FORECLOSURE – How Chase Ruined Lives of People Who Paid Off Their Mortgages

How Chase Ruined Lives of People Who Paid Off Their Mortgages

Matt Taibbi, in giving a well deserved thrashing to the banking industry’s Tokyo Rose, aka New York Fed director Kathryn Wylde, said:

[S]tealing is pretty much the worst thing that a bank can do — and these banks just finished the longest and most orgiastic campaign of stealing in the history of money.

Once you read the allegations in the cases included in this post, I strongly suspect you will agree that the “ruining lives” in the headline is not an exaggeration. And as important, these two cases, with very similar fact sets, also suggest that these abuses are not mere “mistakes”. These are clearly well established practices that Chase can’t be bothered to clean up, since cleaning them up costs money and letting them continue is more profitable.

Both cases took place in Alabama. In both cases, the borrowers had made every mortgage payment on time. One was a couple with three children, the Barnetts. The second is a widow, Besty Barlow, but her husband was still alive when this ugly saga started.

In both cases, the house burned down, The borrowers both had homeowners’ insurance. In the case of the Barnetts, they promptly notified Chase, their servicer, and made one mortgage payment post the fire. Both the homeowners and the insurer, State Farm, called Chase to get a ten day payoff amount. They were told not to make the next payment, since it would be included in the payoff amount. State Farm sent as check as instructed, asked that the mortgage be paid off, and Chase cashed the check.

But Chase did not pay off the mortgage. It put the funds in a suspense account The Barnetts found out the mortgage had not been paid off on their own, and called Chase to get the matter corrected. Chase then proceeded to harass the Barnetts for payment, calling at home and at work. Chase then ‘fessed up that they had the money, and asked the wife, April, to send a fax instructing them to make the payoff. They didn’t, called to pressure her again, and claimed they never got the fax. April repeated the process as instructed a second time (to a different number).

Chase continued to call demanding payment and then sent a letter stating that Fannie had refused the payoff due to “past due” amounts. Chase wanted an additional $8000, which consisted of fees that were not warranted and were due solely to the failure to pay off the mortgage with the money they had.

Around this time, April, who was over four months pregnant, miscarried, and she believes the miscarriage was as a result of the stress created by Chase. And this is far from the end of the mess: the “foreclosure” was reported to the credit bureaus, which meant the Barnetts, who have three children, which has thrown a big wrench into their efforts to get back on a normal footing (more ugly details in the filing).

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The Great Game approaches its final shake of the dice.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
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US Senator Jay Rockefeller (Democrat – West Virginia).

Monaco Colloquium – August 2011. The Great Game approaches its final shake of the dice. Switzerland leads a fifty-seven nation geopolitical board change. The current governments of the US, Japan, UK, Germany, France and Italy are actively excluded from executive decisions concerning the new global gold-backed financial system.
It was a step-change moment destined to be savoured by future historians. For the period of a week towards the end of August 2011, a secret meeting of fifty-seven finance ministers from across the globe began the long-prepared-for task of setting up a new international asset-backed financial system.

The gathering was a powerful invitation-only colloquium, hosted by Switzerland, which started on dry land in the Principality of Monaco & Monte-Carlo, and then moved onto a major naval vessel in adjacent international waters.

Nations represented at the meeting in an official government capacity included Switzerland, The Netherlands, China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela and several Gulf Cooperation Council states. Various positive transnational power groupings were also present, such as the White Dragon Society and the US Pentagon-CIA-NSA reform faction (referenced further down this page under a separate heading).

Certain negative fiat-casino players were strenuously refused entry. These included the recently deposed Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, the Managing Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, and all members of the US Nazi-continuum (the Rockefeller-Kissinger-Bush syndicate).

For Jay Rockefeller it was like being thrown out of his own funeral. Having last year lost Europe to the Rothschilds, and more recently lost Japan to the White Dragon Society, he was now physically and forcibly removed from the Monaco Colloquium by agents acting for the US Pentagon White Hats.

Initially resorting to patrician Illuminati bluster, Rockefeller attempted to talk his way into the Monaco meeting. He was rebuffed. “Do you know who I am?” he demanded. “Yes, I know who you are. You are nobody,” said the host’s man at the door. “The Old World Order is out and a New World Order is about to begin.” Rockefeller raged to no effect and was informed that this was now a brave new world for the young; old mummies like him were merely dust to be swept away.

Jay Rockefeller left the entrance, collected a security detail of BlackOps goons, and returned in an attempt to force entry. The Monaco Colloquium summoned its own security and, according to eye-witness reports, Rockefeller and his cowboys were “literally thrown out.”

Shortly afterwards, the land-based part of the meeting was adjourned, the attendees boarded a large naval vessel and continued their conference in international waters off the coast. Two of Rockefeller’s BlackOps helicopters buzzed the boat, intent, it is said, on activating listening technology and using electromagnetic pulse weapons to disrupt proceedings. If this is true, the importance of the meeting would be difficult to overestimate. Within moments of the choppers’ appearance, military aircraft, described as jump jets, arrived and forced the helicopters away.

The opposition of two openly conflicting and powerful US interest groups (Rockefeller syndicate vs Pentagon White Hats) raises an important, if covert, operational issue. Which faction now controls the clone-labs at Camp David (Maryland) and elsewhere? Whose finger can switch off the sleeper cells? Which prominent clone-lines might be terminated first? This is a large and emerging topic of current concern. More about the use of human clones in American political management can be found here.

Another important side-issue arising from the active participation of several South American reformist governments at the Monaco Colloquium, was the confiscation of the Nazi-continuum’s bank assets, BlackOps bases and residential boltholes scattered all over the continent. These have been multiplied and much-developed since the Nazi diaspora first established itself in South America in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War.

One of the facilities under immediate threat of confiscation is said to be the Bush family hideaway in Paraguay. In the autumn of 2006, George Bush Snr purchased a one hundred thousand acre ranching estate outside Paso de Patria, in the Ñeembucú department of Paraguay. The property is strategically located over the Guarani aquifer. The Bush family first got to know about the ranch through their CIA-linked drug-running activities in the area in the nineteen eighties and nineties. Located near the border with Brazil and Bolivia, the estate offers a range of covert entry and escape routes. Private meetings and arrangements with Paraguay’s then-president, Nicanor Duarte, indicated that there would be no political difficulties with the Bush residence and its security.

However, by April 2008, the political situation in Paraguay was beginning to volatilise after decades of dictatorial stability. The Patriotic Front for Change coalition was on the move. Fernando Lugo, a bearded, left-leaning, dissentient Roman Catholic ex-bishop won Paraguay’s Presidential election on the 20th April 2008, decisively upsetting the sixty-year human rights horror-rule of the right wing Colorado Party. Lugo had been actively opposed by the Vatican, ostensibly because of his enthusiasm for Liberation Theology and its spiritual objective of subverting the Paraguayan élite status quo. He was also a powerful and popular advocate of land reforms.

In Paraguay, less than two per cent of the population owns more than ninety per cent of the land, and forty per cent of the population lives in poverty. “We have 300,000 families without land and they have the constitutional right to own the soil they live on,” Lugo insists. If the Bush family had made private and personal arrangements with Nicanor Duarte, it is thought unlikely that Fernando Lugo and his government, emboldened by the revolutionary news out of Monaco, will continue to honour them for much longer.

The introduction of a new pan-global asset-backed financial system to replace the fiat-paper casino now visibly collapsing in the West has been a long-anticipated reform. That it is now coming to political focus at so many national levels outside the Western Cabal is only to be expected. As the ever-increasing debt-pressures impact on food and energy prices, and on employment opportunities worldwide, political instability is becoming pandemic.

The Monaco Colloquium kickstarted the only financial solution which can solve the problem. What was discussed there connects closely with Global Debt Forgiveness, with overcoming the Washington DC corporation’s blocking of the disbursement of the $47 trillion World Global Settlement Funds, with the implementation of the $10 trillion US Dollar Refunding Project, and with the return to an internationally-accepted Gold Standard.

More comment on the Monaco Colloquium can be found here (30.08.11) and here (30.08.11). Some big-picture geopolitical background is outlined here (22.08.11), here (19.08.11), here (15.08.11), here (09.08.11), here (08.08.11), here (01.08.11), here (25.07.11) and here (17.07.11). Continually updated gold price charts can be viewed here and here. And the corresponding silver charts are here and here.

Cloning – Recent Times

John’s Comments – I have a hard time with this topic. But I remain open minded.

Cloning – Recent Times

Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. President to be cloned. As you will read later on, it is important for world control that all the “leaders” be cloned, as they will then follow orders without thinking, and they have no emotions – no compassion, for instance, so they will carry out orders regardless of the moral implications of the action.

The mind is a liquid crystal so it can be downloaded into the new “clone.” It frequently requires refreshing, and as time goes on, the frequency increases. That frequency will go down to every two weeks before it is time to discard that model and bring in a fresh one.

If you are observant, you will find differences in facial characteristics. When George Bush Sr was giving his speech in Tokyo, he collapsed and had to be removed. When he was brought back about ten minutes later, how many people noted that he now had FRECKLES? Nobody in the press dared mention that!

He had been hit and killed by a Russian particle beam. On subsequent occasions a black box was seen positioned on both sides of him to counter these deadly weapons.

North of the border, Canadian Prime Minister Chrétien was known to speak out of the side of his mouth. One day he started speaking out of the OPPOSITE side of the mouth! Physicians will tell you that this is impossible. Of course, most of the time nobody really understood what he was saying, so nobody paid much attention to him at the best of times.

Russian Premier Gorbachev had a prominent scar on his forehead. That always remained, but you might recollect that he was “missing” for three weeks at one time, and the Russians had failed to concoct an adequate story to cover up that absence. This was the time when it took a full three weeks to create a new clone. A giveaway to those who understood.

To some this is a funny story. It was early days when President Jimmy Carter was cloned. Clones are programmed, and he was programmed to give a certain speech at the United Nations. To the dismay of the Americans, President Carter gave a speech opposing rather than supporting the topic in question. They hurriedly took him away for examination. It was later revealed that the Russians had ‘ambushed’ and re-programmed him with their version of what he should say…. talk about one-upmanship! Security was increased…..

The most important personages have THREE clones at any one time – in case there is an accident, such as happened in Tokyo. This also explains why there is such a huge entourage around the U.S. President – it is easier to hide the clones that way. Then a secondary clone can come out as if nothing had happened – as in Tokyo.

Fiat Crooks Merkel, Sarkozy, Lagarde, Trichet

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Play With Fire – Get Burned! Fiat Crooks Merkel, Sarkozy, Lagarde, Trichet – Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 30-Aug-2011 10:15:59

Source: UK Telegraph
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
8:07PM BST 28 Aug 2011
Is Germany about to dump the EuroZone project?
EuroSceptic hysteria consumes Berlin.
Financial Crisis
Euro bail-out in doubt as ‘hysteria’ sweeps Germany
German Chancellor Angela Merkel no longer has enough coalition votes in the Bundestag to secure backing for Europe’s revamped rescue machinery, threatening a consitutional crisis in Germany and a fresh eruption of the euro debt saga.
Merkel and Sarkozy rule out talks on eurobonds.
Seething discontent in Germany over Europe’s debt crisis has spread to all the key institutions.
Photo: AP
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
8:07PM BST 28 Aug 2011
Comments1241 Comments
Mrs Merkel has cancelled a high-profile trip to Russia on September 7, the crucial day when the package goes to the Bundestag and the country’s constitutional court rules on the legality of the EU’s bail-out machinery.
If the court rules that the €440bn rescue fund (EFSF) breaches Treaty law or undermines German fiscal sovereignty, it risks setting off an instant brushfire across monetary union.
The seething discontent in Germany over Europe’s debt crisis has spread to all the key institutions of the state.
“Hysteria is sweeping Germany ” said Klaus Regling, the EFSF’s director.
German media reported that the latest tally of votes in the Bundestag shows that 23 members from Mrs Merkel’s own coalition plan to vote against the package, including twelve of the 44 members of Bavaria’s Social Christians (CSU).
This may force the Chancellor to rely on opposition votes, risking a government collapse.
Christian Wulff, Germany’s president, stunned the country last week by accusing the European Central Bank of going “far beyond its mandate” with mass purchases of Spanish and Italian debt, and warning that the Europe’s headlong rush towards fiscal union stikes at the “very core” of democracy.
“Decisions have to be made in parliament in a liberal democracy. That is where legitimacy lies,” he said.
A day earlier the Bundesbank had fired its own volley, condemning the ECB’s bond purchases and warning the EU is drifting towards debt union without “democratic legitimacy” or treaty backing.
Joahannes Singhammer, leader of the CSU’s Bundestag group, accused the ECB of acting “dangerously” by jumping the gun before parliaments had voted. The ECB is implicitly acting on behalf of the rescue fund until it is ratified.
A CSU document to be released on Monday flatly rebuts the latest accord between Chancellor Merkel and French president Nicholas Sarkozy, saying plans for an “economic government for eurozone states” are unacceptable. It demands treaty changes to let EMU states go bankrupt, and to eject them from the euro altogether for serial abuses.
“An unlimited transfer union and pooling of debts for any length of time would imply a shared financial government and decisively change the character of a European confederation of states,” said the draft, obtained by Der Spiegel.
Mrs Merkel faces mutiny even within her own Christian Democrat (CDU) family. Wolfgang Bossbach, the spokesman for internal affairs, said he would oppose the package. “I can’t vote against my own conviction,” he said.
The Bundestag is expected to decide late next month on the package, which empowers the EFSF to buy bonds pre-emptively and recapitalize banks. While the bill is likely to pass, the furious debate leaves no doubt that Germany will resist moves to boost the EFSF’s firepower yet further. Most City banks say the fund needs €2 trillion to stop the crisis engulfing Spain and Italy.
Mrs Merkel’s aides say she is facing “war on every front”. The next month will decide her future, Germany’s destiny, and the fate of monetary union.
Is Germany about to dump the EuroZone project?
EuroSceptic Hysteria Consumes Berlin.
Source: Alcuin Bramerton
To save its banks, Germany is being forced to actively consider leaving the EuroZone.
Neither the German Ministry of Finance, or the Bundesbank, or the major German commercial banks can afford to finance the anticipated multi-trillion rising costs of successive EuroZone sovereign default bailouts.
Nor is it politically or legally possible, inside Germany, to get a democratic consensus behind such an attempt at EuroZone salvation.
Speaking at the Jackson Hole Western Cabal banksters’ wake on Saturday 27th August 2011, Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, said that Western banks needed urgent recapitalisation.
If this is not addressed we could easily see the further spread of economic weakness to core countries, and a debilitating liquidity crisis.
The most efficient solution, she argued, would be mandatory substantial recapitalisation.
(AB comment: This would be achieved immediately if the $47 trillion World Global Settlement Funds were released,
and if the Basel-mandated $10 trillion US Dollar Refunding Project was implemented.
Both schemes are fully capitalised and ready to run.)
But apart from Washington, nowhere in world economics is the political inertia and policy paralysis more evident than in Germany.
The seething discontent in Germany over Europe’s debt crisis has spread to all the key institutions of state.
The latest tally of votes in the Bundestag indicates that 23 members of Angela Merkel’s own coalition group plan to vote against the EuroZone bailout package, including twelve of the 44 members of Bavaria’s Social Christians (the CSU).
Christian Wulff, the German President, has accused the European Central Bank of going far beyond its mandate with its mass purchases of Spanish and Italian debt. Wulff warned that the EuroZone’s headlong rush towards fiscal union strikes at the very core of European democracy.
The Bundesbank has condemned the ECB’s bond purchases and has warned that the EU is drifting towards debt union without democratic legitimacy or treaty backing.
Joahannes Singhammer, leader of the CSU’s Bundestag group, accused the ECB of acting dangerously by jumping the gun before sovereign national parliaments had had a chance to vote on the issue.
A CSU document released on Monday 29th August 2011, flatly rebuts the latest emergency accord between the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French President, Nicholas Sarkozy.
The CSU says that plans for an economic government for EuroZone states are unacceptable. The document demands treaty changes to allow EMU states such as Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France to go bankrupt, and to eject them from the Euro altogether for serial financial abuses.
More developing EuroCrash background and analysis can be found
here (29.08.11),
A Dispirited Fed Chairman Emerges From the Jackson Hole
here (30.08.11),
Benjamin Fulford, August 30, 2011…
”Secret meeting of 57 finance ministers on ship charts new financial system”
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Timebomb in Euroland: The Eurozone is Heading for a Crash.
here (29.08.11),
As ECB Monetizes Another €7 Billion In PIIGS Debt,
Trichet Says A Prudent ECB “Is Not The Fed”
Trichet wants swift implementation of Greek measures.
European Central Bank (ECB) president Jean-Claude Trichet has called for swift action to help (bail out) Greece.
here (29.08.11),
China Post: Eurozone Struggles With Debt Deal
here (28.08.11),
Greenspan: North-south budgetary discipline divide killing the euro
here (28.08.11),
Finland’s demands for collateral could leave Greek bailout in ruins. Row over collateral for emergency loans to Athens reveals cracks in the eurozone
here (28.08.11),
European banks set cash test by IMF chief
European banks face ordeal by fire this week after the International Monetary Fund called for “urgent” action to shore up their defences, if necessary with state money and under legal compulsion.
here (28.08.11),
German Coalition Partner CSU To Propose Bankruptcy Procedure To Kick Out Chronic Eurozone Debtor Nations
here (28.08.11),
September 23: The Beginning Of The End For Merkel… And The Eurozone?
Remarks at Jackson Hole:
“Global Risks Are Rising, But There Is a Path to Recovery”
By Christine Lagarde
Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Jackson Hole, August 27, 2011
here (27.08.11),
As Lagarde Throws Germany And European Banks Under The Bus, Did She Just Truncate Her IMF Career?
here (26.08.11),
Letter from Berlin
Blast from the Past Has Merkel on the Defensive,1518,782757,00.html
here (24.08.11),
Germany fires cannon shot across Europe’s bows
German President Christian Wulff has accused the European Central Bank of violating its treaty mandate with the mass purchase of southern European bonds.
here (24.08.11)
Facing the Crisis
Time to Get Angry, Europe
An Essay by Ulrich Beck,1518,782148,00.html
and here (22.08.11).
Bundesbank questions legality of EU bail-outs
Germany’s Bundesbank has issued a blistering critique of EU bail-out policies, warning that the eurozone is drifting towards a debt union without “democratic legitimacy” or treaty backing.

Man on a Mission – 911

 Man on a Mission – 911
  by Walter Burien

William “Willy” Rodriguez is the 9/11 hero who helped save hundreds of lives, and the last person to escape alive from the World Trade Center (WTC) Towers.

Rodriguez who for nearly twenty years worked at and for the WTC complex is also polishing up a brilliant new documentary of his own called, “From The Rubble,” which will be released in time for the 10th anniversary of 911.

I recommend that everyone track down this documentary and view it, and then make sure that all others that you know do the same when it is released.

It’s a brilliant bit of work—profoundly emotive, incredibly detailed, fact-filled and chockablock with riveting interviews with first hand accounts from WTC employees, firemen, police officers, paramedics and other first-responders.

Before joining the WTC staff, Rodriguez had worked for ten years as an aide to New York Governor Mario Cuomo, helping organize press conferences for high-level policy-making events. He knows the games that are played of Truth vs. Fiction.

He has been on a ten year mission to make sure truth wins out over the fiction we have all been spoon fed to cover up the crime of the century. A crime that was nestled intentionally within a contrived and vile political agenda allowing for massive wealth and power transfer to take place from the planed event.

KEY information per 911 from: WJB

The following is my personal knowledge from being a tenant of WTC1 back in 1978 – 80 and my own look at what I would consider to be the “connect the dots” as to the underling motive for the event. Please share with all 911 researchers that you may know. The following points I bring forward NEED to be the focus of “connecting the dots“:

1. When the NY/NJ Port Authority presented plans back in the 60’s  to build the WTC complex they were hit with multiple law suits from surrounding building owners to stop the project. The reason being was that they did not want the tallest building in the world at that time being built that could in the event of collapsing (falling over) take out twenty or thirty other near-by buildings.

SOLUTION PRESENTED by the NY/NJ Port Authority that got the law suits dropped and the WTC complex project underway was to build a center steel core that all floors would be suspended upon and in the event of a collapse the center steel core would act  as a guide post where the collapsing floors would pancake down in their own “foot print”. The KEY point here is that the center steel core that was to act as the guide post would then be left standing. There is no way in hell that the center steel core would collapse simultaneously with the suspended floors except under one and only one circumstance, with that circumstance being controlled demolition. Even if for some reason a massive explosion took place that fictionally generated and maintained 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit and melted the steal core at a section on the floors, the top unaffected steel core would have toppled over and the bottom would have remained standing as it was designed to do so. (the powers that be back in the 60’s, when they saw the population upon spoon fed presentation and marketing would get all hyped up and spend $10 to buy a “Pet rock”, they knew they could present any story-line and the public would buy it)

This point of unique design makes it: No ands; ifs; or buts, controlled demolition is what brought the towers down. All other explanations are just fairy dust presentation to sway a naive population that is by design a masterfully conditioned controlled entertainment society..

2. After the WTC complex was built NY/NJ Port Authority found out they had a big problem. That problem was: Asbestos was banned in the US. The WTC towers were built with potential fires in mind and the inside walls and steel columns were sprayed with a thick coating (millions of pounds) of asbestos foam fibers. This was a big mistake on Port Authority’s part.

SOLUTION PRESENTED:  by the NY/NJ Port Authority in 1978/79 was to instal a special micro fiber filtration system in the air filtration system of the towers to filter out the asbestos fibers as they broke down and then circulated within the building. If my memory serves me correctly they spent about 131 million dollars on this special and unique filtration system.

Additionally being that the asbestos problem was not going to go away, the NY/NJ Port Authority commissioned a study around the years of 1980/81 to see what the cost would be to demolish the towers. The findings of that study were disconcerting to say the least. The cost for demolition and clean up was about nine-billion dollars and that was not accounting for the thousands of law suits from people who claimed to be exposed to the asbestos fibers from the demolition that could amount to billions of dollars extra.

NY/NJ Port Authority though from 1978 forward did try to pass the buck and “lease” the WTC complex to another but no takers for obvious reasons…

The other serious problem the NY/NJ Port Authority realized they had was the towers were built to withstand 155 to 165 MPH gusts.  Keep in mind the towers had flat sides the size of about a hundred football fields each. If a level 4 or 5 hurricane hit Manhattan with “sustained” winds of 155 to 175 MPH, guess what was going down?  ANS: WTC towers 1 & 2.

Did you ever hold your arm out the window going 65 MPH and feel the 25 lbs or so of force from the wind on your arm?  Well, the force on those “flat” walls of the WTC towers with 125 MPH + sustained winds would be how many millions of tons of pressure? I am not a design engineer but those out there that are can do the math please do so. It was not “if” the towers would go down under those circumstances it was a matter of when. All tall buildings since have been built with a twist design to defuse directional wind sheer forces when hitting the building.

3. From 1978 until 2000 no takers on the NY/NJ Port Authority’s offer to lease the WTC complex. But then in 2000/01 along comes Larry Silverstein accepting a 99-year lease on the WTC complex for 3.5 billion dollars. Keep in mind the lease required monthly payments only. I think it was 33 million dollars per month and he got a deferral on the first several months. When the trade center towers went down I think he had about 110 million into the deal.

So what is the first primary thing Larry does? He takes out a double indemnity insurance policy on the WTC complex. (Total of 7 billion dollars coverage). It took a while to get the insurance company group together that would underwrite the total amount of coverage on the policy but finally the insurance coverage was obtained by Larry. What happens next?

 *  I think the ink was not even dry yet on the insurance policy and down goes the trade center towers; in goes Larry’s claim for seven-billion-dollars (biggest profit on 110 million that I am aware of in the shortest period of time)

** There goes the NY/NJ Port Authority’s big problem of asbestos and flat sided towers that would go down in the event of a level 4 or 5 hurricane.

*** No billions of dollars of law suits against the NY/NJ Port Authority due to planned and “open” demolition of the towers that would trigger law suits from all residents in lower Manhattan due to asbestos exposure.

Motive; Means; Staged Event; Problems solved!

4. Last but not least:  From before I was a tenant of WTC1, the military since 1975 ran constant air drills per protecting the WTC towers being that they were a known target to militant types who did not like what the US Government was doing around the world. The air space around the towers was a “no fly zone” to non-commercial aircraft. The Air Force command back in 1978 boasted that it maintained attack craft at the several bases around the towers and that their response time from “threat” to “Jet Fighter intercept” in the air was under four minutes. From 1975 until September 10th 2001 there were probably several thousands of sorties run in drill; potential threat; or genuine threat in the air. The only one day an intercept(s) were not launched with not just one threat in the air but four, with the Air Force having an exemplary 25-year record of launching within minutes an intercept on “every” occasions was September 11th 2001.

When I saw that back on that date in 2001, it was conclusive to me “They were allowing this to happen”. Every air line pilot I have spoken to since then who were very aware of the flight policies in place around the WTC complex also agreed that the event was “allowed to happen”. If they as Air-Line pilots had not responded to a call and were off course they would have expected an F-15 to buzz their noses within a few minutes. The flight logs of the military sorties from the military bases around the WTC complex over that 25-year period should be available if proper channels are used to secure them.

The 911 event WAS NOT the Air Force’s fault. On that day they were told to “Stand Down” and not launch intercepts. They were ready to do so as was the case over 25-years within five-minutes of the passenger planes not responding to communications, but on that day, and only on that day, they were told to “Stand Down” and not launch. It was not their fault the event happened.

Hey folks, the gang that pulled this off did…

The gang that did this are connected at the highest levels and they move in the trillion dollar world of finance and government power. Their objectives HAVE been accomplished.

The objectives were not just getting rid of the liability from the design flaws of the WTC towers, that was just the first objective. The overall plan was to trigger the take-over of the Middle-East starting with Afghanistan, then Iraq, and all of the other dominoes you are seeing falling one after another over there with Libya being the “at this time” one. Additionally they got the chance to lock down the entire population here for under the thumb control and management.

This gang chuckles behind closed doors as the population is played as complete idiots while each step on their agenda falls into place. Have the players from this gang had consequences for their actions? Yes they have. The consequences have been the building of their fortunes and personal power bases.

What should have happened to the players of this gang that facilitated the playing out of this event? : They should have been drug out of their offices and been executed on the street. But then that did not happen being that we have all been masterfully entertained by design with distraction intentionally orchestrated to make sure there would be no consequences for the  gang of players that pulled off the event. Plus if we are to be a civilized society the old fashion way of  grand jury indictment; arrest; conviction; and capital punishment to the players would be the better “civilized” way to go. If the public ever figures out a way to make that happen, THEN consequences will come to play.

Keep in mind that anyone from law enforcement; Attorney Generals Office; or Government Commissions that intentionally cover up or protect the players of the gang from having adverse consequences for their acts become accessories to the crime itself. They too become subject to grand jury indictment; arrest; conviction; and capital punishment.

We are at war here folks. It is a war between a multi-trillion-dollar syndicate with unspeakable resources and tactics to back up their acts vs. a population who has been financially drained; sound-bite conditioned for cued responses; and saturated with “shut up; follow instructions; and do what you are told”

But then I have always been a believer of: Stay to the basics without being distracted by the intentional distractions thrown at you, and in doing so if the population finally gets the basics,  the education of the masses begins for corrective action.

Would the gang of these players threaten to blow up the world if consequences for their 911 action come closing in on them with the sword of capital punishment swinging over their heads?   They would probably try, but then I have confidence in our military to TAKE THEM OUT before they could do that.

You see our militarily is learning all to well OVER THE LAST DECADE that their job is to protect “the people” first from enemies foreign and domestic (emphasis added to the latter)  and not to protect corrupt political regimes from the people.

It is rather interesting that our military is being trained and conditioned to protect the people of the Mid-East from corrupt political regimes afar. I wonder when the same training given them can be applied here. From what I have seen over the last few years the people of the US are crying for that protection here to happen and happen soon.

On a last note, a day or two latter after 911 Condoleezza Rice who was acting as the national spokes person at a press event per 911 said: “If we only had known they would use planes as a weapon”  it is a good thing I was not standing next to her when she said that. My reflex punch would not have been able to be held back.

Sent FYI to humans who will hold those responsible for 911 accountable.

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Date: Tuesday, 30-Aug-2011 07:41:12

August 29, 2011

PT-2. This “Taking the entire Global Banking, Financing and Economics ‘hostage’ situation.. has gone far enough August 30, 2011

PT-3. VIDEO. THE END RESULT OF TAKING THE ENTIRE GLOBAL BANKING, FINANCING “HOSTAGE” HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH. As the “bogus” US debt paper was carefully introduced into the Global Banking by the Philippine Black Ops setting up the Banks through Greece, Iran, Iraq, Libya, S. Africa, Maylasia, Saudi Arabia, China who later discovered the Central Banks had been set up with US DEBT “CDO’S” whereas said banks had taken those contracts in as deposits, receipts given, the contracts were then leveraged to buy physical gold which was then melted down then ‘tungsten bars’ were plated with the melted gold then placed in the banks depositorys around the world which intended to bankrupt those banks in the Cartel opposing the Federal Reserve Bank predatory fiat System. Word got out and it backfired on the Fed. R. PAY ATTENTION! Folks, needless to say, this is HUGE. Architects and Engineers give you cold, hard scientific facts. Intro by Ed Asner. Keep in mind while reading; The first place Rick Martin of the GAIA-EKKER’S Islamic/Muslim Group of the CONTACT: The Phoenix Project Journal etc., went for Banking on the five (5) $10 Billion Dollar ‘financial instruments’ assigned by V.K. Durham for Research, Law Library, Sustainable Housing, Seeds, Survival Needs etc. back in 1996-97, using his Journalist Passport was to Greece, then to Lybia; Then per Hatonn: Rick continued on to the countries of S. Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq and Iran. His ‘passport’ to the Leaders of those Nations was reportedly Louis Farahkan(Farrakan) a leader of the US Black Muslim Religious Group who has currently aligned with Scientology’s Religious Group see: Rumor Mill News article by APHRODITE SCIENTOLOGY ALIGNS WITH NATION OF ISLAM FARRAKAN &;IMMIGRANTS at When V.K. Durham discovered Rick Martin &;the Ekker’s ‘dealing with nations under sanction by the U.S. Department of State’..the Financial Instruments were nullified. With the assistance of ISLAMIC/MUSLIM Attorney, Ely Pamatong (Atty. for Nur Misarui of the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) and a Dr. Leonardo who owned a Gold Bank in the Philippines, and with additional assistance of JEB BUSH (See: )


the Ekker’s were able to access THE WORLD COLLATERAL HOUSE (WORLD BANK-IMF) and use expired, voided financial instruments . MORE


By V.K. Durham

6/19/04 Yesterday we posted and forwarded it on to “allegedly responsible, concerned, parties” as you can see. What is absolutely astounding are the persons with the strongest voices who have the ability to address issues which involve each and every single one of us that overlooked the gravity of the entire situation which further involves; 1. The Al Qaeda incorporating four (4) of the U.S. Federal Reserve Systems Corporations a. One of our DURHAM (INTL. LTD;) HOLDING TRUST corporations, and

2. Conducting International Banking, Financing and Economic Transactions outside the U.S.

3. Alleging to the Muslim Community the instruments they are using can be collected from the U.S. Federal Reserve/U.S. Treasury, which by now is well over $400 Trillion and rising, and

4. When those “instruments” are attempted to be collected by these unsuspecting Muslims, the U.S. Federal Reserve/U.S. Treasury tell the unsuspecting, victimized Muslims: “These instruments are invalid” then

5. The parties who issued the instruments hold up News Paper Articles, printed in their own News Paper such as

6. Further producing articles also printed by these individuals about Russell Herman, the (murdered) CEO of Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID # 1707-85, and

7. How they now have his “assignment of interest” etc in what they call “Bonus Certificate 3392-181”, and

8. They show to unsuspecting Victims (who do not know, or are in any way familiar with the Laws of Chain of Title as required in the U.S.) what is alleged as their OWNERSHIP which are copies of DURHAM instruments previously filed of public record, filed by these individuals in Clark County Nevada County Records, August 10, 1998, Official Records 980810. Instrument Number 00323, which are consistently listed in the instruments they are peddling to be used “Only outside the United States.”

9. These “Muslim Victims” go back to the Ekker’s who have already incorporated FOUR of the Federal Reserve Banking Systems Corporations, and ONE held in DURHAM (INTL. LTD;) HOLDING TRUST, and say something like: “You told us we could collect our GOLD from the U.S. Federal Reserve/U.S. Treasury. We went to the U.S. Federal Reserve/U.S. Treasury, and they told us the instruments were no good!? The Ekker’s respond something like this (and sometimes in their Muslim News Paper called CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL): “We told you not to go to the U.S. with those instruments! You breached our agreement! We have canceled our agreement, your instruments are no good. You breached the agreement, therefore we keep your 50% in Gold and property you put up to buy into our program. We told you the United States of Israel was a dead beat that never paid her debts! The United States of Israel only wants to enslave all of you, see what is going on in Iraq today!” WHAT HAS, AND IS ACTUALLY GOING ON HERE!? MAM MONITOR touched lightly on the subject today on RUMOR MILL NEWS in his carefully worded article titled AL QAEDA: F1’S FBI==>LETS NOT LOSE OUR HEADS


which are very valid and worthy of giving serious consideration. It appears some people are commencing to question RON PAUL, and justifiably so. How many times has THE UNDER-WRITERS OF THE AL QAEDA-MUSLIM-EKKER’S been addressed to RON PAUL and other members of the U.S. House of Representatives? PATRIOTLAD has a key also when he writes about THE THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT and the problems created by the violations of Attorneys in Governmental Offices and Offices of Public Trust. Not many of you know this, but; Rayelan Russbacher and V.K. Durham are both VICTIMS of E.J. EKKER and DORIS J. EKKER from many years back. Both she and I got a “ground level look at the “foundation” of these current AL QAEDA UNDER-WRITERS. Both Rayelan and I were sold a bill of goods about the Purpose and Intent of the Ekker’s such as “Earth Friendly housing, Grain Storage, Libraries, potable water, survival tools, and etcetera’s.” Both Rayelan and I had access to the single, and ONE thing, and one thing only the AL QAEDA UNDERWRITERS i.e., Ekker’s were interested in; OUR HUSBANDS WERE ASSOCIATED WITH “GOLD ASSETS.” Both Rayelan and I have written about WHAT HAPPENED TO BOTH OF OUR HUSBANDS so many times, we have worn out too many to count typewriters, and computers. Back in May 1996 the Ekker’s asked V.K. Durham to underwrite some collateral for “EARTH FRIENDLY HOUSING, GRAIN STORAGE, LIBRARIES, POTABLE WATER, SURVIVAL TOOLS”… I thought that was a “pretty good project”… It involved HUMANITARIAN needs; I underwrote their projects under terms and conditions, for a period of ONE YEAR. Come to find out; RICK MARTIN goes (and I believe Farrakhan was rooked in, and went with him) to Libya, Iran, Iraq, S. Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and China, cutting Banking Transactions on the “collateral” which was to be used as before stated, not to be used “In nations under sanction by the U.S. Federal Government.” In fighting went on for a year MAY 1996 to MAY 1997 between the Ekker’s and Rick Martin. In the meantime, V.K. DURHAM got wind of the trips to the before mentioned “Nations under sanction by the U.S. Federal Government” and notified the U.S. Secretary of State, U.S. House Members such as Helen Chenoweth, Ron Paul and so forth of the “Ekker’s dealing with nations under U.S. Sanctions.” E.J. Ekker and Rick Martin “do a kiss and make up” with the ONE YEAR DEAD LINE coming fast. They ask for extensions. The Extensions were refused by DURHAM (INTL. LTD;) HOLDING TRUST (TIAS 12087) based on “dealing with nations under sanction by the U.S. Federal Government.” Without V.K. extending the ONE YEAR TERM ending May 1997, for the before-mentioned reasons; The Ekker’s went ballistic and commenced “threatening” me, via fax and in their news paper. Desperation sets in with the Ekker’s and Martin, they had committed to these nations under sanction by the U.S. Having committed to these MUSLIM BANKS in Iran, Iraq, Libya etc., with NO EXTENSIONS on the May 1996-May 1997 Underwriting, desperation set in. CEO of Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID # 1707-85 was lifted-forged on an alleged Assignment of Interest to Rick Martin. The alleged “Assignment of Interest” allegedly bearing the CEO Herman signature listed a Post Office Box that was not in effect at that time, and a telephone number that did not exist at the time of the alleged assignment of interest to Rick Martin. This is when they found it necessary to commence their filings of August 10, 1998 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Clark County Nevada Recorders Records Official Records 980810 Instrument Number 00323. These COPIES of DURHAM TITLE Instruments allege to be for “Historical Purpose”.. The Ekker’s having prior knowledge of DURHAM INTERNATIONAL LTD; TRUST which was the parent of COSMOS SEAFOOD ENERGY MARKETING, LTD; NEVADA ID# 1707-85 being placed, along with Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID# 1707-85 into DURHAM (INTL. LTD;) HOLDING TRUST (TIAS 12087) for SAFE KEEPING,AND FOR PROTECTION FROM SUCH AS “THE EKKER’S” currently using same to UNDERWRITE THE AL QAEDA; The Ekker’s proceed to incorporate FOUR of the U.S. Federal Reserve/U.S. Treasury Corporations, and ONE corporation held in DURHAM (INTL. LTD;) HOLDING TRUST (TIAS 12087) see

along with . The very same banks addressed in

effectively cover the current Laws etc, in regards to TRADING WITH THE ENEMY provisions, and the requirements of THE DEATH PENALTY for those involved. The Ekker’s commenced their HATE THE UNITED STATES OF ISRAEL program back in 1996 which was originally commenced “When they took their assignment in 1988” to take back IRAN’S confiscated BANK ACCOUNTS, REAL ESTATE and so forth which is alluded to in the quotes from these individuals in public print as quoted in

then proceeded to create a HATE ENVIRONMENT among THE MUSLIM DISSIDENTS with the COUNTERFEIT INSTRUMENTS they were issuing around the global communities. Currently THESE MUSLIM DISSIDENTS are MAD AS HELL at the UNITED STATES OF ISRAEL because they put up HARD GOLD & HARD ASSETS to purchase these COUNTERFEIT INSTRUMENTS which were alleged to be “collectable” from the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System/U.S. Treasury! Why wouldn’t they be MAD AS HELL!? Here are the Ekker’s down in the Philippines, showing them “recorded documents” recorded in the State of Nevada, which are COPIES of DURHAM INSTRUMENTS, which when “copied off” would be in BLACK AND WHITE and these MUSLIM VICTIMS would never know the difference. Nor, would these MUSLIM VICTIMS who are MAD AS HELL know EVEN THE FOUR U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEMS used by the Ekker’s were a FRAUD! All these MUSLIM VICTIMS know is; THEY WERE SCREWED AND LOST THEIR “GOLD & HARD ASSETS” … The VICTIM MUSLIMS see evidence of “money everywhere” surrounding the Ekker’s…which leads them to believe: The Ekker’s are authorized to do business under the FOUR U.S. Federal Reserve Banking Systems Corporations, because they have a copy of the Published Memorandum (see ) and the Ekker’s have “Diplomatic Immunity Privileges”. Additionally, the Ekker’s keep publishing such as published in CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL, June 16, 2004 their “allegations” on page 7 in A PUBLIC NOTICE dated December 17, 2003 which is another of the infamous doctoring of documents by Global Alliance Investment Association, doctoring up a Court Order of the Honorable Sofronio C. Sayo, Presiding Judge issued March 7, 1995 Writ of Execution. Under the Signature of the WRIT OF EXECUTION the Ekker’s ride again in their infamous form of MAKE BELIEVE OWNERSHIP of those COLLATERAL INSTRUMENTS known to be owned by DURHAM (INTL. LTD;) HOLDING TRUST. The Ekkers publish in the June 16, 2004 a WRIT OF EXECUTION of the Court. Beneath the March 7, 1995; Honorable Sofronio C. Sayo’s signature..the Ekker’s of Global Alliance Investment Association (and the FOUR U.S. Federal Reserve/U.S. Treasury hi jacked corporations) the Ekkers state

“This action is taken on the advice of counsel pursuant to the following facts: The debt of Bolivia, Chili and Peru were assumed by the United States of America pursuant to an Act of Congress in 1906. Among that debt was an unredeemed bearer gold certificate (bearer bond) # 3392, issued and sold in New York City in 1875. The outstanding debt of the USA was guaranteed by the PRIVATE Federal Reserve System pursuant to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which of course included #3392. The bond became the property of Russell Herman, an associate of George H.W. Bush, in the late 1970s an, in the 1980s is alleged to have been used by Bush and Herman, being referred to as the “SuperFund”. Because of that use, it cannot be repudiated. It was also associated with the Ferdinand Marcos/Ronald Reagan “ABL” program devised to reestablish a worldwide gold-based currency. Because it is payable in gold and is guaranteed by the FED and the owners of the FED, the International Banks, any and all gold held by any of those entities is subject to this lien. Pursuant to the rules governing Public Notices under the Uniform Commercial Code of the USA and most other nations, this notice will be published in three consecutive issues of a newspaper of wide circulation. Copies of this Notice will be available at any of the three addresses provided above. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have executed and sealed this authorization as of the date hereof. For the Corporation, dated at Makati, Manila, the Philippines, this 17th day of December 2003 . Signed by: E.J. Ekker, President & Director, Doris Ekker, Secretary & Director, and Ronald Kirizinger, Executive Vice President, Witness GLOBAL ALLIANCE INVESTMENT ASSOCIATION (GAIA) is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and does not expect to maintain a presence in Southeast Asia. Temporarily, however, its primary officers and directors are stationed in Manila and can be contacted at the address and numbers shown above. [end quote] Again, GENUS’S are at work, doctoring COURT AUTHORIZED “WRIT OF EXECUTIONS” which effects GOLD PROPERTY belonging to someone else, attempting to MISLEAD UNSUSPECTING VICTIMS in THEIR GOLD FRAUDS by attempting to TIE RUSSELL HERMAN into this GLORIFIED MESS of CONFUSION DIRECTLY TIED TO THE “FRAUDULENT INCORPORATION OF FOUR U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEMS/U.S. TREASURY CORPORATIONS and ONE of DURHAM TRUST CORPORATIONS attempting to SET UP FRAUDULENT TITLE to the GOLD COLLATERAL owned by THE DURHAM TRUST. It is supposed the Ekker’s got so busy in DOCTORING OF COURT DOCUMENTS, PUBLIC RECORDS, CORPORATION’S RECORDS, MARRIAGE LICENSES, SOCIAL SECURITY DATA BASE RECORDS, the poor old “CROOKS” forgot a few things about the actual Durham Collateral held in Trust, then found it necessary to ALTER THE HONORABLE SOFRONIO C. SAYO, PRESIDING JUDGE’s March 7, 1995 Writ of Execution and begin the mixing apples and oranges in regards to who owns what, trying to convince THE MUSLIM VICTIMS of their legitimacy allowing the issuance of what appears to be “gold certificate (bearer bond) # 3392″…, which sounds like, appears to be, but is not, in fact THE REAL BONUS 3392-181 as alleged in all these ALTERED DOCUMENTS put out by the Ekker’s & Company? Doris Ekker made a statement which was “Only V.K. Durham would know the truth” and you know, that’s the only true statement the Bee/ach has made since Lord knows when.

Hopefully; Nicholas Proto, Chief Investigator, Enforcement and Protection of the Federal Reserve Banking Systems read his email which we posted at

and the additional emails sent since June 2nd, 2004, and can finally determine FOUR OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM’S “CORPORATIONS” have been HI-JACKED by the Al Qaeda, and believe it or not; THERE IS NO WAY A FULL ACCOUNTING CAN BE MADE OF OTHER PEOPLE’S CORPORATIONS that were fraudulently incorporated by these AL QAEDA people which are currently manipulating the U.S. Economics and Financing Globally through MUSLIMS operating deep within THE U.S. FED. SYSTEMS as IRS AGENTS, Former IRS agents, Former FBI (such as the pod-cell down in Texas) and so forth. Currently; THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY IS MAD AS HELL about all of this, and CUTTING OFF HEADS OF AMERICANS thinking they are attacking the problem, when THEY SHOULD BE GOING AFTER THE EKKER’S in the Philippines, as should THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEMS/U.S. TREASURY, and while they are at it; ENFORCE THE PROVISIONS PROVIDED FOR IN

with the exception; $100 Million Dollar slap on the wrists will hardly cover the DAMAGE DONE in the HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS OF GOLD & GOLD DOLLARS by these MUSLIM DISSIDENTS. The GOLD should be CONFISCATED that was subject to THESE FRAUDS & SUBVERSIVE BANKING, FINANCING AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES of the Ekkers, Kamarulzaman Bin Annuar, these little Prince’s, Princess’s, Sheiks associated with all of this. Watching AMERICAN’S GETTING THEIR DAMMED HEADS CUT OFF OVER ALL OF THIS; WE should be MAD AS HELL also! ——————————————————————————– —– Original Message —–


To: ; Jack McCreery ; Arnie Gammelsgarrd ; DAVE EHLER ; Rep Steve King ; U.S. Congressman Ron Paul ; Chuck Grassley

Cc: vkdtdht@…………

Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2004 7:42 PM


ACTIVITY Mr. Nicholas Proto

Chief Investigator, Enforcement and Protection

Federal Reserve Banking Systems Mr. McCreery, Chief Gammelsgarrd, Congressmen and Senator Grassley: Gentlemen: We posted the following to bring you current and up to speed on FRAUD in the Philippines, involving FOUR FEDERAL RESERVE CORPORATIONS and “one” of our Trust Corporations. You will find your Fed. Corporations registered in the State of Nevada.. Gentlemen, please read the following, and have a nice day. Bye the way, Mr. McCreery, these individuals are granted licensing for the Philippine Stock Exchange..

Thought you might find that interesting also. Yours truly,

V.K. Durham, CEO ——————————————————————————– —– Original Message —–


Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2004 7:43 PM

Subject: Read: MORE FRAUDS SUBVERSIVE BANKING, FINANCING AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITY This is a receipt for the mail you sent to

<>; “Jack McCreery” <>; “Arnie

Gammelsgarrd” <CCU@KBHPOL.DK>; “DAVE EHLER” <>; “Rep Steve King” <>; “U.S. Congressman Ron


<>; “Chuck Grassley”

<> at 6/19/04 7:42 PM This receipt verifies that the message has been displayed on the recipient’s computer at 6/19/04 7:43 PM ——————————————————————————– Ask not what your Country can do for you,

Ask what you can do for your Country. V.K. Durham,


PO Box 113

Ida Grove, Iowa 51445 U.S.A. 2003




By: V.K. Durham


Secret meeting of 57 finance ministers on ship

Submitted by D — Thanks

Secret meeting of 57 finance ministers on ship charts new financial system Posted by benjamin August 30, 2011 For the past week, a secret meeting of 57 finance ministers aimed at setting up a new international financial system took place in a large ship on international waters near Europe, according to White Dragon Society representatives who were there. The meeting, hosted by Switzerland, deliberately excluded representatives from the US Federal Reserve Board and its Washington D.C. subsidiary, France, Italy, the UK, Germany and Japan. Countries like Russia, China and the Netherlands were among the 57 represented. Representatives from the Pentagon and the US agencies at the meeting promised to bypass the Federal Reserve board and use their access to codes for the international collateral accounts to finance the US military industrial complex in conjunction with the new system. The Swiss used their financial intelligence to refuse would-be participants who were in any way associated with either the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. Among those refused entry were Naoto Kan (still Prime Minister of Japan as of last week), IMF head Christine Lagarde and US Senator J. Rockefeller. Rockefeller was actually physically prevented from boarding the ship, according to two eye-witnesses. There was an attempt by members of the old world order fascist cabal to eavesdrop on the meeting with helicopters. The helicopters were also preparing to attack the ship with pulse weapons before they were warned off by pentagon white hats and forced to leave the vicinity, CIA sources say. A foundation will be set up as a vehicle to finance the military industrial complex to ensure payrolls continue to be met at the agencies and the pentagon during the transition to a constitutional government in the United States, the sources said. The foundation will, as a temporary security measure for security reasons, exclude all members of the Khazarian, Sabbatean sect, including as well, any US/Israeli dual citizens. US and European elements of the White Dragon Society will be preparing legal cases to ensure the arrest of all leading conspirators in a plan to murder over 85% of the world’s population. Videos of 5 separate underground cities, complete with agricultural complexes, were shown to meeting participants as evidence of the genocide planned for 2012. In a related development, multiple sources claim two of the underground cities, one near Washington D.C. and another near Denver, Colorado, were destroyed by nuclear weapons last week. Some sources, also connected to intelligence circles, however, deny that such an attack took place. Nevertheless, if the seismographic graph of the so-called earthquake that hit Washington D.C. last week is not a fake, then it appears that indeed a nuclear weapon was detonated at or near a known underground facility. Instead of showing a series of small quakes building up into a huge one as seen in natural quakes, the graph shows a sudden huge shake followed by smaller after-shocks typical of an explosion. The message to the cabalists seems to be simple: “you will not be given access to your underground shelters while the rest of us die.” It is also interesting to note that several South American government representatives at the 57 country meeting on the ship promised to start confiscating land bought by the genocidal faction in countries like Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. This will mean, for example, the Bush ranch in Paraguay will be seized soon. In Japan, meanwhile, a new Prime Minister has been selected who appears to be outside of the control of the Zionist cabal. Yoshihiko Noda, is a graduate of the Matsushita academy, who represents a moderate, nationalist and pro-business element of the Japanese establishment. More importantly, Rockefeller tainted candidates linked to ex-power broker Ozawa, such as Banri Kaeida and Zionist pet Seiji Maehara, were both excluded. There will be a major push over the coming weeks to start purging Zionist slaves from the Japanese political, military and bureaucratic establishment. The purge will be concentrated on only a few key high level traitors. Most importantly, since former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has run off to North Korea, it is now the turn for former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and his fellow Rockefeller stooges to surrender. The White Dragon Society will be calling on Japanese underground and right wing figures this week to demand that they now cease all cooperation with the genocidal Zionist faction. They will be excluded from the new financial system if they do not agree. The White Dragon allies are willing and able to go to war over this issue. The editor of a major Japanese magazine, meanwhile, approached the White Dragon Society last week with evidence that Hisashi Owada, a judge at the International Court of Justice at the Hague, is a Zionist slave. While in Japan, Owada was responsible for shutting down magazines and blacklisting journalists on behalf of his Zionist slave masters. Owada is the father of Princess Masako. Masako was living with her foreign ministry boyfriend and rejected out of hand any offers to marry to crown prince. As a result the boyfriend was transferred overseas where he died suddenly in a car accident. Masako then felt obliged to marry the crown prince. The emperor and his family have been blackmailed by the Zionists about this. Humanity will be set free soon.