Nancy Detweiler: The Truth Will Be Hard To Hear

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                      It is not easy to change our opinions when we have been taught them all our lives. Some times it takes a while before we can learn we have been lied to all these Years while we were growing up. The time for change is approaching. As god has decreed it.
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            Nancy Detweiler: The Truth Will Be Hard To Hear 

Nancy Detweiler: The Truth Will Be Hard To Hear

(Those Who Reveal Truth to Us Are Not the Culprits)

Allen: Nancy was Stephen Cook’s fascinating guest on The Light Agenda a few weeks back on 29 August. You can hear their conversation here:
By Nancy B. Detweiler M. Ed, M.Div – September 29, 2012
Within the next few weeks, Earth humans will be shocked to learn just many lies we have been told—lies that have been deliberately perpetuated, some for thousands of years.
As Gaia, the great being whose physical body we call Planet Earth, moves toward her Ascension, all that is of a negative nature will be brought forth and released so that healing can occur. A spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical wound cannot heal until the venom within it is released.
The Divine Plan for Gaia and her inhabitants is for all to ascend together. In order for this evolutionary leap to occur, all negativity must be brought into the open, forgiven, and released. This renders inevitable the opening of many Pandora boxes, the bringing forth of unresolved grief, and the arising of painful memories that we have sought to repress.
We Earth humans believe we know the truth of what happened in and during our lives. Sadly, we know only the lies we have been told. Behind the world in which we think we live exists a very different world—a sinister world characterized by manipulation, false flag events, mind control, and often torture and/or death to any who attempt to reveal the truth to the people. The goal of this behind the store front world has been total control of this planet and its people. It has mattered not how many people are killed or starved/tortured to death. There is no compassion in this world.
Governments and religions have been used to pit one group against another, creating tensions that have frequently erupted into violence and hatred. Wars are used as the solution to all problems, with false flag events created to stimulate enough fear and hatred of the designated scapegoat, i.e. enemy, to get young people to sacrifice themselves in war. The same persons will be found to have financed both sides of a war. Religions proclaim themselves to be a good thing, but the amount of bloodshed running through every religious history tells another story.
The lists of crimes against the people of this planet is long. Now, in 2012, we are to learn the truth regarding these crimes. What we must remember is that we know only what we have been taught. We may know bits of truth or we may know nothing of truth. Either way, our initial reaction is likely to be shock, denial, and refusal to believe that we have allowed ourselves to be so severely and completely manipulated.
We must remember that those who reveal the truth to us are not the culprits. The behind the scenes world has a history of killing those who attempt to reveal the truth. We, as Earth humans, need to listen … to ponder … to discern for ourselves who brings truth and who doesn’t. Regardless of the pain involved, we need to allow truth to come forth so all can be healed.
A very important fact to keep in mind is that we do not—at this point in time—know who are the good guys and who belong to the behind the scenes world. We are very likely to have included in our list of respected people some who truly do not deserve our respect. Hearing the truth can create disillusionment and the feeling that we do not know who to believe.
On a much more difficult note, we may resist, even hate, the very people who are truly here to assist our planet in moving forward to ascension. As mentioned above, national storefront leaders do not necessarily hold the reins of power. Much can be done in their name that does not represent their true desires. As a result, the people can be taught to hate them with no real basis to do so and the actual culprits continue their sabotage.
The truth will be hard to hear and we may tend to response as people have for thousands of years—by refusing to listen.
However, the stakes are higher now!
We are only months away from an evolutionary opportunity that can propel us into a much higher level of consciousness—if we so choose. But first, the old must pass away and the old includes learning the truth about Earth humans’ history on this planet.
There is a Divine Plan and it is in the process of unfolding. There are people on our planet who are here to assist. Some are presently in leadership roles; some are not.
Earth humans—at this moment—do not know for certain those persons who are here in fulfillment of the Divine Plan. This and many more truths will be revealed to us in the coming weeks.
I encourage all of us to listen with open, unbiased minds. We will be shocked, surprised, and saddened; but above all, let’s not attack those who attempt to reveal truth to us. Instead, let’s support and help them in whatever way we can

Bradley Manning: The tortured truth teller

Subject: Bradley Manning: The
tortured truth teller


We really have not paid enough attention
to this case.

A soldier who came across evidence of
war crimes and released it is being called
a traitor with pundits clamoring for his
death and prison officials administering
forms of torture.

The story of Bradley Manning.

You may think you know the details,
but there’s far more to it.


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Understanding The Banking System

Understanding The Banking System

How to Decipher an Honest Bank

There have been many explanations of the banking
system seeking to make it easy to understand. While I do not wish to demean
these explanations, I would like to try my hand at explaining the banking
system so that even a child can understand it.

There are natural laws of economics that we must give heed to, or we will pay
the consequences, and banking is no exception. We all labor to earn a profit
and make money for a living by doing so. It comes down to trading our labor for
payment therefrom. This is logic so very easy to understand. However, when we
seek to change this elementary rule, we naturally are headed for disaster.

Would you pay your boss just so you can say you have a job? Absolutely not!
That would be insane. We must apply this very same logic to your local bank.

Why do seek out the services of a bank anyway? The theory is that you do not
want to maintain the risk of keeping your wealth in your home under your
mattress, or in the ground in your backyard. Someone may break into your home
while you are away and steal all your wealth, therefore, you would rather hire
the services of a bank who has a very secure vault to keep your money. After
all, banks have alarms and security guards to keep your valuables safe.

So we deem the services of hiring a bank beneficial to our own interests. So
economic logic tells us that you owe your bank for his services of keeping your
wealth safe. If a bank were honest, he might say that it will cost you 5% of
your wealth deposited with him for his services. This would be an honest
payment for an honest service, which makes honest economic sense.

However, this is not the way the “banking” system works. Instead of
charging you his services, he offers to pay you to keep your money safe. Such
defies economic sense.

Suppose you are my next door neighbor and I come over to your house and offer
you $15 if I can cut your lawn. You would wonder if I had slipped a cog. After
like manner, suppose I offered you $10 an hour if I could come to your house
and wash your dishes and clean your house.

This is precisely the same logic that runs our entire banking system when they
offer you 5% of your deposit to keep your money safe. You say, “This
doesn’t make sense.” No it doesn’t. But this is the explanation of our
banking system made easy. Why are the banks willing to pay you for their
services of keeping your money safe? There can be only one answer, and that is,
they do not keep your money safe. They gamble with it. They are involved in
risk-taking with your money, and hoping to win on your buck without you getting
a cut of the win, if there is a win.

I don’t know about you, but if I am going to lay my money on the gambling
table, I would rather be present and do it myself, and not being paid a measly
5% commission on the risk of my own money. After all, if the banks win, they
are going to keep 100% of the winnings, and not share any of that with me. They
are only on the hook for the 5% they agreed to pay you. But what if they lose
on the risk? They will just take the other guy’s money whom they also agreed to
pay 5% and pay you just to shut you up, and then hope the other guy will not
come into the bank wanting his money. What the banks fear worse is a run on the
bank, i.e., everyone wants their money at the same time, because they don’t
have it.

In other words, the banks exist on a giant Ponzi scheme. They are all
effectually involved in a Bernie Madoff type deal. They are all alright so long
a not everyone comes into the banks and want their money out.

Banks are only required maintain a very small percentage on the deposits to
cover those who want to make a withdrawal. That amount is approximately only
3%. This means that banks they can only account for $3 for every $100 you
placed in their banks. It is a shell game which can go on forever until they
are made to turn up all three shells and reveal what is under them.

Allow me to make another illustration of what is going on in the banking
system. I have a vehicle storage yard to keep people’s vehicles safe. It would
make sense if I charged each of my customers $60 per month for them to store
their vehicles in my storage lot. But applying the above banking principles to
this storage lot, I might offer to pay each customer who stores their vehicle
in my lot $5 per month. You can’t believe the deal I am offering to keep your
vehicle safe. It just sounds to good to be true. But then you you investigate
what is really going on.

I am leasing out everyone’s vehicle to strangers and charging them $20 per day,
plus mileage, to use your vehicle, and placing all that money in my pocket.
Every month I reach into my pocket and pull out a $5 bill and give it to each
customer for keeping their vehicle safe. This is what is going on within the
banking industry.

We just experienced a major banking bailout to save the banks. What happened?
The banks took risks with your money and lost. The debt came due and they did
not have the money you placed in their trust, and therefore the entire banking fraud
was about to revealed and collapse.

But due to the generosity of your U.S. Senators and your Congressmen, they
voted to bail out (cover) for the banks fraud with your money, otherwise known
as that which you entrusted to your public servants in what is commonly called

Of course, this money given to the bankers to cover their risk, is going to
have to be replaced. And just who is going to have to replace it? Not the
bankers. They gave themselves bonuses of millions and even billions. You, your
children, and your children’s children are on the hook for the gambling losses
of these bankers, which will last for many years to come. Meanwhile, these
bankers are home free living high on the hog.

With this information, you know can understand our current banking system. But
I have one last tip to share with you. I wish explain how you can to identify
an honest banker. An honest banker will tell you that his security services of
protecting your money is going to cost you. If you come upon a banker who is
willing to pay you to keep your money safe, grab your money and run. Find one
who is going to charge you for his services.

Law Prof: US Govt Ignoring Rule of Law & Harming Economy Further

This is a very interesting interview with University of
Pennsylvania  law professor David Skeel regarding the dangers to the
nation resulting from a growing pattern of Executive Branch actions which
depart from the rule of law.
He offers the opinion that the current problems started with
the Bear Stearns bail-out, but I believe the problems go back at least to 1913
with the fraudulent ratification of the 16th and 17th
amendments to the Constitution, and the adoption of the unconstitutional
Federal Reserve Act.
In any case, Professor Skeel asserts that it is the job of
the courts to enforce the rule of law. The failure of the Supreme Court to
overturn the illegal Chrysler bankruptcy was a disturbing indication that the
courts do not have the resolve needed to block Executive Branch actions that
violate the rule of law.  
Is that an understatement or what?
Note: There were
numerous violations of the rule of law in the Chrysler bankruptcy, including
politically-driven dealer rejections (rejected dealerships were almost
exclusively owned by Republicans); disparate treatment of the pensions of union
vs. non-union employees (Chrysler unions had close ties to the Obama
administration); and gross violations of the rights of bondholders in order to
fund protections for union pensions and health care benefits of union retirees.
In effect, the Chrysler bondholders were stripped of their claims on Chrysler
assets, in violation of the bond covenants, in order to pay off the unions.
A recent interview on
Fox News with an attorney for the non-union employees, including former
management employees, who lost their pensions in the strange and unorthodox
Chrysler bankruptcy suggested that the final resolution of the Chrysler
bankruptcy engineered by the Obama administration may not survive a coming
legal challenge.
Bankruptcy, case of judicial fraud? Dealership Attorneys to appeal Motion
Public Docket
For Chrysler Bankruptcy Has Been Sabotaged To Conceal The Fraudulent Dealer
Rejection Opinion by Judge Gonzalez.

Please pray for us over here – plea from US troops

MailOnline - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories
Sunday, Sep 30 2012 9 PM
‘Please pray for us over
here’: American soldier’s haunting prophesy of own death from needlessly
walking into Afghan ‘minefield’ prompts shock on Capitol Hill
June 4, Staff Sergeant Matt Sitton complained of walking round in a ‘minefield’
on a daily basis to his Florida House Representative: 
August 2, he died of wounds sustained in an IED blast 
brigade was suffering on average one amputee casualty a day
officer told a Congressional Committee that IED attacks had increased by 45%
this year
Young said: ‘Something’s wrong with that when the soldiers can see the
mother Cheryl has expressed her anger at the futility of his death
EST, 24 September 2012 | UPDATED: 15:31
EST, 24 September 2012

Poofness 9-30-12 Off You Go Now

Original Message ——–
Subject: So,Off You Go Now
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 15:14:58 -0400

Ride Captain
Ride Lyrics
by The Blues Image

men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay
Rolled off of their ship, and here’s what they had to say
“We’re callin’ everyone to ride along to another shore
We can laugh our lives away and be free once more”

But no one
heard them callin’, no one came at all
‘Cause they were too busy watchin’ those old raindrops fall
As a storm was blowin’ out on the peaceful sea
Seventy-three men sailed off to history

captain ride upon your mystery ship
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip
Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship
On your way to a world that others might have missed

first two verses)


captain ride upon your mystery ship
Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip

Greetings and Salutations,

I needn’t
say much, it’s not exactly been quiet out here. Good time to practice being
under a non disclosure. Learn to have no comment or like the gurus and monks,
practice silence. I once heard an indian woman say; ‘A quiet mind is a divine
mind’. No chatter, what a concept.

It will be
wonderful when taxes go away, I must say tho, back in Ike’s day, it was a high
as 90% in the us…but prices were low, you could feed the neighborhood with 25
bucks, and they used to have gas wars between gas stations. Ahh, the good ole
days. What if I said, you’re heading to a world very similar, minus the cold
war in the background, or all the chinese walking into the sea and arriving in
LA and taking us over. Never running out of chinese mind you. We got that stuff
from the same people who told us to get under the desk in school in case of a
nuke attack The game of fear continues. But, you know, the only game you got
left is creating fear in the masses, if your pockets have been picked clean.
Create as much mass confusion as you can, perhaps you can get the people
fighting each other so hard, you can offer yourself as the the one’s who know
how to calm the masses. Going for another spin around the planetary clock. Say,
10,000 years this time.

All manner
of legalities have run out in the us government right now. These contracts will
not be reissued either. No extensions. Even last week, some folks found out the
limits of their power. Tough cheese, when you’re use to having the finest.

Here’s some
ideas to think about:

Love and


Let me make this real clear! Save and Share!




Let me make this real clear! Save and Share!Bills
by Walter Burien
1. Many large local
governments since 2007 to 2012 significantly increased their operating budgets
(their take) during a time (2008 – 2012) when a severe recession was effecting
the country. EXAMPLE:
LA County increased their budget from 2007 of 17.5 billion dollars to 25.8
billion dollars come 2012, a 47% increase.
The tactic used from
many local governments of crying poverty to increase income has and will create
a breaking point on the population and small businesses of this country at this
time. A breaking point now and into the future leading to a total collapse of
the private sector’s wealth to nil is in motion.
If in 2007 all local
government’s income had been frozen at 2007 levels, or reduced back to 2000
levels the severe problem facing the private sector of wealth depletion would
have been checked back in 2007. Smart and personal responsibility from all is
required to reverse this circumstance. No more “masterful
entertainment” for the purpose of distraction can be allowed.
Now if you want to be
played as a useful idiot by local government operators, then sit back and wait
for the inevitable outcome of being plundered, stripped of your wealth, and
broken. Then you can scratch your head and again playing the useful idiot
saying: “What happened, why did this happen, how could it have gotten so
The CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – see
definition below)
local government’s “Statement of Worth”. How many people are hearing
about them and responsibly looking at them? Way too few. The CAFRs over the
last seventy-years were not intended to be looked at by the population. The
majority of the population were whisked away into masterful entertainment and
distraction to not look and learn.
EVERY candidate running for public office or
“supposed” public advocacy groups in true conscience for their
constituents should be listing the local government CAFRs of State; County;
School District; State University; Enterprise; and Gov Pensions on their
websites and in their news letters directing followers to carefully look at
them for comment.
For these individuals to
maintain a vacuum and void in this arena is unacceptable by any terms of the
imagination. If they maintain the void they are conclusively showing they are
100% in cooperation with the plunder of their own constituents, with those
individuals eagerly awaiting the opportunity to have access to the same wealth
base they refuse to mention. IN
by maintaining the void, they establish their
intent as a thief in the night drooling over the opportunity to join the
gang(s) that has and will steal from you blind. This “is” the issue
that all other issues stem from and should be diligently focused on as such.

2. Specifically due to the circumstances outlined in #1 above, elections on
almost all levels are NOT elections but a dog and pony show to give the
population the illusion they have a choice in who oversees their affairs from
within government. Due to the money and control of the same involved candidates
are hand picked by the gang(s) and then exclusively marketed to the voting
The candidates that
would actually truly move with decisive action for the protection of the
population regarding #1 above enter into the same carefully orchestrated void
of omission not to be seen or even considered by the voting public. With most
of the public being treated by the gang(s) as useful idiots to accomplish the
end result of further plunder and wealth enhancement of and by the inside
players of the gang(s). I mean no insult intended to the mass population, they
HAVE BEEN masterfully entertained by one of the most formidable organized
corporate multi-trillion dollar syndicate the world has ever known.
There are 3200
individuals on the CAFR1 National email list. CAFR1 is NOT trying to use those
3200 as useful idiots but to use them as intelligent; responsible; patriotic;
wise; and potentially formidable human-beings to educate the mass population
towards these very BASIC factors outlined in #1 and #2 here to fill the gap of
the well maintained void. If it turns out that there is 100 out of the 3200 or
3000 out of the 3200 that qualify for the mission at hand, how many noble
Spartans were there that held back the thousands of invading forces at the pass
to protect their country centuries ago?
This is a War. A war involving hundreds of trillions
of dollars
that by the public’s intent from a century ago
“was supposedly to have directly benefited” you and your families.
Massive wealth that has and is being for all intents and purposes, slyly
plundered away from its intended purpose. Spartans unite and meet at the pass!
A good start would be to
make sure this communication is read by almost every person in this country.
Read by email forward; site posting; publication in the local paper; posted at
every rally, public or private meeting; and any government function (especially
a raise or lower taxation government meeting) Don’t be controlled by the spoon
feeding of the syndicate, feed yourself and all that you know with the
masterfully omitted basic facts as shown here and that can be viewed when
pulling up your local government’s CAFR for review.
Keep in mind the
syndicate views and has treated you as useful idiots. They depend on your
maintained ignorance and you not having the ability to understand the basics.
They believe if the idiots are looking at the entrance to the gold mine, they
can throw out a distraction and the lookers will go elsewhere. Worked great for
them over the last few decades so expect the same now.
If the in power gang(s) for whatever insane reason wanted to sponsor
Charles Manson and Ted Bundy as the candidates of choice for President, you
would NOT hear it on ABC; NBC; FOX; CNN; or your syndicated media talking head
show the names Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, you would only hear the names
Manson and Bundy with the catch phrase slogans being for Manson “The
family is what is important” and for Bundy “There is no reason why
every American should not have food on the table and a full refrigerator”.
If 85% of the population
was outraged they would be drowned out by omission within the daily saturation
from the 100% controlled syndicated media in conjunction with the two
controlled primary political parties to in end effect think they were in the
minority having been wrong in their thinking to object to Manson and Bundy.
Come election time, the two promoted choices of Manson and Bundy would be voted
on, and based on the spoon feeding presented to the population, one would be elected
president. Now the good democrat would vote for Manson and the good republican
would vote for Bundy.
It may be a small voter
turnout but the overall choice of the gang(s) would be elected president. If
Jesus Christ; Gandhi; and Mohammad were running in the same election, if
drowned out by the syndicated media and both political parties, blocked from
being on the ballot, come election time 70% of the population would not even
know they could be voted for on the ballot and as intended the majority of the
population will vote for Manson or Bundy. The 15% or 20% that may have found
out otherwise and would write in the before mentioned, they will not have an
effect on the outcome of the ballot vote.
3. The outcomes of #1
and #2 have and are strictly set into motion and masterfully determined
“DUE TO THE MONEY AND CONTROL” involved. With the population being
masterfully entertained into distraction with War; rumors of War; Economic
Collapse; depression; recession; the value of the dollar; selective spoon fed
misdirection from the basics of massive wealth being taken and accumulated
throughout all levels of local governments and federal, the same well
orchestrated results will repeat themselves over and over again. The in-place
cycle of control; plunder; and population management will not be broken.
The key to breaking and
modifying the cycle?

Very simple: Look and learn, not being distracted or misdirected as to the
degree and scope of how you are being plundered from. See through, and conduct
a careful examination of your local government CAFRs, a local government’s
Annual Financial Report. Spotlight the showing of wealth accumulated over the
decades and reveal a more complete showing of the annual income brought in
there from. You were not intended to look and see. Break through the
masterfully created and maintained dense fog, find, look, and learn.
Seeing and learning does
seem to create a visceral reaction from individuals from the population for
unified public correction of the matter. The gang(s) want to keep that number
of learners small but with clear objective and a “focused” population
unified in the force of truth, comprehension can burst forth like an exploding
The in-place structure
was created by sly selective presentation, omission, and force. It can be
modified by public comprehension and unified smart force applied and allied.
BUT NOTHING WILL CHANGE if the population continues to be masterfully
misdirected through distraction not to look and learn the basics. Many will
look and fall short of learning the strong points. It is that 10% to 30% factor
of responsible individuals, the Spartans who look, learn, and comprehend who
will be effective in the mission to protect us one-and-all from further
plunder. Just remember to support them with all of your might when they move
forward to do so in all of our behalf.
Wars are not won with
talk and intent. Wars are won with decisive use of force; timing; materials;
and funding for the same. The current in place syndicate is fat; arrogant; and
somewhat over the last ten-years fighting amongst themselves in how the annual
booty will be divided up and the standing wealth amassed utilized. It is a good
time for the population to mobilize and in force direct the internal gang(s)
guidelines and modifying of the rules towards those issues on every level of
local government and federal.
When taking a trip, any
trip it is essential to look at the resources available; how they are
structured; how they can be reapplied to reach the intended destination. So
ONE-AND-All need to carefully look at those local government CAFRs, learn, and
comprehend what they see.
4. Look at previous year
CAFRs to see the growth of revenue taken over time, 5, 10, 20, 30 years. (hold
on to your temper when you do).
With force require the
Political Parties; Candidates running for Office; Syndicated media talking
heads to break their “intentional” silence and make simple mention of
the local government CAFRs directing one-and-all to look and learn from the
I emphasize force in
numbers is required to meet that objective. Make it clear in no uncertain terms that
if they continue to perpetuate the “Silence is Golden” game involving
trillions of collective dollars of income and wealth held per the intentional
exclusion of mention of local government CAFRs, they will be on the actively
promoted s**t list for one and all to see and why.. Spartans unite, the enemy
in numbers are at the gates and have clearly breached the walls.
Please share this
communication with all that you know and ask them CLEARLY to share with all
that they know.
Our future and the
futures of our children depend on the comprehension of this one communication
being clearly embedded in the forefront comprehension of a now masterfully
entertained and controlled population that has had a void of the basics intentionally
maintained in their consciousness DUE TO THE MONEY and population control
The fate of the world
rests in the hands of the 3200 on the CAFR1 National email list and those that
they communicate with . Your responsible action to effect your own fate and the
fate of all others now rests in your hands.
The plunder of our own
wealth and that of the marks selected from around the globe must stop if we
wish to survive. Not doing so leads to an out of control freight train running
at 400 MPH at a 1-mile thick concrete wall that is just a short distance down
the tracks. The collision with that wall would not be survivable.
Communicated FYI and for
the attempt to assist at your and one-and-all’s prosperous and good future
Communicated also to
protect your own survival that truly is in jeopardy based on the circumstances
outlined above.
Truly yours and
Walter Burien –
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854


Per understanding CAFRs – Google CAFR, people have been intentionally kept in
the dark so long they forget the basics:

1. A government “Budget Report” is a selective funding of x accounts
from x resources, set up to be primarily funded with taxation and done so as a
projection “for the year”.

2. An “Annual Financial Report” for a local government is the showing
of “all” income: Investment; taxation; and Enterprise, plus the
“accumulated wealth” over decades. Budgets are for the year, an AFR
is for it all since creation of the entity.

There is a big difference between the two. A correct analogy would be: The
budget to operate your house vs. your statement of net worth.

The public has been played with the biggest shell game of selective
presentation there is allowing for massive fortunes to be made by the inside
players over the last several decades..

Every investment fund large and small is a power base. Where that money is
invested determines what company; real-estate venture, project, etc., is made
or broken. Thus in line with that, never a mention of the 184,000 AFRs of the
corresponding local governments..nor the many thousands of specialty investment
funds they contain. I note gov pension funds facilitate the same. Paying
employee benefits from the return on the funds is an after thought for the
government players.

The head communists back in the 30’s and 40’s said they could take over America
without firming a shot. The undercurrents of that statement were that they
could depend on the greed and opportunity of the players to accomplish that
goal and it did. US Collective government since 2000 brings in more gross
income than the entire gross income of the population of the United States.

Taxation is rammed down the public’s throat (1/3rd of the gross income) and
Investment / Enterprise income (2/3rd of the gross income) the “silence is
golden” rule is strictly enforced with the full symbiotic cooperation of
the syndicated media; controlled education; and both political parties as
applies over the last century.

until 1999 the CAFR showed the “gross” standing balances of income
and investment fund balances. Then with onset of disclosure by CAFR1 and the
public now looking for the first time
(a 100% private association) who oversees the accounting guidelines of the
CAFR, changes were made starting with transmittal letter-31 (up to 90 now)
changing the showing in the CAFR from that of gross balances to a showing of
“net” balances. Many games are played there so it is very important
now to look through the “notes to the financial section” to spot or
be directed to many of the specialty advance liability actual fund balances.

Government was NOT supposed to operate at a profit. How did they get around
this restriction? ANSWER: If for example a city had a 100-million dollar profit
for the year from any of its operations, at a stroke of a pen they create a
“liability fund”, deposit the profit, and poof, there goes the profit
re-designated now as a liability.

A personal example would

If you and I ran a business for the last twenty years and we now had 1-billion
dollars clear. We decide we are going to retire in five-years and want to buy
an island in the Bahamas for 700-million dollars. So we create an advance
liability fund, move 700-million dollars into it and now our “net”
balance on our books is 300-million dollars. Now if with drafted a “Budget”
for our business operations (projection of expenses for the upcoming year) of
say 325-million dollars, that budget would show us to be 25-million dollars in
the red. If we now actually spent 200-million for the upcoming year, gee, we
now have 125-million we can move into our “buy an island liability fund in
the Bahamas” zero out our profit, have the ability to buy a bigger island
now with 825-million in our fund, and start the process all over again for next

Now catch this point:
On our accounting of the “buy an island fund’, our liability if we left
the price at 700-million and the fund balance was 825-million, the
“net” balance of the fund is now 125-million dollars. (700-million of
the funds balance is a liability to pay). If we modified the liability to
825-million then our “net” fund balance is zero. 825 – 825 = 0

One other tactic we
could use as a mask of our true funds held
would be to take the
825-million, deposit it with some financial institution domestic or
international and arrange a loan or investment from that same financial
institution of 825-million using our own capital through that financial
institution to give the impression the 825-million was 100% a debt for
repayment to whatever X financial institution we were using in that shell game
of appearance. AGAIN this is why it is important to carefully look at the notes
to the financial section of the CAFR.

Small local governments are looked at closer by their constituents and
thus less games are played. The larger local governments, the constituents are
prone to not looking (they feel it is over their heads) and thus the games
played run rampant and substantially more money is involved.

Health – This Vitamin Prevents Heart Disease AND Cancer

This Vitamin Prevents Heart Disease AND Cancer

sure this won’t be a revelation to you if I were to say that most
people feel that vitamins are good for us.

Sherry, no kidding.

also no great stretch to say we pretty much know the main ways each vitamin
helps. For instance, most people would probably say:

A? Good for your eyes
Vitamin B? Helps with energy
Vitamin D? Builds strong bones

so on.

the average person’s understanding of what vitamins do is minimal.

do FAR more than you think. When you realize all the different functions
they serve, it’s, well, almost shocking.

one vitamin that REALLY packs a punch is Vitamin C.

Vitamin C — more than cold

you’re like most people, when you read “Vitamin C” you thought
“cold prevention.”

true. Vitamin C does help boost your immune system which makes you more
resistant to viruses and infections, and can help reduce the length and
severity of your cold if you do get sick.

that’s just a start.

about it also helps prevent the 2 TOP KILLERS in the US?

right. Vitamin C helps prevent both heart disease AND cancer!

The rest of the iceberg

Here’s a more complete list
of all the ways Vitamin C can help you:

* Vitamin C protects against
CANCER by shielding your DNA from free radical damage.

* It works together with
Vitamin E to prevent HEART DISEASE.

* Vitamin C is the fountain of
youth for your SKIN. It’s vital for the production of COLLAGEN and helps
keep your skin youthful and supple.

* It protects sperm from FREE
RADICAL damage, which is important to couples who are trying to conceive.

* Vitamin C helps regenerate
Vitamin E in your body, beefing up your antioxidant “army.”

* It protects against
CATARACTS, a leading cause of vision problems among the elderly.

* Vitamin C is important for
DIABETICS, whose cells may absorb less of it while glucose is being

That’s a pretty good vitamin.

Too much or too little?

a little history for you:

back when, many sailors who ate preserved meals devoid of Vitamin C on long
sea voyages developed scurvy–a disease characterized by rotted gums, tooth
loss, bruising, swollen legs, aches and pains–and many died from it.

once the Vitamin C–scurvy connection was made, sailors began taking along
oranges, lemons and limes to ensure their bodies’ needs were met…hence
the expression “Limeys” for sailors.

is rare today, but people who aren’t getting enough Vitamin C can have
these symptoms:

Poor resistance to
– Very slow wound healing
– Easy bruising
– Weakness and fatigue
– Loss of appetite

a more serious deficiency can come out as frequent nosebleeds, sore and
bleeding gums, anemia, joint tenderness, bone- brittleness and in
breastfeeding women, decreased lactation.  Oh, and reduced growth in

the flip side (getting too much) is no concern.

Vitamin C isn’t really stored in your body, excess amounts typically flow
out in your urine. At no dose has Vitamin C ever been proven toxic. Supplemental
doses at up to 100,000 mg a day and even more have shown no ill
effects whatsoever. Heck, even water can’t claim that, since water IS toxic
to the body at very high levels.

Get it AND keep it

best, most usable form of ANY nutrient is one that you get from your diet
(versus a supplement). Nutrients that occur naturally in food are most
easily assimilated and taken in by your body, plus you get the added
benefit of the other components of the food like fiber, water, etc.

ensure that you’re reaping the many benefits of Vitamin C, here are some
excellent food sources:

– Citrus fruits (grapefruit,
oranges, lemons and limes)
– Cantaloupes
– Strawberries
– Cranberries
– Red and green bell peppers
– Potatoes
– Broccoli
– Brussels sprouts
– Tomatoes
– Asparagus
– Parsley
– Cabbage
– Sprouts
– Papayas
– Kale
– Mustard greens

the other half of the story is actually KEEPING the Vitamin C — in other
words, absorbing it so your body can use it.

that, my friend, is directly dependent on how efficient your digestion is.

you can eat all the Vitamin C-rich foods in the world, but if your
digestion is poor and your body is overrun with acid wastes, the Vitamin C
will sail on out of you and into your toilet bowl.

same holds true if you supplement. If your digestion is a problem, pills
will not be your saving grace, you limey.

Efficient digestion–a
matter of what goes in

single most powerful factor affecting your digestion is what you put in
your mouth — your FOOD.

you eat meals that are difficult for your body to break down, you’re
hurting yourself in these 3 ways:

Poor digestion creates
acid waste buildup in your body, which makes is next to impossible for you
to absorb nutrients you need.

– Poor digestion creates an
attractive environment for the harmful bacteria in your gut, and they can
overcome the helpful ones. This can make your immune system function
practically non-existent.

– Poor digestion also
encourages an acidic pH. When your body is in a state of acidity, it can’t
effectively heal itself or fight illnesses.

if having a healthy diet that encourages good digestion sounds about as
interesting to you as eating shredded cardboard, you’re in luck. Because
the Great Taste No Pain
will prove you wrong!

Great Taste No Pain
will teach you how to structure delicious, easy to digest meals
featuring real foods that not only taste good but ensure that you absorb
all the Vitamin C you can.

the recipe book is packed with 112 scrumptious recipes,
many of which feature natural dietary sources of Vitamin C, as well as the
other essential nutrients.

Help the little guys to help
your Vitamin C absorption

you’ve had a long history of less-than-stellar digestion (be honest), not
only are you looking at poor nutrient absorption (and deficiency issues),
but the friendly bacteria in your gut are likely waving the white flag and
yelling, “Help!”

since your beneficial
gut flora
also help keep the digestion process smooth, it’s vital that
you make sure your supply high.

addition to foods that nourish the good guys
(like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains) supplementation with a potent probiotic
is a must for most people.

Super Shield
multi-strain probiotic formula
is up to the task.

Super Shield
can give your body the flora boost it needs to help keep your immune system
strong and your digestion humming.

your body get and keep that much-needed Vitamin C and ALL of Nature’s
amazing nutrients.

you do, your body will thank you in countless ways.

a fact.

your health,


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Dallas is off Nexium and looking younger every day!

Hi Sherry:

I have been on Great Taste No Pain for
nearly a week, and OMG the day long sharp pains in my stomach stopped
almost immediately!

I am now trying out your
recipes on my family. It’s all about relearning what is good and what is
going to hurt, but your book is certainly easy to understand and read.

I no longer take Nexium, which
I was needing daily to calm my tummy.

I have also been getting
comments from work mates at how much better and younger I look – it’s only
been a week!

Thanks heaps Sherry!



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Tesla Motors Launches Revolutionary Supercharger Enabling Free Long Distance Travel

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

Tesla Motors Launches Revolutionary Supercharger Enabling Free Long Distance Travel
Posted By: Su [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 30-Sep-2012 12:42:34

Looking at the backers, I for-see a few problems!
Today Tesla Motors unveiled its highly anticipated Supercharger network, which is said to make long distance travel in cars totally free thanks to the use of solar energy and electricity. So far the network is made up of six Supercharger stations stretching across California, as well as parts of Nevada and Arizona. These stations will allow the Tesla Model S to recharge for free, and each charge is said to last for an extremely long distance. This is so groundbreaking because until now one of the major drawbacks to electric cars was their inability to travel long distances on a single charge.
The charging centers that have opened so far are just the first of many, the company plans to install Superchargers in high traffic corridors across the United States, enabling fast, purely electric travel from Vancouver to San Diego, Miami to Montreal and Los Angeles to New York, all by next year. By 2015, Tesla Motors plans to create more than 100 charging stations across the United States, while also branching out into Europe and Asia.
The Supercharging stations will be twice as fast as any now in use and will be installed at highway rest stops. The rooftop canopy at many of the charging stations will carry a solar array that will place more electricity onto the local power grid, over time, than the cars use. For an undisclosed price there will also be home charging stations that will make local driving more convenient.
Elon Musk, Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO said in a press release “Tesla’s Supercharger network is a game changer for electric vehicles, providing long distance travel that has a level of convenience equivalent to gasoline cars for all practical purposes. However, by making electric long distance travel at no cost, an impossibility for gasoline cars, Tesla is demonstrating just how fundamentally better electric transport can be. We are giving Model S the ability to drive almost anywhere for free on pure sunlight.”
It is only fitting for an achievement like this to come from an organization that took on the name of Tesla. Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors in history and had actually discovered methods of harnessing free energy during his lifetime. Since many of Tesla’s inventions were not politically feasible they were never invested in and were never able to truly be realized. Today’s political climate is just as treacherous and controlled as it was in Tesla’s day, and there are many people out there who are fighting to suppress this sort of energy, so the development of these charging sites will be a very interesting thing to watch.
Already there has been talk of financial problems for the company, and it was in the news this month that Morgan Stanley basically controls their stock rating. That in itself is another ironic twist, because Morgan Stanley can trace its roots to J.P Morgan, the investor who pulled his funding on Tesla when he realized the financial and political implications of a world with free energy. Morgan Stanley has been kind to Tesla Motors so far, but we all know that history has a tendency to repeat itself so that is another thing to look out for.
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