Massive Transport of Tanks in New Orleans on the Huey P Long Bridge over the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish

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Massive Transport of Tanks in New Orleans
on the Huey P Long Bridge over the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish

RECON ALERT Massive Transport of Tanks Moving on the Huey P Long Bridge over the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish
RECON ALERT: Massive Transport
of Tanks Moving on the Huey P Long Bridge over the Mississippi River in
Jefferson Parish (Image: Live Free or Die/
By Avalon
August 27, 2013
JEFFERSON PARISH — A massive transport
of Tanks was spotted in New Orleans on the Huey P Long Bridge, which goes over
the Mississippi River. The Google Coordinates are available on Google Maps –
Huey P Long Bridge 29°56′39″N 90°10′08″W

Many will speculate these are in preparation
for an ‘Event’ that
has investigators researching daily to find possible reasons
there’s been such a domestic military buildup recently. 


The Hotel Bill

An older lady decided to give herself a big treat for her 70th birthday by
staying overnight in a really nice hotel.

When she checked out the next morning, the desk clerk handed her a bill for

She demanded to know why the charge was so high.

“I agree it’s a nice hotel, but the rooms aren’t worth $250.00 for just an
overnight stay!

I didn’t even have breakfast.”

The clerk told her that $250.00 is the ‘standard rate’, and breakfast had been
included had she wanted it.

She insisted on speaking to the Manager.

The Manager appeared and, forewarned by the desk clerk, announced:

“This hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a huge conference centre which
are available for use.”

“But I didn’t use them,” she said.

”Well, they are here, and you could have,” explained the Manager.

He went on to explain that she could also have seen one of the in-hotel shows
for which they were so famous.

“We have the best entertainers from the world over performing here,”
the Manager said.

“But I didn’t go to any of those shows,” she said.”Well, we have
them, and you could have,” the Manager replied.

No matter what amenity the Manager mentioned, she replied, “But I didn’t
use it!”and the Manager countered with his standard response.

After several minutes discussion, and with the Manager still unmoved, she
decided to pay, wrote a check and gave it to him.

The Manager was surprised when he looked at the check. “But madam, this
check is for $50.00.”

“That’s correct I charged you $200.00 for sleeping with me,” she

“But I didn’t!” exclaimed the very surprised Manager.

“Well, too bad, I was here, and you could have.”


analysis of the VAST DIFFERENCE between Islam, the West and their respective religions

Dear Patriots (bcc herein w/permission to forward),
  It is my pleasure to forward you this analysis of the
VAST DIFFERENCE between Islam, the West and their respective religions as
submitted by Author, Mike Scruggs.
  The world is complex but its complexity is only
compounded and made Worse when governments involve themselves in another’s
  Often, such involvement, disguised under that ever
encroaching cloak & guise called Humanitarianism, is Never the real reason
for said intrusion & involvement.
  Often, such involvement is directly related to Money,
Power & Control & expansionism is the ONLY way in which to achieve that
Lofty Perch.
  When this component serves as the dynamic mechanism for
said involvement, War generally is the result which only produces long-term
hatreds that Never go away but also suggests long-term Financial Alterations
in which Billions upon Billions is realized.
  ANYONE’S evolvement should come from their own
hands & efforts relating to THEIR Country.
  Their condition ,GOOD or BAD, should be brought about by
that which THEY DECIDE TO DO just as WE Americans had to decide the same when
King George became ‘Overly Ambitious’ and used us as a Stepping Stone for his
Individual needs and conquests.
  We have been led down a ‘Garden Path’ of
many Falsehoods championed by a Legion of Socialists too numerous to mention
and the only ones who have benefitted from these multiple and Never-Ending
incursions, have been them and their heinous Ideology.
  As such, the American Government now resembles a foreign
bureau absent from ANY association with her former conscripts intent on
detouring from Each while taking us further down their road to oblivion.
  The result is an America that is Bankrupt and a
Multi-Cultural Society whose Individual Cultures have been used as a
plank-board for further Polarization that has equally benefitted the Separatist
Socialists who have Divided this nation over multiple decades and for NO other
reason than to extort the soul of a country for their Individual betterment and
  This and more, as per Mr. Scruggs’ analysis herein of
the stark differences between the West & Islam and the respective religions
involved, are a further testament of this exclaim.
  We have been on a Path of Incredible
Self-Destruction and Washington NO longer represents ANY American Values but
rather, hides behind the Dark Walls they have created in our Name in order to
promote and advance their Own Hegemony over us.
Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America
(Thank you MIKE for sharing. Most Excellent)
From: Mike Scruggs []
Sent: Monday, September 30, 2013 12:04 PM
To: Mike Scruggs
Islam and The West
Concerns about the Koran
By Mike Scruggs 

like Judaism and Christianity, is a revealed religion. In all three faiths,
alleged revelation of spiritual and moral truth is recorded in a book or books
that are considered sacred and foundational. Judaism has the books of the
Old Testament, and Christianity has added the books of the New Testament to
that foundation. The alleged divine revelation of truth and moral principles in
Islam is the Koran. An important characteristic of revealed religion is that
its teachings have the status of final divine authority and are therefore not
subject to amendment or reinterpretation by mankind or majority vote.

     The Bible was written over many centuries
by men who are considered to have been divinely inspired. The Christian view is
that their writings may reflect various literary styles, personalities, and
historical contexts, but they impart divine truth as the authors were moved by
God in the person of the Holy Spirit. The Jewish view of Scripture is similar
but does not embrace Christian New Testament books or view God as a Divine
Trinity— Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit.

     Islam’s view of the Koran goes far beyond
the Judeo-Christian concept of divine inspiration. Muslins believe that the
Koran was written by Allah (Arabic for God) and already existed in heaven
before the Angel Gabriel gave it piecemeal to their Prophet. Muhammad
faithfully revealed these passages to his followers as they were given to him
over a period of 22 years. Shortly after his death in 632, Muhammad’s followers
compiled these revelations into a perfectly accurate rendering of the heavenly

     The Koran is a little smaller than the New
Testament and contains considerable repetition. For example, the story of the
Exodus is repeated 27 times. Eliminating the repetitions in the Koran would
make it only about 40 percent as big as the New Testament. Because the Koran’s
verses often neglect to give the full context of its revelations, other
teachings of Muhammad recorded by his followers are critical to its interpretation.
These are called the Hadiths. The Hadiths which Muslim scholars
consider most reliable are regarded as truth only slightly less sacred and
significant than the Koran itself. These collections are especially important
because they help fill in the context and meaning of Koranic verses. Still,
many objective Western scholars of the Koran consider about 20 percent of its
verses to make little sense. Much Muslim scholarship goes into tracing and
determining the authority and reliability of the Hadiths, but the Koran itself
is not very open to different interpretations. In a society dominated by
Islamic Law (Sharia) the penalty for doubting standard interpretations of the
Koran can be death.

     The Koran’s many repetitions are often
inaccurate borrowings from the Old Testament and other Jewish writings. Of the
27 repetitions of the Exodus story, the Passover—a very important part to Jews
and Christians—is consistently left out. It also contains some confused
Christian history and theology. For example, Isa (apparently Jesus) is said to
be the son of Mary (confused with Miriam), the sister of Mosses and
Aaron.  Isa, the Jesus of Islam, is not the Son of God but only a Prophet
and did not die on the cross or save anybody from their sins. He comes back at
the end of time to destroy Christianity and convert people to Islam. Despite
these obvious (and often distorted) borrowings, Muslims do not consider Islam
to be a derivative of Judaism or Christianity. They consider Islam to be the
original faith of Abraham of which Judaism and Christianity are corruptions.

     Although “Allah” is a monotheistic god
with many characteristics common to the Lord God of the Bible—all-powerful,
all-knowing, sovereign over all nature and mankind—their personalities as
painted by the Koran and the Bible respectively are quite different. Muslims
insist that Allah and the Lord God of Judeo-Christianity are the same, but many
Christians disagree. Most Muslims who have converted to Christianity, however,
consider that Allah is God, but that Islam has badly distorted his true nature
and personality.

     One of the great concerns about Islam to
the West is its violent nature. For 1400 years its principal way of spreading
the Muslim faith has been the sword. The Koran calls for Holy War to make Islam
the dominant religion of the world in no less than 109 verses.  So much
that Jihad must be considered a cardinal pillar of Islam. It seems secondary in
importance only to the proclamation that Allah is the only god and Muhammad is
his prophet.

     The call to Jihad is really a derivative
of another cardinal principle of Muslim theology—the Supremacy of Islam. This
is seen especially in Surah (chapter) 9, verse 33:

“He it is who hath sent his Apostle with the Guidance and a
religion of truth, that He may make it victorious over every other religion,
albeit they who assign partners to God be averse from it.”

     It should be noted that “assigning
partners to God” is a major sin in Islam, the Trinitarian God of Christianity—Father,
Son, and Holy Spirit—is blasphemy to Muslims.

     I often hear people claiming that with
proper teaching or guidance Islam could be made into a more peaceful religion,
more compatible with the West. This is close to being nonsense. Islam is a revealed
religion not subject to change or pacification by majority vote or the
influence of the West, women, or “moderates.” The problem is in the Koran and
the teachings of Muhammad. You cannot make Islam into a religion of peace
without removing the Koran and Muhammad.

     Another concern which the West must take
into account when dealing with Islam is that according to the Koran and
Muhammad, civil government and Islamic law, ideology, and religion should be
inseparable.  Most Sunni and Shia religious leaders consider democracy an
affront to the Will of Allah.

     Western governments that naively allow
open-door immigration, especially massive increases in Muslim immigration, are
inviting tumultuous troubles. 

US Navy Blimp Hovering Over Baltimore Conducting Aerial Mapping In Fema Region III

Subject: [New post] US Navy Blimp Hovering Over Baltimore
Conducting Aerial Mapping In Fema Region III
New post on Now The End
Navy Blimp Hovering Over Baltimore Conducting Aerial Mapping In Fema
Region III by NTEB News Desk
America for FEMA interment camps
Germany, as a nation,
watched as Hitler slowly rose to power. At each step along the way he left open
clues for whoever was watching and paying attention to see what was truly going
on. Hitler wrote nearly his entire manifesto for what he planned to do to
Germany in his ghost-written book Mein Kampf.
STORY: Barack Hussein Obama and the Rise Of Hitler
Obama’s America in 2013, there are ample and open clues for those who war
watching and paying attention.
The blimp now hovering over Baltimore,
Maryland is doing aerial mapping for FEMA Region III.
remember this: Hitler’s concentration camps were not something he readily
admitted to. Every step along the way he denied, denied and denied as the souls
of over 11,000,000 people perished in them. The American government will deny,
deny and deny the coming FEMA Camps every step along the way right up to the
very moment YOU find yourself living in one, waiting to be executed.
(WJZ) —
You may have noticed an unusual sight over the Baltimore area in
the last few days—a Navy balloon hovering in the sky. Christie
Ileto explains what the blimp is doing. 
Navy is conducting aerial mapping over Baltimore, and it’s caught the eye of
many residents far below.  If you’ve looked up lately, you may have
spotted a U.S. Navy blimp hiding in the clouds, or hovering over Baltimore’s
harbor on clear sunny days.
been seeing it all week. Like, every day,” said Ashley Bradley.  Almost
200-feet long, it’s flying over Baltimore.  “Me and my friends were
actually talking about it and wondering what it was,” Bradley said.
was coming down 95 and I was like, ‘what is with that blimp?’” said Dennis
The U.S.
Navy research laboratory says the blimp is a government research
airship conducting aerial mapping, and that the MZ-3A lighter than air blimp
began roaming above the D.C. area on September 21 and can remain stationary for
more than 12 hours. The blimp is mapping in the flight restriction zones around
Washington D.C. It includes places like the Department of Agriculture and at
some of ourmajor airports like BWI.
video even shows the blimp propelled by two 180 horsepower engines, landing as
far west as the Frederick Municipal Airport. The “Baltimore Blimp” as it’s
being called online, has even sparked Twitter discussions. People want to know
what it’s doing in the sky—others are just “blimp watching.”
when they have a football game or something you see a blimp. But this one was,
like, way high,” McGill said. But
the blimp won’t be up for much longer.
The research lab says after October 5, it’s flying away.  When the mission
is complete, pilots will fly the blimp north to a base in New
Jersey. Right now, it is stationed at the Naval Air Station in the
Patuxent River.
– CBS/Baltimore NTEB News Desk  September 30, 2013 at 11:39 am | URL:
and paste this URL into your browser:



important update!
– Northeast
Intelligence Network –
Two conversations
with two insiders: “Expect the unexpected”
Posted By
Director On September 28, 2013 @ 11:25 am
courtesy of Canada Free Press
September 2013: 
is a captured operation, captured from within. Time is too short to mince words
or to fear the ridiculous accusations of “doom porn,” made either by the
factually challenged or some paid, professional government trolls (see DHS
Insider article [5]by this author, later verified in the
media) describing what you are about to read.
the last 24 hours, I had two separate conversations with two different sources,
each saying nearly the same thing: Expect the unexpected. Wake up. Understand
that everything we’re being told is a lie. We are at the epicenter of a
‘perfect storm.’
opening words coming from my source inside the intelligence community tell
much. “These people [the
Obama regime and his handlers] are ‘pissed.’
They did not get
what they wanted with Syria because we put them behind schedule by exposing
Benghazi. The ‘alternative media’ put them behind, but that doesn’t mean
they’ve given up. Far from it. What it means is that they have the same
objective, but are switching plans.”
be clear, I asked about their end-game objective.
“The take-down of America as a viable global power,
economically and militarily
They are counting on people’s attention being diverted to political theater,
which is exactly what’s happening right now with the budget showdown. But no
one is looking beyond the stage act and if they are, very few are understanding
what they are seeing. They are thinking too small and are still clinging to the
right-left paradigm of political theater,” he stated.
objective is to create a new global economic and power structure by removing
the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. By making the U.S. subservient
to a global power structure. Why isn’t anyone in the media talking about this?
Because they are complicit. Why
aren’t the majority of those in the ‘alternative media’ talking about this?
Because they are not looking at the bigger picture. The lie is bigger than they
this point, I informed my intelligence source about my conversation hours
before with a financial insider who uses the internet pen-name “V, The
Guerrilla Economist.” This financial insider has a near perfect record of
accurate financial predictions as documented by his multiple disclosures on The
Hagmann & Hagmann Report, from the Bank of Japan through, most recently,
Deutsche Bank. In addition to being a regular guest on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report [6], he
recently founded the website Rogue
[7] and appeared on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
last week. He was emphatic about the current liquidity crisis in the U.S.
broke, bankrupt, and not by accident, but by design.” he stated. “While some
18,000-plus Yankee fans who incredibly stood in line for hours last week to
stake their claim to some cheap and meaningless plastic bobble-head of a
retiring sports figure, their country and their pensions and retirement
accounts are about to be looted. Sadly, this is the prevailing mentality that
is allowing the power brokers and the complicit media to do what they will. But
it’s even bigger. A perfect military, economic and political storm is brewing.”
people must realize is that China and Russia are acutely aware of our economic
and military vulnerabilities, and are exploiting those vulnerabilities. China
has positioned their economy for domination, world domination. Additionally,
they have increased their military power to surpass that of the U.S.,” he
the Russians are teaming up with the Chinese and conducting war exercises.
Remember that in 2008, a war simulation conducted using U.S. Joint Strike Force
F-35 fighters against the Russian Su-35 heavy fighters, it was clear that the
clear victors were the Russians. The U.S. JSF f-35s were ‘clubbed
like baby seals
think for a minute that the Chinese and the Russians aren’t positioning
themselves to dominate the U.S. militarily. In light of the U.S. involvement
against Syria and Russia’s push back, this is very significant,” stated this
financial insider. Concurrent with the information I received from my
intelligence insider, “V” added that the time clock for the U.S. dollar as
holding the position of the world’s reserve currency is a ticking time bomb.
to the policies of the Federal Reserve and this regime of economic psychopaths,
the U.S. is in very deep financial trouble. Yet, you have politicians and
talking heads on the news telling everyone that everything is okay. It’s far
from okay, and we’ll be experiencing the same that is happening in Europe, with
bank runs and bank holidays, in addition to the looting of our pensions and
retirement accounts. It’s just a matter of when, not if.” He also added that it
is obvious that the plan is a single global currency, a one world economy. And
with that comes a one world power structure to oversee this new world financial
more thing,” added this financial insider. “Domestically, watch more
municipalities go belly up across the U.S., like Detroit. Do you know which
city is right behind Detroit in terms of teetering on bankruptcy,” he asked me.
“New York City. That’s right, New York City is right behind Detroit” and headed
for a financial apocalypse.
at the larger picture, we are at the precipice of an economic collapse that
will make the Great Depression look like a holiday at “Club Med,” compliments
of the elite membership within “Club Fed.” “Club Fed” is populated by both
democrats and republicans, progressives and conservatives, those elected and
others appointed, all rabidly pining for a new world economic order. It is an
incestuous group of international and domestic families consumed and propelled
by greed and power who have been at this for decades, even generations.
a result of their insatiable greed and lust for power and control, we are about
to experience the pain of a world-wide crash and economic depression that will
leave no one untouched. Moreover, it has been planned, awaiting the “perfect
storm” to be formed. The last few isobars have been drawn on the map of
devastation, and we are now in a short and deceptive calm before this storm
hits us like a freight train.
I continued my discussion with my intelligence insider, I asked what we might
expect next from Syria and the Russia-China push-back against U.S. and Saudi
hegemony in the Middle East. “We can expect to get hit, the other shoe to drop,
but perhaps not in the manner we expected. They, the power brokers, the
international bankers, the globalists will implement their agenda by whatever
means fits the conditions that exist at the time. We’ve been saying that World
War III will start in Syria, but their plans are not always foolproof. I don’t
think they counted on the ‘alternative media’ to  be as effective in
exposing the real deal behind Benghazi, which was a weapons running operation
to Syria, to slow them down. But it did. Now, they are switching to plan B, C
or even plan Q,” he stated.
in one of the most dangerous times in our history. Think about this, and I mean
really think about it. If we believe that the real power masters were behind
some of the most historic, life-altering and bloodiest events in history,
whether it’s Benghazi, the military overthrows of sovereign countries, or even
elements of 9/11 and going back even further to the assassination of JFK, what
are they capable of now? It’s the same groups, the same families, but different
generations. Their objectives have not changed.”
at D-Day as a classic example of the art of deception in wartime. And make no
mistake, we are at war being waged by the globalists. Based on elaborate
deceptions that convinced Hitler that Patton would lead an attack at Calais,
the real invasion happened at Normandy,” stated this intelligence insider.
“They are using the same principals. They want to take us out from being
politically, militarily and economically viable to implement their plans for a
new global power structure. While we think the trigger event could happen in
the Middle East, maybe it will happen in the U.S. instead. While we expected
Syria to be the causative factor to usher in an economic collapse, perhaps the
sequence of events have been changed,” he stated.
their plans remain. We must think bigger, much bigger, and expect the
unexpected, from false flags to real collapse.
printed from Northeast Intelligence Network:
URLs in this
[3] Please
comment on this article at Canada Free Press:
[4] By
Douglas J. Hagmann
[7] Rogue
[9] Steve
Quayle (V’s alerts):

5th Notice – September 30th, 2013

The Joint House
25 August 2013
Standing in the grace of God,
            We in
Congress assembled bring to the people of the United States of America the law
of Contempt of the Constitution to ensure those elected to high office are held
responsible and accountable for maintaining the Security, Integrity and
Economic viability of the United States of America.
undertaken for the re-set of the Constitutional Republic and the Advancement of
Christian Principal based government in the United States of America do by
these presences solemnly and mutually in the presence of God combine ourselves
together for the better Ordering and Preservation by the Authority and Power
Reserved to We THE People Enact, Constitute, and frame the Contempt of
Constitution to bring just and equal Laws, Ordinances, Acts, Constitutions and
Covenants with offices and officers of high integrity to these United States of
WITNESS whereof, we in Congress Assembled submit for Enactment by the autograph
of the Interim President R———A———-H——–r with the enabling
directive of immediate implementation upon autographing.
– – – – -/S/- – – – – –
                                                                                            P—– V————–t, Speaker of the
29, 2013
In accord with the Political
Will of We THE People, as Interim President of the De Jure United States of
America, the Contempt of Constitution is enacted and implemented as law this 30th
day of August 2013~
It is Ordered,
sentenced and decreed~
Date:30th of August 2013
                                                                                    Autograph:  – – – – – -/S/- – – – – –
                                                                                                              Interim President
                                                                                                      The United State of America

** Iraqi dinar, recently being said ** / 12thMan, Eagle1

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

** Iraqi dinar, recently being said ** / 12thMan, Eagle1
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 30-Sep-2013 04:08:33

Hi, Folks –
Found at
9-29-2013 Intel Guru 12thMan I just wanted to come in real quick and share what has been given to me as mid day today. I have received a call from the main HR saying that we still look good for Oct. 1st. I will say he was excited about our chances. Now could it go past the 1st…And, if it does, we all need to prepare our minds and hearts for the chance that it does…we are close and with each new news tidbit or post from Okie etc, we see the puzzle coming together.

9-29-2013 Intel Guru Eagle1 It’s been awhile since I posted one of these updates, but I’m pleased to say that this one should be the last, pre-GCR [Global Currency Reset]! As you all will have heard by now…the IMF took control of the GCR on September 5th. We’ve had many alerts since that date thinking that things were finished. In fact, there have been a series of events which had to take place prior to the Global Currency Reset being released to the world. [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]
9-29-2013 Intel Guru Eagle1 Tuesday looks like our payday! I have multiple contacts within banks who are saying that with the release of the GCR on Tuesday, they will be ready to do their exchanges on Wednesday. Does that mean we have to wait until Wednesday to do our exchanges? That remains to be seen. It is my understanding, however, that where prior arrangements have already been made, people will be able to do their exchanges on Tuesday. It really looks like we’re there. [post 2 of 2]


Exposing Obama’s Cover-up Of The Death Of 22 Seal Team 6 Operators
in Afghanistan
Analysis of the News you can Use
Recent twitter entries…
Developing Investigation
Posted by Yoda And Dauntless Don | Posted in Counter Terrorism,
Home, Intelligence Organizations, Islamic Terrorists, Magnified View, News
Analysis, Security | Posted on 26-09-2013
Exposing Obama’s Cover-up Of The Death Of 22 Seal Team 6 Operators
in Afghanistan
San Diego CA, 09/2013 by Yoda and Dauntless Don
Following years of deliberate government smokescreens and
whitewashes from the highest echelons of the Obama administration, the spouses
and families of the fallen are still screaming for the truth. The Magnified
View has undertaken a comprehensive worldwide investigation of the of the tragic
deaths of 22 SEAL Team 6 Operators in Afghanistan. “President Obama and the
politicians came for a photo-op at the memorial, put their arms around our
shoulders, told us a bunch of lies, then disappeared”,  said Charlie
Strange, outspoken father of fallen Seal CRT Michael Strange.