Some of us are aware of this being published in recent weeks, but we did not see the post or know of the source of this info. With that in mind I am posting the below:

Someone found the following post on their page this morning (June 10th) on Facebook. I have no way of knowing whether there is any truth to it but feel it is best to put it out there.

This is a short interview with Dale Lewis, the person who made the post. There is no real way to ascertain if this information is true. We are releasing it for your consideration.

We are fully aware that this may be a military psyop as part of Jade Helm. However, if it is true then there is reason to put the warning out there.

Published on Jun 12, 2015
Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

JADE HELM 15 not a drill

Alex Jones warns ‘JADE HELM 15 not a drill’ but rather a “cover for military occupation”

  June 21, 2015 10:46 am EDT

The Alex Jones Channel/YouTube

Jones: ‘Texas is pulling out of the Federal Reserve ahead of JADE HELM’

By Shepard Ambellas

AUSTIN, Tex. (INTELLIHUB) — On Saturday, June 20, radio talk show host and alternative news figurehead Alex Jones released an “emergency alert” videocast on YouTube stating that the “elite are now evacuating” the United States ahead of Jade Helm 15, which Jones now says is not a drill.
“I want to just be clear. You need to listen extremely carefully to what I’m saying”, said Jones.
“It hit me this morning […] I wasn’t clearly recognizing the writing on the wall for what it is”.  Jones stated that he received “two different calls […] by extremely prominent wealthy people” who asked him why he wasn’t leaving the U.S. “by October.”
“[…] you get so close to a problem when you are an expert that you kinda get blind.”
According to Jones the callers had “high-level inside […] and military connections” that are now “getting out of the United States.”
“I’m not here to scare you”, Jones said, pointing out how we “are in alarming times.”
“[…] Europe has began to plunge into the worst economic crisis since the 1920’s and 30’s this week and it’s barely in U.S. news and it gets worse.”
“[…] Central banks are having runs on them by governments for gold […] everybody’s got this bad feeling.”
“Why are some of the super wealthy preparing bug out locations?”, Jones asks, quoting a Zero Hedge article and others.
Jones continues to read other headlines from “this week” alone demonstrating that something is not right.
“There is a pile of gold in Manhattan and Texas wants it back”, Jones quotes Bloomberg.
“Texas is pulling its gold out of the private Federal Reserve and JADE HELM is coming up. They know which states aren’t going to go along, which state leaderships won’t go along with martial law. I thought JADE HELM was just a drill at first, I didn’t know why they freaked out so bad ahead of time. It’s the cover for military occupation of the Southwest and I have been told that by high-level military now.”
“I can’t even believe it’s actually happening […] it’s so epic.”
Jones also says that there is a “50 to 60 percent chance” that we will go to war with “Russia” in the near future.


Native Americans Say “No” to Gay Marriage


native american wedding


In the cultural battle over “same-sex” marriage, one of the American groups overlooked in the debate is the Native American population.  Organized along ancestral tribes, these groups form a diverse, yet significant portion of the U.S. population.
Native American tribal leaders have discussed the issue of “same-sex” marriage at length over the past several years as the debate has raged in America.
Where many of them have come out on the matter is sure to make liberals howl. 

CNS News reports:

Tribal laws of the two largest Native American tribes in the United States prohibit gay marriage, as do the laws of nine other smaller tribes.
The Navajo and Cherokee Nations, the first and second largest tribes respectively, together have about 600,000 members. The nine smaller tribes that ban gay marriage have another 350,000 members. These tribes all either define marriage as between a man and a woman or explicitly prohibit same-sex marriage, according to the Associated Press (AP).
Since 2011, six of the eleven tribes revisited and upheld their preexisting legal definitions of marriage as between a man and a woman, AP researchers found.

It will not matter what the Supreme Court decides on “same-sex” marriage.  These tribes have their own sovereignty as CNS News reveals:

Due to their status as sovereign nations, these 11 tribes will not need to change their marriage laws, which govern nearly one million tribal members, even if the Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage later this month.
If the court’s Obergefell v. Hodges ruling determines that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, Native American bans on gay marriage will remain in effect because federally-recognized tribes have the right to establish their own laws and are not subject to the U.S. Constitution.

navajo tribal council

These Native American tribes have thought through this issue and their statements are clear, concise, and legally binding as CNS News explains:

For example, the Cherokee Nation Marriage and Family Protection Act of 2004 defines marriage as “a civil contract between one man and one woman” and states that “no marriage shall be contracted…between parties of the same gender.”
Title 6 of Chickasaw tribal law states that “a marriage between persons of the same gender performed in any jurisdiction shall not be recognized as valid and binding in the Chickasaw Nation.” However, the law notes that it does not prohibit “members of the same sex from entering written contracts” with one another.
Many other tribes remain neutral, AP reports, neither taking steps to officially recognize gay marriage nor changing the wording of their marriage laws to include or preclude recognition of same-sex couples.
However, the legal language for some of these neutral tribes makes reference to heterosexual couples by use of such phrases as “husband and wife,” “a man and a woman,” and “unmarried male and…unmarried female.”
For example, the Northern Cheyenne Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act defines marriage as “a personal relationship between a man and a woman arising out of a civil contract to which the consent of the parties is essential,” in which spouses “take each other as husband and wife.”
To date, such laws have not been applied to same-sex couples.
The question, at this point, is whether homosexual rights bullies will eventually set their sites on these Native American tribes as they have done to various Christian businesses around the nation.              

It is doubtful such challenges could be successful.  But, that may not stop these extremist radicals from trying to foist their “gender confusion” onto Native Americans as well.
Native Americans have endured far worse in their past and survived.  They will probably overcome this threat to their way of life as well.

Helium LEAKING from massive earthquake fault in LA

Helium is LEAKING from massive earthquake fault in LA raising fears ‘big one’ could be more devastating than thought 

  • Indicates Newport-Inglewood fault more important than previously thought
  • Risk in the next 30 years of ‘big one’ increased from about 4.7% to 7.0%
  • However, study says risk of smaller quakes has actually gone down  

By Mark Prigg For Dailymail.com
Published: 17:15 EST, 29 June 2015 | Updated: 22:02 EST, 29 June 2015

A huge fault in the Earth’s crust near Los Angeles is leaking helium, researchers have found.
They say the unexpected find sheds new light on the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin.
It reveals the fault is far deeper than previously thought, and a quake would be far more devastating.
It follows a report from the U.S. Geological Survey has warned the risk of ‘the big one’ hitting California has increased dramatically. 

              Newport–Inglewood Fault extends for 75 kilometers (47 mi)
              from Culver City southeast to Newport Beach at which point
              the fault trends east-southeast into the Pacific Ocean

The Newport–Inglewood Fault extends for 75 kilometers (47 mi) from Culver City southeast to Newport Beach at which point the fault trends east-southeast into the Pacific Ocean

                                                                California Earthquake – Collapse of the San Andreas


The Newport–Inglewood Fault extends for 75 kilometers (47 mi) from Culver City southeast to Newport Beach at which point the fault trends east-southeast into the Pacific Ocean.
The fault can be seen on the Earth’s surface as line of hills extending from Signal Hill to Culver City. 
The fault has a slip rate of approximately 0.6 millimeter/year (0.02 in/year) and is predicted to be capable of a 6.0–7.4 magnitude earthquake on the moment magnitude scale.
The fault was first identified after a 4.9 magnitude quake struck near Inglewood, California on June 21, 1920.

UC Santa Barbara geologist Jim Boles found evidence of helium leakage from the Earth’s mantle along a 30-mile stretch of the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone in the Los Angeles Basin.
He claims the results show that the Newport-Inglewood fault is deeper than scientists previously thought.
Using samples of casing gas from two dozen oil wells ranging from LA’s Westside to Newport Beach in Orange County, Boles discovered that more than one-third of the sites show evidence of high levels of helium-3 (3He). 
‘The results are unexpected for the area, because the LA Basin is different from where most mantle helium anomalies occur,’ said Boles, professor emeritus in UCSB’s Department of Earth Science.
‘The Newport-Inglewood fault appears to sit on a 30-million-year-old subduction zone, so it is surprising that it maintains a significant pathway through the crust.’
Considered primordial, 3He is a vestige of the Big Bang, and its only terrestrial source is the mantle.
Boles’s findings appear in Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems (G-Cubed), an electronic journal of the American Geophysical Union and the Geochemical Society. 
When Boles and his co-authors analyzed the 24 gas samples, they found that high levels of 3He inversely correlate with carbon dioxide (CO2), which Boles noted acts as a carrier gas for 3He. 
An analysis showed that the CO2 was also from the mantle, confirming leakage from deep inside the Earth.
Blueschist found at the bottom of nearby deep wells indicates that the Newport-Inglewood fault is an ancient subduction zone – where two tectonic plates collide – even though its location is more than 40 miles west of the current plate boundary of the San Andreas Fault System. 
Found 20 miles down, blueschist is a metamorphic rock only revealed when regurgitated to the surface via geologic upheaval.

A scene
              from the movie San Andreas in which the fault triggers a
              devastating earthquake in LA, the largest in recorded

A scene from the movie San Andreas in which the fault triggers a devastating earthquake in LA, the largest in recorded history

The film
              sees devastation take over the city as everyone fights to
              escape the effects of the magnitude 9 quake

The film sees devastation take over the city as everyone fights to escape the effects of the magnitude 9 quake

              geologic cross section of the Los Angeles Basin from the
              southwest to northeast. This profile intersects the
              Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone at Long Beach

A geologic cross section of the Los Angeles Basin from the southwest to northeast. This profile intersects the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone at Long Beach

‘About 30 million years ago, the Pacific plate was colliding with the North American plate, which created a subduction zone at the Newport-Inglewood fault,’ Boles explained. 
‘Then somehow that intersection jumped clear over to the present San Andreas Fault, although how this occurred is really not known. 
‘This paper shows that the mantle is leaking more at the Newport-Inglewood fault zone than at the San Andreas Fault, which is a new discovery.’
The study’s findings contradict a scientific hypothesis that supports the existence of a major décollement — a low-angle thrust fault — below the surface of the LA Basin. 
‘We show that the Newport-Inglewood fault is not only deep-seated but also directly or indirectly connected with the mantle,’ Boles said.

              cylinders Jim Boles used to gather casing gas samples from
              oil wells along the Newport-Inglewood fault, where he
              found evidence of helium-3. 


The cylinders Jim Boles used to gather casing gas samples from oil wells along the Newport-Inglewood fault, where he found evidence of helium-3. 

‘If the décollement existed, it would have to cross the Newport-Inglewood fault zone, which isn’t likely,’ he added. 
‘Our findings indicate that the Newport-Inglewood fault is a lot more important than previously thought, but time will tell what the true importance of all this is.’ 
Researchers analysed the latest data from the state’s complex system of active geological faults, as well as new methods for translating these data into earthquake likelihoods.
The estimate for the likelihood that California will experience a magnitude 8 or larger earthquake in the next 30 years has increased from about 4.7% to about 7.0%, they say.

In the
              new study, the estimate for the likelihood that California
              will experience a magnitude 8 or larger earthquake in the
              next 30 years has increased from about 4.7% for UCERF2 to
              about 7.0% for UCERF3.

In the new study, the estimate for the likelihood that California will experience a magnitude 8 or larger earthquake in the next 30 years has increased from about 4.7% for UCERF2 to about 7.0% for UCERF3.


The San Andreas system in Northern California consists of five major branches with an overall length of about 1,25O miles. 
Experts say there is a 99 percent chance of a magnitude-6.7 earthquake or larger in the next 30 years in California because of the number of fault lines in the region.
The San Andreas Fault that forms the tectonic boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate is the biggest.

 ‘We are fortunate that seismic activity in California has been relatively low over the past century,’ said Tom Jordan, Director of the Southern California Earthquake Center and a co-author of the study.
‘But we know that tectonic forces are continually tightening the springs of the San Andreas fault system, making big quakes inevitable.
‘The UCERF3 model provides our leaders and the public with improved information about what to expect, so that we can better prepare.’
The Third Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast, or UCERF3, improves upon previous models by incorporating the latest data on the state’s complex system of active geological faults, as well as new methods for translating these data into earthquake likelihoods.
The study confirms many previous findings, sheds new light on how the future earthquakes will likely be distributed across the state and estimates how big those earthquakes might be.
Compared to the previous assessment issued in 2008, UCERF2, the estimated rate of earthquakes around magnitude 6.7, the size of the destructive 1994 Northridge earthquake, has gone down by about 30 percent. 
The expected frequency of such events statewide has dropped from an average of one per 4.8 years to about one per 6.3 years.
However, in the new study, the estimate for the likelihood that California will experience a magnitude 8 or larger earthquake in the next 30 years has increased from about 4.7% for UCERF2 to about 7.0% for UCERF3.
‘The new likelihoods are due to the inclusion of possible multi-fault ruptures, where earthquakes are no longer confined to separate, individual faults, but can occasionally rupture multiple faults simultaneously,’ said lead author and USGS scientist Ned Field. 


The M 7.8 San Francisco earthquake of 19O6 struck the coast at 5.12 am on 18 April 18. Devastating fires lasting several days broke out in the city. 
As a result about 3,OOO people died and over 😯 percent of San Francisco was destroyed.
The earthquake and resulting fire are remembered as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the US alongside the Galveston Hurricane of 19OO and Hurricane Katrina in 2OO5.

People walk through the rubble following an
                  earthquake in San Francisco on April 18, 1906. On
                  April 17, 1906, San Francisco was cosmopolitan enough
                  to host Enrico Caruso in "Carmen" and so
                  financially flushed it ranked fourth among American
                  cities in raising money to help victims of a volcano
                  in Italy. A day later, San Francisco was pleading for
                  help itself after a giant earthquake struck along the
                  San Andreas fault.


People walk through the rubble following an earthquake in San Francisco on April 18, 1906. On April 17, 1906, San Francisco was cosmopolitan enough to host Enrico Caruso in ‘Carmen’ and so financially flushed it ranked fourth among American cities in raising money to help victims of a volcano in Italy. A day later, San Francisco was pleading for help itself after a giant earthquake struck along the San Andreas fault.

                                                                                           Worst Earthquake in 25 years Rocks California


This is a significant advancement in terms of representing a broader range of earthquakes throughout California’s complex fault system.’
Two kinds of scientific models are used to inform decisions of how to safeguard against earthquake losses: an Earthquake Rupture Forecast, which indicates where and when the Earth might slip along the state’s many faults, and a Ground Motion Prediction model, which estimates the ground shaking given one of the fault ruptures. 
The UCERF3 model is of the first kind, and is the latest earthquake-rupture forecast for California. It was developed and reviewed by dozens of leading scientific experts from the fields of seismology, geology, geodesy, paleoseismology, earthquake physics and earthquake engineering.
Lucy Jones, a USGS seismologist and Los angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s adviser on earthquakes, tweeted Tuesday about the randomness of big quakes. 
‘This new science doesn’t change the bottom line for emergency managers,’ she wrote. 
‘Which one happens in our lifetimes is a random subset.


Great news!!! This is a MUST READ!!! gun control–interesting perspective

This is great.  If SCOTUS legalized Sodomy then the same goes for concealed carry.  This is a MUST READ!!!
Black’s 4th:
Inline image 1

Subject: re: gun control–interesting perspective
would have thought that the recent supreme court decision on sodomite
marriage could dramatically affect a multitude of state gun laws,
particularly concealed carry.
I cut and pasted this article below:

same-sex marriage decision may have just legalized the concealed carry
of loaded firearms across all 50 states, nullifying gun laws everywhere

Monday, June 29, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Tags: SCOTUSgun lawssame-sex marriage
The legal argument of gay marriage proponents is that because gay
marriage is legal in a majority of states, that “right” cannot be
infringed by the remaining states which opposed gay marriage. The U.S.
Supreme Court, in granting this new, nationwide right to gay marriage,
cited the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution, Section 1, which

state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges
or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state
deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of
law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal
protection of the laws.

The actual ruling text of the SCOTUS decision makes
it clear that its “equal protection” logic would apply universally to
concealed carry gun rights which already exist in a majority of states:

The fundamental liberties protected by the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due
Process Clause extend to certain personal choices central to individual
dignity and autonomy, including intimate choices defining personal
identity and beliefs… When new insight reveals discord between the
Constitution’s central protections and a received legal stricture, a
claim to liberty must be addressed. Applying these tenets, the Court has
long held the right to marry is protected by the Constitution.

Similarly, the right to keep and bear arms has also long been protected by the Constitution and
affirmed in multiple Supreme Court decisions, as early as last year.
“In District of Columbia v Heller (2008) — the SCOTUS ruled that the
2nd Amendment rights were ‘fundamental’ in and of themselves as well as
‘fundamental to the Nation’s scheme of ordered liberty'” writes Hawkins
at Breitbart.com.

this right to keep and bear arms (and to carry concealed firearms) is
already recognized in some states, then by the Supreme Court’s own
precedent on gay marriage, that right cannot be denied in ANY state!

SCOTUS may have nullified gun control laws by legalizing gay marriage

The Supreme Court, in other words, appears to have just nullified gun control laws all across America.

As Bob Owens writes on BearingArms.com,
“By using the Constitution in such a manner, the Court argues that the
Due Process Clause extends ‘certain personal choices central to
individual dignity and autonomy’ accepted in a majority of states across
the state lines of a handful of states that
still banned the practice. The vast majority of states are ‘shall
issue’ on the matter of issuing concealed carry permits, and enjoy
reciprocity with a large number of other states.”

He continues:

be driving through the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, and
New York in several weeks, places that until yesterday I did not have a
legal right to concealed carry. As of today, with this decision, it
would seem that these states and the District must honor my concealed
carry permit, or violate my constitutional rights under the 14th and
Second Amendment.

AWR Hawkins, writing for Breitbart.com, adds:

the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled that every state
must recognize same sex marriages, they used a basis for judgement that
will not easily stop at same sex marriage. In fact, it is a basis for
judgement that should offer itself to national reciprocity of concealed
carry permits and permit holders.

“Equal protection” must now apply to all things, not just gay marriage

fascinating part of the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage is that it sets
a precedent of a principled interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment
which must now be applied to everything.

The Supreme Court, in other words, just made the argument for nullifying most gun control laws across America. As explained again by Bob Owens in another article on BearingArms.com:

there is any intellectual and logical consistency in the Supreme
Court’s arguments at all, the ‘due process’ argument must be applied as
equally to state and local gun laws,
sweeping them aside entirely, and reaffirming the clear command in the
Second Amendment that, ‘A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the
security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear
Arms, shall not be infringed.’

All, state and local on concealed
and open carry would seem to be invalidated, and citizens should be
allowed to carry firearms, either openly or concealed, anywhere they
want to go.

Dare the Court dare claim that the 14th Amendment’s due process clause only applies in specific and narrow instances?

the thing about court decisions, you see: we can’t just pick and choose
where they apply. A powerful new principle of “equal protection” must
now be interpreted across all issues, not just the narrow issue of
same-sex marriage.

As Marc Greendorfer explains in his amicus brief to the court:

day, the Court will have to explain how sweeping restrictions on every
aspect of firearms ownership and use can be upheld yet traditional and
long-standing regulations on marriage cannot be tolerated in any form or
in any jurisdiction.

other words, if the Court is to have any logical consistency at all, it
will have no choice but to declare nearly all gun control laws
nationwide to be null and void, in precisely the same way it just
declared all “marriage control”
laws to be null and void. After all, “equal protection” must be equal,
or it has no meaning at all (and the Supreme Court itself becomes a
total joke).

That’s how freedom works: It’s not just freedom for YOUR favorite issues, but freedom for other issues, too

can’t discriminate against people based on their personal beliefs, you
see. So if gay couples’ right to be married must be universally
recognized across all states, then gun owners’ right to carry firearms
must also be universally recognized across all states. That’s the way
freedom works: once a principle is affirmed and set into the history of
interpretation of law, it must be applied universally.

I can already see the comedic bumper stickers from all this: IF YOU GET TO MARRY, WE GET TO CARRY!

In essence, the U.S. Supreme Court just handed the NRA the very argument it might now use to nullify gun restriction laws everywhere. The NRA merely needs to file suit in a lower court, cite the Obergefall decision, and kick the lawsuit all the way back up the chain to SCOTUS. There, the Court must decide in a manner consistent with the same-sex marriage “rights,” or else it will cease to carry any real authority at all.

The realization of all this, of course, will drive many of the same-sex marriage lobbyists
absolutely insane. They did not see this unintended consequence of
“equal protection” being applied to other topics. But that’s how
equality actually works, isn’t it? Equality means the principle is
equally applied to other contexts.

Gay gun rights advocates are no doubt thrilled with this realization

might be surprised, by the way, to learn that there is a group of gay
gun rights advocates who must now be double-thrilled to learn the
implications of all this. The group is called the Pink Pistols, and this list of local chapters shows
they have members all across the nation, from New York to Texas. Their
slogan? “Armed gays don’t get bashed.” Gotta love it!

Anyone who believes in universal freedom, not selective freedom,
should support both the rights of people to be gay as well as be armed
for self defense. If you happen to both gay and armed, check out the
Pink Pistols.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050237_SCOTUS_gun_laws_same-sex_marriage.html#ixzz3eZSp01Rg

The next Greece may be in the United States:

The next Greece may be in the United States:

When Chicago Public Schools announced on June 24 that it would borrow $1 billion to make a $600 million-plus pension payment due June 30 an eerie feeling spread across bond investors and taxpayers alike.
It was the same feeling that gripped investors when Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Chicago’s credit rating to junk based almost entirely on the city’s pension problems.
The fear was that elevated pension costs, in cities like Chicago, might push these public entities into insolvency, wiping out much of the holdings of municipal-bond investors.
Once a sleepy corner of the municipal bond market — often not even properly reflected on cities’ balance sheets — public pensions have recently turned into the biggest headache for taxpayers and municipal-bond investors, threatening to bring down the finances of U.S. cities and states.
In some places, like Puerto Rico, Illinois, New Jersey and Chicago, entire balance sheets of cities or states hang in the balance.
Detroit, as well as three Californian cities — VallejoStockton and San Bernardino— had to declare bankruptcy because of their overwhelming pension costs.
In those cases, the courtroom turned into a brutal battlefield pitting bond investors trying to save the money they invested in those cities’ municipal bonds on one side. And on the other side have been public employees trying to save the dwindling pensions that were promised to them.
Recent cases have shown that bond investors are clearly losing this battle.
In the bankruptcies of Detroit, Vallejo, Stockton and San Bernardino, bondholders have faced losses of up to 99% of their holdings, according to a Moody’s report dated May 18. Meanwhile all three California cities chose to preserve full pensions for their employees, while Detroit only cut pensions by approximately 18%.
As the following chart shows, bond values have taken haircuts that far exceeded those of pension benefits:

Part of the reason bondholders have been taking it on the chin is the process of so-called “Chapter 9 bankruptcies.” A Chapter 9 is the type of bankruptcy in the Federal bankruptcy code regulating the bankruptcy of cities and other municipal governments.
The way Chapter 9 works, a city has to present an outline of its assets and liabilities to a bankruptcy court and propose a plan, known as a “plan of debt adjustment,” essentially saying how much it will pay each creditor, such as bondholders, pensioners and employees.
But unlike other bankruptcies, where creditors can also put forward plans — including the proposal to liquidate assets — in a Chapter 9 bankruptcy, the city council is in control of the process and the judge can only determine whether the plan is “fair and equitable,” explains Ty Schoback, a municipal bond analyst at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.
This practically means that once the bankruptcy begins, creditors find themselves “at the mercy of the city’s proposed treatment,” Schoback added.
Pension supremacy
Though some have pointed to political ties between unions and governing officials for the favorable treatment of pensions, the legal reality may be far more complex.
In many states, public pensions are protected by state constitutions or statutory law, and as a result are afforded many privileges, according to a Center for Retirement Research report.
In legal circles, this has come to be known as “pension supremacy” and it is a real headache for bond investors.
In Chicago, the state’s constitution dictates that pension benefits for current workers “shall not be diminished or impaired.” New York carries a similar clause, while Hawaii, Louisiana, and Michigan have constitutional provisions that have been interpreted as protecting all pension benefits earned to date.
Some Wall Street investors have become quite familiar with this so-called pension supremacy. In Stockton’s bankruptcy, mutual giant Franklin Templeton, suffered withering losses of up to 59% of its investments. And in San Bernardino, bond insurer Ambac Assurance Corp. and Luxemburg-based EEPK are facing losses of 99% of their holdings.
Center for Retirement Research

Most states have some legal type of pension protection, including the so-called “promissory estoppel” which is the protection of a promise even where there is no contract.

In California, on the other hand, the law provides that if a public employee leaves a job with one municipality and gets a job with another within a set time period, the worker can retain her pension rights under the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (Calpers). This essentially means that if a worker lost his pension in Stockton’s bankruptcy, he could quit and get a job in another California city to save his pension rights.
Using this legislation, the bankrupt city of Stockton argued in court that if it cut pensions, it wouldn’t be able to retain its best employees, thus threatening its ability to provide essential services for residents, such as police and fire protection, said Mark Berman, a bankruptcy attorney at NixonPeabody who specializes in municipal bankruptcies.
Stockton convinced the judge. Even though he ruled that pensions could theoretically be impaired, he allowed the city to exit bankruptcy leaving pensions intact, while bond fund Franklin Templeton lost 59% of its holdings.
Pensions are underfunded all over the nation
Combine the legal supremacy of pensions with low funding levels all over the nation and you may have a recipe for a national crisis.
A report by the Center for Retirement Research that came out last week and surveyed 150 state and local pension plans showed that their average ratio of assets to liabilities was 74%. In other words, for every dollar those funds owe their pensioners, they only have 74 cents in assets.
Center for Retirement Research

The estimated ratio of assets to liabilities for a sample of 150 state and local pension plans was 74% in fiscal year 2014.

If 74% sounds bad, consider this: Chicago’s six pension plans are 40% funded,New Jersey’s are at 51.5%while Puerto Rico’s, which was facing its own crisis moment Monday, is woefully underfunded at 3%.
Because their pensions are underfunded, cities are forced to spend more of their payroll on pension contributions:
Center for Retirement Research

The increase in required pension contributions over the past several years began just as the recession eroded state and local government revenues.

Pension obligation bonds
Many cities have turned to a special type of risky bonds called pension obligation bonds or POBs to fund their pensions without taking unpopular measures like raising taxes.
But these bonds only provide “short-term budget relief, a strategy to kick the can down the road and pass difficult choices on to future decision makers,” according to a Janney report dated May 1.
Oakland, Calif., was the first to sell $222 million of tax-exempt POBs back in 1985. Illinois issued $17.16 billion between 2003 and 2011, Puerto Rico issued $2.8 billion in 2008 and New Jersey issued $2.9 billion between 1997 and 2003.

Over the last 30 years state and local government issued pension obligation bonds to shore up the unfunded portion of their pension liabilities without raising taxes.

In simple terms, POBs allow a city or state to borrow money to make its pension payments and issue bonds that will be repaid by future city revenues.
But here’s the problem:
“When you buy POBs, you’re exposing yourself to the pension fund and essentially lending money to leverage its portfolio,” said Kenneth Potts, a principal at Samson Capital Advisors who specializes in muni bonds.
In other words, there is neither a real asset backing these bonds, nor a specific revenue stream to guarantee repayment.
As the Moody’s report points out, “in essence, pension obligation bond is a misnomer because the bonds are simply a vehicle to fund pensions.”
So when push comes to shove and there are not enough funds to go around, a bankrupt city can choose to give the little money it has to its pension funds but not to its pension obligation bondholders.
The latest fiasco of this type happened this May, when the city of San Bernardino, Calif., offered to pay only 1% to its POB investors, while committing to pay 100% of its pension liability.
This showed the importance of “knowing what you own” in your bond portfolio and “what public revenues back your muni bonds”, Potts added.
Pension-obligation bonds are trading in the market and are still appealing to yield-hungry investors — including bond guru Jeff Gundlach who recommended Puerto Rico’s POBs for their rich yield during a private event in New York on May 5.
But with great rewards comes great risk — in this case the risk to be completely wiped out in case of a Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

The first American-made Kalashnikovs are now for sale

The first American-made Kalashnikovs are now for sale

By Aaron Smith   @AaronSmithCNN
kalashnikov usaKalashnikov USA is now selling its first American-made guns, like the US132Z picture here with a 30-round high capacity magazine.

They’re not just Russian anymore.

Kalashnikov USA announced on Tuesday that it is now selling AK-47 assault rifles and shotguns that have been manufactured at a U.S. factory.
The Kalashnikov USA web site provides a menu of two rifles and two shotguns, all semiautomatics. One of the rifles features a curved, banana-style high-capacity magazine with 30 rounds.
Thomas McCrossin, CEO of Kalashnikov USA, told CNNMoney in January, at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, that his company was going to manufacture the guns in America as soon as a factory was established. The company has not told CNNMoney where that factory is located.
The Kalashnikov USA brand is owned by RWC in Pennsylvania. The company’s slogan is, “Russian heritage, American innovation.”
The company was established by the original, Moscow-based Kalashnikov Concern to export its guns into the U.S. But that plan was stymied by President Obama’s anti-Russian sanctions, to punish Russian businesses for President Putin’s war in Ukraine.
The firearms made Kalashnikovs a hot commodity in the U.S., since there was a finite supply. McCrossin told CNNMoney that his company would fix that problem by making the guns in the U.S.
The AK-47 was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the former Soviet Union in 1947. Its durability and reliability in combat has made it the most popular assault rifle in the world, rivaling even the AR-15.
AK-style rifles are manufactured all over the world, including in the U.S. But this is the first time official Kalashnikov-brand guns have been produced in the U.S. They will be available at a number of retails outlets.

10 Commandments statue must be removed from state Capitol: Every Day we die just a little more.

10 Commandments statue must be removed from state Capitol, Oklahoma Supreme Court rules

UPDATED 1:20 PM CDT Jun 30, 2015
Police searching for man accused of killing Us

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) —Oklahoma’s Supreme Court says the Ten Commandments monument at the state Capitol must be removed because it indirectly benefits the Jewish and Christian faiths in violation of the state’s constitution.
The court ruled Tuesday that the Oklahoma Constitution bans using public property to benefit a religion, and said the Ten Commandments are “obviously religious in nature.”
Attorney General Scott Pruitt argued that the monument is nearly identical to a Texas monument that was found constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. Oklahoma justices said the local monument violates Oklahoma’s constitution.
Private funds were used to erect the monument in 2012. Since then, others have asked for space, including a Nevada Hindu leader, animal rights advocates, the satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and a group pushing for a Satan statue.
Gov. Mary Fallin’s representatives said she is talking to Pruitt about the state’s legal options about the statue’s ordered removal. Pruitt’s representatives said the attorney general’s office will explore legal options after it is finished reviewing the Oklahoma Supreme Court’s decision.
Pruitt released this statement:
“Quite simply, the Oklahoma Supreme Court got it wrong. The court completely ignored the profound historical impact of the Ten Commandments on the foundation of Western law. Furthermore, the court’s incorrect interpretation of Article 2, Section 5 contradicts previous rulings of the court. In response, my office will file a petition with the court for a rehearing in light of the broader implications of this ruling on other areas of state law. Additionally, we are requesting a stay of the enforcement of the court’s order until the court can consider the petition for rehearing. Finally, if Article 2, Section 5 is going to be construed in such a manner by the court, it will be necessary to repeal it.”

Russian Proxy Forces Bring Down An F-16

Russian Proxy Forces Bring Down An F-16 In a Beta Test for World War III

CSS Offical-New-Logo2

F-16 brought down, not shot down, at the Mexican border.

Russian proxy forces, armed with Russian EMP technology are responsible for bringing down an F-16 piloted by an Iraqi general flying near the Mexican border. Russia has fired the first shots of World War III.

F-16 Crash at the Mexican Border

An Iraqi pilot who had been training in the United States for four years was flying an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft that crashed in southern Arizona, a spokesman for the Iraqi defense minister said last Thursday. Brigadier General Rasid Mohammed Sadiq Hasan was alone in the F-16 Fighting Falcon when it went down during a training mission on Wednesday. The crash occurred near the Mexican border.

Not So Fast

On the surface this appears to be a tragic accident as an Iraqi pilot, who was our partner in our fight against ISIS, was tragically killed in an accident. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.
I have two confidential sources, one who is on the inside, and another who has connections to those on the inside and they are both independently saying the same thing. “The crash of this F-16 plane was no accident”. The circumstantial evidence forms a “preponderance of the evidence” which supports the fact that Russia is ultimately responsible for the take down of this particular F-16.
Now there are some who are falsely or incorrectly stating that the plane was shot down by a hand held stinger missile which was found in the desert near the crash site of Douglas, AZ. This claim is rubbish. The F-16 is armed with counter measures and it is not likely that a hand held missile stinger could have shot that plane down given the evasive maneuvers that could have been employed at 10,000 feet, the reported altitude that the plane was flying at when it began its fall from the sky. .
In actuality, what has happened and what those close to the investigation are saying, have shaken the U.S. military to the core. This F-16 was not shot down, it was brought down. My sources have stated that General Lloyd Austin, commander of US Central Command, along with key members of his staff have stated that they are investigating this crash not as an accident and not as a shoot down, but as a take down, a take down by a localized and focused EMP blast aimed at the plane.
The proliferation of EMP weapons has expanded beyond previously unimagined levels. There are how to manuals on how to make your own. However, the type of weaponry designed to take down an F-16 flying at about 10,000 feet would have to be amazingly sophisticated and would likely be guided by portable radar with the assistance of lasers.

The Russians Are the Source of Localized EMP Weapons

For several decades, the Russians have been at the forefront of research and implementation of scalar weapons. In retaliation for the humiliating defeat at the Cuban Missile Crisis, Khrushchev unleashed the first known scalar weapons attack upon a U.S. Naval vessel. On April 10, 1963 the U.S.S. Thresher was destroyed with just such a weapon. Scalar EM waves were sent through the ocean and jammed the sub’s electrical system and the sub lost control and sank to a depth were the ship was crushed by ocean pressure. In military circles, the Russians have moved to the head of the class when it comes a to variety of EMP weaponry and as in the past, the Russians have proven that they will not hesitate to use such weapons.
A localized and very crude EMP weapon is demonstrated here in this video.

We also know that Russia exported EMP weapons to North Korea in 2014, and this leads us into a very novel way to look at the recent crash of the F-16 at the Mexican Border. After reading the following paragraphs which exposes the interconnections between Russia, the known terrorist groups, the Mexican drug cartels and ISIS, it is easy to conclude that Russia is providing localized EMP weapons to more than just North Korea.

Russia’s Terrorist Connections

We have case of the knee bone being connected to the thigh bone…It has been admitted to in the main stream media, since 2007, that the Mexican drug cartels are openly involved in Middle Eastern terrorist groups. My DEA source has implicated the Peruvian drug cartel, the Sanchez-Peredes cartel as the arms and drug supplier to the Sinoloa cartel. The Sanchez-Peredes get their arms from Hamas and are also tied into the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah (i.e. the CIA-created ISIS as exposed in detail by ARSOF’s Scott Bennett). And it is well-known that Russia and Hamas are closely aligned as Russia has supplied the government of Syria with Russian weapons and used Hamas to deliver the weapons. This is where the shooting down of the F-16 gets very interesting.
The attack on the F-16 was not the first of its type on American soil. Earlier this month, a Border Patrol helicopter was shot at and struck several times near the banks of the Rio Grande River. A later Border Patrol statement says the crew of the Office of Air and Marine helicopter was patrolling the US-Mexico border near the banks of the Rio Grande when attacked. Border Patrol insiders have stated that they believed that this was an attack conducted by ISIS upon a Border Patrol helicopter that got too close to an ISIS incursion across the border. More can be found on this incident at this link.

The ISIS Base Camp Ties These Events Together

 ISIS base camp, eight miles from El Paso Texas. Source: Judicial Watch. 

ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that includes a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector. Yet, ‘President’ Obama is completely ignoring this fact. This is a monumental national security issue and all we hear from the Obama administration officials are the proverbial crickets chirping. Obama is willing to chase ISIS into Syria and risk a confrontation with Russia, but he ignores this well-documented ISIS base camp which is located mere miles from the border and El Paso, Texas. This base camp has jumped to the top of the suspect list as to who initiated the take down of the crashed F-16.


Middle Eastern terrorist groups provides weapons to the Peruvian based Sanchez-Peredes drug cartel, the largest cartel in the world. The Sanchez-Peredes supplies the Mexican drug cartels with weapons and drugs. ISIS is maintaining a base camp near El Paso, TX. Hamas, an arms deliverer for Russia in both the Middle East and in Central America, is also closely aligned with the drug cartels and has likely provided ISIS with localized EMP weapons  which can bring down aircraft. This would also include commercial aircraft inside the United States.
The fact that an Iraqi general was piloting the downed plane is no accident as ISIS is at war with the Iraqi military in Iraq. The fact that he was not able to issue a distress call and was not able to eject and his charred body was found strapped into his pilot seat, speaks to a catastrophic electronic failure. A catastrophic electronic failure in this instance would mean a localized EMP attack. The source of the weapon is Russia. The shooting down of an American military craft inside of the United States is an act of war.
Russia has committed several acts of war in the recent months. However, this is the most brazen of all their provocative actions. Based on the quality and track record of my sources, I have no hesitation in stating that the bringing down of an American military craft inside of the United States is an act of war by Russia and it is just beginning of what is to come.
The implications of this F-16 take down are much broader than this simply being a single incident of terror. It is becoming clear that this attack was a Beta test which will prominently come into play with regard to a Red Dawn scenario in which the United States is invaded. This will be the topic of my next article.


Meanwhile, the (formerly) ‘American’ military – now UN/NATO/NWO military under direct orders of the UN and evil murdering reformers of the entire planet does NOTHING to free our nation from the traitors and enemy within, beginning in Washington, DC – to include the Pentagon?  America, you are a sitting duck that is about to be had for dinner.

CIA Announces Their Jade Helm False Flag For July 4th – FBI calls militias and patriots to help!!!!!!


Monday, June 29, 2015 11:23













The Jade Helm 15 false flag has been announced by the CIA!

Could Operation Jade Helm 15 have anything to do with 2 nuclear missiles that went missing in 2013 or some type of nuclear device going off in the state of Utah?  OR YELLOWSTONE?

Spread the word!

Be on guard!

Be prepared!