaper operations. 

Additionally, if there is a truly independent group to the Fox that grows into several hundred thousand + members that actually are a ‘threat’ to the Fox, the Fox will go out of its way to take the group over from the inside or, if the Fox can, cause financial duress on the group and buy it out for take-over. This is done especially with independent publications or news media groups.

You would be amazed to find out how few “genuine” independent groups there are left out there. Anything involved or tied in with the syndicated media, forget about it.

EXAMPLE: For 15-years tens of thousands of people tried to get their local syndicated media outlet or national outlet to simply mention the CAFR to their listeners or viewers. No one was successful per the mass viewed syndicated TV News outlets excluding myself back in 1995. 

The anchor from ABC News out of Phoenix – On the 10 PM nightly News she showed a full camera shot of the AZ 1994 State CAFR and made comment. ( I told her in advance she could not mention it to her producer or he would cut mention ) Well, the 10 PM News usually airs verbatim at 7 AM the following morning. The following morning her segment mention of the CAFR was cut out and she was pulled from that day forward as being the Anchor.

Since 1998, only the independent news outlets did front page feature stories on the CAFR. The ones with the biggest circulation to the public were then targeted by the Fox and were shut down, bought out, or even worse for the smaller ones, the editor / owner died unexpectedly.

The population is masterfully “entertained” off into La-La land by the Fox within an annual repetitious “loop” created that gives the imprecision of advancement, but in “reality” maintains the population in a very controllable and in an exact spoon-fed programmed mindset as the Fox takes over everything.

I put up an article about California’s largest “Taxpayer Association,” the Howard Jarvis Group. It can be viewed by clicking the link towards the top of my home page having the subject line of: “To any remaining California members of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association” http://CAFR1.com/HJTA.html

You may also want to read my BIO in which I mention some of those “independent” news groups and what happened to them when they featured CAFR disclosure. http://CAFR1.com/BIO.html

The Fox is now controlling and operating within a 10-trillion dollar + a year take-over machine that has amassed somewhere between 140 to 170 trillion dollars of liquid investment assets held both domestic and internationally. At the same time 95% to 98% of the populace is being maintained clueless by the Fox and its cooperatives about this reality DUE TO THE MONEY / CONTROL INVOLVED.

You may want to take a look at the example CAFR listing I put up a few months ago. 4500 CAFRs categorized. (long page). Then you yourself can bypass the void intentionally created by the Fox and share that page with many. http://CAFR1.com/listings/Listings.html

That should give many a big wake-up call as to the scope and size of it all. Also it will qualify the aspect of not a peep or mention by the Fox or its cooperatives for 70-years of their Holy Grail of over-all accounting, the CAFR.

Please share / publish this communication with all that you know.

Today, 10/31/15 is Halloween. Per trick or treat for the last 70-years the Fox has worked on “The majority of Treat for itself” and “A Major Trick for everyone else”.

This communication comprehended clearly by the population can help reverse that circumstance for a big Treat that can come quickly for the “everyone else”.

I continue to work diligently on bringing forth the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association), an organization that will and can transition every local government to operate on the “Fiduciary Trust” principle to meet its operating budgets “without” taxation of any kind. One income source for the Fox, taxation is replaced with another source of income, Fiduciary Trust return. It is there to happen and I am working on it! A treat for everyone else!

Also, with this being done, the Fox and our economy “in all reality” does better, too.

Sent FYI and Truly Yours from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1.com
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

WiFi Can See You Through Walls


October 30, 2015

The implications for privacy under a big brother police state are obvious. 

Researchers at MIT have come up with a way to use WiFi signals to see behind walls, and map a room in 3-D. By reflecting the signal, it can also locate the movements of people or objects in the room. 

The Daily Mail reports:

Using a wireless transmitter fitted behind a wall, computer scientists have developed a device that can map a nearby room in 3D while scanning for human bodies.

Using the signals that bounce and reflect off these people, the device creates an accurate silhouette and can even use this silhouette to identify who that person is.

The device is called RF Capture and it was developed by researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).  

The RF Capture device transmits wireless signals that travel through a wall and reflect off a person’s body back to the device.
Since only a small number of body parts reflect the signal back at any given point in time, the device monitors how these reflections vary as someone moves and walks.

Not even your four walls and a roof are to be private if this technology is used for surveillance purposes. And make no mistake, it will be. There are clearly privacy implications to this, but chances are that objections will be kept to a dull roar, with so many other tracking and surveillance activities descending upon society. 

There are many other related and overlapping technologies, like the radar sweep devices some police are now using to look through walls and locate suspects before going inside. However, the use of WiFi to achieve this make it even easier. 

As SHTF previously reported, a new application of WiFi known as Wi-Vi could take surveillance to the next level:

MIT tech geeks have found a way to pinpoint location and track complex movement patterns with far greater accuracy – and what’s more, it can track people’s steps through walls, and the individuals or groups don’t even need to carry a cell phone!

MIT professor Dina Katabi and graduate student Fadel Adib:

“Show that Wi-Fi can also extend our senses, enabling us to see moving objects through walls and behind closed doors. In particular, we can use such signals to identify the number of people in a closed room and their relative locations. We can also identify simple gestures made behind a wall, and combine a sequence of gestures to communicate messages to a wireless receiver without carrying any transmitting device. […] It shows how one can track a human by treating the motion of a human body as an antenna array and tracking the resulting RF beam.

The system is interested furthering its control, and fishing for pretexts to cite infractions, collect revenue and play nanny over the lives of the population. 

Judging from the comments, many people are at least aware of this. Here are just a few:

BadSull: “The government already has it.”

Greg: “Drones, smart tvs watching you, laptops listening to you, traffic lights tracking your last 10,000 locations and now we look through walls. Gonna have to spend a lot more resources on mental health in the future.”

James Rustles: “So, how do you defeat it to maintain your privacy? That’s the question that needs to be asked.”

JaneDoeRKBA: “Mylar faced foam house insulation , Mylar lined draperies, Mylar under a metal roof….all should work in largely defeating this technology.”

Jeffrey S.Gee: “Using a faraday cage!”

James OD: “For a multitude of reasons, it’s starting to seem like a good idea to add a layer of aluminum foil under the drywall when building a house. What’s the world coming to when the disheveled guy living out of the shopping cart under a bridge starts to make sense?”

Technology is changing the tone of reference to tin foil from one of ridicule to one of acknowledgement that these forms of spying are real science, and applicable to the methods used by various agencies and organizations who are investigating, instigating or intimidating. 
Many are taking notice of the extreme intrusion the technology represents. 

Hanni Fakhoury, an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation said “Your location is something that’s worthy of privacy. We know that, even within your house, where you go can reveal a lot about yourself.” 

Is there anywhere left just to be left alone?


Since they are so AFRAID OF US, why not GIVE the bastards reason to be? WHY does the population continue to allow these jerks to rule and reign over the population?

Quintessential Justice

Quintessential Justice
by scottbthompsonsr
 Pieces of Our Past

One gallows. One hangman. One fine day. Three bodies buried. Three families grieving. Three speedy trials.  Five coffins waiting. Five nooses tightened. Five necks broken. Ten legs dangling. Ten thousand eyes staring. Justice served. Justice done.  Hooray for the hangman!

The Montgomery County jail was infested with villainous murderers.   And, Judge Christopher C. Smith was ready to rid the jail of the vermin, who had been plaguing the citizens of Montgomery County. 

Twenty-one prisoners, nine charged with murder, would soon know their fate.   Judge Smith issued an order on August 1, 1893 to begin the process of clearing the jail.   Judge Smith, who was in his first year on the bench of the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit, ordered that the most serious offenders were to be tried before the court and juries beginning on the 4th day of September.

First on the docket was the oldest case, the State vs. Weldon Gordon.  Gordon and his accomplice, the master murderer Nick Nutting, had gotten into an argument with one Barney Neal of Montgomery County. 

During the struggle, Gordon negligently killed Neal’s young daughter, Zerida.  Nick Nutting, who had been known to have killed at least a half dozen men, was hung by the neck on the 26th of May.  

Blue Ridge Circuit Judge George Gober, sitting on the bench in the stead of Judge Smith, called the cases to order.  Thomas Eason and C.D. Loud represented the State of Georgia during the long week of trials.   Gordon, represented by Messers Beasley and Hines of Mt. Vernon, was convicted of murder in a trial which began after lunch and concluded just in time for the jurors to eat a late supper.

The next morning, the defendant Purse Strickland stood before the court.  Strickland was charged with the premeditated malice murder of Jim Locklear.  The two men got into an argument which culminated when Locklear shot at Strickland’s dog and threatened to kill him as well.  After a short cooling off period, Strickland snuck into Locklear’s residence and shot Locklear in the back of his head while he was eating his supper.  The trial was over in two hours.  Strickland was found guilty of murder.
On Wednesday morning, the most celebrated case filled the courtroom with spectators and the courthouse grounds with thousands of captivated bystanders.  Lucien Manuel, Hyre Brewington, and Hiram Jacobs were charged with the heinous  murder of Alex Peterson, a popular express agent in nearby Ailey.  The three defendants, all said to be Scuffletonians of mixed white, black and Indian blood, had quickly confessed to their heinous crime to  Sheriff George W. Dunham, who was praised by Georgia governor W.J. Northern for his quick removal of the men from the throngs of vengeful lynch mobs by taking them to Savannah for safe keeping.   

Northern was especially proud of Dunham’s ingenuity in using a gathering of a brigade of ministers  to protect the innocent until proven guilty.  The preachers happened to have been convening in town earlier in the day doing God’s work.   

Despite the best efforts of defense attorneys W.L. Clarke and L.D. Nicholson, the trio was found guilty after only two minutes of deliberation by the jury.  Ashley Manuel and Hezekiah Brewington, brothers of two of the defendants, were found innocent of the charge of murder and released without a trial.

Other defendants met lady justice that week, but these five convicted killers  were sentenced to a date with the hangman on September 29, 1893.  As the day for the hanging approached, there was electricity in the air.  Thousands and thousands of the vengeful and the just plain curious began to assemble in the county capital of Mt. Vernon.  All during the night and throughout the morning before the hanging, the five condemned men were consoled by the prayers of the Rev. Samuel Ross, a colored Methodist minister.    By the best estimates of reporters, nearly a hundred Negroes gathered around the jail to pray for the condemned and serenade them with religious melodies.

Just about noon, Montgomery County Sheriff  Dunham and his deputies loaded the defendants into a wagon and set off on a half mile journey to the gallows, custom constructed for the purpose of the mass hanging.   Sheriff Dunham read the death warrants.  With nerves of cold steel, Manuel, Brewington, Jacobs, Gordon and Strickland climbed the ladder of death.  Gordon and Strickland puffed their last cheap cigars.  In dead silence, each man looked down on the grave of one Will Blash, who had been hung on the same spot some two years prior.  Off to the side, they gazed upon five new and empty coffins, their own coffins.  

D. McEachin read a prepared statement on behalf of Weldon Gordon attributing his ruin to whiskey.  Gordon reminded the masses of the evils of alcohol.  In his last words, the child killer thanked the sheriff and jailer for keeping him alive until the hanging. He forgave the lawmen and prayed for their future health.

Strickland told the crowd the he killed Locklear in self defense.  Then Rev. Ross led the crowd in prayer followed by a recitation of the dirge,  A Charge to Keep I Have.   

Lucien Manuel echoed the other comments by confessing that alcohol led him to kill Alex Peterson. 

Hiram Jacobs confirmed his co-conspirator’s comments. 

Rev. Wm. Moore led the assembled multitude  in another hymn.  After a final prayer by the Rev. G.B. Allen, Sheriff Dunham tied the doomed men’s arms, adjusted their nooses, just in time for one final prayer.  As he placed black hoods over the five condemned souls, Sheriff Dunham muttered, “Goodbye boys and may God have mercy on your souls.”  At 2:02 on the afternoon of September 29, 1893, hangman Dunham, pulled the trap doors open.  Five bodies dangled for twenty-one agonizing minutes.

The bodies of Gordon and Strickland were loaded on wagons by their families and taken away for private burials.  The other three corpses were shipped to medical schools in Atlanta.  While under the care of undertaker David T. Howard in his Calhoun Street mortuary, a large crowd, mostly black, stormed the morgue, breaking paints, glass, and jars of embalming fluids trying to get a last glance of the twisted and swollen cadavers before they were dipped into the pickling vats. 

As the souvenir hunters picked up the last shreds of murderabilia and the cooler days of September were coming to an end, those who came walked away knowing the justice was done.  It was one of the largest, if not the largest, public executions in the history of Georgia, and one of the last public hangings outright.

The hangman, Sheriff Dunham, would see only one more September.  He was fatally shot in the face in the spring of 1895 when he confronted William Connell who had allegedly made remarks about his wife.    Dunham’s friends riddled Connell with their pistol bullets and shotgun shot. And, the devils laughed out loud from the bowels of Hell.

 The Courier Herald – HOORAY FOR THE HANGMAN




US troops being deployed in certain harms way to carry out the orders and propaganda lies of the war mongers for their motives and profits – supporting and warring alongside with the actual terrorists, including ISIS?????



By Brandon Turbeville
October 31, 2015

Scrambling to protect the terrorists it has funded, armed, trained, and directed
for several years against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad,
the United States is now openly considering the option of ground troops
in Syria.  

course, the term “ground troops” is not being used in general
discussion. Instead, “enablers” is the semantical redirection of choice.

Say what you want about the ‘U.S. government’ – they may be a collection of psychotic murderers hell-bent on world hegemony or World War 3 – but they have one hell of a thesaurus.

Ground troops – sorry, “enablers” – have been active in Syria for some time
in the form of Special Forces soldiers taking place in direct combat
support missions for terrorist actors as well as in logistical
organization and spotting maneuvers.  

The new discussion, however, is surrounding the
open deployment of “ground troops” to Syria under the guise of
“fighting ISIS.” In reality, of course, those troops will be stationed
in Syria to support ISIS and the
alleged-but-never-proven-in-the-slightest-to-be-moderate “rebels” who
are also raping and beheading their way across Syria in exactly the same
fashion as ISIS.

troops will be a further step in the direction of direct US military
involvement in Syria of the open war variety. These troops will also be
sitting ducks and potential “collateral damage” from Russian airstrikes
actually aimed at ISIS/jihadist fighters and a potential spark for the
powder keg of propaganda that would be launched in the event of Russia
“killing our troops.”

Of course, the
responsibility for the lives of the soldiers would be squarely on the
backs of the imperialists who committed them to yet another theatre of
intended destruction and oppression. The United States and NATO has
created, armed, trained, funded, and directed terrorists for the
purposes of overthrowing Bashar al-Assad. The U.S./NATO then engaged in a
bombing campaign against Syrian civilian infrastructure under the guise of “bombing ISIS” targets while Turkey and Israel constantly chipped away at the Syrian military. All of this was accomplished against the wishes of the Syrian government or the Syrian people.

The Russians, however, have conducted their operations as a means of self-defense against an ominous NATO (USA / UN) terror push toward its borders and beyond. It
has also conducted its bombing missions with the permission and at the
request of the Syrian government as well as the full support of the
Syrian people.

After only weeks of Russian bombing, it
is now clear that the U.S. was never interested in defeating ISIS and
that it never engaged in anything but a phony war on the terrorist
organization. The war on Assad, however, was quite real. The
comparison between the two bombing campaigns is now clearly evident for
anyone to see. Indeed, the withered flesh of John McCain must crawl
every time a Russian sortie falls upon the heads of his terrorist friends in Syria.

Still, the
information above is not pervasive enough within the general population
of the United States to prevent a march toward greater war. That is,
unfortunately, the reason why various members of the U.S. Department of
Defense and Department of State have recently been able to openly
announce that not only was the option of sending ground troops to Syria
something that is necessary, but that it is something that is currently
being discussed within the White House.  (Until Americans
wake up and rid the nation of these traitors and war mongers, business
as usual will continue making ALL Americans to appear to be war mongers,
ripe to be beheaded in retaliation by invaders of our nation.)

As far back as September, 2015,
Skull and Bones member and Secretary of State John Kerry stated that
ground troops were a necessity in Syria but that Obama had ruled out the
option of those troops being American. Instead, he stated that “people
in the region” were discussing it and that “There will need to be people
on the ground. I am convinced there will be at the appropriate moment.”

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter
recently went even further than Kerry’s previous statements in
suggesting that ground troops may soon be deployed in Syria, although
the emphasis on “regional” troops was missing in his statement. According to Carter, American troops can and will be deployed in combat missions – but the combat missions will not be called combat missions so they will not actually be combat missions. 

calling them ‘combat missions’ – does that CHANGE the actual mission at
all or just continue to cover up and lie to the Americans?)

will simply be ongoing “kinetic” “aid and assist” missions that see
U.S. soldiers in direct “kinetic action” against other soldiers who are
also engaged in “kinetic action.” In
other words, the U.S. war machine is playing semantics once again in
order to insert more troops into a conflict that the U.S. government
itself created.

won’t hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic
attacks against ISIL, or conducting such missions directly whether by
strikes from the air or direct action on the ground,” Carter said. (This
jackass has done NOTHING to ‘attack’ ISIL or any other ‘terrorist’ but
only to fight along side the terroristsrebels to WAR against Assad who
is not going along with the criminal cabal demands – just like Suddam,
Gadfahi and others.) 

not to be left in second place when it comes to the sport of
warmongering however, has essentially stated that not only do American
“enablers” (i.e. troops) need to be deployed to Syria but that the
decision to do so is all but inevitable.

When asked about the possible deployment of troops on the ground inside Syria, Kerry was quoted by NPR journalist Steve Inskeep as replying “Will we need to put enablers on the ground? I think so. The President hasn’t made the decision yet.”

things come to mind here. If the ‘president’ has not made the decision
to deploy ground troops, why is the Secretary of State discussing what
the ‘president’ is still debating within his own mind? Why is the
Secretary giving his opinion on the matter if the decision has not been
made by the one individual who can make it?

the ‘president’ has not yet made the decision to fully commit U.S.
troops to Syria (or is hesitant to do so) and the Secretary of
Defense/State is attempting to bully and bulldoze such a commitment out
of him publicly, or the ‘president’ has indeed made the decision

According to RT,
it appears that Obama at the behest of his “advisers” (read:
“handlers”) has already made the decision to deploy troops into Syria.
The report states:

US policy towards ISIS in the doldrums, ‘president’ Barack Obama is
reportedly considering several new strategies to target the ‘terrorist
group’ in Iraq and Syria.

strategies emerged after discussions which took place over the past few
weeks between military field commanders and the ‘president’s’ most
senior national security advisers, including Department of Defense
Secretary Ashton Carter and Secretary of State John Kerry. The
recommendations could alter the military’s involvement against the
Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS/ISIL), according to officials who
spoke to the Washington Post.  One recommendation would be to move a
limited number of Special Operations forces on the ground in Syria and
put US advisers closer to the firefights in Iraq. The number of
additional troops would be required is unclear, but the officials told
the Post the number would be relatively small.

proposals include embedding US troops with Iraqi security forces and
giving them ability to call airstrikes. Two officials told The Hill that
US troops are currently embedded with Iraqis at the division level,
which keeps them stationed at base headquarters.

option would embed US forces with Iraqis closer to the battlefield, at
the level of brigade or a battalion, for specific operations to retake
Ramadi, a western Iraqi city that IS forces captured this past spring.

another proposal reported by The Hill would be to send more ammunition
and weapons to a coalition of rebel groups battling IS and the
government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

under consideration is the increased targeting of IS’ production and
sale of oil on the black market. The US-led military coalition has
struck oil refineries controlled by IS, but officials are looking at
using different kinds of weapons to target the facilities.

Unfortunately, because the
general American public remains entirely befuddled as to the nature of
current events, particularly foreign affairs, whatever decision made in
the Deep State will undoubtedly be
implemented without resistance.

American people, at best, seem to be confused as to why the U.S.
‘government’ is so upset at Russia for bombing ISIS when they have been
told for months that the U.S. is bombing ISIS. They are often confused
at how al-Qaeda has become the good guys when, only a few short years
ago, they were the very bad guys. They are also confused as to why
al-Qaeda then becomes the bad guys again whenever a new law is
introduced to restrict the freedom of the “exceptional” good guys.

2015, Americans are unfortunately confused by a great many things. For
this reason, they tend to either tune out or come to resemble a tennis
ball on the court of current events, constantly being slammed to one
extreme and then back to the other.

Regardless, Americans
had better wise up before “multi-national kinetic operations” begin and
“mutual neutralization” finally becomes a reality. In other words,
before the maniacal ruling elite starts World War 3 and incinerates us


Arson Suspected in Massive Fire at Monsanto Research Facility




By John Vibes

Earlier this week a Monsanto research facility in France was burned to the ground. Monsanto and investigators suspect an arsonist was responsible for the blaze.

Monsanto representative Jakob Witten told Reuters that investigators “strongly suspect it was a crime as no electrical or other sources were found.” He added that “No Monsanto sites in Europe have so far been the victim of fires of criminal origin.  This is unprecedented violence.”

The fire had multiple points of origin, meaning it is unlikely the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction or other natural causes. 

Investigators also noticed a strong smell of gasoline in different areas of the site.

France announced in June that it was banning sales of Roundup, Monsanto’s flagship herbicide, amid public pressure and the World Health Organization’s announcement that the product is probably carcinogenic. 

Further, last month the country announced it was strengthening its ban on genetically modified crops.

Monsanto is one of the most hated corporations on the planet and faces particularly strong resistance in France

If the fire is confirmed to have been arson, it is possible this vociferous opposition might have been a motivating factor.

Nevertheless, the recent fire is merely the tip of the iceberg with regard to Monsanto’s recent problems.

The company recently moved to close three different research facilities to save money in the face of declining profits. 

As Reuters reported last week, Monsanto research centers in Middleton, Wisconsin, Mystic, Connecticut, and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, will soon be closed to cut costs.

Last month, the infamous company announced it would be cutting 2,600 jobs — 12% of its workforce — in order to lower costs. Monsanto also announced a loss of 19 cents per share in the most recent quarter. Profits are expected to remain low throughout the year.

The Associated Press reported that Monsanto lost $156 million in the final quarter of last year alone, and this year is expected to be even worse.

John Vibes and theAntiMedia.org. Anti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific.



Will the Military Save the Country From Obama’s Treason?

Will the Military Save the Country From Obama’s Treason?

Saturday, October 31, 2015 6:58
(Before It’s News)  
Talk show host, Dan Cofall, recently asked me a question that many readers have also asked.

Why would Obama allow Russian soldiers into the country during a period of time that World War III seems like a certainty and Obama seems to be preparing to go to war with the Russians?

I agree that that on the surface, this seems like a gross contradiction in facts, unless of course, one considers that Obama is a traitor to the American people and is an active participant in the demise of the United States. This notion gets legs when one considers that Obama is scaling down the American miliary to pre-World War II levels at the precise time that America should be beefing up its defenses in preparation for war that will likely kick off in Syria. In short, Obama is playing for the other team. His objective of fundamentally transforming America, includes throwing the United States of America to the wolves. He is the modern day manifestation of Benedict Arnold.
We do not even know who Obama is. Who was his high school English teacher? Who was his basketball coach. Who did he take to the prom? We knew nothing about this Manchurian candidate, yet, we elected him to be the President? Why was his mother working Tim Geithner’s father at the CIA PSYOPS Ford Foundation which was associated with MK-Ultra? The answer is simple, he is stunning example of a modern day Manchurian candidate. His CIA-created family cannot hide who he really is.

Obama’s Values Are Not America’s Values

Since America was founded on principles related to personal and national sovereignty, one would expect our sitting Presidents to reflect this spirit. In actuality, Obama stands for everything outside the American culture. He has opened our borders to terrorist incursions. He has promoted controversial LGBT lifestyles as superior to that of traditional American values in which marriage is a matter of one woman and one man. He has taken steps to limit the practice of Christianity in the American military, while promoting the religion of Islam at the same time. He has refused to admit persecuted Coptic Christians to the United States under the Refugee/Resettlement program, while admitting unscreened Muslims from a part of the world who traditionally hate the United States. I could go on, but these facts speak for themselves.
Unfortunately, for America, Obama does not just hold traditional American values in contempt, he holds our national sovereignty and national security in contempt as well. The remainder of this article will make the case that President Obama is an absolute traitor to the people of the United States. He is determined to see America fall.

Obama Compromises National Security

"With regard to missile defense, I will have more flexibility after the election."
Image result for the infamous open mic incident in which Obama said “Tell Vladimir

The above photo is from the infamous open mic incident in which Obama said “Tell Vladimir, I will have more flexibility after the next election”. This was about the compromising of missile defense security in Europe. This is also abject treason!

Obama Allowed Russians to Spy On Our Military Response to An EMP Attack

Why were Russian troops allowed into the previously conducted Grid EX II simulated EMP attack drill? Russian troops have also been used to police major events on American soil. This is martial law desensitization training in which the Russians are trained to interact with American citizens. Also, FEMA signed a bilateral agreement with the Russian military topermit a minimum of 15,000 Russian soldiers to train on American soil and this was at a time when both Russia and China threatened to nuke the United States if we dared to invade Syria or Iran in the Fall of 2013.
The following is a quote from the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry:

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the USA Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are going to exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters. This is provided by a protocol of the fourth meeting of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission Working Group on Emergency Situations and seventeenth meeting of Joint U.S.-Russia Cooperation Committee on Emergency Situations, which took place in Washington on 25 June 2013.
The document provides for expert cooperation in disaster response operations and to study the latest practices. In addition, the parties approved of U.S.-Russian cooperation in this field in 2013-2014, which envisages exchange of experience including in monitoring and forecasting emergency situations, training of rescuers, development of mine-rescuing and provision of security at mass events.”


Here-to-fore, any Executive Order, any Executive decree, by this modern day manifestation of Benedict Arnold, shall be held in contempt and ignored. His authority is illegitimate. His Kenyan origin render him ineligible to hold the office of the President. Legally, he has no more authority over your life than your local dog catcher. Can the military save the country from this modern day manifestation of Benedict Arnold. 
If the shooting starts with the Russians, with Obama as President, we are all doomed.

US Naval Aggression in South China Sea Could Spark War

China Warns US Naval Aggression in South China Sea Could Spark War

By Claire Bernish
October 31, 2015 

On Thursday, China ominously warned the United States that any repeat of recent military posturing in the South China Sea could be considered a potential spark for war.

“If the United States continues with these kinds of dangerous, provocative acts, there could well be a seriously pressing situation between frontline forces from both sides on the sea and in the air, or even a minor incident that sparks war,” Admiral Wu Shengli of the Chinese navy told U.S. Navy Admiral John Richardson via teleconference. “[I] hope the U.S. side cherishes the good situation between the Chinese and U.S. navies that has not come easily and avoids these kinds of incidents from happening again.”

As reported by Reuters, an unnamed and unverified U.S. official claimed the two nations had agreed to hold to protocols established by the joint Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea (CUES) — designed to avoid exactly such a conflict. 

According to said official:

They agreed that it’s very important that both sides continue to use the protocols under the CUES agreement when they’re operating close to keep the chances of any misunderstanding and any kind of provocation from occurring.

On Tuesday, the USS Lassen performed an operation in disputed waters of the Spratly archipelago that brought the warship within 12 nautical miles (13.8 miles) of China’s controversial man-made island chain, bristling relations between the two nations.

Wu explained that despite the apparent act of latent aggression, there remains plenty of room for cooperation between China and the U.S. and that both sides need to “play a positive role in maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea.”

The European Union sided with Washington on Friday, saying the U.S.’ operation occurred in international waters and was an exercise in freedom of navigation.
This situation is still developing.


Halloween Asteroid

5 Things to Know About the 'Halloween Asteroid …

Things to Know About the ‘Halloween Asteroid’


October 30, 2015 11:31 AM 
While a Halloween asteroid whizzing by Earth sounds spooky, there’s nothing to be afraid of.
An asteroid that was just discovered on Oct. 10 is set to whiz past Earth on Oct. 31 — the closest encounter our planet has had with one of the massive speeding rocks since 2006, according to NASA.
Here’s what you need to know about the giant rock NASA has nicknamed the “Great Pumpkin.” 

Will it hit Earth?


Coming within 1.3 lunar distances — that’s 310,000 miles — the asteroid, called 2015 TB145, will brush past Earth but presents no threat to humans. NASA said this asteroid is incredibly fast and predicts it will zoom past Earth at 78,000 miles per hour.

How big is the asteroid?


It’s estimated to be 1,300 feet wide. For some perspective, that’s about the height of the Empire State Building.

Can I see it?


When the asteroid passes by Earth around 1:05 p.m. ET, it’s expected to be faint and not visible to the naked eye.

What does NASA hope to learn?


When the asteroid zooms past Earth, scientists hope to get a closer look at its physical properties while also testing out a new capability for obtaining radar images.
“We plan to test a new capability to obtain radar images with two-meter resolution for the first time and hope to see unprecedented levels of detail,” Lance Benner, who leads NASA’s asteroid radar research program, said in a NASA blog post.
With radar images as fine as seven feet per pixel, Benner and his team expect to see “a wealth of detail about the object’s surface features, shape, dimensions and other physical properties.”

When is the next close encounter?


It’s worth noting that this asteroid was only discovered days ago. The next close encounter of an object that size is expected to happen in in August 2027. That asteroid — 1999 AN10 — is estimated to be 2,600-feet long and will brush by our planet at a distance of about 238,000 miles, according to NASA.

Man meets doppleganger on flight


Oct 30th 2015 12:50PM

There’s not a whole lot going on 30,000 feet above ground — unless you’re these two:

Neil Thomas Douglas was on a flight to Ireland when he met this bearded gent

Funny enough, they were seated right next to each other. 

What are the odds???

The two are NOT related but you gotta admit the resemblance is uncanny. 

The beard, the eyes, the hair cut — THE TEETH! C’mon.

The two new mates even grabbed a pint with each other post flight. 

And we’d guess that they’re probably drinking the same beer.


‘Muslim Brotherhood float’

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City allows CAIR entry in Veterans Day parade


 author-imageLeo Hohmann


October 30 2015

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Muslim influence in America is on the rise.

Muslim influence in America is on the rise.  (The CANCER is rapidly spreading unchecked.)
Above, a public street is closed for Friday prayers in Paris, France.

Oklahoma’s Muslim community is breaking new ground.

For the first time, they will have a float in the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Tulsa, and a local newspaper reports that not all parade participants are happy about it. Namely, U.S. military veterans.

“It’s something we have been wanting to do for years,” Adam Soltani, executive director of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told the Tulsa World.

Soltani said the float is sponsored by CAIR-Oklahoma but will “represent the Oklahoma Muslim community, which is a very diverse community of people from all walks of life, immigrants, indigenous people.”

Like in most states, the vast majority of Muslims in Oklahoma are immigrants, not “indigenous people,” say those who follow the U.S. immigration and refugee trends.

Because of the U.S. refugee resettlement program, the Muslim communities are no longer concentrated just in large cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. These communities are increasingly being “seeded” by the U.S. State Department in smaller communities in middle America such as Twin Falls, Idaho; Dodge City, Kansas; Spartanburg, South Carolina; Bowling Green, Kentucky; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to ‘U.S. government’ databases, 2,483 refugees from Muslim countries have been sent from United Nations camps directly to Oklahoma since January 2002, the earliest date for which data is available online. This also does not include any Muslim immigrants who have entered the U.S. on work or student visas, which likely would encompass several thousand more at major Oklahoma universities.

CAIR does its best to project an image of American Muslims being well integrated and loyal Americans.  (Their own quaran specifies to LIE where it will obtain their goals.)

“We support all veterans, and we support our country, so I don’t see why anyone should have any concerns about CAIR being involved (in the Veterans Day parade),” Soltani told the World.

“We are an American Muslim organization, and American Muslims support their government, support their country and definitely support our troops who are working to defend our constitutional rights and our freedoms,” he added.  (Now how is that true?  Their ‘law’ is sharia which is NOT OUR constitutional rights and our freedoms – it is anything BUT ours.)
Soltani said many U.S. Muslims have served in the armed forces and that two veterans are on the CAIR-Oklahoma board.
Veterans push back

But Larry Williamson, a member of the Tulsa 912 Project, a conservative organization, told the World it is “atrocious” to ask veterans to “march alongside people who represent our enemies in a current war.”

“I believe all American entrants who the parade is intended to honor should be made aware as soon as possible that they are being asked to share their honor with the Muslim Brotherhood, sworn enemy of the United States and our ally Israel and an enemy in our current war on the Islamic jihad in which American soldiers are fighting and dying,” he said in a letter to the Tulsa World.

Making matters worse for Williamson, he told the World his Tulsa 912 Project float is scheduled to be in line right next to the CAIR float in the parade.

“I’m not a spokesman for Tulsa 912, but I won’t march alongside the Muslim Brotherhood,” he told the newspaper.  Williams refers to CAIR as the “Muslim Brotherhood” because of documents filed in court records from the Holy Land Foundation trial naming CAIR as a Brotherhood front group.
The ‘Muslim Mafia’

Williamson told the World the FBI has identified CAIR as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. CAIR has consistently stated it has no connections with any terrorist groups yet the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries have included it on their terrorist watchlist and banned its members from entering their nations.

As WND has reported, 14 former CAIR officials have been investigated or charged in cases involving terrorist activity.

See WND’s Rogue’s Gallery of terror-tied CAIR officials.

As former FBI agent Mike Rolf acknowledges in his book, “Muslim Mafia,” “CAIR has had a number of people in positions of power within the organization that have been directly connected to terrorism and have either been prosecuted or thrown out of the country.”

According to another FBI veteran familiar with recent and ongoing cases involving CAIR officials, “Their offices have been a turnstile for terrorists and their supporters.”

Patsy Varnell, vice president of the Tulsa Veterans Day Parade Association, confirmed to the World that CAIR-Oklahoma’s application to be in the parade has been approved.

“The parade is nonreligious,” she said.

“We feel that we are exercising the rights established by the Constitution of freedom of speech, and this group has the right to participate. We do not want any problems, but we have to be fair to everybody,” Varnell said.

Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, president and founder of the Tulsa 912 Project, said the group is not asking that CAIR be removed from the parade but that parade organizers “be honest and open and let people know that they are in.”

“My concern is that the parade committee was trying to keep this information out of the public eye,” she said.