100 Days to Set the Course for the Future!

100 Days to Set the Course for the Future!
September 29, 2011
When I was in Alaska less than two weeks ago, the Lord began to speak about the 100 days ahead. I looked up and saw a window. Within the window were 100 doors. This looked like an Advent Calendar, where you open a door a day to find a unique surprise each day. Not only is there a surprise, but each day you uncover revelation that reveals a story and gives you a clear vision for the season ahead! During our Head of the Year Gathering the Lord began to give additional revelation:

“Nations Stand at Crossroads”

“I am sending My lightnings! I have been waiting to fill My children’s mouths with the voice of Heaven! I am sending forth My messengers of lightening this hour. I have a people that will become lightning rods! They will then become storms in the earth. You will create storms and you will storm atmospheres of darkness in days ahead.

“You stand at crossroads. Nations stand at crossroads. The nations are yearning and saying, ‘It is time for us to run. Show us which way to run.’ My people will determine the way nations in the Valley of Decision will choose to go! My people will split the occult powers that are holding entire nations captive.

“I am entering you into a 100 day window where you will begin to open what has not yet flowed down from My Throne, to create the disturbances in the atmospheres of the earth. For now is My time that the disturbances of earth will occur. You are entering into a season where the earth will be disturbed! This will allow glory to rise. You will be like one who penetrates what has not been penetrated. You will pierce through and into structures that have refused to give up captured blessings!

“The Treasuries of Heaven and Earth will Shake”

“You are entering an apostolic and accelerating season! I will send you into places where My Government does not exist! You are entering the apostolic season of going forth. Be willing to go to places that you have never gone before! Be willing to be on teams that will demonstrate My power! Separation has now been activated. Those who have separated will now go forth and illuminate.

“Visit the threshing floor! At the threshing floors of your ministry and territories, the separation that is necessary to pull in your next wealth structure will occur! I am watching and waiting for you to stand on the threshing floor! Then, wealth can be released.

“The Treasuries of Heaven and Earth will shake. Watch and hear the announcements of the Treasury over these next 100 days! The announcement of the treasuries of the earth will mean that I am shifting My people into a new anointing.

“I am separating the Esaus and Jacobs in your region. That which has warred in your midst as Esau, against My Jacobs, will now change! Lightning is falling on the Jacobs of this hour.

“Mothers of Israel…”

“To the mothers of Israel, I say, ‘Rise up and prophecy what I have shown you! I have shown you what is to come, but you have submitted that into the atmosphere wrongly! Prophesy and submit to the atmosphere. Cry out in the temples what is to come. Just as I revealed to Rebekah Jacob’s call, I have revealed already to the mothers of Israel the calls of My leaders for the future.

“Open your mouths and speak these calls forth. I am expanding My people and I am bringing down within you that which will explode and cause you to expand. Move with Me, for even the place you stand in here is not the place in which I intend to perform My acts.’

“This is the beginning of preparing the way into the miracle acts for the future. Know this: I now am activating you and you will be those that target what you were afraid to target in the last season. I will show you how to shoot that arrow that is rising up from within the depths of your belly. The arrow will come from your mouth and will penetrate what you could not previously penetrate.

“Get ready. You have been activated into the season called ‘Lightning’. You have been commissioned to go forth and break open and demonstrate My plan in the season ahead.

“Do not allow the votes of some nation to cause you to back away. I have a Bride that is captured in those nations that are set against Me. I will now activate and send My people in like lightning strikes, to cause the Bride to be liberated.

“Deliverance Will Now Explode Throughout the Earth Realm”

“You are entering a ‘going’ season. You are entering an ‘activated’ season. You are entering a season of demonstration. You are entering a season when every thought you have you will activate and produce victory. You are entering a season of corporate deliverance. Entire congregations will be delivered in a day. You stand at the crossroads of deliverance for cities and nations. Deliverance is now being released into the earth. Deliverance will now explode throughout the earth realm. I am positioning and synergizing My gifts NOW for this hour.

“Your left foot will now be able to be used to crush heads of serpents. I am anointing that left foot to crush serpents. Your right foot will find its hold to climb.” (Then I saw the side of a mountain with people’s left feet going on a serpents’ heads and right feet allowing people to crush and leap.) “You are entering into a season of crushing and leaping. You will crush the enemy and leap onto the next ledge for vision. Get ready. You are going forth crushing and leaping into the year ahead.”


September 29, 2011
King David was a man after Gods heart. Although he had gone through many battles, he was an overcomer and became a leader. When he was running from Saul, the Lord sent him to the cave of Adullam. There were four hundred men in this cave that were in distress, in debt and discontented. David taught them how to be invincible warriors as they were raised up and trained as a mighty army. In 1 Samuel chapter 30 when David and his men returned home from war, they reached Ziklag, and found it destroyed by fire and their wives, sons and daughters were taken captive by the Amalekites. David and his men wept aloud until they had no strength left to weep. They reached the breaking point and the people even turned against David wanting to stone him. But then something rose up in David. He strengthened himself in the Lord, and asked Him; “Shall I pursue this troop? Will I overtake them?” The Lord responded: “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.”

The Lord says, although the battle’s have been fierce and everything in your life seems to be destroyed and lost forever, you shall not be defeated. As you encourage yourself in Me, you will gain spiritual momentum as you set your mind on things above and resist all discouragement. Stay strong and trust Me in the battle. Even when the enemy comes in with an ambush, stand steadfast in the armor that I have provided for you. Stand immovable knowing that I have given you the ability and the authority to overcome every assault that is raised up against you. Do not deviate from the truth and don’t ever retreat. Stand on the promises that are available to you. Do not allow the enemy to intimidate you and don’t be moved by his ineffectual strategies. Rise up as men and women of faith and take the position of the warrior that I have created you to be. Do not allow fear or bitterness to take root and refuse to be moved by the things that you hear and see. As you trust in Me, I will not fail you or lead you astray but you shall surely pursue, overtake and without fail recover all says the Lord.
1 Samuel 30: 6
  Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.
1 Samuel 30: 8 – 10
 So David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?” And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” So David went, he and the six hundred men who were with him, and came to the Brook Besor, where those stayed who were left behind. But David pursued, he and four hundred men; for two hundred stayed behind, who were so weary that they could not cross the Brook Besor.

1 Samuel 30: 18 – 20
David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away, and David rescued his two wives. And nothing of theirs was lacking either small or great, sons or daughters, spoils or anything which they had taken from them; David recovered all. Then David took all the flocks and herds they had driven before those other livestock, and said, “This is David’s spoil.” 

Those who obeyed that will reap a harvest that will delight and overwhelm them.


The Spirit of the Lord says:

The moratorium has been lifted, the waiting is over! I placed you for awhile in My hiding place until you were completely broken, and pulled up, so that I could set you up. My chosen ones have rent their hearts, not only the outer works. For only from this place of being broken can I truly build and plant. The difficulty has always been when you are trying to build on what others have begun in your past. You will keep repeating the same weakness from your previous generations. When you fight against Me as I clear the ground to plant, and you keep throwing old seeds into my garden, it will tend to bring only confusion to you. I want to lay a foundation that no other can compare too, but you must let Me tear down and destroy the old foundations in order to begin anew. I will not fight against your will, you must be willing. To those who have resisted, I ask, are you not tired of the results of trying to be your own God?

In this present season, many will receive a harvest that they did not expect, for they only planted what they thought was best. Yet they deceived themselves to believe a lie. It will not be good for them. Many would not heed My voice as I spoke clearly and often to them to pluck up the seeds that they planted. At the same time and quite often in the same house, there will be those who obeyed that will reap a harvest that will delight and overwhelm them. These are My hero-warriors, those who did not quit or run from the transition. They allowed Me to do the necessary clearing of the land in their hearts. It was hard at times but they endured, now they will come forth as gold, pure gold! For all who have rent their hearts and changed their minds to meet up to My conditions, I will leave a greater blessing than they can believe. There is nothing that you have lost in the past season that I will not restore to you double during this harvest season. I must remind you of this, your heart is the most important ground. 

That is why you must guard and keep your heart, and have your eyes and mind fixed on the goal of the Kingdom.



Lee Smolin, The Trouble with Physics

    For more than two centuries, until the present period, our understanding of the laws of nature expanded rapidly. But today, despite our best efforts, what we know for certain about these laws is no more than what we knew back in the 1970s. How…for three decades to pass without major progress in fundamental physics?

John Magueijo, Faster Than the Speed of Light

    Unfortunately, Einstein himself bears a lot of the responsibility for having brought about this state of affairs in fundamental physics… He became more mystical and started to believe that mathematical beauty alone … could point scientists in the right direction. Regretfully, when he discovered general relativity—employing this strategy—he succeeded! And this experience spoiled him for the rest of his life …



tem-2 1
From Ancient Wisdom (Right Brain Mind-Soul Technology) of the Past, to Modern Science (Left Brain Mind-Spirit Technology) of Today, and to a Predictive Deterministic Bio-Quantum Science (Left-Right Soul-Spirit Technology) of the Future



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Message from SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey September 30, 2011

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Message from SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey September 30, 2011
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 30-Sep-2011 04:59:03

Message from SaLuSa by Mike Quinsey September 30, 2011
The dark Ones are losing their power and the Lightworkers are closing in on them. The object is to keep them from delaying the changes that are so near, so that our plan can take off with all speed. As you might realize, immense organization has gone into it, and our allies have been taking up their positions for quite some time. Each project is a massive undertaking, but with our advanced technologies we can progress even the tiniest detail. When we give the signal to go ahead, it will work like a military campaign and it will overwhelm any opposition. As you may guess, matters will proceed much better when the right people have replaced those in authority who do not truly represent you. Attending to that is high on our list, and about to take top priority.
You are handling the changes so well, and it is helped by your understanding of your involvement and how important you are to us. We want you to see that whatever happens now is all part of the breakdown of the old, and its interface with the new. Indeed so much is new, that little of the old will remain as you know it now. You are to take a great leap forward into the Age of Surprises, giving you all of the advantages that should long ago have lifted you into the New Age. You have heard so much about energy saving devices, and once these are introduced, you will no longer be dependent on the Oil Industries. At a stroke, they will end poor standards of living whilst at the same time massively reducing pollution. In general the basic needs of people will be covered and starvation eradicated. The changes in transportation will take time, and the systems will be unrecognizable to what they are now. Speed of contact and communication will be accessible to all, and distance will be of no importance.
Overcoming lack is an easy challenge for us to meet, and again it is both our technologies and vast numbers of personnel who can easily deal with it. We are so wanting to get going, and we certainly have patience and at the same time we are anticipating the joy and happiness that is coming to you. We love the thought of seeing the expressions on your faces, and your release from the thraldom of years of being subservient to those with wealth and power. Peace shall descend within a short time, as war and the weapons of war will be silenced. War has been perpetuated for many reasons, and not least of all to keep you in a constant state of need.
Your true life starts very soon, and so it will continue as you rise even further upwards. Life is meant to be fun and fulfilling, rewarding and challenging to allow a full expression of your potential. Hitherto you have been firmly kept in your place with little opportunity of doing so. Each of you have so much talent, and with so much time to yourself in the future will be able to devote as much to it as you wish. It can cover self development in the arts, music or whatever your choice. There is truly no limit to how far you can go, and the greatest teachers will help you along.
Life can at present be exceptionally boring, but in the future will become full of opportunities and adventures that could even take you to other Universes. In your higher state of consciousness, you will meet other souls of a like level who acknowledge the Creator as you do. You will have all the time you need as your life span will increase with the upliftment in your vibrations, and a 1000 years would not be uncommon. As you are no doubt beginning to realize, life on Earth really bears little resemblance to what you would call normal once you have ascended. The 3rd dimension and its home of duality, is by its very nature one where you experience a severe testing, and yet you desired that experience.
Given everything you know now, you will gain much strength to see out the last period of duality. It will be hectic, it will sometimes be threatening to life and limb, yet for all that the Golden Age is taking shape and awaits your presence. We ask for what reason would you want to remain in the lower dimensions, when all that you could dream of is waiting for you. Realize that you can only reach your full potential in the higher dimensions, and that your earthly incarnations are planned primarily to speed up your evolution. Think of what the future holds for you, and we are certain that it will easily carry you through the remainder of your life. That way you can actually enjoy it by not allowing any negativity into it.
On the world stage the big players are polarizing in such a way, that the Light has more support than ever, and it continues to increase exponentially. Together with the increasing amounts being sent to Earth, it is apparent to us that this year will end with the highest levels of Light in this cycle. There is no doubt whatsoever that you are ready to move into the next stage, that will open a clear path to Ascension. This year will close with a resounding victory for the Light and with it will come the prospect of total peace on Earth, for the first time in thousands of years. Hold this vision and you will help it manifest, and lift up those around you.
Our tasks remain much the same as always, with the focus upon the dark Ones and their activities. We know them well and are aware of their plans to make a last gasp attempt to create a false alien attack. We are allowed to prevent it, and shall not hesitate to do so. As we see it, other events will precede such a time that will in any event make it impossible. We abide by the High Councils who decide policy matters, and are well aware of the Divine Decree concerning the end-times. It is time for the Light to become the controlling influence in deciding how the future works out.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and find our reception from you is very friendly and accepting of our presence. Some fear our motives but that results from years of conditioning, that is meant to see us as a threat to your lives. We know we can soon dispel them, and disclosure will allow us an opportunity to present ourselves to you. You will find that our very words carry the vibration of love, and that will calm such fears. Our actions have never been threatening, but have shown the caring and love we have for you all.
Thank you SaLuSa
Mike Quinsey.

Your Chance to Personally Meet a real CLS LightBeing

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Your Chance to Personally Meet a real CLS LightBeing & Walk-In In Person This Weekend @ LAX Hilton Conscious Life Expo
Posted By: mroxygen [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 29-Sep-2011 12:00:17

Your Chance to Meet a Real CLS LightBeing & Walk-In, In Person, This Weekend @ LAX Hilton Conscious Life Expo
Many have been enjoying reading the continuous CLS Military Action and other reports here on RMN, and a rare opportunity is right now available to us at the Los Angeles Hilton airport on Century Drive at LAX, and you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to come this weekend if you can.
This weekend, anyone can have the experience of personally meeting a genuine CLS LightBeing from the Creation Lightship – a man who consciously walked into his human Earth body here at 6 months of age.
He is the only person on Earth in constant communication with the Creation Lightship stationed in the True Light Universe of NOW, beyond and above our limited space and time.
See for yourself just how real this is, and just how real their only Ambassador is.
As my previous posts indicated, along with the underground (Constitution loving) U.S.of A. chrononaut military, the CLS forces are busily defending our planet from alien slaver invaders on an ongoing basis using futuristic to us military style actions. I suggest thanking them in person this weekend.
Ron Amitron, the only CLS Ambassador to Earth, and a really nice unassuming guy, will be speaking several times over the weekend in lectures and on panels. He uses the same “only pure Source” healing energy Jesus from CLS did 2000 years ago. Schedule at Conscious Life Expo site: http://2011.consciouslifeexpo.com/navigation/program-guide.html
The rest of the time he will be in booth 201. Ron is an expert on the upcoming real Ascension, the role of CLS in our space within time, the many battles they have waged for us, and all types of unique healings and clearings unknown to, and unable to be performed by regular Earth practitioners. This is because all humans necessarily must mix in with some darkness to get things done here – because they are Spirits trapped in human bio-suit bodies, and trapped in time. Ron is the only one here who can heal without using any darkness.
To experience these free and/or donation supported offerings has already changed the lives of countless people physically, emotionally, and mentally for the better, and right now everything available from CLS is available to you personally in LA this weekend.
You only gain more freedom here, there is no trap or gimmick. You are already in the trap. Only this is the way out of time.
All proceeds if any go toward paying the considerable travel, lodging, appearance, radio show, conference call, and phone and website expenses to bring these things to you. Ron has personally been teaching without stop 38 hours a week, plus designing and writing and consulting the rest of each day for years.
His dedication to reaching us is considered legendary, to say the least. Even Jesus had private donors supporting his work, but few have stepped up here these days due to much heavier darkness suppression.
Yes, there are miracles, but to require that all such Earthly things are magically free – or “they can’t really be from Source,” is a programmed into us darkness lie to keep you away from endeavors like this that must humanly support themselves on Earth. Source does not judge, so it leaves everything as it is. It would never interfere or take sides.
The CLS Light Infusion Chamber will be temporarily erected on site, and it is only available to us at Expos. Amazing experience, and a definite Don’t Miss! Be There. Or somewhere else, but we know which free will choice is best for us all.

Major Banks Won’t Make It To 2012

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Major Banks Won’t Make It To 2012

Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Thursday, 29-Sep-2011 07:22:54

Neither will the Euro, or the stock exchanges.
Many astute observers have been warning of this for two years or more.
The market observers, however, still assume there is some sort of rule book in the fiat banking industry, which will bring the criminal enterprise to its’ comeuppance.
Lie. Cheat. Steal. Murder. No Rules – only greed.
Bernanke jumps in, enters more zeros on a computer screen, the debt is transferred to the American people, and all is good until it gets to close to exploding again – when Bernanke jumps in…

Source: Before It’s News
Adding to last night’s BBC spot of Mr. Rastani’s truth-telling, we have yet another experienced market trader telling the full-monty of truth:
Here is a piece from ZeroHedge.com that hopefully will make you all understand, once and for all, that this ain’t the 1930′s, and that there is absolutely no way in hell that this Republic is going to make it to November 2012.
Five Banks Account For 96% Of The $250 Trillion In Outstanding US Derivative Exposure; Is Morgan Stanley Sitting On An FX Derivative Time Bomb?
Summary: The five largest banks in the U.S. (JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and HSBC) are carrying $238 TRILLION dollars in derivative exposure. JP Morgan alone is carrying $78 TRILLION in derivative exposure BY ITSELF.
Okay, what the hell is derivative exposure?
What this is referring to are over-the-counter non-exchange traded forward delivery (or “futures”) contracts of various kinds.
I am a futures broker, but I only execute futures contracts on the futures exchanges, namely the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the New York Mercantile Exchange.
About ten years ago a new “novelty” emerged in the futures business – the so-called “over-the-counter” contracts.
There was a kid in the office I worked in who got wind of this and had all kinds of stars in his eyes about making a killing off of these “OTC” contracts because the brokers’ commissions were not a flat fee but a percent of the contract value.
Here’s the problem with OTC contracts: there is no exchange standing between the buyer and seller as a guarantor.
In my business, when a customer executes a trade on a futures or options contract, it makes no difference who the other guy is on the other side of the trade, be it executed electronically or in the pit.
None of us have to worry for a second about the counterparty on our executions because the EXCHANGE ITSELF stands between ALL transactions as the ultimate guarantor.
The exchange then enforces the financial requirement rules with the Clearing Houses, the Clearing Houses enforce the financial requirement rules with the brokers, and the brokers enforce the financial requirement rules with the customers.
That is the chain of financial responsibility. So, even if a customer bugs out and fails to financially perform on a contract, the contract WILL BE MADE GOOD by extracting the money from the broker, then the Clearing House and finally the Exchange. This massive enforcement buffering is what gives the system integrity.
OTC contracts have no exchange. They are a flipping free-for-all. If someone bugs out on a contract, the poop hits the fan. The counterparty has their pants around their ankles and the broker is caught in the middle.
That’s why when that kid in my office years ago got all starry-eyed, I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t do that OTC crap if you put a gun to my head – no matter what the commissions were. It would be Russian Roulette. Eventually someone would default and it would financially destroy the broker instantly, and perhaps the counterparty as well.”
Let’s take my business – cattle futures. One contract is 40,000 pounds of live cattle. The spot contract settled at $119.725 per hundred pounds today. So, 40,000 pounds X $1.19725 (shift the decimal) = $47,890 total value of the contract.
Since this is an exchange traded instrument, the customer doesn’t really don’t have to worry about default and can go ahead and book that $47,890 today, and it will be offset at a later time, and the net of the entry and exit will be the P&L.
The contract isn’t going to default, so the derivative exposure is limited.
Okay. These banks are carrying these OTC futures contracts with NO exchange to guarantee anything. And they are carrying these contracts largely WITH EACH OTHER.
So JP Morgan might be the long and Goldman Sachs, or some insolvent bank in Europe is the short on the other side.
If these banks default, which is now a mathematical certainty because they are not only insolvent, but insolvent multiple times over and there isn’t enough money in the world to bail them out, there is going to be a cascading default on all of these OTC contracts.
Now look at the value and exposure of these OTC derivatives again: the top 5 banks in the US alone have exposure of $238 TRILLION dollars.
The total GDP of the United States is $14.5 Trillion.
The total GDP of China is $6 Trillion.
The total land mass on earth is 36.8 billion acres. If every acre of land on earth was “sold” for $6467 per acre, that would total $238 Trillion.
JP Morgan BY ITSELF has derivative exposure equal to over FIVE TIMES the value of the entire US GDP.
And no, there will not be a 1:1 offsetting in a collapse, because the collapse will be asymmetrical, and the bankrupt party will first pursue FULL payment on its “longs” (think of these as accounts receivables) while its “shorts” (accounts payable) will only pay out 20 cents on the dollar OR LESS.
In other words, these entities will tear each other apart in a mad dogfight and this dogfight will take the entire world down with it.
AND THE MASSIVELY CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENT SECURITIES REGULATORS, BOTH GOVERNMENTAL AND PRIVATE, SAT BY AND WATCHED THIS HAPPEN. That is what happens when you let a group of criminals run a bureaucracy of affirmative action hires to “audit” the financial industry. Scroll down and read my post titled “There Must Be A Reckoning.”
It’s over. There is no coming back from this. The only thing that can happen is a total and complete collapse of EVERYTHING we now know, and humanity starts from scratch.
And if you think that this collapse is going to play out without one hell of a big hot war, you are sadly, sadly mistaken.
Ann Barnhardt – Barnhardt Capital Management, Inc.
I’m going to add to what Ann has explained so well:
By the end of 2007, all the Too-Big-to-Fail (TBTF) banks were writing these things hand-over-fist because they already knew they were in doo-doo.
All this did was put massive leverage into the system…..debt, leveraged upon debt, with no asset value behind much of it.
And here is where it gets truly ugly for my conservative friends who refuse to look at Wall Street as the criminals they are: THEY DID THIS KNOWING FULL WELL THE MAJORITY OF THE DERIVATIVES THEY WERE CREATING WERE FRAUDULENT AND BACKED BY NOTHING.
How do I know this? A myriad of lawsuits filed all over the country with a literal shitton of depositions on discovery. These are not lawsuits filed by merely disgruntled foreclosure victims; these are lawsuits filed by large insurance companies like Allstate and MetLife, and even The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFH) because they all realized far too late that they’d been sold worthless crap.
This is not to mention how adamantly the TBTFs have lobbied against any whiff of the idea of forcing these things onto an exchange where they would be made transparent.
That’s pretty much a tipoff that they’re hiding something very bad. If the used car salesman won’t let you look under the hood, you can be pretty sure there’s something there you won’t like much.
The idea Wall Street had here with creating these fraudulent pieces of toxic waste was that if even a fraction of these ‘paid out’ for them, they could ‘save themselves.’
Unfortunately this doesn’t work when Wall Street runs out of suckers; you know, pension plans, insurance companies, retail investors and other places they could sell these things to without anyone understanding what they were buying.
Most importantly, when they ran out of suckers they could put into home loans they couldn’t afford, this was the beginning of the end and the whole scheme began to unravel.
Even better, our government not only looked the other way when they were made aware of what was going on, they began to aid and abet the criminal activity….because the TBTFs convinced the government that ‘economic meltdown could be avoided’ if they were just given time for the ‘asset values to come back.’
THIS whole game was facilitated by none-other than Hank Paulson. You know, ‘Mr-I-Have-A-Bazooka.’
Our entire global economy is a giant Ponzi Scheme.
Makes Social Security look like a rounding error. This also gives one a better perspective on the stock market movements. (Yeah, 400 point Dow Jones Industrial ranges in a day is a ‘stable market’.)
What the market is now is merely the TBTF banks chasing government cheese. Where is the next bailout coming from? Wherever they THINK it is (and since they push for it, they have a good idea), they front run it and pile in, using HFT to try to position better than the next TBTF.
Who is going to get the next ‘exemption from the law’? Wherever they think THAT is coming next, again, they go ‘all-in’ – thus providing the massive swings in the market with both bonds (treasuries and corporate debt) and stocks.
Any idea that there is ANYTHING left of a ‘free-market’ is a LIE. Wake up and smell the Ponzi conservatives, and stop defending the criminals with your cries of ‘it’s anti-capitalist to protest against Wall Street.’
It’s not about your neighbor getting a free house, it’s about massive, global, legalized financial rape.
Wall Street a/k/a the Too-Big-To-Fails are chasing corruption. They’re chasing legalized theft sanctioned by our government and you can watch it in real-time every day….just pull up a stock chart. Any stock chart.
Have a nice day.
Perhaps now you will start screaming STOP THE LOOTING & START PROSECUTING!


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Posted By: watcher51445
Date: Wednesday, 28-Sep-2011 18:02:38

Last evening I talked to Russell’s Golden Boy.. Had’nt heard from him for a while but something said “call him”.. I called him, he was recovering from a sever beating which resulted in his pelvis being fractured like an egg shell which was instigated by those gentlemen who at the ‘behest’ of those old boys who offered me $40 Billion Dollars if “I” would cover those two unauthorized $120 Billion Dollar Transactions back in 1991 which eventually was the catylist which brought down the World Trade Towers with a direct hit on Cantor Fitzgerald, also destroying another ‘participant’ office of Goldman Sachs on 9/11/01. (If you remember I accepted on the terms of the $40Billion being in Gold Bullion, Core Drilled, Assayed and Re-certified, then delivered to my bank of choice. Which resulted in every bank around the globe discovering they held ‘gold plated tungsten.. instead of Gold Bullion.)
To all of our surprise: Suddenly, Monday Sept. 6, 2011.. Englands LONDON ‘GOLD’ EXCHANGE IS PERMENTLY CLOSED FOR BUSINESS ???
As all of this is going on.. BOGUS Liens are showing up
9/18/11 LEINS ON “U.S.” NAWAPA. http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/2429/irslienonamericaearlier.pdf
Lloyd’s insurer sues Saudi Arabia for ‘funding 9/11 attacks’
September 19, 2011, The Independent (One of the UK’s leading newspapers)
Then all the scuttlebutt about Tim Geithner showing the Northernly portion of the lower quadrant of his South Bound Body to the International Bankers..
Rumors, Rumors, more rumors and more scuttlebutt.. While trying to sit and get some peace and quiet this afternoon out on the carport, watching the squirrels.. a car pulls up, two men get out and walk over to me.. One asked me if I was V.K. Durham, I replied ‘yes.’ We are investigating what appears to be a global banking and financial fraud. Do you know anything about this? I was asked. Well, yes.. have written about it every day since my husband was murdered by those who forged and notarized his signature four years after his death. Done everything but stand on old Resolute, strip off naked and do a cooch dance, I replied.
We would like to see your documents of ownership, one of the gentlemen said. Fine! Go over on my web site http://www.theantechamber.net scroll down on the first page.. you will fine everything you need.. Thats It! Thats what we get!? Hell yes! Your damned lucky to get that much!
You do realize there is a world wide investigation, don’t you? Well, I’ve heard the rumors, I replied. Would you be willing to provide us with documentation regarding information you might have regarding this current ‘banking crisis’..? It’s out there in the Court of Public Opinion posted on the site I gave you before and at http://www.rumormillnews.com and many sites around the world have the information.. I believe we’ve done enought helping. No one wanted to know what was going on! No one wanted to listen!
I have reached the conclusion the American People are about as fed up with this ‘superior’ attitude which has been placed on that dirty end of the US Corporate Stick beating all of us over the heads with it, as I was about my husband after all those many years of telling him “I Love You”.. which fell by the wayside.. and finally, after all those years of the “I love yous” one day as I walked out of his bedroom about 18 days before he died.. he said “I love you” to me. I turned around and said: Don’t you dare after all these years of you sluffing me off are you going to be allowed to tell me that when after it slowly and finally got past your arrogance and sunk into your head, and you have finally realize now they are going to kill you and I can’t do one f#%king thing to help you. Don’t you dare lay that ‘trip’ off on me now!
I honestly believe that the hurt, the anger, the hostility is the way the american people feel right now..after all these years of being ignored when they cried out “Help Me!” as their homes, farms, life insurances etc were being ripped away and stolen by foreign bankers.. and now it’s come to a head.. Americans don’t want to hear that same old story any longer.
Needless to say.. the two men left empty handed with the exception of the two web site address’s.
I just don’t want to hear about this any more!
After they left I called the Golden Boy, told him what had happened… he was about as put out as I was over this mess.
We discussed the “Jamie Diamon and little Timmy Geithner” business of ‘kicking the slats out of their “banking play pen” around the world trying to make the world believe they owned something they did’nt own.. being exposed by the GOLD CARTEL BANKS..
He was of the same opinion as I… What the hell took them so long!? WHY NOW!?