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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 04/30/2013
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Date: Tuesday, 30-Apr-2013 19:36:10

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 04/30/2013
1 Oc, 18 Kank’in, 9 Eb
Selamat Balik! We come again! Everywhere, your world is shifting quietly toward its divine transformation. Heaven continues to prepare for the sacred moment when a new reality is to be proclaimed, officially. Agartha is also preparing for this moment by reminding its numerous surface operatives to get ready to reveal publicly who they truly are. Our many liaison teams, as well, are preparing to disclose the work they are doing to bring your new reality into existence. We are also working with the many Ascended Masters to bring each of their secret sacred societies into public view. A unique moment is approaching when you will be able to learn how it was that your entire globe was able to switch so quickly into a new mode of local, regional, and national governance. This changeover will be followed swiftly by a series of special official announcements, and soon thereafter by the instigation of several unprecedented social services, helmed by these same sacred society spokespersons. These programs will be your first official glimpse of what is to come. A new reality is to be born which will include formal announcements about first contact and our benevolent presence.
We are presently placing more liaison personnel on your world and they will be working closely with the Agarthans. It is important to bring out the fact that the geophysical constitution of your home world is actually far different than is believed by most of you. As you absorb these new facts and the accompanying new relationships they bring, the relevance to your lives of the activities of the sacred societies will become much clearer to you. Beginning to understand the makeup of your reality and the presence of the Agarthans can prepare you for what is to follow. We of the Galactic Federation are here primarily to get you ready for your return to full consciousness, and thus it is important that our introduction to your world be not only official but in conformation with the precepts of divine law. Your trust in us is paramount! Once we have your trust, we will be able to set the scene to prepare you on all levels for your three days of metamorphosis in your individual Light chambers. We possess many teaching modalities which will allow you to understand all aspects of what is involved in your return to full consciousness, and we are ready to go over everything with you, step by step, and to answer all of your questions and doubts.
Your return to full consciousness is something that Heaven has mandated for you all. The surface population of Gaia has always been destined to return to this blessed state of Being as soon as your reality is given the green light to lift out of the present darkness. Your unusual state of limitation was only granted on a temporary basis after Atlantis sank and its fully conscious residents fled to the stars. The resulting rapid change in the energy makeup of the surface forced Mother Earth to alter her everyday reality. On top of this, the Anunnaki decided to take up residence in your solar system and negotiated with Heaven for a divine dispensation. This was granted, and a timetable and conditions were set up for the duration. You were then appointed by your Heavenly Administrators to be prototypes for limited consciousness with a view to then being capable of helping Anchara’s children at a future date to also achieve the same divine state of Being. This is how you began a long sojourn through the shadow lands and now it is coming to its predestined end.
Your reemergence as fully conscious Beings provides a way for us to turn this immense galaxy to the Light. Your first tasks in this endeavor will be to arrange an ongoing liaison with the former star-nations of the Anchara Alliance as well as to use your good offices to help many fully conscious Beings, who are now Galactic Federation members, to interact harmoniously with one another. The goal here is eventually to produce a fully conscious realm which emits a most exquisite Light. As this new realm takes shape, you will shine and be most honored for accomplishing your grand and sacred task! Your home world will become a center for the movement that has already spread to over 50,000 galaxies?and this is just the beginning. You will be fêted and your accomplishments rejoiced in by both Heaven and physicality. Your name is to be proclaimed throughout physicality and your glorious history made known to every Being in service to the Light. Truly, you are about to catapult into the Light to create a most remarkable time for your new star-nation.
Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a blessed message of Love, Light, and Truth! Your realm is now moving away from the darkness that has gripped it for the last 13 millennia. During this time each of us passed successfully through the various trials and tribulations that brought us to the very portal of Ascension. Once we crossed this threshold we ascended into the realm of Heaven and into the absolute joy that is divine service. What is so exceptional is that Heaven has given each of you a divine dispensation, a holy means for achieving quickly and easily what took us so long to achieve: namely, your specially created Light chambers. This work of the Most Divine is to provide you with a unique path to Immortality. In this way you can return to physical Angelhood and your vital service to the divine plan. We bless you and cry Hosannas to the Highest for the Grace and Mercy that you have been shown.
The moment has come when Heaven can lead you to a sacred, physical life full of joy, miracles, and blessings for each of you. We, too, prepare for our divine service, which is to explain the misjudgments that the dark foisted upon you those many millennia ago. The dispensation for your return to full consciousness is another indication of who you were truly created to be. Inside each of you sits the divine master appointed by the Supreme Creator to morally guide you in the holy truths of Heaven and Earth. This inner guidance was externalized by your need for an outside leader when you fell into limited consciousness and thus lost your connection to the Divine. Now the time comes for the resurrection within you of this sacred mentor. Some call it the Higher Self, while others refer to the I Am Presence. In either case, look within, blessed Hearts. What you will find is a master of Truth and integrity, who can provide you, day by day, with unerring guidance for all situations.
The coming days will be marked by a series of unusual events which are to manifest your new realm. In these messages we have been providing you with the context to enable you to understand that what is to happen is not some sort of salvation but a natural progression of events prophesied to lead you to a new land filled with prosperity and Love! Too long you have dwelled in a world of falsehoods, suspicion, and alienation. Now a wholly opposite reality is to unfold before you! Do not be in disbelief or mistrust at receiving the basics of a natural life. Your freedom and personal sovereignty are divine gifts bestowed on you when you were first conceived. Be once more the blessed children who are open to receive their divine bounty, and be willing to help your fellows as this prosperity spreads across the world. Use your talents and your Love to create a new realm gifted to you by the Heavenly Hosts. A time of great joy has arrived!
Today we talked about what is happening around your globe. We also reminded you that first contact is almost upon you. Each day we fly missions around your world which prepare us for the moment of our landings. As your inner Spirit advises you about full consciousness, so too do we remind you about what our mentoring is to provide. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Planetary Activation Organization

Healing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Healing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Bertram B. Joyner
Apple cider vinegar is a brownish vinegar made
from fermented apples.
The healing properties in apple cider vinegar have been used for thousands
of years to treat common ailments and infections such as sinusitis, colds,
and the flu.

According to Dr. D.C. Jarvis, author of Folk Medicine, apple cider
taken daily will improve digestion and heal many chronic ailments, such
as depression, fatigue, and arthritis, as well as lower blood pressure and
cholesterol levels.


o   Apple cider vinegar has been used for
thousands of years for treating a variety of complaints. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine,
recommended the use of apple cider vinegar mixed with honey to treat colds and
the flu in 400 BC. Since then, apple cider vinegar has continued to be
used for treating a variety of ailments including aches and pains and was
used by Roman soldiers and Japanese samurai as a healing elixir for health,
strength, and vitality.
It was used in the American Civil War as an
antiseptic to clean the wounds of soldiers and continued to be used in this way
up until World War I.


o   It is the sour taste of apple cider
vinegar that also gives it its cleansing and antiseptic properties. Apple cider
vinegar contains acetic acid, which helps to get rid of harmful bacteria and
yeast in the digestive tract. It assists with
digestion and the absorption of vitamins from food. It also contains pectin,
which is a water-soluble fiber. It
absorbs water, fat, toxins, and cholesterol in the digestive tract and flushes
it out of the body.


o   Apple cider vinegar has a large number
of uses. It has powerful cleansing properties and assists in the healing of
many ailments. It is used to cleanse the colon
and digestive tract. There are many books that detail the benefits of
apple cider vinegar, and according to authors such as Dr. Earl Mindell and Dr.
D. C. Jarvis, it has the ability to reduce
blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as clear fats and toxins from
the body. The other uses listed include cleansing the skin and fighting
acne. It has also been known to have
antibacterial properties and will reduce the symptoms and severity of colds,
the flu, sinus problems, and infections.


o   According to Dr.
D.C. Jarvis, when taken each day first thing in the morning, apple cider
vinegar will greatly increase your energy levels and general health and
vitality. Pain from chronic
illness will decrease and may go away altogether. Skin will be clearer, digestion
easier, and the overall health of your heart and nervous system will be
greatly improved.


o   Apple cider vinegar can be taken
everyday. Two to four tablespoons of apple
cider vinegar daily will improve overall health and vitality.
taken first thing in the morning, the apple cider vinegar will have a powerful
cleansing effect on the body.
When using apple cider vinegar for
weight loss, take three tablespoons in water three times a day.
A popular
way of consuming apple cider vinegar is to add it to a cup of purified water
Emitte lucem et veritatem
Send out light and

Illegal Immigrant Pop. Equivalent to 20 New Cities onto Taxpayer

Veil Of Politics

Cabal’s $2.6 Trillion Senate Amnesty Bill: Adds Illegal Immigrant Population
Equivalent To 20 New Cities onto U.S. Taxpayer’s Welfare System!

April 30, 2013 by Volubrjotr0 Comments

Obama Unemployment Math

Senate amnesty bill like adding Top
20 U.S. cities full of foreign workers!

States To Nullify Illegal Gang Bang Of Eight: NWO Sleeper
Cell Rubio Is Wrong – The Mafioso IS Selling An ‘Amnesty’ ~ Amnesty For Bernie
Madoff First!

U.S. Catholic Bishops Immigration: Church Not Political
Sanctuary ~ Amnesty Will Cost Lawful U.S. Taxpayers At Least $2.6 Trillion

food stamps

At a time when Mexico’s Unemployment is falling and currently at 4.85%

Ron Paul: The Real U.S. Unemployment Rate Is Over 20%!Journal: The REAL Unemployment Rate Is Near 20%.

No More Unemployment Extensions: But Make Sure You Bailout
Your International Banks Through Exorbitant Taxation!

2012 Worst Year In U.S. History For Citizens Leaving The
Work Force: Obama’s Magic Unemployment Numbers Manipulation!

33 million lifetime work
permits to be given to foreign citizens in the first decade after the bill

That’s the number our analysts came up with after
nearly two weeks deciphering the 844-page bill created by the “Senate Gang of
Eight” to give amnesty to illegal aliens.

As bad as the amnesty is, the Gang
of Eight legislation is much more than an amnesty.

Unbelievably, the 11 million illegal aliens to be given work
permits are merely the visible Trojan Horse. That’s right, the 11-million
amnesty — as bad as it is — amounts to the best face of the bill.
Wrapped inside that amnesty bill is something even worse — WORK PERMITS FOR 22
MILLION FOREIGN CITIZENS in the frist decade, in addition to the 11 million
Taking America's Land And Giving It To Centralized Federal Government - Agenda 21
America’s Land And Giving It To Centralized Federal Government – Agenda 21
al aliens!
11 million + 22 million = 33 million.
In every decade after that, it appears the bill may
be forcing another 20 million lifetime work permits, but we’re still working on
those numbers.
33 million” is the number that should start every conversation about
the “comprehensive immigration reform” bill being rushed through the Senate
Judiciary Committee by Chairman Pat Leahy (D-Vermont).
And it’s the number that has to stop this bill before
it can do unalterable damage to our country. No matter what your
Members of Congress may think about giving an amnesty to 11 million, they can’t
possibly justify immediately over the next decade adding 33 million more
potential competitors for scarce U.S. jobs.

Food Stamps


  1. It is Corporations That Profit From The $75 Billion
    Tax Payer Funded Food Stamps Program!
  2. Deadly Levels Of Radiation Found In Food 225 Miles
    From General Electric Designed Fukushima: General Electric Media Blackout
    On Nuclear Fallout Continues!
  3. Paranoid Resident Obama Now Needs A Food Tester: For
  4. Rothschild’s Corporate Fascist Empire: Food Crisis,
    Land Grabs, Poverty, Slums, Environmental Devastation And The Resistance
    To The People’s Justice!
  5. 80% Of Obama Farm Bill Going To Food Stamps: Thats
    $770 Billion [Charged To Tax Payers] & Then Diverted To Companies Like
  6. Republican Paul Ryan: Ryan Raised Taxes While Obama
    Already Cut Education Assistance By $100 Billion, Cut Food Stamps By $2.2
    Billion, & Health Care By +$6.6 Billion.
    Participation Plummets by 63.7% ~ Government Food Stamps Increases To 46.5
    Million Citizens ~ But Unemployment is only 8.3%? ~ Here’s His Trick!
Our cities, suburbs, towns and rural areas
already have 20 million Americans who want a full-time job but can’t find one.
It is hard to imagine what adding another 33 million
foreign citizens with work permits would look like.
But try this:
33 million is like adding an entire new city of New
York, PLUS . . .
. . . adding duplicate cities of Los Angeles,
Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix and San Antonio, PLUS . . .
. . . also adding duplicate cities of San Diego,
Dallas, San Jose, Jacksonville and Indianapolis, PLUS . . .
. . . finally adding duplicates of Austin, San
Francisco, Columbus, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Detroit, El Paso, Memphis and
hunger rage

Obama’s U.S. Austerity In Motion: Genocide Of 50 Million
American Citizens Coming Our Way!

When Obama Strikes In Earnest Against The United States:
The Coming EBT (ELECTRONIC FOOD STAMP) Riots ~ When Food For 47.3 Americans Is
Stopped By A Push Of A Computer Button ~ Why Its Important To Understand!

If Congress passes this bill it
would be like re-creating ALL of the Top 20 cities in the United States,
filling them entirely with foreign citizens and giving them lifetime work
permits to compete with America’s struggling workers — and in just 10 years

At this moment, your Members of Congress probably
don’t even know about the 33 million.
“33 million” is the number that should finally shake
your Members of Congress out of any infatuation they have with this comprehensive
amnesty bill.
The authors of this bill have claimed that they never
stopped to add up the total number of foreign workers that this bill would add
to the job competition in America.
Can you believe it? Actually, I may believe it
because I don’t think they want to know. They just want to give every Robber
Baron corporate lobbist whatever foreign workforce they demand in return for
their campaign contributions. Nobody stops to calculate what it all adds up to.
Well, we at NumbersUSA always believe that numbers
matter. 33 MILLION is a number that cannot be allowed to happen.
ROY BECK is Founder & President of
NumbersUSA’s blogs are copyrighted and may be
republished or reposted only if they are copied in their entirety, including
this paragraph, and provide proper credit to NumbersUSA. NumbersUSA bears no
responsibility for where our blogs may be republished or reposted.
Views and opinions expressed
in blogs on this website are those of the author. They do not necessarily
reflect official policies of NumbersUSA.




No Bank Deposits will be spared …….CONFISCATION…

Subject: No Bank Deposits will
be spared …….CONFISCATION….
REVIEW:   Why does a bank
robber rob banks?
Because…that is where the money is.
called an “inside job.”        
Some of you know this data, some don’t. FYI.

 No Bank Deposits will be
Spared from Confiscation

  Spirit12 Today at 4:43 pm
This article was emailed to me and you can find
it at this LINK

This is very well written, even I could
understand it. I would highly recommend taking a few minutes and reading up on
what your REAL role is, when you deposit money in a bank.

No Bank Deposits will be Spared from Confiscation

I challenge anyone to prove me wrong that confiscation of bank deposits is legalized daylight robbery

Bank depositors in the UK and USA may think that their bank deposits would not
be confiscated as they are insured and no government would dare embark on such
a drastic action to bail out insolvent banks.

Before I explain why confiscation of bank deposits in the UK and US is a
certainty and absolutely legal, I need all readers of this article to do the

Ask your local police, sheriffs, lawyers, judges the following

1) If I place my money with a lawyer as a stake-holder and he uses the money
without my consent, has the lawyer committed a crime?

2) If I store a bushel of wheat or cotton in a warehouse and the owner of the
warehouse sold my wheat/cotton without my consent or authority, has the
warehouse owner committed a crime?

3) If I place monies with my broker (stock or commodity) and the broker uses my
monies for other purposes and or contrary to my instructions, has the broker
committed a crime?

I am confident that the answer to the above questions is a Yes!

However, for the purposes of this article, I would like to first highlight the
situation of the deposit / storage of wheat with a warehouse owner in relation
to the deposit of money / storage with a banker.

First, you will notice that all wheat is the same i.e. the wheat in one
bushel is no different from the wheat in another bushel. Likewise with cotton,
it is indistinguishable. The deposit of a bushel of wheat with the warehouse
owner in law constitutes a bailment. Ownership of the bushel of wheat remains
with you and there is no transfer of ownership at all to the warehouse owner.

And as stated above, if the owner sells the bushel of wheat without your
consent or authority, he has committed a crime as well as having committed a
civil wrong (a tort) of conversion – converting your property to his own use
and he can be sued.

Let me use another analogy. If a cashier in a supermarket removes $100 from the
till on Friday to have a frolic on Saturday, he has committed theft, even
though he may replace the $100 on Monday without the knowledge of the owner /
manager of the supermarket. The $100 the cashier stole on Friday is also
indistinguishable from the $100 he put back in the till on Monday. In both
situations – the wheat in the warehouse and the $100 dollar bill in the till,
which have been unlawfully misappropriated would constitute a crime.

Keep this principle and issue at the back of your mind.

Now we shall proceed with the money
that you have deposited with your

I am sure that most of you have little or no knowledge about banking,
specifically fractional reserve banking.

Since you were a little kid, your parents have encouraged you to save some
money to instil in you the good habit of money management.

And when you grew up and got married, you in turn instilled the same discipline
in your children. Your faith in the integrity of the bank is almost absolute.
Your money in the bank would earn an interest income.

And when you want your money back, all you needed to do is to withdraw the
money together with the accumulated interest. Never for a moment did you think
that you had transferred ownership of your money to the bank. Your belief was
grounded in like manner as the owner of the bushel of wheat stored in the

However, this belief is and has always been a lie. You were led to believe this
lie because of savvy advertisements by the banks and government assurances that
your money is safe and is protected by deposit insurance.

But, the insurance does not cover all the monies that you have deposited in the
bank, but to a limited amount e.g. $250,000 in the US by the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Germany €100,000, UK £85,000 etc.

But, unlike the owner of the bushel of wheat who has deposited the wheat with
the warehouse owner, your ownership of the monies that you have deposited with
the bank is transferred to the bank and all you have is the right to demand its
repayment. And, if the bank fails to repay your monies (e.g. $100), your only
remedy is to sue the bank and if the bank is insolvent you get nothing.

You may recover some of your money if your deposit is covered by an insurance
scheme as referred to earlier but in a fixed amount. But, there is a catch
here. Most insurance schemes whether backed by the government or not do not
have sufficient monies to cover all the deposits in the banking system.

So, in the worst case scenario – a systemic collapse, there is no way
for you to get your money back.

In fact, and as illustrated in the Cyprus banking fiasco, the authorities went
to the extent of confiscating your deposits to pay the banks’ creditors. When
that happened, ordinary citizens and financial analysts cried out that such
confiscation was daylight robbery. But, is it?

Surprise, surprise!

It will come as a shock to all of you to know that such daylight robbery is
perfectly legal and this has been so for hundreds of years.

Let me explain.

The reason is that unlike the owner of the bushel of wheat whose ownership of the
wheat WAS NEVER TRANSFERRED to the warehouse owner when the same was deposited,
the moment you deposited your money with the bank, the ownership is transferred
to the bank.

Your status is that of A CREDITOR TO THE BANK and the BANK IS IN LAW A DEBTOR to
you. You are deemed to have “lent” your money to the bank for the bank to apply
to its banking business (even to gamble in the biggest casino in the world –
the global derivatives casino).

You have become a creditor, AN UNSECURED CREDITOR. Therefore, by law, in
the insolvency of a bank, you as an unsecured creditor stand last in the queue
of creditors to be paid out of any funds and or assets which the bank has to
pay its creditors. The secured creditors are always first in line to be paid.
It is only after secured creditors have been paid and there are still some
funds left (usually, not much, more often zilch!) that unsecured creditors are
paid and the sums pro-rated among all the unsecured creditors.

This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The law has been in existence for hundreds of years and was established in
England by the House of Lords in the case Foley v Hill in 1848.

When a customer deposits money with his banker, the relationship that arises is
one of creditor and debtor, with the banker liable to repay the money deposited
when demanded by the customer. Once money has been paid to the banker, it
belongs to the banker and he is free to use the money for his own purpose.

I will now quote the relevant portion of the judgment of the House of Lords
handed down by Lord Cottenham, the Lord Chancellor. He stated thus:

“Money when paid into a bank, ceases altogether to be the money of the
principal… it is then the money of the banker, who is bound to return an
equivalent by paying a similar sum to that deposited with him when he is asked
for it.

The money paid into the banker’s, is money known by the principal to be placed
there for the purpose of being under the control of the banker; it is then the
banker’s money; he is known to deal with it as his own; he makes what profit of
it he can, which profit he retains himself,…

The money placed in the custody of the banker is, to all intent and purposes,
the money of the banker, to do with it as he pleases; he is guilty of no breach
of trust in employing it; he is not answerable TO THE PRINCIPAL IF HE PUTS IT
keep it or deal with it as the property of the principal, but he is of course
answerable for the amount, because he has contracted, having received that
money, to repay to the principal, when demanded, a sum equivalent to that paid
into his hands.” (quoted in UK Law Essays, Relationship Between A Banker And
Customer,That Of A Creditor/Debtor, emphasis added,)

Holding that the relationship between a banker and his customer was one of
debtor and creditor and not one of trusteeship, Lord Brougham said:

“This trade of a banker is to receive money, and use it as if it were his own,
he becoming debtor to the person who has lent or deposited with him the money
to use as his own, and for which money he is accountable as a debtor. I cannot
at all confound the situation of a banker with that of a trustee, and conclude
that the banker is a debtor with a fiduciary character.”

In plain simple English – bankers cannot be prosecuted for breach of trust,
because it owes no fiduciary duty to the depositor / customer, as he is deemed
to be using his own money to speculate etc. There is absolutely no criminal

The trillion dollar question is, Why has no one in the Justice Department or
other government agencies mentioned this legal principle?

The reason why no one dare speak this legal truth is because there would be a
run on the banks when all the Joe Six-Packs wise up to the fact that their
deposits with the bankers CONSTITUTE IN LAW A LOAN TO THE BANK and the bank can
do whatever it likes even to indulge in hazardous speculation such as gambling
in the global derivative casino.

The Joe Six-Packs always consider the bank the creditor even when he deposits
money in the bank. No depositor ever considers himself as the creditor!

Yes, Eric Holder, the US Attorney-General is right when he said that bankers
cannot be prosecuted for the losses suffered by the bank. This is because a
banker cannot be prosecuted for losing his “own money” as stated by the House
of Lords.
This is because when money is deposited with the bank, that money
belongs to the banker.

The reason that if a banker is prosecuted it would collapse the entire banking
system is a big lie.

The US Attorney-General could not and would not state the legal principle
because it would cause a run on the banks when people discover that their
monies are not safe with bankers as they can in law use the monies deposited as
their own even to speculate.

What is worrisome is that your right to be repaid arises only when you demand

Obviously, when you demand payment, the bank must pay you. But, if you demand
payment after the bank has collapsed and is insolvent, it is too late. Your
entitlement to be repaid is that of a lonely unsecured creditor and only if
there are funds left after liquidation to be paid out to all the unsecured
creditors and the remaining funds to be pro-rated. You would be lucky to get ten
cents on the dollar.

So, when the Bank of England, the FED and the BIS issued the guidelines which
became the template for the Cyprus “bail-in” (which was endorsed by the G-20
Cannes Summit in 2011), it was merely a circuitous way of stating the legal
position without arousing the wrath of the people, as they well knew that if
the truth was out, there would be a revolution and blood on the streets. It is
therefore not surprising that the global central bankers came out with this
nonsensical advisory:

“The objective of an effective resolution regime is to make feasible the
resolution of financial institutions without severe systemic disruption and
without exposing taxpayers to losses, while protecting vital economic functions
through mechanisms which make it possible for shareholders and unsecured and
uninsured creditors to absorb losses in a manner that respects the hierarchy of
claims in liquidation.”(quoted in FSB Consultative Document: Effective
Resolution of Systemically …)

This is the kind of complex technical jargon used by bankers to confuse the
people, especially depositors and to cover up what I have stated in plain and
simple English in the foregoing paragraphs.

The key words of the BIS guideline are:

“without severe systemic disruptions” (i.e. bank runs),

“while protecting vital economic functions” (i.e. protecting vested interests –

“unsecured creditors” (i.e. your monies, you are the dummy),

“respects the hierarchy of claims in liquidation” (i.e. you are last in the
queue to be paid, after all secured creditors have been paid).

This means all depositors are losers!

Please read this article carefully and spread it far and wide.

You will be doing a favour to all your fellow country men and women and more
importantly, your family and relatives.


Emergency disaster drills at LAX – Boeing disaster drills coincide with 10 car fire at Sea Tac Airport garage

These people need to be shut down
permanently.. They are the disaster going to happen !!!
disaster drills at LAX – Boeing disaster drills coincide with 10 car fire at
Sea Tac Airport garage
Posted By: AndiV
Date: Tuesday, 30-Apr-2013 16:35:44
24 April 2013

Hundreds of emergency workers from more than
30 agencies converged on Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday
morning for a major disaster drill.

LAX Air Exercise 2013 was described by
organizers as a ‘full-scale, simulated aircraft disaster drill’ designed to
test the airport’s emergency response capabilities during a two-hour,
unrehearsed exercise.

The drill is required by the Federal Aviation
Administration to be conducted by Los Angeles World Airports at least once
every three years to evaluate the operational capability and readiness of
LAX’s emergency management system in a ‘real-time, stress-filled

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2314450/Explosions-scenes-devastation-LAX-fortunately-emergency-drill-busy-airport.html#ixzz2RysSpDfF

Heads up: Emergency-response drill at Boeing
Field tomorrow

April 29, 2013 at 10:06 am |


With Boeing Field in clear view of parts of
eastern West Seattle, we wanted to share this alert just in from King County
about a drill tomorrow:

When catastrophic disasters strike, the number
of people in need of medical care can quickly overwhelm hospitals. On
Tuesday, April 30, King County hospitals and first responders will practice
providing critical medical support in the event of a disaster in a
neighboring state.

An emergency exercise held at King County
International Airport/Boeing Field will test the region’s ability to receive
patients evacuated by air from other states, transport them to local
hospitals and triage them for medical care.

On the day of the exercise, 42 mock patients
will arrive at King County International Airport/Boeing Field, simulating a
flight arrival from another state. First responders will practice disaster
triage protocols for the incoming patients, transferring them to ambulances
and transporting them to local hospitals. Businesses and residences near King
County International Airport/Boeing Field can expect to see a large number of
participating ambulances and emergency vehicles at the airport. Emergency
vehicles will not use sirens or emergency lights during this exercise. The
drill will last from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 8:17 AM

SEATAC, Wash. — Firefighters have controlled
a fire that burned as many as 10 cars in the parking garage at Sea-Tac
Airport. Ten vehicles caught fire and dozens more could be damaged .

An early estimate puts the vehicular damage at

“This is the first time we had a multiple
car fire we’ve had to respond to where they were fully engulfed,” said
Perry Cooper, Sea-Tac Airport spokesperson.

Cooper says Port of Seattle firefighters
responded about 7 a.m. Tuesday to the fire on the sixth floor at the north
end of the garage. Flames were controlled with help from the City of SeaTac
Fire Department.

The initial cause of the fire is a mechanical
malfunction in one car that sparked and spread to neighboring cars. The fire
is not considered suspicious or any type of terrorist attack.


Boston Hoax Proven: Fake Blood AND Silicon Confirmed

John, since this is all fake blood then WHY does the RED
CROSS need so much blood right now ???
Boston Hoax Proven: Fake Blood AND Silicon Confirmed [PIX]
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Hoax Proven: Fake Blood AND Silicon Confirmed

Apr. 30, 2013

“the entire Boston Marathon bombing was
nothing other than a theatrical production, smoke and mirrors, where no one
died or was seriously injured. These means that all those who claim to be
dire victims, particularly the amputees, such as Heather Abbot, Jeff Bauman,
and Ms. Haslet, are arch-fraudsters to the most extreme degree…”

‘Boston Bombing Suspects Tsarnaev Brothers tell Police – ” We didn’t do it “‘

One came back from the dead, and I
guess the other had a really good miracle with the voice coming back….
brief video: ‘Boston Bombing Suspects Tsarnaev Brothers tell Police – ” We
didn’t do it “‘
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(Thanks, T. 🙂

Reader T. sends us:


Boston Bombing Suspects Tsarnaev
Brothers tell Police – ” We didn’t do it “
– uploaded by ThePiRaTeCoPy404

Original video: http://youtu.be/EtKO-hV44cU


The More Illegal Immigrants That Go On Food Stamps The More Money JP Morgan Makes

More Illegal Immigrants That Go On Food Stamps The More Money JP Morgan Makes

uncovered documents prove that the Obama administration has been working with
the Mexican government to increase the number of illegal immigrants on food
stamps, and when more illegal immigrants go on food stamps JP Morgan makes more

Michael Snyder
Collapse Blog

April 29, 2013
As you
will read about below, JP Morgan has made at least 560 million dollars processing Electronic
Benefits Transfer cards.  Each month, JP Morgan makes between $.31 and
$2.30 for every single person on food stamps (and that does not even include
things like ATM fees, etc). 
Morgan has a vested interest in seeing poverty grow and the number of people on
food stamps increase.  Meanwhile, the Obama administration has been
aggressively seeking to expand participation in the food stamp program. 
Under Obama, the number of people on food stamps has grown from 32 million to
more than 47 million. 
And even
though poverty in America is absolutely exploding, that apparently is
not good enough for the Obama administration.  It has now come out that
the U.S. Department of Agriculture has provided the Mexican government with
literature that actively encourages illegal immigrants to enroll in food
flyer contains the following statement in Spanish: “You need not divulge
information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit for your
.”  The bold and the underlining are in the original document
in case you were wondering. 
federal spending on food stamps increased from 18 billion dollars in 2000 to 85
billion dollars in 2012, and at this point one
out of every five U.S. households
in now enrolled in the food stamp
program.  When people illegally or fraudulently enroll in the food stamp
program, it makes it harder for those that desperately need the help to be able
to get it.
It is
certainly a good thing to help fellow Americans that are suffering.  It is
a crying shame that more than a million public
school students
in America are homeless.  That should not be happening
in the “wealthiest nation on earth”.
today we have a system that has turned poverty into big business. 
According to an article posted on Breitbart.com, JP Morgan has made at
least 560 million dollars (and probably much more) processing EBT cards…

A new report by the Government Accountability
Institute finds that JP Morgan has made at least $560,492,596 since 2004
processing the Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards of 18 of the 24 states
it has under contract for the food stamp program.

A Daily Beast article provided
some more specifics about the monster profits that JP Morgan is making…

Just how lucrative JP
Morgan’s EBT state contracts are is hard to say, because total national data on
EBT contracts are not reported. But thanks to a combination of public-records
requests and contracts that are available online, here’s what we do know: 18 of
the 24 states JP Morgan handles have been contracted to pay the bank up to
$560,492,596.02 since 2004. Since 2007, Florida has been contracted to pay JP
Morgan $90,351,202.22. Pennsylvania’s seven-year contract totaled
$112,541,823.27. New York’s seven-year contract totaled $126,394,917.

These contracts are
transactional contracts, meaning they are amendable based on changes in program
participation. Each month, the three companies that administer EBT receive a
small fee that can range from $.31 to $2.30 (or higher depending upon the
number of welfare services on an EBT card and state contractual requirements)
for each SNAP recipient.

So the
more people that are out of work and that need to turn to the government for
food, the bigger profits that JP Morgan makes.
makes all of this even more insulting is that many of the jobs that JP Morgan
could be providing to Americans to help alleviate this poverty are being
shipped overseas instead.  As I noted in a previous article, many EBT card customer service
calls are being routed to call centers in India by JP Morgan.
So why
doesn’t anyone do anything about this?
Well, it
turns out that JP Morgan has the politicians that oversee the food stamp
program in their back pocket.  The following is from a recent Money Morning article

And the bank has taken
steps to make sure the SNAP program remains a growing source of revenue.
JPMorgan’s political donations to the members of House and Senate agricultural
committees, the ones with legislative responsibility for the program, soared
from just over $82,000 in 2002 to nearly $333,000 as of 2010.

What a
wonderful system we have, eh?
surely JP Morgan just loves the fact that the Obama administration is actively
encouraging illegal immigrants to apply for food stamps.
What you
are about to read should absolutely shock you.  At a time when the U.S.
government is absolutely drowning in debt, the Obama administration is making
it abundantly clear to illegal immigrants that their immigration status will
not be checked when they apply for food stamps.  The following is from a
recent Judicial Watch
press release

Judicial Watch today
released documents detailing how the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is
working with the Mexican government to promote participation by illegal aliens
in the U.S. food stamp program.

The promotion of the food
stamp program, now known as “SNAP” (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program),
includes a Spanish-language flyer provided to the Mexican Embassy by the USDA with
a statement advising Mexicans in the U.S. that they do not need to declare
their immigration status in order to receive financial assistance. 
Emphasized in bold and underlined, the statement reads, “You need not
divulge information regarding your immigration status in seeking this benefit
for your children

The documents came in
response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made to USDA on July
20, 2012.  The FOIA request sought: “Any and all records of communication
relating to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to Mexican
Americans, Mexican nationals, and migrant communities, including but not
limited to, communications with the Mexican government.”

The documents obtained by
Judicial Watch show that USDA officials are working closely with their counterparts
at the Mexican Embassy to widely broaden the SNAP program in the Mexican
immigrant community, with no effort to restrict aid to, identify, or apprehend
illegal immigrants who may be on the food stamp rolls.

You can see a copy of the
flyer right here.

So who pays for all of

You do of course.

The Obama administration
is doing all that it can to promote illegal immigration, and big banks
such as JP Morgan just make bigger profits the more illegal immigration that we
see, but it is you and I that end up with the bill.  This was put
beautifully in a recent article by Mike
Adams of NaturalNews.com

Nearly $75 billion of
taxpayer money is spent each year on federal food stamps, and it turns out some
of that is alarmingly being handed out to illegal immigrants — people who
contribute nothing to the federal tax base in America but who seem to be
experts on collecting social welfare benefits of all kinds. If you are
working for a living, you are buying food for illegals
who are being
actively recruited by Obama and the democratic party so that they will vote
more democrats into office.

When we reward illegal
immigration, what happens?

That’s right – we are
just going to get even more illegal immigration.

According to WND, we have already started seeing a huge
increase in illegal immigrants coming across the border since Congress began
debating the amnesty bill…

Illegal border crossings
have doubled, and possibly even tripled, since the latest congressional push
began toward comprehensive immigration reform.

In reporting first
published by Townhall.com’s Katie Pavlich, border patrol agents in the
Tucson/Nogales sector claim illegals are coming here in much higher numbers in
just the past few months.

“We’ve seen the number of
illegal aliens double, maybe even triple since amnesty talk started happening,”
an unnamed border agent said to Townhall. The data from Customs and Border
Protection cited in the report shows 504 illegals were detected crossing in that
sector between Feb. 5 and March 1. Only 189 were caught on camera, and just 174
of the 504 were apprehended. Of those spotted on camera, 32 were carrying huge
packs believed to contain drugs and several were heavily armed.

If that bill is passed,
it is being projected that it will bring 33 million more people into this

The pending Senate immigration
bill would bring a minimum of 33 million people into the country during its
first decade of operation, according to an analysis by NumbersUSA, a group that
wants to slow the current immigration rate.

By 2024, the inflow would
include an estimated 9.2 million illegal immigrants, plus 2.5 million illegals
who arrived as children — dubbed ‘Dreamers’ — plus roughly 3.4 million
company-sponsored employees with university degrees, said the unreleased

The majority of the
inflow, or roughly 17 million people, would consist of family members of
illegals, recent immigrants and of company-sponsored workers, according to the
NumbersUSA analysis provided to The Daily Caller.

We have made legal
immigration a complete and total nightmare while leaving the back door
completely wide open at the same time.

We greatly punish those
who are trying to do things legally while at the same time we are greatly
rewarding those that are cheating the system.

What kind of sense does
that make?

Shouldn’t we insist that
everyone come in through the front door?

Those that are coming
over our borders illegally know what the score is

Linda Vickers, who owns a
ranch in Brooks County, which is Ground Zero for the immigration debate, pins
the blame directly on talk of ‘amnesty’ and a ‘path to citizenship’ for people
who entered the U.S. illegally.

She recalls one man being
arrested on her ranch not long ago.

“The Border Patrol agent
was loading one man up, and he told the officer in Spanish, ‘Obama’s gonna let
me go’.”

Border Patrol agents
report that immigrants are crossing the border, and in some cases surrendering
while asking, “Where do I go for my amnesty?”

We are already becoming a
poverty-stricken nation.  We simply
can’t afford to feed millions upon millions of illegal immigrants as well.

As I write this, the U.S.
national debt is $16,758,107,082,298.63.

We now have a debt to GDP
ratio of about 105 percent.

In the United States
today, the amount of money that is deposited in our banks is about 9.3 trillion dollars
If we took every penny of that and used it to pay off the national debt, we
would still owe more than 7 trillion dollars.

We are stealing more than
100 million dollars from future generations of Americans every single hour of
every single day to pay our bills, and yet everyone seems to think that this is
“normal” somehow.

The truth is that what we
are doing is absolutely criminal, and we should all be ashamed.

For much more on our
exploding national debt, please see the following article: “55 Facts About The Debt And U.S. Government Finances That Every
American Voter Should Know

In the end, it should be
apparent to everyone that our system is failing.  Our government is
corrupt, our big banks are consumed with greed and most average Americans are
so addicted to entertainment that they have absolutely no idea what is going

What would those that
bled and died for this country think about what we have become today?



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Dennis and Callaghan Morning Show
Sat, 27 Apr 2013 16:23 CDT

Boston resident Linda called in to the Dennis
and Callaghan radio show on the morning after the capture and death of the
older Tsarnaev brother, Tamerlan. The previous night she was staying at her
boyfriend’s house which is located in the area where Tamerlan was caught
after an alleged “shoot out” with police during which time he
allegedly “threw a pressure cooker bomb” at police.

The official story states that Tamerlan was
run over by his younger brother, Linda however describes a very different

Please note, neither these radio hosts nor
Linda appear to ascribe to any “conspiracy theories” about the
Marathon bombing. As such, there is no reason for ANYONE to assume that what
Linda reports is not factual.





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Date: Tuesday, 30-Apr-2013 06:48:36
Vic Pittman
Sun, 28 Apr 2013 12:31 CDT

“I saw men, women and children die during
that time. I never thought I would kill that many people. In fact, I thought
I couldn’t kill anyone at all.” – Former US drone operator Brandon

A little after 10:00 p.m., and a serial killer
is getting ready to make his move. He has watched and waited for this moment
for some time.

He watches his victim get out of a cab and dig
in his pockets for money. Two of his children run out to the porch to greet
their daddy. The killer presses a button and watches as the victim, the taxi
driver and the two children are vaporized. Other people in the house, the
man’s wife, parents and three other children are badly injured and burnt by
the high explosive.

The house next door partially collapses,
killing an elderly woman and injuring her grandson. But this is just the