Ghost Writer Wrote:

New post  ..journey Today at 4:22 pm
So the event horizon approaches rapidly for
all.  Here you are, almost at the end, waiting for announcements and
releases.  This is the most dangerous of times for the unwary.

Now is the time for setups and positioning, so you will see an increase in the
propaganda put out to control you and steer you in the direction which those
who will profit off you, want you to go.

You will be told, and lead through the process that they wish you to go
through.  Some of the information is very subtle but you are being prepped
none the least.

Keep your head and think.   Stop, don’t react emotionally as expected.
 Stop and think.

By now you should have your plan and know which bank you should exchange
through.  There is only one clearance bank make sure you are not charged
for the service.

Regarding fees levied by banks for this exchange, this is bogus, unless the law
has changed (it hasn’t), all currency exchanges must be treated in the same

It is illegal to charge an extra fee / percentage for any particular currency.
 All must be treated the same.  I can only imagine how gleefully the
lawyers will rub their hands together when they find that someone is pushing
this falsehood.  You can be assured that when you contact your lawyer he
will be very interested to hear and take to task anyone perpetrating a fraud on
you and the American people.

You should be aware and not sign any contract waiving your rights.  
Ensure you don’t fall for trickery.  

You should not be charged any extra fees for this exchange, regardless of the
contract rate offered it is illegal to treat any foreign currency different to
another by levying a fee to exchange it.

Banks and Exchanges exchange currency at different rates of exchange which are
published this is entirely different from illegally charging you to do an
exchange of  a certain currency at the bank.

You have been informed, if you are wise you will be getting the highest amount
possible at your exchange.

You many repost if you wish to.

By the Ghost Writer


[Papajack] Oh you better watch out, you better not cry, you
better not pout, IT’s CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!!!
[Papajack] I’m hearing good stuff this morning, should be
our turn soon.
[Papajack] I’ll be off to OSHKOSH with peso’s in my pocket
this year WHO HOOO!!!!!
[Papajack] I can’t say much without betraying a confidence
but all is GOOD, things are in our favor and should be a great week.


received several emails of our website being blocked on the Omni Law Loan
Program on our website If this happens to you at
any time, contact us at our email of
We try to be merciful and the Obama White House in utter dumbness won’t let us
be merciful to them on legal issues. We inspected our website and found our
PayPal button on the website sabotaged by damage to the code (HTML) that
makes it work. We corrected the code and the pay button now works again fine! It
took the software of such as C.I.A. or N.S.A. to put “dirty trick”
operations like this as Snowden told us the N.S.A., etc. did to Americans that
they want to target.
For our Mickey Mouse amateurs in law in Wash., D.C., this is a direct violation
of the Nuremberg War Trials ruling of 1945-6 on “Crimes Against
Humanity” during peacetime in a nation and is a hanging offense under
international law for any national government trying this and thinking
that they won’t be legally punished under international genocide which is a
death sentence attached to it for officials and governmental employees thinking
that they can get away with criminal acts like this both illegal under national
and international law.
For our legally ignorant goons working for Obama, we are committed by public
record seen all over America and the world that we are going to revive and
reestablish as a food industry the great trade secret food discovery of my
father which was endorsed by Pope Pius XII in various ways including potentially
the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ since this could
potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the
world. University tests and later medical lab reports from all over the world
predict the pending biological collapse and end of the human race on earth if
this great food discovery is not added to the American and world diet before it
is too late to save the human race from pending extinction. This hacking
attack from federal goons and acting on obvious orders from Obama is a direct
attempt to block the finances which will make possible the reestablishment
of this Vatican endorsed food process in America and also give America a
huge enough world industry to maybe even restore full employment and decent
wages to all the citizens of America who want to work in America today!
We want to post this on Nesara News as we know it will be widely seen across
America and in foreign nations including all sorts of foreign intelligence
services are right now watching every big national report like this that we
post on the internet blogs to learn the real character of Wash., D.C. under
Obama and not the propaganda image put out by White House propaganda as to what
Obama and Wash., D.C.really stand for in 2014!
We will be forwarding this to the International Court Of Justice at the
Hague as part of a building filing on moves of genocide conspiracy by
Obama, federal officials and employees, and members of Congress backing Obama
in genocide conspiracy moves like this. With records filed like this,
maybe even 200 foreign nations can file genocide charges against Obama and his
goons and Congressional allies backing him trying to block the reestablishment
of this Vatican endorsed food process in America. I am the
only American who was trained by my father and know all the engineering
secrets to my father’s great food discovery endorsed by the Vatican and some
other governments judged the nation ending up with this trade secret food
process becomes the leading nation of the world and potentially the richest
nation in the world controlling the main food market of the entire world once
it spreads to all nations.
For the filing with the Hague, I repeat follow the money and see how Wash.,
D.C. stole $525,000 from me to block me from reestablishing this food trade
secret process and never returned the money to me when I had witnesses to
them stealing the money and how they stole it. They threatened me with
murder if I tried to stop them from stealing this money from me and I had this
witnessed also! I publicized this $525,000 federal theft from my funds a
number of times in national and worldwide reports to show the criminal
nature of too much of the national government under Obama today. I had at one
time offered I would not file criminal charges over this if they returned the
federally stolen money to me and told them under law how to return it to me
without admitting guilt to theft of this $525,000 from me as
witnesses watched this while they stole the money and had their way of boasting
how as federal operatives they couldn’t be touched by the law as they were
protected from criminal law applying to them!
This report as part of a much larger collection of reports available to the
Hague will now be filed with the Hague and as time goes on many other
international sources of law.
Obama better tell your goons to lie low and no more “dirty tricks” or
who knows how far international law goes when they start hanging from the
gallows those in Wash., D.C. who performed these “dirty trick”
operations or else ordered them from Wash., D.C. to perform these criminal acts
in violation of national and international genocide law and other laws as well!
People pass this report all over America which puts intense legal heat on Obama
and all those in government he has turned into criminals in the federal
government encouraging and secretly telling them to commit these criminal acts
which when done against me are also automatically under law criminal acts against
all the American people all 7 billion people on earth as well!
Obama is trying to stop us from passing the Omni Law posted on our website. It
is the key of law which assures that we will be able to reestablish
this Vatican endorsed food industry in America and this time turn it
into the international food industry that skyrockets the American economy and
could well make America the undisputed leader of the entire world. The Omni Law
will reestablish good and honest government in Wash., D.C. is why Obama, etc.
don’t want this law passed which in full legal name is “The Omnibus Civil
Rights Act For America!”
By the way, Hague, we saved copies of the hacking on our website to show you
some of the criminal tactics of federal operatives and you can see how they
altered our code to our pay button in order to try and cut us
off from financing the reestalishment of the Vatican endorsed food
process in America or the rest of the world. The passage of the Omni Law
neutralizes the criminal elements in government without further threat of
trying to block the reestablishment of this overwhelminging
important industrial food process in America again and this time not
stopped by Wash., D.C. from becoming the world food industry it is
necessary to become to save the human race from pending biological
extinction on earth.
It shows that Obama does not care about booming the American economy
because he uses criminal tactics to block what might become the greatest
industrial blessing seen in 100 years or more of American history!
Pass this report all over America and abroad and get our Omni Law passed
in America this year. People, ask those running for public office if they are
for or against passage of the Omni Law and this year! Enough poltical heat and
it will be passed in America this year!
Our website is
Our email is  Our
mailing address follows for those wanting to back us financially by
product orders or else direct support through our Omni Law Loan Program which
is directly on our website. NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks,
etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for whether products from our
website or else direct financial support by loan payments to our Omni Law Loan
Program on our website. The loan payments are done in units and multiples of
$25 for bookkeeping reasons! Easy to give everyone full credit for their loan
money especially when the royalties on net profits covered by these $25 loan
credit units start paying pay off such as the offered royalty return on net
profits before taxes for this Vatican endorsed industrial food process once set
up again in America. Talented people from all over America have contacted me
and want to work with me in reestablishing this Vatican endorsed industrial
food process reestablished in America as soon as the Omni Law is passed and we
can start working to set up this colossal size food industry in America. With
special engineering tactics, expect to be operational within months of when the
Omni Law is passed and ends key federal corruption in the federal government.
Among other things, the Omni Law gives the American people the legal right of
referendum over the federal government when it does not really want to
represent or carry out the will of the American people for what they want done
in America! The vote of the people through referendum will restore control of
the federal government directly back to the American people who do not control
this wildly out of control federal government which does not want to serve the
people at this time enjoying being a rebel and master over the people instead
of their dedicated servant now!
Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American who
refused to be crushed by the criminal tactics of Wash., D.C. trying every trick
they knew trying to block him from reestablishing his father’s Vatican endorsed
food process crushed once by Wash., D.C. policy paid $20 million in bribes to
members of Congress to engineer that federal sources would not enforce the
federal laws which required national backing for this Vatican endorsed food
process also endorsed by many other promiment sources including Ezra Taft
Benson, Secretary of Agriculture, who was an honest man in government when he
served in his federal post then! Years ago Senator Everett Dirksen supplied my
father the figures for the bribes paid to members of Congress, but said this
figure was off the record! But now this figure is on the record with this

CGI’s jopipe: Huge – Pole Shift Uncovered. North Pole Split!! ESA (European Space Agency) Releases BOMBSHELL!!

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

CGI’s jopipe: Huge – Pole Shift Uncovered. North Pole Split!! ESA (European Space Agency) Releases BOMBSHELL!!
Posted By: CGI_admin [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 30-Jun-2014 14:36:06

It’s my opinion that the shift in conscience is the same as the shift in the earth’s poles. It may very well happen later this year. I believed it would have happened in 2012 but things changed. I believe we are on track for 2014. Time will tell although time can’t speak… 😉
Huge – Pole Shift Uncovered. North Pole Split!! ESA (European Space Agency) Releases BOMBSHELL!!
Magnetic Pole Shifts are a hot topic in the Alternative News Community. With an increasing number of recent Earthquakes and unexplainable storms in diverse places, one has to wonder what are the reasons for these tremendous changes within our Earth. Magnetic Pole Shifts are at the forefront that conversation. Many accredited scientist have attested that a guaranteed pole shifting would occur within our lifetime. With this being one of the most significant events that humanity could ever experience, you can’t help but to wonder why the mainstream media NEVER speaks of this. If scientists have spent MILLIONS of tax payer dollars on the research of Magnetic Pole Shifts, we should be able to get some decent mainstream attention and answers on their findings.
In this Youtube you will be presented with clear and concise facts explaining recent information released by the European Space Agency. The Youtuber that presents this information is well versed with knowledge of Magnetic Pole Shifts. The fact that he was able to find is a gift to us all. Watch the video with an open mind and do a little research on Magnetic Pole Shifts. This could be some of the most important information you will ever learn.

The Clintons’ Greatest Shame: Chelsea Clinton is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell

The Clintons’ Greatest Shame: Chelsea Clinton is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell


For years, the Clintons have gone to great lengths to pretend to be something they are not: a family. To this day, Bill often refers to Hillary as his “wife”, despite the fact he has been kicked out of her house a long time ago. And Hillary refers to Bill as her “husband”, despite the fact that Hillary knew Bill was sexually unhinged from the day she “married” Bill on Oct. 11, 1975.
In the 1992 campaign Bill’s aide Betsy Wright had a list of a whopping 26 women who were potential “bimbo eruptions” who might come forward and say they had had sex with wild Bill. In Clinton terms these were all nuts, sluts & liars. In reality, these were just the tip of the iceberg of the women who Bill Clinton has had sex with.
Bill and Hillary had a dysfunctional 1970’s “open marriage” from Day One. A longtime friend of the Clintons who went to their “wedding” says she was “totally floored” when she pushed open the bathroom door and saw “Bill passionately kissing a young woman. He was fondling her breasts. I was so shocked I just closed the door quickly and quietly. They never knew I saw them.”
For 40 years, Bill has had sex with (or tried to have sex with) hundreds of women from all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and races. Very attractive women, ugly women, horny women, even unwilling women. The Rolling Stones are not the only ones who like brown sugar. Bill has had perhaps a dozen long term girlfriends who he has cheated with for decades.
Bill also has a long history of rape and sexual assault. In 1999 Capitol Hill Blue published an important article titled “Juanita isn’t the only one: Bill Clinton’s long history of sexual violence against women dates back some 30 years” by Daniel Harris and Theresa Hampton.

The secret shame of the Clintons

I had to walk the reader through a sampling of the dysfunctional relationship of the Clintons and the often criminal intimidation tactics they have used to cover up this chaos. This context is important for understanding that the Clintons have not had much sex even in the early years of their “marriage”…
“C’mon, Bill put your d*** up. You can’t **** her here.” – Hillary to Bill at a political event.
“What the **** do you think you’re doing? I know who that w**** is. I know what she’s here for. Get her out of here.” – Hillary referring to one of Bill’s girlfriends.
“These women are all trash. Nobody’s going to believe them.” – Hillary
“I need to be ****ed more than twice a year!” – Hillary to Bill, 1980’s
So, if Hillary was not having sex with Bill Clinton, then who was she having sex with? Answer: Webb Hubbell, Vince Foster, and a string of lesbian lovers. Hillary, like a string of other prominent politicians (Obama, GHW Bush, George W. Bush, Rick Perry, probably Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Richard Nixon too) is bisexual.
Larry Nichols, a longtime close aide to Bill, swears that Hillary and Webb had an affair. Larry says Hillary interrupted a meeting of Bill and his advisors in 1978. Hillary said “Bill, what are you doing?” Bill replied “Hill, I’m gonna run for governor!” Hillary immediately replied “I gotta get in Rose … I’m gonna f*** Hubbell.”
Hillary was probably referring to making partner at Rose Law firm because she was already an associate at that time.
Chelsea Clinton in fact bears a striking resemblance to Webb Hubbell. She has very big lower lips and a weak chin … just like Hubbell. Bill has thin lips and a strong chin. The resemblance of Chelsea and Hubbell is most pronounced in pictures of Chelsea as a young teenager.

Here is a comparison photo of Chelsea and Hubbell…

In summer 1979 Bill found out that Hillary was pregnant by reading about it in the newspaper Arkansas Gazette which covered the press conference of Hillary’s doctor, not by being told by Hillary. One of Bill’s donor friends told this amazing anecdote to author Edward Klein. In what other “family” in America does the so-called “wife” (Hillary) hold a press conference to announce her pregnancy and not even tell her “husband” (Bill) that she is pregnant with what is presumed to be their first child?

Unless, of course, the child is not Bill’s seed.
When Bill left the presidency in Jan, 2001, he pardoned everyone else, including Marc Rich and big time drug dealers– but not Webb Hubbell.
Hillary and Bill were fond of saying that sex is mentioned over 500 times in the 473-page Starr Report, while Whitewater is not often mentioned. In Webb Hubbell’s 332-page book Webb uses the word “Hillary” 396 times. Webb says that he and Vince were “mesmerized” by Hillary and that “Bill wasn’t much of a presence in our lives.”
Hillary and Hubbell appear to be sending subtle messages involving Chelsea and their relationship to each other in their respective books. Hillary, in her book It Takes a Village, says that “a burly ex-football player” gave her advice on how to hold Chelsea as a baby: “Think of a baby like a football and hold it tight.” Hillary is probably referring to Hubbell who played as an offensive tackle for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Hillary may have seen burly Hubbell as a father figure similar to her dad Hugh Rodham, a tough guy Navy drill instructor who played football at Penn State.
In the 1980 Arkansas governor’s race, Hillary, who had had baby Chelsea on 2/27/80, who had been so active before in Bill’s political maneuvers, withdrew from campaigning as Bill’s political fortunes were going down the tubes.
On the night Bill lost the 1980 Arkansas’s governor’s race, Webb says he and Vince were watching Hillary on TV and “I think both of us wanted to wrap her in our arms and comfort her.” (Hey, isn’t that Bill’s job – in theory?)
When Bill was elected president in 1992, Hillary tried to make Bill promise to appoint Hubbell to the U.S. Supreme Court if a vacancy occurred. Hillary had ordered Bill to give Webb an interim appointment as the chief justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court: “Well goddam it Bill he’s my friend, you can appoint him by law, so do it!” – said Hillary according to L.D. Brown. Webb got the Arkansas Supreme Court appointment.
After Bill was elected President in 1992, Hillary made sure that Hubbell was placed in the #3 spot at the Justice Department.
In his book Friends in High Places, Hubbell makes a special point of mentioning Chelsea when he says how successful he felt looking out at her from the living room of his big house in the summer:
“On summer evenings, I could sip a drink in my big living room and look out at children- including the Fosters’ and the Clintons’, when Chelsea got big enough- bouncing happily on a trampoline in the shade of my big oak trees. Such a scene made me feel successful.”
My take: that is a subtle “shout out” from Hubbell to Hillary and Chelsea. Just as Hillary’s comment on “a burly football player” who told her to hold the baby like a football was a nod to Hubbell.
The fact that Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell – and she is – is one of the Clinton’s most shameful secrets. This fact is so discrediting to the notion of Hillary as some sort of innocent victim of Bill’s decades long epic and blatant philandering. The Clintons for decades have tried to cover up who they actually are. “Husband and wife” as they tell us with a straight face today? Bill? A husband of Hillary? Bill is not even the biological father of Chelsea.
Bill and Hillary are extremely embarrassed about and sensitive about this issue and it is not because they care about Chelsea’s feelings. Bill would not behave like he has for 30 years if he cared about Chelsea’s feelings. When the Monica Lewinsky affair busted wide open, Chelsea had to be taken to the Stanford infirmary.
In 2007 I had a talk with Karen Tumulty, then a reporter for TIME. I called her to discuss the Clintons’ terror campaigns and why the media should cover this basic issue: Tumulty’s response was we are not going to re-litigate the 1990’s. Then I said well you know Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton.
Tumulty’s response was a pregnant pause and she did not even lift a finger to challenge me on that bold assertion. Also, based on Susan Estrich’s public comments about the Clintons not having secrets anymore, I am convinced Estrich, Tumulty and scores of other journalists and political insiders know that Webb Hubbell, and not Bill Clinton is the biological father of Chelsea. It is one of the Clintons’ ugliest secrets.
In 2012 I asked a well known Republican political operative who has spent a lot of time at high levels in GOP politics “How long have you known that Webb Hubbell was the biological father of Chelsea Clinton?” He said he had known that since 1992. I said why didn’t the Republicans use that as an issue in 1992? Reply: he wasn’t running the 1992 presidential campaign.
The Clintons have been in the national eye for 25 years and I have never seen this precious little nugget about Chelsea’s lineage reported in the MSM. And don’t me tell its because kids are not fair game in political discourse. Politicians use kids and glowing wives as testimony for their fitness all the time. I remember a Clinton video from the 1992 campaign will Hillary just gushing about Bill saying he’s the kind of guy who just makes you feel happy all the time.
In 1989 Bill wanted to divorce Hillary and marry one of his girlfriends Mary Jo Jenkins, but Hillary would not let him, according to author Carl Bernstein.
At the same time Bill was conducting cavity probes of Monica Lewinsky with cigars in 1996, Hillary was telling TIME that the Clintons were hoping to have another child. My response, they have never had one in the first place…
Terry McAuliffe, a key Clinton insider and #1 fundraiser makes a point in his book What a Party! of gratuitously describing Chelsea as resembling Bill in a receiving line at a New Year’s Eve party on 12/31/99: “The mother-daughter resemblance was strong, now that Chelsea was a poised, beautiful young woman, but then you looked over at the President and saw Chelsea’s strong resemblance to him as well.” I am not buying it. That just tells me the Clintons have enlisted McAuliffe in the cover up about Chelsea and whence she came.
Vince Foster, like McAuliffe & any Clinton insider, would have been highly acute to this topic and worried about the fallout that any revelation about Chelsea being the daughter of Hubbell would have.
In early 1993 Webb Hubbell was given the #3 spot, associate attorney general, at the Justice and it was subject to Senate confirmation. Vince Foster knew a Senate confirmation of Hubbell was dangerous because certain embarrassing facts about Hubbell and Hillary might come out in the process. Carl Bernstein in his book A Woman in Charge gets close to this, “Foster vaguely repeated his fear that the confirmation process would hurt Hillary. He seemed to know something that Nussbaum didn’t.”

Robert Morrow

Robert Morrow is a political researcher and a political activist based in Austin, TX. He can be reached at Morrow321@aol.comand at his website HERE. He welcomes phone calls at 512-306-1510.

ET Technologies in Our Future: The Food Replicator


Technologies in Our Future: The Food Replicator

you believe it’s the last day of June already?
take this opportunity to say Happy Canada Day! and for America, Happy 4th of
July. This is perhaps a good time to reflect on what “freedom” is, and isn’t.
In truth, we don’t know what freedom is. It’s all relative.
years ago Drake gave the ‘green light’ and the allies were about to take out
the cabal. “Enjoy the fireworks and keep your eyes to the skies”, they
said.  It was to be a 4th of July like no other.
of course the cabal freaked and threatened to take out massive numbers of
Humanity if the military tried to follow through with that strategy… Drake was
left “twisting in the wind”… and here we are.
want to share this little update from Sheldan and Colleen Nidle because so many
of us are frustrated, tired, disillusioned, angry, fed up, and ready to jump
off the Liberation bandwagon—or a cliff.
been promised SO much, for SO long,  disinfo’d up the hoop and stuffed
full of false hope, it’s no wonder we’re out of patience.
we must soldier on. We mustn’t give the dark the satisfaction of seeing us give
up. Our faith must be unwavering—no matter what appears to be happening. They
are masters of illusion, and things are not what they seem—as you are well
aware if you watched ‘The Lie NASA Told’.
all my challenges, I keep envisioning what I imagine our new life will be like
and if you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ve heard me say
this;  “Where’s my replicator?!”
you’re pissed, in pain, starving, lonely and dejected, just IMAGINE what we
have to look forward to… very soon.
you saw on ‘Star Trek’ is a reality—just not ours—yet. The cabal has kept all
that technology for themselves.
soul KNOWS what will be, or you wouldn’t be here reading this. The Light and
the frequency we generate because we ‘know’ is assisting the ascension process.
Expect miracles.  ~ BP
While I wouldn’t currently buy anything from Nestlé, it’s interesting to see
them trying. If you read the label on their products it’s evident they know and
care nothing about our nutritional needs.
More and more
people are writing to me and declaring ~ “I want my replicator!” We have a
great laugh because we know that life with a replicator would be so much fun!
In the article ~ Coming soon: food replicator machine
will create food in real time based on your nutritional needs
, from food
conglomerate, Nestle, reveals they are working on a replicator to enhance food
with your specific nutritional needs.
They may be on
the right track but they have a long way to go. The replicator that our
Galactic Neighbors use is based on zero point energy. It takes the spiritual
and material composition and energy of let’s say an “apple” and converts it
into an actual apple the way the Elohim and our Creator make it.
Right now Nestle
doesn’t know how to use the endless energy of Creation (ZPE) to synthesize the
food using the exact composition ~ both spiritually and molecularly ~ that the
Elohim and our Creator do. Big difference.
Also, they say in
the article that it will be expensive which rules out everyone having one. And
yet, the GF uses free energy and can replicate the replicator (lol).
Fascinating stuff!
I’m delighted new
technologies like this are being openly introduced to the world. Opens people’s
minds to the endless possibilities.
Email blast from PAOWEB

Iraq News Journal: “Iraqi Defense: announces the arrival of the first two Sukhoi 25 to Baghdad.”

Iraq News Journal: “Iraqi Defense:
announces the arrival of the first two Sukhoi 25 to Baghdad.”

Iraqi Defense: announces the arrival
of the first two Sukhoi 25 to Baghdad.

Ministry of Defence announced on Saturday, the arrival of
the first two Sukhoi 25 to Baghdad, saying that the two planes Stdkhalan to
service directly.

He said ministry spokesman Gen.
Mohammed al-Askari said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “the first two of
25 Russian Sukhoi arrived, this evening, to the capital of Baghdad,” adding
that “the two planes Stdkhalan service directly.”

He said that the military
“Sukhoi will change the equation of the battle.”

He was a member of the
Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Abbas al-Bayati, revealed
earlier in the day Saturday, the arrival of the aircraft Sukhoi Russian into
the country, and as he emphasized the entry of the aircraft into service during
the next few hours, most likely that the U.S. aircraft drones to bomb targets
in the outskirts of Mosul.

Iraq has been witnessing
security situation heated push Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, in the (June 10,
2014), to declare a state of high alert in the country, after the control of
gunmen from the organization “Daash” on the Nineveh province, fully, and their
progress toward Salahuddin, Diyala and control of some areas of the two
provinces before the Iraqi forces can restore many of these areas, while
continue military operations in Anbar to meet the regulation.

Conference Call from TNT Tony – Schedule

Conference Call from TNT Tony – Schedule

Good morning TNT. Today’s call will
be at the regular time 10pdt/1edt. Should be interesting. #wearethepeople 

1 pm EDT / 12 pm CDT / 11 am
MDT / 10 am PDT / 9 am AKDT / 7 am HADT

Q & A: 425.440.5100 FREE ~
206.402.0100 FREE ~ 503.205.8988, PIN CODE 634293#

Listen Only Live: 209.255.1500
OR 518.556.1500 FREE

Listen Only Live Online:

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE

Bluwolf: “Iraq Will Have a Seated Gov., a new PM, and an RV”

“Iraq Will Have a Seated Gov., a new PM, and an RV”

Bluwolf 6/30/13 1:50 p.m. edt ~ Attention all : The
international rate has been established and it shall be let out officially and
simultaneously with the setting of its GOI.

watching from the grand stand for they never had or never will have any power
over this international release and Global Currency Reset.

Are we clear. These issues have
had major adjustments in order to be perfect, just, equalized and faultless to
all countries and all its peoples. It has a time frame and it shall expire in
the our now.

All bluffs sent and acted out
by media will seize to exist within the next few days.

Iraq will have a seated
government a new PM and a RV.


Please note, some banksters will try
the old shoot into the air a let the stampede commence (start) so you will
probably see a 3.71 momentarily (from one to three days ) reason behind it is
because they have campaign there selves well and many of you have open up your
hearts a let them know your burdens.

So they know your pain and will
use this to reel you in like a fish on a hook.

Besides that you have a 3 letter agency that wishes to
collect the most dinars in a fast tracking matter so that they can collect the
most out of your investment without placing a dime.

Frankly if you fall for this
trick you will honestly have to be placed in the category of stupid and I know
you are not, so act wisely and if it pops in at 3.71 just have some family
member exchange a couple of dongs they will be coming out simultaneously, get
your house in order and wait for the dinar rate to sky rocket for it will.

I honestly hope that this may help all.

And remember if you follow the original plan you will have
a safe and swift ride.

Look rv at any moment, any second, at any hour now,


Be blessed Bluwolf