Undercover Investigator Reveals Footage McDonald’s Will Most Definitely Not Want To Go Viral

I’m NOT lovin’ it…

Warning: Video is very graphic and disturbing; not suitable for work or to be viewed by children.

McDonald’s may be attempting to win over consumers with their new transparency campaign, but this video caught by an undercover investigator reveals footage the company will most definitely not want to go viral.

As MercyForAnimals shares, a major chicken supplier for both McDonald’s and Tyson Foods has been caught on film deeply abusing chickens. In this graphic and deeply disturbing video,
factory farm workers can allegedly be seen beating the chickens with
spikes, breaking their necks by stomping on their heads, and much, much

McDonald’s is not only losing profit and consumer support (forcing the company to close 700 store locations),
it’s failing to address pressing concerns to do with creations offered,
as well as the treatment of animals in factory farms. From toxic chemical compounds
in the company’s fast food, to the sourcing of eggs and poultry from
feces-laden fast farms: McDonald’s is exampling the ‘food paradigm’
informed individuals are working very hard to move away from.

The recent video investigation reportedly certifies that the company (and Tyson foods) does not have consumer interest or animal welfare in mind and is feeding present customers the worst level of factory-farmed meat available.

Factory farm workers stabbing chickens to death with spikes and squashing their skulls is beyond inhumane,
it’s near sadistic. And THIS is the type of abuse you – or anyone you
know – supports when you order from McDonalds or buy from Tyson.

Just one more reason to opt for organic, local, and sustainably grown food, and STOP supporting companies more keen to collect profit than deliver products of integrity.

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American Teen Gets 11 Year Sentence For Pro-ISIS Tweets That Taught People How To Use Bitcoin

American Teen Gets 11 Year Sentence For Pro-ISIS Tweets That Taught People How To Use Bitcoin

Tweeting about Bitcoin and saying that ISIS needs a website is a crime?

American Teen Gets 11 Year Sentence For Pro-ISIS Tweets That Taught People How To Use Bitcoin
by Mike Masnick | Techdirt |
August 31, 2015
Earlier this summer, the DOJ proudly announced that a Virginia teenager, Ali Shukri Amin, had taken a plea deal for “providing material support to ISIL” (the terrorist organization that everyone outside of the US government calls ISIS). This is back in the news now that Amin has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.
Let’s get this out of the way: ISIS is clearly a horrific and dangerous
organization. But does what Amin did really deserve 11 years in prison?
The details of the case against him also seem to raise some serious
First Amendment questions about what counts as “material support.”

First: the one area where Amin’s actions do seem fairly questionable
are when he helped another Virginia teen travel to Syria, apparently to
join ISIS. That part definitely seems like it stepped over the legal
line. But, the rest of the charges against him seem… like a teenager
using Twitter and other social media to discuss stuff he’s interested
in. Amin ran a Twitter account called @AmreekiWitness, which had about
4,000 followers. He tweeted pro-ISIS propaganda, but that still seems to
be a form of protected speech, last I checked. And, his big “crime”
appears to be linking to an article about why ISIS supporters should use

The following are examples of the defendant’s use of
Twitter in furtherance of his conspiracy to provide material support to

On or about July 7, 2014, using the @AmreekiWitness
account, the defendant tweeted a link to an article he authored entitled
“Bitcoin wa’ Sadaqat al-Jihad” (Bitcoin and the Charity of Jihad). The
link transferred the user to the defendant’s blog, where the article was
posted. The article discussed how to use bitcoins and how jihadists
could utilize this currency to fund their efforts. The article explained
what bitcoins were, how the bitcoin system worked and suggested using
Dark Wallet, a new bitcoin wallet, which keeps the user of bitcoins
anonymous. The article included statements on how to set up an anonymous
donations system to send money, using bitcoin, to the mujahedeen.

On approximately August 1, 2014, the defendant showed support for
ISIL and his desire to help garner financial support for those wanting
to commit jihad. Through @AmreekiWitness the defendant discussed methods
to provide financial support for those wanting to commit jihad and for
those individuals trying to travel overseas.

On approximately August 19, 2014, the defendant showed support
for ISIL and desire to support ISIL. The defendant tweeted that the
khilafah needed an official website “ASAP,” and that ISIL could not
continue to release media “in the wild” or use “JustPaste.” Through
various tweets, the defendant provided information on how to prevent the
website from being taken down, by adding security and defenses, and he
solicited others via Twitter to assist on the development of the

The defendant also operated an Amreeki Witness page on the website
ask.fm. The defendant used these accounts extensively as a platform to
proselytize his radical Islamic ideology, justify and defend ISIL’s
violent practices, and to provide advice on topics such as jihadists
travel to fight with ISIL, online security measures, and about how to
use Bitcoin to finance themselves without creating evidence of crime,
among other matters.

The defendant also created the pro-ISIL blog entitled,
“Al-Khilafah Aridat.” On this blog, the defendant authored a series of
highly-technical articles targeted at aspiring jihadists and ISIL
supporters detailing the use of security measures in online
communications to include use of encryption and anonymity software,
tools and techniques, as well as the use of the virtual currency Bitcoin
as a means to anonymously fund ISIL.

Tweeting about Bitcoin and saying that ISIS needs a
website is a crime? One that deserves over a decade in jail? Obviously,
aiding ISIS in any way is incredibly stupid, but it seems like a pretty
slippery slope to argue that teaching people how to use Bitcoin or
saying that ISIS needs a website rises to the level of “material support
for ISIS” by itself. It seems like such a definition could lead to
many, many people at risk. If you disagree with US policy for dealing
with ISIS and say so — at what point does it cross over the line? It
seems way too easy to twist this into criminalizing dissent, rather than
actually supporting a designated terrorist organization.

I’m all for coming up with ways to stop the spread of ISIS, and
to prevent further attacks by the group. But jailing an American
teenager over his tweets seems… excessive. 



Tumultuous August ends with Dow decline

Tumultuous August ends with Dow decline

Biggest monthly loss on Wall Street since 2010

 Published: 5 mins ago


NEW YORK – U.S. stocks were down again Monday, with the Dow Jones
Industrial Average losing 114.98 points to close at 16,528.03 as a wild
month of trading on Wall Street, dominated by fears over China, came to
an end.
The Dow suffered a monthly loss of about 6.6 percent, the largest
loss since May 2010, the Wall Street Journal reported at the close of
trading Monday.

The roller-coaster ride in August rekindled investor fears that the
economy at the end of the Obama administration is about enter a
recession even deeper than the financial crisis of 2008, when Obama
entered office.

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With the Dow dropping as much as 1,000 points in a few opening hours
of trading, “mom and pop” investors have pulled out of mutual funds in

As WND reported Friday,
Credit Suisse has found important evidence that middle America is
leaving both the stock market and the bond market in numbers that have
not been seen since 2008.

Household investors, who constitute 90 percent of U.S. mutual fund
investors, pulled billions out of both stock mutual funds and bond
mutual funds for two months in a row, first in July and now again in
August. It’s a phenomenon not seen since the fourth quarter of 2008,
when the global economy entered a prolonged worldwide recession.

Bloomberg Business reported last week
that Credit Suisse’s estimate was correct: In July, $6.5 billion left
equity mutual funds, while $8.4 billion was pulled from bond funds.

Investment Company Institute data suggest the mutual fund withdrawals
continued through the first three weeks of August, when investors
withdrew yet another $1.6 billion from stock funds and $8.1 billion from
bond funds.

China leading global stocks downward

August 2015 seems destined to go down in financial history as the
month in which China’s stock market led global stock markets into a
steep downward correction, wiping out trillions of dollars in investors’
capital across the globe.

China’s Shanghai Composite index traded down 12.5 percent in August,
marking its third straight month of declines. After trading above 5,000
as recently as June 15, it dipped down to 3,000 last week.

The Shanghai Composite Index suffered its own “Black Monday” Aug. 24, when the index dropped 8.5 percent, its worst single-day loss in more than eight years.

The Wall Street Journal estimated that China’s “gang of bailout
entities” known as the “national team,” consisting of banks, brokers,
pension funds and government agencies, spent 900 billion yuan ($141
billion) in August buying falling Chinese stocks to stabilize the
market. Meanwhile, the government sold more than $100 billion of U.S.
Treasuries in an attempt to boost the value of the yuan.

When state-owned “private enterprises” in China are added to the
“national team” that has been forced to buy Chinese stocks at high
values in a sinking market, as much as 3.5 trillion yuan ($548 billion)
may end up being pumped into the Chinese stock market, with no assurance
the downward correction can be stopped.

Losses on those stock purchases could end up being 40 to 60 percent
of the initial purchase price. Some $3.5 trillion yuan ($548 billion) of
stock purchased at top price could fall in only a few weeks to between
2.1 trillion yuan ($329 billion) and 1.4 trillion yuan ($219 billion).

Daniel Altman, senior editor of economics for Foreign Policy
magazine, published by the Council on Foreign Relations, and an adjunct
professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business explained how China’s stock market became yet another financial bubble phenomenon.

“Because rates in China’s regular banking industry are heavily
regulated, banks have been offering high-yield alternatives to regular
deposits,” Altman wrote.

He described “shadow banking” as a leveraging phenomenon that allowed
average Chinese workers to buy stocks at high margins, simply by
investing in high-yield speculative alternatives offered by brokers to
compete with regular, low-yielding bank deposits.

“By promising high fixed returns, they attracted billions of dollars
from Chinese savers, and much of this money went into the stock
markets,” Altman continued. “But in the process, the banks created a
huge amount of leverage that has made the post-bubble markets

For his article in the current edition of Foreign Policy, Altman
interviewed Viral Acharya, his colleague at the Stern School of
Business, who estimates the consequences of the meltdown in the Chinese
stock market may end up being as severe as the collapse of mortgage
backed securities in the United States at the end of George W. Bush’s
second term.

“Shadow banking in China has grown tremendously in dollar terms, to
more than $2 trillion,” Acharya explained. “It is made up of attempts by
regulated banks to issue deposit-like products – but not actual
deposits – and offer higher interest rates to investors, given that
deposit rates are regulated and suppressed.”

The end result, Acharya explained, was that the Chinese began
gambling in the stock market, with institutional buyers acquiring the
more risky components of structured securities backed by buying
speculative stocks that produced high-yields only while the bubble
continued growing.

Altman estimates the Chinese stock market will collapse another 35
percent before the leverage added by “shadow banking” gambling with
high-yield speculative Chinese stocks comes to an end.

Copyright 2015 WND



Drone Operator Admits He Was Ordered To Kill Countless Innocent Civilians, Including Children

Drone Operator Admits He Was Ordered To Kill Countless Innocent Civilians, Including Children

August 31, 2015 in News by RBN

Political Blindspot | M. B. David

After six years in the U.S. Air Force, a former drone operator has
started opening up about the psychological toll of killing large numbers
of innocent people.

 Brandon Bryant, 27, from Missoula, Montana, killed scores of
innocents – by his own admission – simply by pressing a button from a
control room in New Mexico.

Bryant couldn’t take any more after following orders to shoot and
kill a child in Afghanistan. He knew that following the orders was
wrong, but the very fact that he had been ordered to murder people who
it was clear to all were innocent, told him that he was fighting for
some very bad people.

 “I saw men, women and children die during that time,” he said in
an interview with Spiegel Online. “I never thought I would kill that
many people. In fact, I thought I couldn’t kill anyone at all.”
 Bryant joined the military when he was told that he could go to
college for “free” if he enlisted. It was shortly thereafter that he
found himself shooting innocent people by remote.

The very first time he fired a drone missile, Bryant killed two men instantly and cried all the way home.

“I felt disconnected from humanity for almost a week,” he explained.

“I saw men, women and children die.”

“These moments are like in slow motion,” he said further.

After seeing a flash on the screen – an explosion – and a building
collapsing on a child right next to it, he had a sick feeling in his

“Did we just kill a kid?” he asked the drone operator who was sitting next to him.

“Yeah, I guess that was a kid,” the more seasoned operator coldly replied.

Now, he says, he “can’t just switch and go back to normal life.”

Bryant has left the military and is living back at home in Montana, and has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

(Article by M.B. David)


Cybercriminals Beware, Cyberpol has arrived

Cybercriminals Beware, Cyberpol has arrived


World News: The European Centre for Information Policy and Security
(ECIPS) recently approved by Statutory Royal Decree has received the
final approval from the Belgian government to proceed with the
International Cyber Policing Organization abbreviated CYBERPOL as the
international cyber policing organization.

The agreed Head Quarters of the new CYBERPOL is to be located
according to Article 1 of the Decree, in Antwerp, Belgium to remain the
main location within the European Union. The ECIPS who was the
international organizational initiation body of the CYBERPOL program and
legally acquired IPO during 2014 together with its seniority rights
have been the main driving force behind the CYBERPOL program.

This secured the position of the CYBERPOL institution located and
indefinitely will be hosted within the European Union. This was made
possible with the support of ECIPS and several other international
law-enforcement agencies with an extensive lobbying process during the
last few years.

ECIPS was established in office by Statutory Royal Decree No
WL22/16.594 on the 14th of June 2015 in terms of the Act of 27th June on
the International Organisations and Foundations, Articles 46 and 50, 1,
respectively modified by Article 282 and 284 of the program act of 2007
December 2004 in conformity of the purpose with Article 46 of the
aforementioned law Brussels, by King Fillip of Belgium and the Minister
of Justice under Article 2 of the Order, the minister who has Justice in
assignments is responsible for the execution of the present Statutory
Royal Decree of both ECIPS and CYBERPOL Statutory Royal Decree.

Cyber criminals should be aware that their days might be counted for
good and that CYBERPOL has become a reality, it has arrived and CYPERPOL
is here officially. It is predicted that the CYBERPOL Agency could
outlast most other international agencies due to its futuristic name and
its Statutory Royal Decree that makes it impossible for the
International Policing Organization to be dismantled by any outsiders or
political influences.

The official elected President of ECIPS, Mr. Ricardo Baretzky, also
the current elected interim President of CYBERPOL, said that cyber
criminals should know that their future is short and amnesty won’t count
in the new laws to come proposed by the European Centre for Information
Policy and Security (ECIPS).

He pointed out that several organizations presently using the name of
CYBERPOL illegally and those who do, should know that it will have dire
consequences in the future when involved in the illegal use of the

Several critics from the CYBER Law-enforcement welcomed the decision
by the Justice Department and said that this is a step in the right
direction to fight international cyber crime. The International crime
figures shows that more than 53% of all internet transactions could be
involved in some kind of cyber crime and that computer hacking is on the
sharp rise since 2014. The President would not comment much and said
that everybody has to wait for the official public press conference
scheduled in late November 2015 to be held in Brussels, Belgium.

Baretzky urged all law-enforcement agencies to work together and said
during his short interview with Media: “Dear Colleagues,
Law-enforcement officers and cyber crime investigative units. We have
waited long for this day to arrive and now is the time to proceed with a
proper international coordinated cyber crime prevention programs to
clean up the web, as fast and swiftly as possible before the quantum age
arrive, already at our doorstep.”

Certainly a wake-up call for cyber criminals. The CYBERPOL website
has been constantly subjected to cyber attacks since last month with an
average of 240 000 cyber attacks per day logged onto the website. The
CYBERPOL CIB Cyber Crime Unit said that even should the CYBERPOL website
be hacked no harm can be done since the website is not linked to any
data in any form. The official new CYBERPOL.INT website is expected to
go live during next month.

Both Decree’s approved copies can be found on CYBERPOL DECREE LINK:
http://cyberpol.org/cyberpol-cyber-police_003.htm and ECIPS DECREE LINK:


By James Lee IFJ federation journalist correspondent for ECIPS.


To: Money history (real money that is) you never knew because it is so well hidden!

Money history (real money that is) you never knew because it is so
well hidden!

Monday, 31-Aug-2015 13:07:04

Everywhere you look, there is a “genuine” and there is a “counterfeit”! History, medicine, law, religion, economy, science, energy, foods and even entertainment. They all have counterfeits and the list is endless.

Everywhere you look, there are “hosts” and there a “parasites”! I’m sure it is not hard for you to make up this list.
This is several years old data but in Germany,
every day there were 1.1 billion Marks were spent on interest. To whose
interest was/is this spent, you ask? One thing is certain. Not to the
German people but by the German people.
It is most likely – because of diligent and
thorow cover up – you never heard of “Silvio Gesell”. Especially if you
are English speaking individual.
Silvio Gesell was a German born economist who
lived not that long ago and came up with an economic system “free money”
for everybody that almost changed the course of the entire human race
for the better.
However, the tragic and painful fact is that the
Gesellian economic form was successfully suppressed and almost
completely eliminated from the face of the Earth by the Marxists of
those days and today. You know who the Marxists are! Those who make you
believe they are Jews but they are not. These are not my words, by the
way! I had to be shown about this great deception.
If the Gesellian economic form would have been
taken over the whole Earth, we all would live in paradise now. The never
sleeping Marxists won by their devious, cunning tactics and mankind was
given poverty not paradise by them. Poverty is one of the fruits of
Marxism and the good natured but ignorant population of the day
swallowed hook, line and sinker of this repulsive, despicable, unequal,
brute counterfeit system that is so close to the genuine.
The Marxist and Gesell economic forms are like
two railroad tracks running side by side. At least for a while that is,
but by the time you realize you are on the wrong track….it is too
late. One is genuine (Gesell) the other is counterfeit (Marxist). You
also have to realize, that a “good” counterfeit is very close to the
original and almost impossible to tell the difference. Sort of like
Tungsten gold, if you remember.
Oh, by the way, there was a reason why big Karl
(Marx that is) never mentioned banking in his famous work “Das Capital”.
He talked about everything under God’s heaven EXCEPT banking. Not even
the non-hidden, open form of banking!
At the moment, you are under a Marxist style
monetary system, where you work FOR money. Because of this crime, money
became your master (your god) and consequently, you became its slave.
Are you promoting and spreading the “gold standard” or some other kind of economic “reforms” other than “free money”?

If you do, you don’t know what you are doing and your useless rulers love you for it!

How about you, K Hudes?

Aren’t you a “whistle blower”?

How could you be a “whistle blower” about corruption when the ENTIRE money system is corrupt and counterfeit?

Is there another possibility about your “whistle blowing”?

Are you promoting the “gold standard”, the return of gold or “free money” for EVERYBODY?

What about the other “whistle blowers”?

What are you promoting?

Another version of the same old stinky status quo monetary system or “free money” for everybody?

Are you a traitor or benefactor of humanity?
Anybody who promotes other economic standards
than the Gesellian “free money” for everybody, is either willingly or
unwillingly ignorant and works for the demise, destruction of the entire
human race, which is almost accomplished already by the Marxists. A
parasite doesn’t care if the host dies.
Money supposed to be given to everybody for
FREE! I’m talking about the genuine money, not the counterfeit money
that flooded the entire Earth.
You find some interesting video clips here about Silvio Gesell.



Rest assured readers! This topic about history
and the hidden sides of banking are very dangereous and suppressed
topics. It will attract more status quo agent’s attention than any other
topic. Save it, put it away, copy it, print it, give it to people so
they’ll know what is really going on in the banking field. Of course,
what you read here is only a tiny portion of the banking scam you are
victim of.
And yes, don’t forget to curse everyone of
those, their familes and family members who force their wills and
volitions on you directly or indirectly by any means without your full,
explicit and open consent.
In other words, don’t let the “buck” stop at you
because it will hurt if you let it stop. Pass it back to the sender
where it came from! The meaning, the principle and purpose of chain
letters are screeming to your face and tell you what to do but you think
it is nonsense. Every contract (nothing happens without contract) MUST
be advertised. It makes no difference where or how! As an example, the
Fuggers advertised their contract with Martin Luther on the plaque that
is still hanging on the wall of their family home.
Of course, don’t forget! You read about these matters here in Rumormill. As its name indicates, there are only rumors here.  

10-year-old Girl Expelled after Trimming Violin Strings with Pocket Knife

10-year-old Girl Expelled after Trimming Violin Strings with Pocket Knife

School officials contend the tiny knife the girl brought to a May school orchestra concert violated the state’s Safe Schools Act

10-year-old Girl Expelled after Trimming Violin Strings with Pocket Knife
by Victor Skinner | EAG News.org |
August 31, 2015

Parents of a 10-year-old student in Pennsylvania are suing their
daughter’s former private school after officials expelled the girl for
carrying a 1 ¼ inch blade to an orchestra concert to trim her violin

Brian and Jennifer Cunkelman received a
letter this summer informing them that their daughter is no longer
welcome at the Valley School of Ligonier she attended last year. School
officials contend the tiny knife the girl brought to a May school
orchestra concert violated the state’s Safe Schools Act, which imposes a
zero-tolerance policy on students who bring “weapons” to school, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

The private school allowed Abbigail Cunkelman to finish the school
year, but the Cunkelmans argue in court records that the nonsensical
expulsion left a “defamatory stigma” in her record that continues to
cause issues with enrolling in the Blairsville-Saltsburg School
District, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

It’s unclear whether Cunkelman was denied enrollment, or how exactly
the May incident impacted her enrollment in the Blairsville-Saltsburg
school district.

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No Paychecks After Cashless Society “Glitch”

No Paychecks After Cashless Society “Glitch”

Do you really want gov’t to control how you spend your money?
No Paychecks After Cashless Society "Glitch"
by Infowars Nightly News |
August 31, 2015
If you want to know what the abolition of cash looks like, just ask
those who haven’t been able to access their accounts due to notorious
banks suffering an “IT glitch.”


Rogue Terrorism for a Greater Israel

Terrorism for a Greater Israel

Monday, 31-Aug-2015 06:36:13

peoples that resist the power politics of Zionism condemn aggressive
actions of the outlaw Israeli state regularly. Yet most of the western
democracies that are under the control of Talmud media and Khazar
finance continue to defend the apartheid policies that are designed to
purge any prospect of Palestinian, right to return, to the land of their
forced removal. No matter what your politics are regarding the Middle
East, the indisputable fact exists that the Greater Israel design for
expanded territory is a core impediment of this interminable conflict.
Read the entire article on the “Strappado Wrack” archive page

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Malaysia’s ex-PM calls for ‘people power’ mass protests to topple govt [PHOTO]

ex-PM calls for ‘people power’ mass protests to topple govt [PHOTO]

Monday, 31-Aug-2015 01:18:34

Malaysia’s ex-PM calls for ‘people power’ mass protests to topple govt


Aug 30, 2015

Former Malaysian leader Mahathir Mohamad called
for the current prime minister to be ousted in a speech to tens of
thousands of people, who have gathered for a second day of
anti-government protests in Kuala Lumpur.
The protesters want PM Najib Razak to resign over a financial scandal.
“The only way for the people to get back to the
old system is for them to remove this prime minister,” Mahathir told
media before going to the protests in downtown Kuala Lumpur.